All We Know About Selena + Chef Season 4

We are aware that we enjoy being absorbed in intellectual programming due to the thrill of viewing it or the feelings we experience while watching a dramatic episode that makes us cry, but we also enjoy watching straightforward cookery programs since they are just so rewarding!

So now that Selena + Chef, one of our favorites, has been renewed for a fourth season, filming officially began on April 11th.

More Info Regarding Selena & Chef

This program is “Truly comfort food for the soul” since it reminds us of the foods we eat whenever we are feeling down.

The focus of the show is cooking, but it also has a compelling backstory that has won over viewers. Selena + Chef was included in 2021 viewers’ top picks for simple-to-watch television programs. The fact that the program has already run for three seasons on HBO in the past two years attests to the love and comfort it enjoys from its audience.

Selena Gomez is the executive producer of the July Moon Productions-produced program.

The focus of the program is cooking and solutions to common kitchen mishaps. Selena is frequently joined by different chefs and culinary experts in each episode who assist her in honing her cooking techniques while the city is under lockdown.

The program features a variety of culinary tricks, such as “consummating French omelets” and “half cooking cheddar souffle.” The show is a collection of Selena’s impromptu experiments with various foods. The fans enjoy seeing Selena falter in front of well-known chefs like Roy Choi and Nancy Silverton.

Everything we know about Season 4!

Selena + Chef outperformed the general release format, which is pretty uncommon for a show to do. The conclusion of season 3 served as a signal for the series’ renewal.

Fans learned that the program had been renewed for a fourth season on HBO Max on November 10, 2021, and Selena revealed that production on the fourth season had begun on Monday, April 11, 2021. She used a Tik Tok video to inform her admirers of the news.

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Selena will continue her quest to learn cutting-edge cooking techniques from celebrity chefs during season 4 of Selena + Chef, which will be filmed at a beach house. Going into another season of cooking alongside some of the top chefs in the world is something Gomez is looking forward to. “I hope my abilities have increased. The fact that we were able to fundraise for amazing charities is even more significant.

We are overjoyed to carry on with this delectable series for season four and even more pleased to move it to a new location. The beach vibes will boost the ante, and we can’t wait to see what dishes Selena and the chefs will whip up next. The HBO Max Executive Vice President for Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family, Jennifer O’Connell, made the statement.

Season 4 of the show will include the chef highlighting a charity each week, same like the previous seasons, and the earnings of the show will be donated to that organization.

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