All You Need To Know About Norah Jones and Her Performance on The Tonight Show

The musical performer for the evening on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was Norah Jones. On the program, the legendary musician sang her hit song “Don’t Know Why.”



Norah Jones: Who Is She?

Although the majority of adults are familiar with Norah Jonas, small children might not be. She is a singer and composer who has won nine Grammy awards. Jones has released eight albums to date. She was born musical.

Her mother was an American concert promoter, while her father, Ravi Shankar, was a well-known sitar performer in India. In her early years, she drew inspiration from her mother’s extensive music library. She won three Student Music Awards in her early career.

The top two songs on the Billboard 200 charts were Feels Like Home (2004) and Come Away With Me (2002). As a result, she received recognition on a global scale and rose to fame quickly. Her albums contained traces of jazz, pop, and country music. This particular musical fusion is uncommon because it takes a lot of practice to master. Come Away With Me, her debut album, helped her win six Grammys and sold more than 20 million copies.

She tried with several musical genres over the years before returning to jazz in 2016. Norah Jones also gave acting a shot. She played the lead in My Blueberry Nights (2007).

Come Away With Me: 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, her follow-up album, was released in April. Over 22 unreleased tracks are included.

Participation on The Tonight Show

In 2002, Jones made his Tonight Show debut. Recently, she returned to the program to promote her most recent album. She released I dream of Christmas, a holiday album, in 2021 before this one. She had previously released Pick Me Off The Floor a year earlier.

Jones performed her brand-new song, Flipside, on The Tonight Show a few months ago. The majority of those comments were also supportive and praised her. Many people even thought that the performance was superior to the original song.

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Supporters React

Jones sang her popular song Don’t Know Why to the crowd. Fans remembered her music while commenting on the video. All we need now, a fan remarked, “is Norah Jones singing Don’t Know Why and our day will go much better than normal.”

I remember listening to this song in the vehicle with my mom, on playlists with Alicia Keys and Colbie Caillet, noted another fan who had previously listened to the song. The sound of Norah is pure, sweet nostalgia.

Another commenter reflected on how things had changed, saying, “I went on a date to a Norah Jones performance with my now husband about 20 years ago. Hey, I’m elderly (sic). She’s still amazing and the same.

The majority of commenters were looking back fondly on the time the song had first been released. Jones continues to be so undervalued, some people have even said.

The return of Norah Jones to her roots has fans delighted. For many folks, seeing her perform the timeless ballad brought back fond memories. Many unreleased songs from the Come Away With Me: 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition CD have the same vibe as her older songs.

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