Ally Love To Host Netflix’s Street Dance Series, Dance 100

Do you feel like dancing? Netflix will take care of you.

A unique street dance competition presented by Netflix called Dance 100 is about to ignite the stage.

The streaming service said in a press release on Tuesday that it will debut “Dance 100,” a new dance program presented by Ally Love, a well-known Brooklyn Nets player.

The pre-Covid period commissioning of the performance resulted in a delay because of the chaotic circumstances.

However, the street dancing competition is back on track and will resume production on April 1 in London. Here is all the information you require.

Netflix’s Dance 100: A Special Street Dance Competition

Ally Love, who has already hosted two original workout programs for Peloton and has more than 1 million Instagram followers, is bringing a fun series of street dancing competitions to Netflix.

The purpose of Dance 100 is to find the next big choreographer. a program that will showcase well-known dancing moves from different genres.

The Dance 100 with Love, who will host the program, will include the top 100 dancers in history.

Eight qualified applicants will be choreographing, creating, and performing in ever-expanding groupings.

The Dance 100 crew will then evaluate each dance group’s performance in order to eliminate one every week while continuing to produce the best performances.

Ultimately, the final two dance teams will be required to put on a major street dance performance that will include the Dance 100 participants.

Three weeks after NBC announced that Studio Lambert would be producing the American version of Talpa’s adventurous reality series Million Dollar Island, the show resumes its regular schedule.

Tim Harcourt, Stephen Lambert, Jack Burgess, Stephen Yemoh, and Saul Fearnley are the show’s executive producers.

Ally Love will be the host of Dance 100.

Ally Love, a fitness guru based in New York City, has been chosen to host the “Dance 100” Netflix series. A member of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton instructor, and the creator of Love Squad is Ally Love.

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Major media publications including Glamour, Refinery29, The Cut, and ELLE Magazine have all highlighted her. Ally Love was raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she was born.

She pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, where she played basketball for four years until earning a sociology degree in 2014.

Love began her career as a fitness instructor on Equinox’s YouTube channel after working as a fitness trainer first.

Prior to transferring to Peloton and becoming a Master Instructor and Content Creator for their exercise program, she first joined Equinox’s marketing department.

Ally is a complex woman who works in various facets of the entertainment business.

She’s working to expand her business, covering the Brooklyn Nets from the sidelines (and soon will expand to other sports), teaching for Peloton Fitness, and more.

Ally cultivates environments that celebrate and advance diversity through her social media platforms and clout.

Her job involves mediating discussions on issues like beauty standards in the workplace with people from various cultures, backgrounds, and races.

The production of Dance 100 is scheduled to start in London in April.

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