Top 10 Best 1080p Projectors in 2019 Reviews

The need for projecting the output of a digital device on a widescreen becomes essential for a variety of applications. For example, the need may arise often to project the screen output in academic premises, business environment, commercial places, etc. This is where the projectors come into play. They are the perfect devices to perfectly project the output of small devices on a large screen so that everyone can view it properly even from a far distance. The discussion of the present article is all about the best 1080p projectors in the present market.

These projectors are used in academic premises to explain projects and study materials, in a business environment for meetings and conferences, in commercial applications for demonstrating products, etc. To make sure your investment in such heftily priced devices becomes valuable, you need to keep in mind Key consider to buy a 1080p projector. These factors include the size, level of energy efficiency, resolution, aspect ratio, portability, and many more. To remove your confusion about the best 1080p projectors, take a look below:


List Of Best 1080p Projector Reviews in 2019:

10. Panasonic 1080p Projector DLP Projector

10. Panasonic PT-DZ570U DLP Projector

Product Information:

  • By: Panasonic 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 30.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 18.5 x 16 inches

The Panasonic PT-DZ570U 1080p projector is basically a DLP projector that successfully fulfills the need for widescreen projection. The output from this DLP projector features a native 1920×1200 pixels resolution. For this Panasonic projector, there is some Key consider to buy a 1080p projector. This HD DLP projector features 4000-lumen lamp output at a contrast ratio of 2000:1. In its working mechanism, the RGB booster and lamp modulation technology control lamp intensity for red, green, blue, and white segments present inside the color wheel. There is support for VGA, HDMI, and Ethernet connections.

Some of the supplementary features of this DLP projector are DICOM simulation for X-ray projection, 3D color management system, and ITU-R Recommendation BT.709 mode for images from an HDTV source. In addition to that, it comes with dynamic sharpness control, progressive scan, and digital noise reduction. The widescreen projection provides this Panasonic projector the potential to display two images from varied sources on a single screen.

9. Panasonic PT-AR100U PT AR100U – LCD 1080p Projectors

9. Panasonic PT-AR100U PT AR100U - LCD projector

Product Information:

  • By: Panasonic 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches

One of the best 1080p projectors from Panasonic when it comes to LCD projectors, this device produces vivid, sharp images at the output. With the implementation of advanced, high-power 280W red-rich lamp and the optical unit, the output delivers 2800 lumens of brightness. As a result, a convenient viewing experience is conveyed in different lighting conditions. The display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

There is a facility of projector lamp replacement available. The projector lamp assembly is equipped with a superior quality Ushio bulb. The smooth gradation in output is produced by the 16-bit digital processing. Moreover, waveform monitoring is undergone for accurate calibration. This makes sure the complete dynamic range is being used. A wide throw range is presented by the 2x optical zoom lens. The process of setup is flexible and allows you to view big screen output in rooms of different sizes.

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8. Epson PowerLite 5010 3D Ready LCD Projector

8. Epson PowerLite 5010 3D Ready LCD Projector

Product Information:

  • By: Epson 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.6 x 15.6 x 5.6 inches

The PowerLite Home Cinema 5010 from Epson delivers the power of 3D at the convenience of your living room. Implementation of the advanced techniques is the Key consider to buy 1080p projector for this device. The outstanding 1080p performance is conveyed by the full HD and the Bright 3D Drive technology.

Now you can dive deep into eye-catching, cinematic adventures with the color and white light output of 2400 lumens. Moreover, the contrast ratio it comes with is up to 200,000:1. With the set up of this Epson PowerLite LCD projector, it becomes easy for the audience with a lifelike cinematic experience.

To deliver the movie viewing experience similar to the way filmmakers intended, this LCD projector comes with a Fujinon lens and a cinema filter. You will be benefitted from the split-screen feature on big screens up to 300 inches. There is support for 2D performance and 2D-to-3D conversion. In the box, you will find this projector, two HDMI cable clamps, a power cord, CD ROM, and two remote controls with AA batteries.

7. Portable LCD LED Projector Support HD 1080p Projectors

7. Portable LCD LED Projector Support HD 1080P

Product Information:

  • By: EUG 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.7 x 3.1 inches

If you are looking for a portable LCD projector, this appliance is one of the best 1080p projectors. It delivers superb clarity at the output and its size is made compact. The working of this HD projector makes sure the output shows a clear resolution of 960×640 pixels. With its lightweight and compact design, the user experience is hassle-free

There is a facility of multiple device connectivity with the inclusion of ports like USB, HDMI, VGA, AV, and 3.5mm audio jack. It is possible to run files from either a USB thumb drive or an SD card. Therefore, there is no need to drag your laptop with them. Generally, this LCD projector is found compatible with phones, laptops, PC, tablets, Xbox, Blu ray DVD player, Roku player, PS3, Firestick and more. Since it is easy to transport, this projector can be connected to your smartphone and gaming console units.

There are dual 5W speakers and 3.5mm audio port included for external speakers. With support for up to 60Hz, its high machine configuration offers the quick running speed and the excellent image processing ability. For academic use, professional application, movie watching or outdoor theaters, this LCD projector is the best choice.

6. EUG 5000Lumens LCD LED Projector 1080P HD

6. EUG 5000Lumens LCD LED Projector 1080P HD

Product Information:

  • By: EUG 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 9.85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.3 x 5.1 inches
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If you overlook the Key consider to buy a 1080p projector, you cannot benefit the most you’re your LCD projector. This EUG projector unit offers the immersive movie watching and game playing experience with its high-definition resolution. The high brightness of 5000 Lumen generates sufficient light to completely fill your screen. The contrast ratio is 8000:1 and the native resolution is 1280×800 pixels. With the support for 1080P/i,Adopt ACC image color enhanced technology, this HD projector generates an outstanding viewing experience. The output will consist of rich colors and vivid images. Generally, this EUG LCD projector is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The overall design is made user-friendly to offer excellent versatility. The designing is done with the electric zoom in/out feature to completely fit your screen on the available area. The built-in lamp comes with a lamp life of 50000 hours. This suggests that accidental outages due to lamp defects will not occur.

5. VIVIMAGE C680 Native 1080p Led Projector

5. VIVIMAGE C680 Native 1080p Led Projector

Product Information:

  • By: VIVIMAGE 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.7 x 4.1 inches

When you want to enjoy the premium cinema-quality viewing experience, this appliance is one of the best 1080p projectors. The inclusion of the advanced color engine provides 6000: 1 contrast. As a result, clear details are provided irrespective of surrounding lighting conditions. The vividly deep colors, as well as super-fine details, are enlightened with amazing cinematic clarity.

In its configuration, the dual high-fidelity speakers deliver powerful sound output with deep bass and clear tones. The display quality is so satisfying that you can watch movies every day. Implementation of the advanced LCD light source technology makes sure the lamp life is about 60, 000 hours or more. This lamp life is equivalent to the time required to watch 30, 000+ movies each of length 2 hours.

To match the cinematic quality output, the C680 projector comes with a native 1920*1080 resolution and delivers 6000 Lux brightness. Therefore, you will be able to dive deep into a cinematic experience for watching your favorite movies, shows, and games on a large screen.

4. Viewsonic Pro8400 DLP Projector – 1080p – HDTV

4. Viewsonic Pro8400 DLP Projector - 1080p G�� HDTV

Product Information:

  • By: ViewSonic 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 12.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 15 x 7.6 inches

The connectivity options and brightness are the Key consider to buy 1080p projector from ViewSonic. Basically, this DLP projector supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and delivers 4000 lumens of brightness. This superb image resolution allows the images to shine in any lighting condition. The Pro8400 comes equipped with BrilliantColor technology to generate vivid colors.

It is known that this DLP projector is equipped with excellent mounting flexibility, a wide 1.5X optical zoom adjustment and comes with a huge number of connectivity options. It is possible to connect it via USB and WiFi connections. Implementation of the filter-less design and prolonged lamp life offers hassle-free maintenance and reduced overall cost of ownership. Due to the 4,000 lumen output, this DLP projector is an ideal choice for big boardrooms, auditoriums and conference halls.

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3. ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector with 3000 Lumens

3. ViewSonic 1080p Short Throw Projector with 3000 Lumens

Product Information:

  • By: ViewSonic 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 11.5 x 8.7 inches

With the set up of this short throw projector, you will attain a breathtaking cinematic type experience in a full HD resolution. The output from your device will be projected on a screen up to 300-inches. The execution of the exclusive color technology presents a broad range of color gamut for wonderful image production in any environment.

With the presence of a short throw lens, this ViewSonic projector can be conveniently placed a few inches away from a screen or a wall in order to present a huge sized projection of images. When operated in eco mode, the lamp would shine brightly for up to 15, 000 hours. For hassle-free large-screen gaming and entertainment, the PX706HD projector presents large-sized images in tiny spaces.

2. APEMAN 3800L Brightness 180″ Display Projector:

2. APEMAN 3800L Brightness 180 Display Projector

Product Information:

  • By: APEMAN
  • Item Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 6.5 x 2.3 inches

The clear image quality at the output is the Key consider to buy 1080p projector for this device from APEMAN. This display projector delivers bright colors and clear images at the output. It is known that the maximum display size is 180 inches and native resolution supported is 800 * 480P. Furthermore, the contrast ratio of 2000: 1 and4:3/16:9 adjustable projection screens guarantee a clear quality image. The brightness of 3,800 lumens allows this display projector’s output to appear brighter than most other projectors in the market.

You can easily carry this display projector with you because it comes with a carry case. This case ensures protection against dust and makes sure cables are not loose. The incorporated dual speakers offer outstanding sound quality and make sure there is no need to connect external speakers. Moreover, there is support included for VGA, USB, and HDMI ports.

1. HOLLYWTOP M8 Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector

1. HOLLYWTOP M8 Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector

Product Information:

  • By: HOLLYWTOP 1080p Projectors
  • Item Weight: 8.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.3 x 15 inches

Recognized as the best 1080p projector in this list of products, the M8 projector from HOLLYWTOP comes with a brightness of 6500 lux. It is sure that with the set up of this LED projector, you will enjoy an HD quality large-screen output spread up to 300 inches of display. You will find this 1080p projector to be used in commercial places for the purpose of presentation. The listening experience is made immersive with the help of built-in dual speakers.

The contrast ratio of 8000:1 and a native resolution of 1920 * 1080 offers an enhanced visual feast for professional applications like home theater, meetings, advertising demonstrations, teaching, and KTV.

Concluding Note:

Setting up any of these best 1080p projectors let you enjoy the huge screen output from your devices. These projectors are capable to handle a broad range of multimedia content and they are made versatile.

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