Top 10 Best 22-Inch TVs in 2023 Reviews – A Completed Guide

Trying to get a new TV has never been an easy task; there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding which one fits your needs, depending on what you want to use it for, be it gaming or just simple home use. If you are a movie fanatic or into sports, then you want one with great picture quality, so here is a list of some of the best 22 inch TVs available on the market.


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List Of 10 Best 22-Inch TV Reviews 2023:

10. SuperSonic 22-Inch TV Flat Screen with USB Compatibility

1. SuperSonic LED Widescreen HDTV 22-inch Flat Screen with USB Compatibility

  • By: SuperSonic 22-Inch TVs

This is a top-tier 22-inch card reader with an excellent HDMI cable for a great performance. It brings out an excellent picture quality and also guarantees exemplary performances. Something else, it contains and impressive color spectrum for increased vibrancy. Another thing, the product boasts a compact design making it ideal for all places around your home.

It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom. Something else, this widescreen HDTV offers excellent compatibility with HDMI and USB thus making it a versatile masterpiece. It allows one to easily listen to music from different devices. Furthermore, you also get access to different APPs like HBO, HULU and Netflix.

reasons I picked Best 22-Inch TVs:
  • It offers excellent AC/DC compatibility
  • It comes with a great PC input.

9. Pyle 21.5″ 1080p LED TV, Multimedia Disc Player

2. Pyle 21.5-inch 1080p LED TV, Multimedia Disc Player

  • By: Pyle 21.5-Inch TVs

This LED TV boasts an excellent multi-viewing construction which makes it an ideal product for excellent musical and viewing experience. It offers excellent HDMI and RCA input options for a great experience. Furthermore, this product comes in a compact design making it ideal for use in different places around your home.

It also boasts a tough construction making it durable and perfect for all uses. It easily mounts to the wall thus saving space around your home. Of course, we all want to save space around our home so this one is a great investment. Another thing, the mounting process requires a few steps so there’s no need for technicians which would be an additional expense

reasons I picked Best 22-Inch TVs:
  • It comes with an advanced visual display
  • The product features various perks for a great viewing.

8. Supersonic AC/DC HDMI 1080p 22-inch LED Widescreen HDTV Television

3. Supersonic HDMI 1080p 22-inch LED Widescreen HDTV Television

  • By: Supersonic 22-Inch TVs

This HDTV features a 22-inch construction making it ideal for different places around your home. The compact design makes it perfect for use and carrying. Furthermore, this is an affordable product designed to offer effective performances.

The built-in tuners offer easy and convenient channel selection thus making it a great tool for entertainment. Another thing, this is an HDMI input compatible device which offers excellent results and guarantees and incredible performance. The top-tier construction makes it perfect for tough uses while the wide compatibility makes it a must-have device.

reasons I picked Best 22-Inch TVs:
  • It offers excellent USB input
  • The product features a stylish design.

7. Pyle 18.5-Inch 1080p LED TV | Ultra HD TV

4. Pyle 18.5-Inch 1080p LED TV

  • By: Pyle 18.5-Inch TV

Like the other products, this is a top-grade HDTV designed to ensure that you have an immersive viewing and listening experience. It comes in a compact design making it perfect for use in all places. The product also features an ultra-grade construction making it durable.

The excellent color spectrum delivers top-tier color quality and clarity making this a great investment. It also features an excellent resolution for extra clarity and better viewing. The wide compatibility makes it ideal for use with different devices.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It easily mounts to the wall
  • The product features various perks for excellent viewing.

6. CT-2270 HDTV:

1. CT-2270 HDTV

This CT-2270 HDTV serves as an impeccable home entertainment package available in sleek and streamlined designed. It is being backed by 1 year guarantee. The 22-inch wide crystal-clear LED screen boasts excellent clarity. It helps you to relish your favorite TV shows and movies without ay hassles. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and resolution is 720p.

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When it comes to connectivity options, it comes with a USB port, a HDMI port, a VGA, and a RF cable. With any of these ports, you can directly connect your computer or laptop or any gaming device. You can even connect an antenna or a cable box. Being VESA wall mount ready, this HDTV is quite simple to install on a wall. Overall design is ergonomic and attractive.

5. Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV:

2. Supersonic SC-2211 22-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

The present model of the Supersonic HDTV conveys you a crystal-clear and crisp 1080p image quality. The visual output represents stunning detail as well as contrast. Moreover, the colors being projected from this monitor comprises of a spectrum of dynamic colors. In this TV, digital noise reduction as well as multiple picture modes like Standard, Dynamic, etc., are included.

One unique aspect is it is being USB and HDMI compatible. This is because it is equipped with AC ports, USB ports, and HDMI ports. This functionality frees up your Firestick or any identical hardware.

4. Hitachi 22E30 22 Inch Class FHD 1080p LED HDTV with Remote

Hitachi 22E30 22 Inch Class FHD 1080p LED HDTV with Remote

  • By: Hitachi(r) 22-Inch TVs

This is a pocket-friendly TV from Hitachi, it has a beautiful gloss black bezel, and supports Full 1080p resolution with efficient LED backlight. As it is very compact and lightweight, this television will not give you any problems trying to mount it, and it fits in any room perfectly.

Most of the TVs that come in this size come in 720p resolution thus making this one of the best out there. Additionally, the twin 3 Watt stereo speakers offer surround sound and it has 5 sound modes offering quality at a fair price. You can also use the optical digital audio output or the stereo line out to use with other audio equipment.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The anti-glare screen that allows viewing at any angle.
  • It comes with 2 HDMI inputs, VGA input, RCA video/audio composite, USB, and RF antenna/Coaxial inputs.

3. LG Electronics 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV

LG Electronics (22LJ4540) 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV

  • By: LG 22-Inch TVs

This is a small but powerful product from LG, it supports Full HD 1080p resolution and uses the triple XD engine that gives more lifelike pictures and the IPS technology allows viewing at any angle.

Additionally, it uses LEDs which offer better energy efficiency compared to usual LCD monitors. With a stunning refresh rate of 120 Hz, this TV is not prone to lag or flickering. Last but not least it has additional features such as, smart energy saving mode, motion eye care and eye comfort mode, therefore your eyesight is not at risk of being damaged by glare.

Why you should get one:
  • This monitor includes an HDMI input for that incredible audio and video quality
  • LED Backlighting that gives you richer images.

2. Proscan PLED 2243A 22-Inch TVs 1080 LED

Proscan PLED2243A 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

  • By: Proscan 22-Inch TVs

This is a TV that can be used for very many purposes, it has a lot of ports thus it can turn into a computer monitor or just a normal TV with the digital TV tuner that is built in. it has a stylish look that will improve the look of any room it is put in.

its dimensions are (W x H x D): TV without stand: 20.25” x 12.63″ x 2.13”, TV with stand: 20.25” x 14.25” x6.38 ” This TV comes with a remote control. The LED backlighting offers blur-free, rich images and spotless details with enhanced quality and clarity.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 22-Inch TVs:
  • Inputs: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 YPBPR, 1 RF, 1 PC, 1 Audio/Video for different equipment
  • Backlight LED offering great image clarity than most TVs.

1. AXESS TVD1805-22 Best 22-Inch 1080p LED HDTV

AXESS TVD1805-22 22-Inch 1080p LED HDTV

  • By: AXess 22-Inch TVs

This is a stylish product from AXess that supports full HD resolution for an amazing experience, you won’t miss any of your favorite programs because it has a digital and analog tuner built in, the 16:9 aspect ratio helps you maximize the images on the screen as you watch. In addition, this TV has a built-in antenna therefore you will not incur cost of purchasing an aerial.

It is fully remote controlled and the remote is included. The dimensions of this TV are as follows; 23.2 x 7 x 17 inches and it weighs approximately 8.3 pounds.

reasons I picked Best 22-Inch TVs:
  • This LED television has a built in DVD player giving you entertainment in one package.
  • It has a12V car cord technology for use when travelling or outdoors.

How to choose the best 22 inch TV:


  • First thing you need to do is know how much you are willing to spend, this will allow you to know exactly what and where to look for what you need.

Additional features:

  • There are a lot of features being introduced in modern day TVs to make our lives easier, like the use of HDMI inputs, VGA inputs Bluetooth connectivity just to mention a few that you might want to use.


  • Quality is important when it comes to purchasing any item and a 22 inch TV is of no exception. When we say quality, we mean picture clarity and sound. Ensure that the TV you have chosen has high resolution for bright, colorful crisp images.

Smart features:

  • Most TVs come with a smart feature that allows you to watch movies from known sources such as Netflix, HULU and YouTube. Others have browsing features that allows you to access apps and social media. If pure entertainment is the reason why you need a TV then you have to consider this factor.
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  • There are several brands and models of TV on the market. Some are even being introduced as we speak. We recommend that you buy a TV from reputable companies and avoid purchasing from unknown manufacturers as they may not be of good quality.

Contrast ratio:

  • This is another important feature that you need to look out for in a Television. Just remember the higher the dynamic contrast ratio the clearer the picture quality because contrast ratio separate the dark spots and white spots resulting to likeable picture quality.

Energy Efficient:

  • We can all agree that we hate paying bills at some point. What if there was a way to cut down on cost on electricity bill? To achieve this, ensure that you buy a TV that has energy star featured on it. This ensures you get high quality viewing while minimizing on electricity bill.

Customer feedback:

  • A little research goes a long way. Reading some of the customer’s reviews and feedbacks and also checking on the ratings of a particular TV can be very helpful. You get to learn more about your chosen television from first-hand experience of other buyers. This is important when shopping online.


  • when purchasing a 22 inch TV, make sure that you check that it is covered by warranty. Also ensure that the warranty period is extended. This protects you from risk and from ending up with defective TV as you can easily return it and get a swap as long as the product is still within warranty period.

Why you need a 22-Inch TV?

Decent size:

  • 22 inch TV are compact in size and can fit almost anywhere. You can place them in your bedroom, kitchen, dorm this allows you to enjoy entertainment anywhere.


  • Due to their small size, you will find it easy to carry this TV along when moving out or when just shifting it from side to side to get a better view.


  • Since they are also lighter they can be mounted on the wall for better viewing angles.


  • These LED TVs are made of high-quality material and they produce clear pictures and sound, you can, therefore, buy and trust that you will use them for the longest time possible.


  • 22 inch TVs are budget friendly compared to bigger ones; You cannot miss to get one that will fit your budget.

Limitless entertainment:

  • Some of these TVs include smart features that enables you to access wide variety of entertainment sites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and much more.

How Wide is a 22 Inch TV?

The dimensions of a 22 inch TV, it is 48.7 cm wide and 27.4 cm high with respect and in accordance with the 16:9 ratio. In inches, it is 19.17 wide and 10.79 high. Talking with respect to 21:9 ratio, a 22 inch TV carries 51.4 cm width, 22 cm height. Or 20.22 inches width and 8.67 inches height.

While buying a TV set, this 21:9 ratio has become commonly popular among the homeowners. Furthermore, to roughly assume the width and height of any Tv set, you can keep in mind that TV sets containing and comprising the resolution of 21: 9, they have a smaller height.

Those TV sets which have a 22-inch screen, their display is 18 inches wide and also 10 inches tall. Most of the 22-Inch TV 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV models, they are featured and installed with an excellent 1080p resolution range. And the best 22 inch Tv models always give unrivaled picture quality.

What Different Sizes of TVs are there?

As the world of technology is constantly improving day by day, for the reason that TV sets are also getting bigger and better with every single day. Tv sets are now available and made in lots of size range options. Starting from 19 inches, 22 inches to 23 inches, 24 inches TV model sets. You can also have a TV set which is of 25 inches, 26 inches or of 27 inches.

Furthermore, brands make TV models ranging from 28 inches, 29 inches to 30 inches, 31 inches. Advanced features are present in the TV sets which are of 34 inches to 40 inches. For larger rooms, prefer to get those TV sets which are of 41 inches to 47 inches range.

In addition to, as the size gets bigger, then the price of 55 inches, 60 inches and 65 inches, 72 inches TV sets also get higher. 75 inches and 77 inches, 78 inches as well as 84 inches, 86 inches tv sets are available in the markets too.

How Much is a Smart TV?

A smart Tv average price starts from xxx dollars. And as the size and features get better and improved, the same way the price of that smart TV also get higher and bigger. Smart televisions run on a specific operating system/platform.

They help the viewers view online media content. Moreover, they offer Miracast as well as Screen Sharing features. It is observed that LG, Samsung and Vizio V Series 2023, Vizio M Series Quantum 2023 make the best smart TV sets. The demand for TCL 4 Series/S425 2023, TCL 6 Series/R617 2018 5 smart TVs are getting higher.

If your chosen smart TV is officially and completely HDR Compatible and if it is surrounded by the smartest and compatible functionality features, then that is great. As these TV sets have a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi feature, direct-lit LED, deliver great picture quality. that is why people are loving such a version.

How are TVS Measured?

To measure a TV, it is a simple job to do so. Firstly, take proper measurements of your Tv from one corner to another corner. Start from the left corner and then reach to the bottom right corner. Then measure your Tv horizontally.

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It means to take measurements from side to side. To measure the width, make sure to take the measurement from the far left edge side of your television to the far right edge side of it. After that, from top to bottom, measure and take the height dimensions of your Tv set. The final part is to measure the depth of your TV.

Measure your Tv set from front to back. Always take the exact depth measurements so that you can fit in and adjust your TV in any of the existing cabinets or TV stands of yours. To give you a rough idea, most of the flat-screen models are 10 inches deep and as thin as 3 inches.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, we’ve gone into detail to get you the best TVs in the market and to help you choose which one suits your needs best, be it for a business premises or house use, or just for naming, these are the top brands in the market right now, choose one that fits your budget and enjoy your TV.

Currently unavailable.

7. RCA 22″ LED TV and Big Button Elderly Care Back Lit TV remote

RCA 22" LED TV and Big Button Elderly Care Back Lit TV remote

Currently unavailable.

  • By: Continuus 22-Inch TVs

This product was first unveiled on amazon on January 18 is affordable and its compact design makes it great for small rooms. I bought it for my mom and I have never heard her complaining about it, offers great picture quality and is fully remote controlled.

This TV is said to be accompanied by free 60 days tech support. This means once you purchase it you can always reach the manufacturer in case of any trouble. Additionally, the 5 star review on this product on Amazon will boost your confidence when it comes to purchase in case of any doubts.

Extra Features:

  • Comes with back lit TV remote
  • RCA input included.

5. Soulaca 22-Inch TV Frameless Waterproof Magic Mirror Bathroom TV M220FN

Soulaca 22inch Frameless Waterproof Magic Mirror Bathroom TV

Currently unavailable.

  • By: Soulaca 22-Inch TVs

Soulaca really came through on this one; this product is perfect for humid areas as it is a waterproof television. It is specially sealed to ensure that it cannot easily be ruined by liquids. It is also perfect for businesses in areas like kitchens, sauna or bathrooms.

The TV’s can be fitted in the walls or furniture, and it is easy to mount too. Its dimensions are (Diagonal): 22″ Unit Size: W552x H402x D46mm Unit Weight: 7.06 Kg, the best thing about this TV is the fact that It becomes a mirror when switched off and a television when switched back on.

Extra Features:

  • Dustproof, Antifogging features for any environment
  • TV/HDMI/USB/Audio Output for multiple uses.

3. Upstar UE2220 Best 24-Inch TV 1080p LED

Upstar UE2220 22-Inch 1080p LED TV

Currently unavailable.

  • By: Upstar 24-Inch TVs

Enjoy this Upstar HDTV comes in dimensions of (W x H x D): TV without stand: 19.8″ x 11.7″ x 2″, TV with stand: 19.8″ x 13″ x 6.9″, its stylish and can fit in any room, it supports full 1080HD resolution and it has very perfect images, it is not a smart TV but it will surely fulfill your viewing wishes.

Available sizes are: 20″, 22″, 24″, 32″, 39″, 40″, 43″, 55″ so you can upgrade at any time you feel like, the bigger it gets, the better it becomes. It only weighs 7.4 pounds therefore is portable and can be wall mounted. The slim design makes it space efficient. Furthermore, this TV has energy star and will help you cut down electricity bill cost. Last but not least, this TV is available in models: UE2220, P240WT, P32ES8, P32EA8, P32EE7, P32EWX, P39EWX, P40EA8, P40EC6, P43EWX, P55EWX, and more.

Extra Features:

  • Inputs: 1 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 VGA, 1 Audio so you can connect it with different equipment
  • LED backlight for greater image resolution and quality.

1. Soulaca Frameless Smart Waterproof Magic Mirror Bathroom 22-Inch TV

Soulaca 22 inch Frameless Smart Waterproof Magic Mirror Bathroom TV M220FA

Currently unavailable.

  • By: Soulaca 22-Inch TVs

Soulaca take the lead on this lead with their great waterproof TV. And to top it has 8 languages for the menu so it won’t be hard getting to the settings and making the adjustments as you’d want them to be. It is sealed in a way that it can’t be submerged or gets liquids on it and it will still be functional, the speakers are also waterproof and it has stylish touch buttons. . It’s a mirror TV meaning; it becomes a mirror when switched off, and a TV when switched on.

With built-in Wi-Fi, Smart TV technology, the TV provides a high-resolution pictures while you browse the web or access the pre-installed smart apps to easily find your media easily. Additionally, this TV can be wall mounted for better viewing. All you need is a VESA wall mount.

Make use of the USB port to check your personal media. It comes in dimensions of LCD Size (Diagonal): 22″ Unit Size: W552x H402x D46mm and weighs 7.06 kg. The display type is: LED Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Brightness (Cd/m2): 250

Extra Features:

  • TV, HDMI, USB, LAN, Integrated Wi-Fi, Audio out interfaces for different uses.
  • Waterproof remote control and TV is also dustproof.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best 22-Inch TVs in 2023 Reviews – A Completed Guide”

  1. The AXess 22-Inch TV is actually great on the bedroom. I like the way the Smart TV works. Regarding the technical data: the image quality is very good and it is easy to setup.

  2. 5. Samsung 22-Inch TV 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

    By: Samsung 22-Inch TVs

    This 22-inch HDTV features an excellent 1080p resolution which delivers unrivaled picture quality. The compact design makes it ideal for use a well. It comes in an advanced design with the latest features for a great performance. Another thing, the ultra-quality construction makes it durable and ideal for tough uses.

    It also comes with several functions like USB and HDMI inputs to offer better listening from your devices. The wide compatibility makes it an incredible option for anyone seeking to have an excellent listening and viewing. This is the ultimate entertainment device for most homes.

    More reasons why it’s a good buy:

    The thin LED design makes it a space saver
    The excellent clear motion rate makes it amazing.


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