Top 12 Best 65-inch TV Stands Of 2020 Reviews

A TV mount is an excellent addition in any home to improve the viewing experience. It has a broad base to support different-sized screens with varying weight. Some even let you choose your preferred height level with multiple height adjustments. If you are looking for one that delivers outstanding service, you are in the right place. We have done proper research and come up with the top models in the market. Let’s look at the best 65 inch TV stands in 2020.

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List Of Best 65-inch TV Stand Reviews Of 2020:

#12 Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand for 65-inch TV12. Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand with Mount for 37 to 65 inch Flat Panel Screens

By: Kanto 65-inch TV Stands

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  • For 37” to 65” flat screens
  • Comes in black shade
  • 2-inch wheel
  • Weighs 47.3 pounds

Supports up to 100 pounds

Move your flat-screen monitor with the Kanto TV stand around the office or home easily. It comes with four wheel locks that quickly release to roll smoothly on most surfaces. Each tire has a 2-inch diameter and a locking mechanism released by stepping on the simple to use lever. This ensures the whole mount stays in a fixed position once you set the TV on a suitable place.

It is highly adjustable, thanks to the mounting brackets that fit TV panels ranging from 37” up to 65”. The stand’s height is adjustable with two buttons to allow quick positioning at a preferred eight from 40.5” to 60” for optimal viewing.

#11 PERLESMITH Universal Swivel TV Stand for 37-65 inch LCD LED TVs

11. PERLESMITH Universal Swivel TV Stand for 37-65 inch LCD LED TVs

By: PERLESMITH 65-inch TV Stands


  • Supports a maximum of 88 pounds
  • For 37-65” TVs
  • Compatible with VESA 600 x 400mm
  • Included mounting hardware
  • Made of quality materials

If you want a TV tabletop that is compatible with VESA 600 X 400mm, you have found it. Perlesmith stand holds a load up to 88 pounds with a size between 37 to 65 inches comfortably. It has a tempered glass base to prevent shakes and unnecessary movements. The modern design allows simple swiveling up to 30 degrees right or left. Also, you can pick a comfortable viewing position to prevent head, neck and eye strains.

What’s more, is the 8-inch height adjustment and 9 different positions to allow a customized viewing at home or outdoors. This structure is easy to install under 15 minutes without using any special tools. Refer back to the clear instructions to save time and effort.

#10 FITUEYES Universal Best 65-inch TV Stands

10 FITUEYES Universal Best 65 inch TV Stand

By: FITUEYES 65-inch TV Stands


  • 10mm glass shelf
  • 110-pound weight limit
  • Integrated cable management
  • For 32-55-inch screens
  • Safety bracket lock

With a safety design, this stand ensures you have a relaxing TV viewing at home. Supporting up to 110 pounds for screens measuring between 32 to 65 inches, it is perfect for most televisions models. The 10mm glass shelf has excellent strength with a sturdy base to improve stability. Also, you can keep your audio and video components to have an organized TV display.

An added functionality is a safety bracket lock to help protect your screen against slips or falls. Its universal height allows smooth height adjustment to fit everyone’s viewing needs. Use the cable management system to conceal cords and bring out a cleaner look. Moreover, this stand has an extensive media shelf to hold DVD, cable box, Xbox and more media components.

#9 FITUEYES Universal 65-inch TV Stand/Base

9 FITUEYES Universal 65-inch TV Stand

By: FITUEYES 65-inch TV Stands


  • 3 height levels
  • Heavy-duty glass base
  • Built with durable material
  • 13-inch shelf width
  • Universal compatibility

Spend only xx dollars to get this universal TV stand. It has high compatibility perfect for most TV models such as Sony, Samsung, Insignia, Haier, Vizio and much more. The use of durable materials increases longevity while giving you a reliable service. Another thing is the beautiful black tempered glass to add style, stability and security. Not only when mounting but also when setting your ideal viewing angle.

There is no need for drilling holes in your walls when installing this gadget. It has a simple structure made of a sturdy steel pole for added safety and support. Featuring two hanging bars with a curved style, it fits 32-65 inch screens weighing under 110 pounds. With a rack consisting of 3 height levels, you can adjust up to 30.9 inches for excellent viewing.

#8 TAVR Swivel Floor 65-inch TV Stand

8 TAVR Swivel Floor 65-inch TV Stand

By: TAVR Furniture 65-inch TV Stands


  • 3-tier media base
  • For 32-65” televisions
  • Wide 45-degree swivel angle
  • 4-step height adjustment
  • It has a 43.3-inch length

We love the design of this TV stand made of glass to add beauty in any setting. It holds televisions measuring 32 3to 65 inches with VESA patterns of 600x400mm and 100x100mm. Place your Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Sharp and even heavier brands with added confidence. The 45-degree swivel is wide enough to allow a simple angle setting for safe viewing.

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Measuring 43.3 x15.7 x 52 inches, it is perfect for a corner position around your home to get a better rotation ability than the other designs in the market. This item comes with 3-step height leveling options to suit various seating and TV size requirements. Set the height level between 47 to 52 inches to eliminate head, eye and neck strains.

#7 VIVO Universal LCD TV Table Top – Best 65-inch TV Stands

7 VIVO Universal LCD TV Table Top - Best 65-inch TV Stands

By: VIVO 65-inch TV Stands


  • Quality installation hardware
  • Padded bottom feet
  • Durable steel legs
  • Suitable for 22 to 65” TVs

Comes in a black finish

Some TV mounts have rough edges that cause dents and markings on your floor and even wall. Using VIVO tabletop ensures no scratching thanks to its padded bottom feet. You can now install with peace with a backing of quality installation hardware. Costing just xx dollars, it is very affordable and straightforward to use. With excellent compatibility, this item fit monitors between 22 to 65 inches with VESA mounting holes up to 800x400mm.

Constructed with fantastic strength, the solid steel legs can easily hold up to 110 pounds. That means little to no shakes when setting or moving the stand. Additionally, you can coordinate the existing style with this accessory’s black finish. The color is timeless and easy to maintain.

#6 PERLESMITH Best 65 inch TV Stand

6 PERLESMITH Best 65 inch TV Stand

By: PERLESMITH 65-inch TV Stands


  • Perfect for 37” to 55” TVs
  • Universal and sturdy mounting bracket
  • 14-minute installation
  • Fits VESA 24″X8″ and 24″X16″
  • 5-inch height adjustment

Another TV stand from Perlesmith that allows you to enjoy a comfortable viewing. It has four height levels with a 4-inch difference to fit everyone’s needs. This means four choices to meet different applications or scree sizes to watch your favorite movie comfortably at home. The universal design of the mounting bracket is ideal for 37 to 55-inch televisions. Mount your flat panel LED, LCD, curved or Plasma TV weighing under 88 pounds.

This item is simple to assemble that takes less than 15 minutes using the provided instruction manual and fittings. With a sturdy base, you can mount all your AV components on a desk, table or entertainment center. The black tempered glass is durable and appealing to improve the style of your TV display position.

#5 WALI Universal 65-inch TV Stands Table Top

5 WALI Universal 65-inch TV Stands Table Top

By: WALI 65-inch TV Stands


  • Quality and durable material
  • Maximum 110-pound weight limit
  • User-friendly steel design
  • Compatible with VESA 800x400mm
  • 2 height levels

Not all televisions in the market have the same VESA pattern. This tabletop stand works well with mounting holes up to 800 by 400mm. You can also set your screen with a model of not less than 75mm by 75mm weighing under 110 pounds. Another function is a beautiful black color that blends in well with most indoor accessories.

Using this stand is simple as the installation requires less than 20 minutes. Plus, you have assembly hardware and a detailed manual to quicken the setup process. Made of solid steel, the stand has enough strength to prevent constant shakes as well as falls. For added protection, it has 3mm feet with soft padding to avoid cabinet or floor scratching.

#4 FITUEYES Universal TV Stand for the 65-inch TV

4 FITUEYES Universal TV Stand for the 65-inch TV

By: FITUEYES 65-inch TV Stands


  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Integrate cable management
  • 3 strong shelves
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • For 32 to 65 inch TVs

The hanging cables all over the house can make your TV room uninviting and unappealing. You can change all that by using this stand with an integrated cable management system. It masterfully conceals your wires such as HDMI cable as the column improves the entire cord organization. Boasting of durable shelves, they create a stylish look for AV equipment.

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This accessory has a wide swivel angle for the shelves that make it stand out from the rest that stay in a fixed position. It fits screens between 32 to 65vinches to suit most television sizes and models. The sturdy rack rotates as you pick your suitable height level for optimal viewing. Coordinate your TV room with this tabletop black finish. The color is simple to clean with a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.

#3 FITUEYES Universal Best 65-inch TV Stand

3 FITUEYES Universal Best 65 inch TV Stand

By: FITUEYES 65-inch TV Stands


  • 9 height levels
  • Solid glass base
  • Wide 70-degree swivel
  • For 42-75” TV
  • Wide 8mm thick shelf

Fitueyes is among the top brands dealing in home accessories like this TV stand. It offers you multiple height options with its 9 different levels. That means you can have a comfortable and healthy viewing without experiencing eye and neck strains. You can raise your television to install a game console sensor or soundbar to improve the entertainment home. The design of this tabletop lets you keep your entertainment area cleaner and organized.

We like the 8mm tempered glass shelf with a sleek style to store your satellite receiver, cable TV box, gaming consoles like PS4, Apple TV or Xbox. Hide your wires such as HDMI and power cords with the unique cable management solution. Also, you can conceal the cables without going through your wall.

#2 PERLESMITH Universal TV Table Top – Best 65-inch TV Stand

2 PERLESMITH Universal TV Table Top - Best 65-inch TV Stand

By: PERLESMITH 65-inch TV Stands


  • It has a black finish
  • 4 height levels
  • Anti-stretchable and anti-slip pad
  • Supports 110-pound load
  • 15-minute installation

The assembly of this stand is easy without using complicated tools. Make use of the detailed instruction and provided hardware to finish the setup in less than 15 minutes. Like most of the available TV tabletops, this one has a specific screen size compatibility between 37 to 70 inches. That means you can load your large big screen without worrying about space and convenience.

The mounting holes are perfect for VESA patterns up to 800mm x 400mm. The entire unit has solid steel legs to hold up to 110 pounds steadily. Another thing is the 4-level height mechanism to give you four different height levels for comfortable viewing. Incorporating an anti-stretchable and anti-slip pad, the bottom feet are safe on most surfaces.

#1 WALI Universal 65-inch TV Stand Table Top

1 WALI Universal 65-inch TV Stand Table Top

By: WALI 65-inch TV Stands


  • Suitable for 22 to 65” TVs
  • Supports up to VESA 800 X 400mm
  • Strong steel material
  • 2 height levels
  • 3mm padded feet

WALI tabletop is among the top brands that give outstanding service. Built from premium steel, it can bear even the most robust use to provide you with value for money. The material also supports up to 110 pounds of load perfect for 22” to 65” screens. This stand is highly compatible with VESA 75x75mm up to 800x400mm.

With multi-adjustable height levels, you can have two choices to pick from to get optimal viewing. Also, at the same time, it improves flexibility with the mounting holes. Featuring a 3mm soft padded base, it helps prevent scratches from damaging your floor, desk, or cabinet surface. Use the mounting hardware kit x 1 and a simple user manual to have a 20-minute installation.


Most households have a television and other entertainment media such as DVD player. The most practical accessory to keep the screen is on a tabletop television mount. It has a broad base to hold multiple items such as satellite receiver, cable TV box, gaming consoles like PS4, Apple TV or Xbox. Pick your favorite design from the best 65 inch TV stands we have on our list. You will improve your viewing experience and turn it into a comfortable ascertainment at home.

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