Top 7 Best Automatic Door Closers Of 2023 Reviews

The Best Automatic Door Closer is often used for commercial purposes. When a person opens a door and leaves it, the automatically close the door. They function just as their name suggests.

The best automatic door closers come in handy in places like; restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other commercial establishments. In such busy places, it is not practical to keep telling people to close the door behind them. Employing someone to keep doing the same would also not be possible.


List Of Top 7 Best Automatic Door Closer Reviews:

In this review today, we are going to have a thorough look at the best automatic door closers, the market has to offer.

Let us have a look at the 7 best automatic door closers:

7. Cal-Royal 420 P Commercial Grade Door Closer, Size 2 spring, Duronotic

Cal-Royal 420 P Commercial Grade Door Closer, Size 2 Spring, Duronotic

By: Cal-Royal Automatic Door Closers

This door closer is ANSI grade 2 commercial grade. Materials used to make the automatic door closer consist of Aluminum alloy shell. The door closer has a brown duronotic finish and has a spring tension rating of level 2. You will be getting an automatic door closer which is non-handed. This means that it can fit either right or left swing doors. I find this to be convenient because it does not restrict you.

You will be able to mount it as regular AR or even parallel arm. Use whichever option that will work for you. You are lucky because your purchase will also include a parallel arm bracket. The Cal-Royal 420 P is especially recommended for interior doors. Establishments such as single family residences, hotels, condominiums, and apartment complex are compatible with it.


  • The automatic door closer has a maximum door weight of 100lbs.
  • The maximum door size that it can be used with is 36 inches.

6. XtremepowerUS Aluminum 88-143 lbs Automatic Door Closer

XtremepowerUS Aluminium 88-143 Lbs Automatic Door Closer

By: XtremepowerUS Automatic Door Closers

A die-casting aluminum alloy of high quality was used to make this door closed. This automatic door closer has two hydraulic press valves. Because of them, it is able to automatically control two stage doors closing speed. If you have exterior doors which are lightweight, make sure you get this door closed. It has narrow styling and is a very convenient utility closer.

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Field installation of this door closer is frustration free. This is because it comes with accessories that accommodate the process. You will find that due to its compact design, it will require less installation space. It will provide you with complete functionality and exceptional value. You will not experience any oil leakage because the door closer has been precisely sealed.


  • The automatic door closer is very durable.
  • It can be used with doors that weigh 88-143 lbs.

5. TELL MANUFACTURING, INC. Commercial Grade 1 Door Closer, Size 4

TELL MANUFACTURING, INC. Commercial Grade 1 Door Closer

By: Tell Automatic Door Closers

If you are looking for an automatic door closer for a parallel arm or top jamb application, this is it. The door closer can also be mounted to regular as well. Basically, it is non-handed and is manufactured from cast aluminum. Your purchase will get you a size 4, Commercial Grade 1 Door Closer.

The mounting hole locations for the closer are 9-1/16″ horizontal and 3/4″ vertical. With a door range of 180 degrees and a UL listing, they automatic door closer will not disappoint.


  • Your purchase will come with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • The door closer has been listed by the UL.

4. Homdox Large Automatic Door Closer for Commercial and Residential Use Grade 1 Aluminum Alloy Door Close

Homdox Large Automatic Door Closer for Commercial and Residential Use Grade 1 Aluminum Alloy Door Close

By: Homdox Automatic Door Closers

Homdox presents an option for those in search of automatic door closers for large doors. It is compatible with heavy doors with a capacity of 187-265lbs. Compared to the ones we have come across; its weight capacity is like no other. It is recommended for doors which have a width of 47inches.

Sweep and latch speeds can easily be controlled, by use of 2 independent regulating valves. This enables you to adjust the speed as you want. You can fasten it or slow it down as you please. This automatic door closer can be used for a durable amount of time.


  • Your purchase will come with detailed English instructions.
  • This door closer can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

3. Automatic Door Closer – Commercial grade Hydraulic operated

Automatic Door Closer - Commercial grade Hydraulic operated

By: Dorence Automatic Door Closers

Dorence has ensured that you won’t have to hear another door get slammed for a while. Your purchase will include; a pressure Relief Safety Valve, tri-packed arms, a Sweep Speed Control Valve, Fully Adjustable Dual Valve Closing, and latching speed control. The door opening angle of this door closer is approximately 180 degrees.

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During climate seasons, the Internal Hydraulic Fluid, Reduces Adjustment. This door closer comes in a very modern looking design. One of the benefits of this automatic door closer is that it can work with any type of door. This means that it doesn’t matter if it is wooden, metallic, indoors or even outdoors.


  • The company offers step by step installation instructions.
  • It can be used for doors weighing 132 and 176 pounds.

2. Cal-Royal Automatic Door Closer – Commercial Grade Door Closer

Cal-Royal 430P Commercial Grade Door Closer

By: Cal-Royal Automatic Door Closers

Cal-Royal 430P is a great choice for door applications, which are both interior and lightweight exterior. This is the best recommendation for projects which need multiple interior door closers. You will only manage to use it, with doors which have a maximum of 42’’ interior and exterior of 36 inches.

The automatic door closer has an aluminum finish and a spring tension rating of level3. You would be making a great choice if you used it for apartment closes and condominiums as well. This is one of the most budget-friendly options in the market. A grade 2 commercial duty door closer which is ANSI, will live up to your expectations.


  • The automatic door closer is compatible with doors weighing 143lbs.
  • Sweep and latch speeds are controlled by two independent regulating valves.

1. Wright ProductsV920WH STANDARD DUTY PNEUMATIC CLOSER, Automatic Door Closers WHITE


By: Wright Products Automatic Door Closers

This review list comprises of several options for different types of doors. For out swinging doors, this automatic door closer is the recommended choice. It will deliver excellent performance, regardless of whether your door is made of metal or wood. Being factory lubricated also plays a major role in its functionality.

What contributes to its popularity is the fact that it can be used as a single closer, or paired with another standard duty closer. In such a scenario, one door closer would be mounted at the top and the other at the bottom. Such an installation is recommended for heavy full view storm doors.

This automatic door closer has an opening range of 90degrees. In order for the latching power to be adjusted, the door closer has a two-hole end plug. With such a feature and a closing speed which can be adjusted, operating this door closer will not be frustrating.


  • The door closer is available in black, white and aluminum finishes.
  • It has dimensions of about 2.8 x 16 x 1.3 inches.
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Which is The best automatic door closer?

The best automatic door closers will help you control the high flow of traffic of the building it is placed in. People coming into the building in a hurry will also not be inconvenienced.

Why Do I need an automatic door closer?

There are several benefits of having an automatic door closer:

Having the best automatic door closer is convenient. Your customers and clients will be able to enter and leave swiftly as they please.

Disabled people will have an easier access to the building. They will not be subjected to closing the door themselves. After entering, the door will immediately close behind them.

With the best automatic door closers, entrances are more organized in high traffic environs. Consequently, This also makes it safer, in cases where there is a rush to get in and out of the building.

The hardware of the door will also be less prone to wear and tear when using automatic door openers. Your door will function well for quite some time.

Tips for choosing automatic door closer

In order for you to end up with the best automatic door closer, consider the following tips:

The size of the door: the automatic door opener you are planning to buy, should be compatible with the size of the door you will use it on.

The weight of the door: you should also buy one which can handle the weight of your day. Otherwise, the automatic door opener may fail to function completely.

Affordability: make sure you don’t exhaust your funds while trying to acquire an automatic door closer. Be thorough and find the price range that you can afford, without compromising on quality.

Type of mounting: Ensure that the mounting needed for your automatic door closer will be compatible with your door.

Buyer’s Guide:

The best automatic door closers can be categorized into 3. There are regular arm closers, Top Jamb closers, and Parallel arm closers. Regular/standard arm closers are the most power efficient. Top jamb closers are often used for glass front and aluminum doors. Parallel arm closers are most commonly used for schools and commercial properties.

Although this summarized knowledge, it should be able to assist you in your decision-making process. We highly recommend the Wright ProductsV920WH STANDARD DUTY PNEUMATIC CLOSER. This is the best automatic door closer on the market which guarantees great results and added safety for your belongings. Consequently, It boasts a great performance and is made using a strong material for increased performance.

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