Top 8 Best Backpack Blowers in 2023 Reviews

Piles of leaves that fall on the lawn or path of your home are a nuisance. Once the huge piles fill your paths, you may have to take a broom to do the cleaning work. However, this is a lot of work, and it is cumbersome.

To solve this problem, a backpack blower offers an easy way to remove the leaves. It features a strong engine, a flex tube for blowing the dirt, a fan for propelling the air, including other features.

In this article, we will explore the best backpack blowers on the market.


List Of Best Backpack Blower in 2023 Review:

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Which is the best backpack Blower?

To answer this question, you have to check the features that come with all these devices. Additionally, the user should ensure that his blower is comfortable when he puts it on his shoulders. The best should be able to blow different types of dirt; thus, leaving the blown area sparkling clean.

Why Do I Need a Backpack Blower?

A backpack blower reduces the effort that you use when sweeping off leaves, dirt, papers from a path or an area with grass cover. With it, you will be able to collect the dirt from one location.

In addition, some of these backpack blowers come with vacuum bags that store the dirt that you want to collect. They also reduce the effort that you use when you have to collect the leaves by hand.

8. Troy-Bilt TB2BP EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

Troy-Bilt TB2BP EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

  • By: Troy-Bilt Backpack Blowers

If you are tired of carrying huge backpack blowers that have unnecessary vibrations, then I believe that you should go for this backpack blower. Once you wear it on your back, you are assured of comfortability since it eliminates every form of vibration that you do not need to experience. Additionally, the machine has shoulder straps and a waist belt that keep the unit in place as you blow every leaf in your compound.

Starting the engine does not require a lot of energy to do so. Instead of having to pull a power cord, the full crank engine starts by jumpstarting it. The flex tube is long enough to help you aim in the right directions.


  • Set up to 145mph of airspeed
  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • Less vibration on it
  • Powerful enough to blow away huge piles of leaves

7. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

  • By: Troy-Bilt Backpack Blowers
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One benefit of buying this best backpack blower is that you will experience a high level of comfort as you blow huge piles of leaves in your yard. It comes with a hip belt and shoulder straps, which are padded to ensure that the weight of the machine does not hurt you. As you carry the unit around your back, you will not feel any uneven weight because you it has a multi-material suspension system.

Additionally, the blower has strong power output, which provides up to 150mph of airspeed. With its long flex tube, you can blow leaves from different levels.


  • Powerful unit that produces up to 150mph of airspeed
  • Has a long flex tube
  • Comfortable when you fit into it

6. Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower – Backpack Blowers

Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower/Vac with JumpStart Technology and Vacuum Accessory

  • By: Troy-Bilt Backpack Blowers

Instead of having to collect debris from one end, this best backpack blower has a vacuum kit that swallows all the debris into it. This will reduce the effort of sweeping the dirt away. The nozzle is long enough, which ensures that you do not waste time bending downwards to reach the leaves.

The handgrip is very comfortable; hence, you do not feel tired when holding the blower. It also comes with an extra jumpstarting kit to start the engine. The engine provides up to 150mph to facilitate quick blowing.


  • Comes with a 27-cc engine
  • Long nozzle- you do not need to bend
  • Extra vacuum bag for storing debris

5. Husqvarna 560BTS 65.6cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered 232 MPH Backpack Blowers

Husqvarna 560BTS 65.6cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered 232 MPH Backpack Blower

  • By: Husqvarna Backpack Blowers

This unit uses 332-ounce cans of fuel which use you premix before you start the engine. It features a 65.6cc x-torq engine. The engine will blow away dirt whether you set it at low or high speeds.

According to different reviews, users recommend the blower because it is comfortable on your back, has a long nozzle, and the ergonomic handle is comfortable when operating it. It features a 232mph airspeed, which is strong enough to blow heavy piles of leaves.


  • Weighs about 23.5 pounds
  • Long flex tubes
  • Comes with a filtration system

4. Husqvarna Backpack Blower – MPH Backpack Leaf Blower with 2.1 HP X-Torq engine

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 1.6 kW 50.2 cc 7500 rpm 180 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower with 2.1 HP X-Torq engine

  • By: Husqvarna Backpack Blowers

This is the best backpack blower for homeowners and professionals. With this blower, you are not afraid of emitting harmful fumes into the environment. The engine ensures that it maximizes the fuel in it. The system has proper ventilation that the fan facilitates. Users can also alter the speed of the fan depending on your preferences.

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Once you put the fuels into the engine, be assured that the engine will start immediately. Buyers should register their products online to guarantee two to four years of warranty.


  • Strong engine reduces fuel wastage
  • Uses fuel to start the engine
  • Lightweight blower

3. Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Best Backpack Blower

Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

  • By: Poulan Pro Backpack Blowers

This best backpack blower features a strong blower. One reviewer said that he used to clear all the dirt from a horse pasture. The blower could not only remove grass but also hard nuts and manure that remained in between the grass.  The blower is very light; hence, one can use it for many hours without becoming tired.

The heavy-duty frame will help the unit stay for long. The long hose ensures that the air reaches to the dirt without straining the user. You can choose different speeds for running the blower.


  • Easy to control flex tube
  • Speeds reach up to 200mph
  • The engine is a 2-stroke 48 cc powerhouse
  • Strong frame

2. Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Best Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Backpack Blower, 29.5cc

  • By: Husqvarna Backpack Blowers

One feature that makes this engine stand out is the strong X-Torq-engine that is of 30cc. This makes it powerful and strong. With speeds of up to 145mph, the airspeed is enough to drive away all debris from a car lawn or path. The engine does not take time to start. It has an extra fan that propels high airspeeds.

This blower is easy to carry. Short people can use the blower without feeling the weight on them. The handle also adds to its comfortability during use. The long flex hose ensures that the air reaches to the dust by being close to it.


  • Provides up to 145mph of airspeed
  • Comfortable handle
  • Features a 30cc engine

1. Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

  • By: Husqvarna Backpack Blowers

Most of the backpack blowers are very noisy, which may be uncomfortable for some people. However, for this particular one, it does not produce any noise when blowing dirt away. The 50.2cc engine is powerful, which provides the machine with enough air speed and airflow. The unit has a switch button to start the engine. It has a well-ventilated fan, and extra padded hip belt and shoulder straps to facilitate extra comfort when using the device.

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  • 251mph of engine speed
  • Powerful 50.2cc engine
  • Dampeners that reduce vibration rate
  • Not noisy

Backpack blowers are generally lightweight machines. The only thing that may be a nuisance is the significant amount of vibrations. These may cause discomfort, of course, to the user. On the other hand, some of these units come with features that may help to reduce the number of vibrations.

Tips for Choosing the Best Backpack Blower

Since there are many blowers in the market, you may have a difficult time choosing the best for your needs. Here are some of the tips you should consider when choosing a good blower:

The engine power: This is the powerhouse of the device. The engine provides the needed power to blow leaves and other debris. Also, it powers the fan, which helps to provide the necessary ventilation for preventing engine heat up and for the blowing air. To know how powerful the engine is, check the cc.

In relation to the engine, check how easy it is to start the engine. For some, you may have to buy an extra power cord to help in jumpstarting it.

Comfortability: The user’s comfort is a priority when choosing the best backpack blower. You do not want a heavy device that will hurt your shoulders. Therefore, ensure that you check the shoulder straps and the hip belt; nevertheless, check whether they are padded for increased comfort.

Length of the flex tube: If the flex tube is short, then it means that all people have to bend when using the machine.  When the tube is long enough, more air will pass through it. This also ensures that you are as close to the leaves as possible.

Check the Warranty: Some vendors will encourage buyers to register their products on their online store. This extends the warranty period. I once saw a vendor that would extend the user’s warranty for up to 4 years.

Buyer’s Guide:

One thing that most people ignore when buying a blower is the warranty. Different manufacturers offer different warranties for different people. Therefore, be sure to consult your provider before you buy one. According to this list, the Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower tends to stand out among all other devices because it is less noisy. Also, the engine is powerful hence it can blow huge piles of dirt.

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