Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers in 2023 Reviews

Can openers are very important gadgets you should have in your kitchen? There are manual can openers and electric can openers. For most people, manual can openers are very difficult to use especially if the person is suffering from arthritis or have weaker hands.

This is one of the reasons why an electric can opener was invented. It is easy and very convenient to use an electric can opener. There are different cans out there from different brands, and they all claim to sell the best product. When you are buying an electric can it is always good to check the quality and the price. We will review the top 10 best electric can openers in 2023 reviews.


List Of Best Electric Can Opener Reviews 2023:

10. OXO smooth Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

Are you looking for the best electric can opener? This is one of the best available. This can opener has a good grip and a smooth edge. It is small in size and very easy to use. This can opener does not leave sharp edges on your can or lid. It features a patented-side-wind mechanism that allows it to easily cut. It is easy to turn and has a soft grip knob and also non-slip handles.

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9. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

Most of these items are black. It is one of the best gadgets that you must have in your kitchen if you’re not comfortable using manual can openers. This item comes with a very attractive price tag and offers a decent value for your money. This opener has a good quality and very effective power cut blade. It is easy to use as you only need to release the lever. Unlike most hand-held electric openers, this can opener has a wide base that prevents tipping or sliding. It also stops automatically after opening the can. It features a magnetic lid holder and a removable activation lever. This opener is easy to clean.

8. Oster 3147 Can Opener

Oster 3147 Tall Can Opener

Oster is one of the best can openers. It is electric and very easy to use. It is lightweight and very effective. it comes with an attractive price tag and offers a decent value for money. Oster 3147 has a great cutting mechanism for easy use. It also features a built-in knife sharpener. This item also has a magnetic lid lifter for safe and easy lid removal. It has very convenient cord storage. Oster 3147 Can Opener you love oster products, this is one of the best products from this brand.

7. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

This is a classic chrome heavy-weight opener. It is decently priced and offers decent value for money. This can opener is worth buying. It is very effective and easy to use. This can opener features a removable and washable cutting unit. It features a patented technology that makes it even easier to open cans. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Can Opener has a knife sharpener that turns off automatically after use. It also has cord storage.

6. Proctor Silex75217F Can Openers

Proctor-Silex 75217F Power Can Opener Black

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Most of these can openers are black in color. It features an elegant design. This can opener is very easy to use and clean. It is affordable and offers a decent value for your cash. This can opener is worth buying. Unlike most can openers this can opener is extra tall, features a knife sharpener, push-in cord storage and a cutting lever that removes thus allowing you to easily clean the opener.

5. Cuisinart SCO-60 can opener, Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

This is a stainless steel can opener that comes with a very decent price tag. This can opener is very elegant and features a unique design. It is a perfect kitchen décor. It features a perfect base and precision power cut blade. This can opener features a press-and-release lever that makes the opening very easy. This opener can open any size can. It has an extra wide base for stability. It prevents tipping or sliding. This opener stops automatically. This electric opener is very easy to clean.

4. Proctor Silex Plus-76370P Best Electric Can Opener

Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener, White

This can opener is extra tall and decently priced. It is white and beautiful. This opener opens the can on the first try. It features a cutting-edge lever that detaches for easy cleaning. This can opener also features a knife sharpener. If you have this item in your kitchen, you will not need to worry about knife sharpening. It is the affordable opener and worth the price.

3. Hamilton Beach 76388R Best Electric Can Openers

Hamilton Beach 76388R Ensemble Electric Can Opener

This opener features in the list and reviews of top rate electric can openers. This is a great kitchen appliance that comes with a very decent price tag. This opener is red in color and very beautiful. The bottle opener of the item features a die-cast metal cutter. Hamilton Beach 76388R Can Opener is a perfect choice for all types of cans even the taller cans. It has been made of heavy-duty material. It has cutting units that can easily be removed and washed. This item is dishwasher safe.

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2. Back+Decker can opener – Best Electric Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

Black+decker is a reputable brand that has been making kitchen appliances for many years. The company is very reputable and all their items do not disappoint. This can opener is top quality and multipurpose. It features a power pierce cutter that quickly removes the lids. This item is highly versatile. It includes a bottle opener, a bag cutter, and a knife sharpener. This item has an auto shut-off. It automatically shuts down when not in use. This item is affordable.

1. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Openers

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome

This can opener is the best we have here. It is a top quality can opener that has a lot of positive reviews from buyers. According to the latest research, this can is undeniably the best. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Opener is decently priced, durable, easy to use and clean and very convenient. It is very stable and features a very attractive design. It also features a large lever for effortless operation. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener can open a can of all sizes. If you’d like to buy a Hamilton product, this is one of the best kitchen appliances.


As you have seen, there are different types of electric can openers. People prefer electric over manual because they are versatile and very easy to use. It is always good to buy a great product that will give you the desired service. We have reviewed top-rated electric can openers; you just need to select the item of your choice.

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