Top 10 Best Electric Scissor Jacks in 2023 Reviews

The need for repair and maintenance of vehicles arises frequently. For these tasks, it becomes important to lift the vehicle properly. The electric scissor jacks are the best devices to achieve this efficiently. They make sure the vehicle lifting process is safe and quick. Unlike manual jacks, these electric ones offer high precision. Also, they are easier to use and come with many innovative features. You don’t need to use excessive manual labor for the operation.

Now there is no need to lie down on the ground to work on the jack. Most of these jacks contain a carrying case for safe storage. This makes sure you can safely store the jack in the trunk of the vehicle. The large weight capacity makes these electric versions well-known in the market. Their robust construction and outstanding stability make them capable to lift heavy loads. Without delays, now let’s learn more about the best electric scissor jacks:


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Features to key consider for electric scissor jacks:

Go through the below features before buying electric scissor jacks

Weight Capacity:

The major purpose behind buying an electric scissor jack is to safely lift bulky loads. This is why weight capacity holds great significance. All manufacturers usually specify the weight capacity in the specification of the jack.

Firstly, analyze what kinds of vehicles you intend to lift and accordingly choose the one with a suitable weight capacity. This parameter is expressed either in tons of lbs. The greater the number the more weight it could lift. Many of the reliable electric scissor jacks from the well-known manufacturer can lift to 6600 lbs of weight. Some models may even support more if you can find them.

Vehicle compatibility:

Every electric jack may not be compatible with the vehicle you use. Check the compatibility with your vehicle and then go for the purchase. For example, certain electric scissor jacks are designed only for cars, they cannot work for SUVs and sedans. Hence, to make a wise investment, always look at the compatibility with your vehicle. It is advisable to choose the one that can work with almost all types and models of vehicles.

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Power supply:

For the operation, these jacks need a proper power supply. They can either work on the vehicle’s battery or a 12V power outlet (cigarette lighter outlet). Determine which modes of supply will be available for your situation and accordingly make the purchase. Certain models come with a long power cord to let you easily place it across the front or rear tire.

Other accessories:

With proper research, you may find electric scissor jacks with some wonderful accessories. You can opt for the one that fulfills all your expectations. For instance, some top-notch electric scissor jacks contain LED lights. These lights let you easily work at night; no need to use a flashlight. Some jacks come with accessories like oil bottles, cigarette adaptor cable, protective gloves, etc. All these accessories help you to use the jack more effectively.

List of 10 Best Electric Scissor Jacks Review in 2023:

10. BEETRO Electric Car Jack 3 Ton:

10. BEETRO Electric Car Jack 3 Ton

For flawless tire change, this 3-ton jack is a good option. It works on the 12V electric power outlet. It is essentially an electric floor jack designed to work safely and effectively. The most important feature is its maximum weight lifting capacity. It can lift up to 3 tons of load i.e. 6600 pounds of weight. This feature suggests that the jack is versatile for various applications. The range of lifting height is found to be 4.72-16.54 inches. The lifting height and weight capacity make it compatible with SUVs, sedans, etc.

The pack contains 2 support heads with a non-slip surface. Use it as per your needs. Within 2 minutes, this jack can successfully lift a car. Make sure to park your vehicle on the flat ground before using this jack. The jack can be connected in either of the 2 power supply options. You can either connect it to a car battery or a 12V power outlet from a cigarette lighter. Furthermore, the pack contains a long power cord for easy connection to the front/rear tire.


  • Offers easy tire change
  • Quick and safe operation
  • Compatible with large vehicles

Why We Liked Electric Scissor Jacks?

It is quite simple to operate just with the 2 switches on its remote control.

9. Anbull Electric Car Floor Jack, 3 Ton:

9. Anbull Electric Car Floor Jack, 3 Ton

Irrespective of the outdoor environment, this Anbull jack works perfectly. It is also known as a tire inflator pump for changing tires. Generally, it is found to be the best jack for sedans and SUVs. The structure shows a steady base and quadrilateral design at the base. The same offers enough support for lifting hefty vehicles. Throughout the lifting process, the stability is excellent. The thick spiral rod comes with an anti-oxidation finish. It resists corrosion and enhances durability.

A functional toolbox is present to ease the lifting task. To let you store the jack safely, a carry case is available. It keeps all the parts organized and safe. One unique feature is the inclusion of a flashlight. For nighttime use, the flash LED light offers enough light output. No need to use extra lighting tools. Being waterproof, the jack can work well in rainy weather conditions.

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  • Compact and well-built design
  • Flashlight offers bright illumination
  • Can work in most outdoor conditions

Why We Liked It?

We admire its strength and stability. It can easily lift bulky vehicles.

8. Dr.Roc Scissor Jack Adapter, Scissor Jack Drill Adapter:
8. Dr.Roc Scissor Jack Adapter, Scissor Jack Drill Adapter

With the help of this drill adapter, you can easily operate a scissor jack. It is found compatible with the majority of the double eyelet type or loop type scissor jacks. You can use it with wrenches, particularly the impact of wrenches or power drill wrenches. The construction process uses chrome vanadium steel and sturdy steel. Hence, there are no doubts about durability.

This adapter is found suitable with tools like impact drills, lug wrenches, standard drive sockets, etc. It is possible to use any corded or cordless drill with this adapter.


  • Power saving operation
  • Compatible with various scissor jacks
  • Tools provided for ease of use

Why We Liked It?

It works flawlessly with various scissor jacks and makes the lifting task simpler.

7. HITOWMFG Electric Car Foot Lift Jack:

7. HITOWMFG Electric Car Foot Lift Jack

For excellent stability, while lifting a vehicle, this floor lift jack proves useful. It is built in heavy-duty steel construction and equipped with a roomy base. This along with the compact triangle design offers superb stability. Once the height limit is reached, the jack stops working automatically. The design shows 2 detachable elevated heads. They are included to work with SUVs and sedans. Any vehicle with a weight lower than 3 tons can be safely lifted.

There is a facility to connect this jack with any of the 2 power supplies. You can either connect it to a car battery or a 12V outlet. Once connected, it is easy to control through the button. You need not manually fasten the screw during lifting. During emergencies on the roadside, this jack works as an excellent repair tool. Moreover, the robust screw rod guarantees that the jack will not break easily.


  • High stability and safety
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Reduces manual efforts

Why We Liked Electric Scissor Jacks?

We like the ease of operation and quick lifting ability.

6. BEETRO Electric Car Scissor Jack Kit, 3 ton:

6. BEETRO Electric Car Scissor Jack Kit, 3 ton

In terms of the range of lifting height and weight capacity, this jack excels in the market. It can lift up to 3 tons of weight. The range of lifting height is 4.72-16.54 inches. As a result, this jack kit can lift SUVs, sedans, and many other vehicles. The pack comprises 2 support heads with a non-slip surface. Choose the one based on your needs. On the remote control, 2 switches are available. They are namely a lift up switch and a lift down switch. Hence, anyone can easily change the tire during an emergency.

It is easy to connect this jack either to the vehicle’s battery or a 12 V power outlet from a cigarette lighter. With the assistance of a brilliant LED flashlight, you can easily change the tires at night.


  • Includes bright flashlight
  • Easy to control with remote
  • Self-locking offers safety to the vehicle

Why We Liked It?

We like the self-locking structure that stops the car from falling off. It guarantees the great security of the vehicle.

5. Electric Scissor Jack – Weize Camper RV Trailer Stabilizer:

5. Weize Camper RV Trailer Stabilizer

The exceptional aspect of this Weize stabilizer is the crank handle. It lets you easily lift or lower down your vehicle. The maximum height of the handle can be 24 inches. The lowest height during retraction is 4 inches. The maximum lifting capacity is 5000 lbs. It assists to retain your trailer stable on most surfaces. The sturdy base is too responsible for excellent stability.

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The unique tooth gear design in the arms guarantees straight vertical extension and withdrawal. The pack contains 2 scissor jacks and a crank handle. Once the jack is properly engaged, the vehicle will become immobile. This suggests excellent safety and stability.


  • Crank handle for easy lifting
  • Stays steady on soft surfaces
  • Large weight capacity

Why We Liked Electric Scissor Jacks?

These stabilizer jacks raise rapidly and the crank handle rotates easily.

4. All-in-one Automatic 12V Scissor Lift Jack Set:

4. All-in-one Automatic 12V Scissor Lift Jack Set

The robust construction all over makes this jack versatile. It can be used as a tire change kit or emergency tool kit for vehicles. There is the implementation of tooth design. For enhanced durability, the manufacturer includes a heavy-duty steel plate and anti-oxidation finish on the body. This kind of construction makes it resistant to wear & tear and corrosion.

Its large bottom offers an ample contact surface. Furthermore, the sleek triangle design assures high stability. You can connect this jack to either a car’s battery or a 12V power outlet.


  • Large weight capacity of 3 tons
  • Helps during roadside emergencies
  • Will not tear or break easily

Why We Liked It?

We like the bright flashlight helping during night and dark conditions.

3. Pilot Automotive Q-HY-1500L 12 V Electric Car Jack:

3. Pilot Automotive Q-HY-1500L 12 V Electric Car Jack

When looking for a replacement for a manual jack, this electric car jack is a great alternative. It is equipped with an efficient motor to facilitate ease of lifting. The included power cord is long enough to reach all regions of the truck or car.

One unique component is the circuit breaker. It defends the wiring of vehicles against overload conditions. The setup process of the jack is easy and it does not need extra tools. For simplicity of use at night, it comes with a LED light and a fuse.


  • Efficient and heavy-duty motor
  • Offers overload protection
  • Durable carry case for storage

Why We Liked It?

During the use, there is no harm to the vehicle.

2. STANDTALL Electric Car Jack, Electric Scissor Jack 2 Ton:

2. STANDTALL Electric Car Jack, 2 Ton

Especially on a flat ground surface, this 2-ton jack works efficiently. The included saddle and huge base offer superb stability. A robust, thick steel plate is available. It lets this jack to work in all outdoor conditions. The compact design automatically stops the operation once the desired height is attained. A well-built suitcase is available to keep all the components neatly organized.


  • Wear-resistant and anti-rust
  • Large base offers stability
  • Suitcase keeps the parts organized

Why We Liked Electric Scissor Jacks?

Even on rainy days, the jack works safely and efficiently.

1. ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack, 3 Ton:

1. ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack, 3 Ton

With heavy-duty construction and stability, the ROGTZ jack works reliably. You can use it to successfully lift any vehicle weighing under 3 tons. Generally, the compatibility is great with SUVs and sedans. The maximum height it can attain is 17 inches. The hefty base and saddle give it enough stability. The entire body is wear-resistant.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Great stability and versatility
  • Reaches maximum height in 2 minutes

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with outstanding stability and large weight capacity.

Concluding Note:

Without any manual efforts, these electric scissor jacks easily lift vehicles. They are famous for being sturdy and stable.

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