Top 10 Best Feminine Wipes in 2023 Reviews

Personal hygiene is something that should be taken seriously by both men and women. If you are reading this review then you understand that we should use whatever means we can to help maintain our hygiene. The top 10 best feminine wipes in this review, have received some of the best customer feedback.

The review consists of wipes used by fellow women and filtered according to their personal experiences. That is how we came up with the best feminine wipes listed here today. They are all from reputable companies and are safe to use.


st Feminine Wipe Reviews in 2023:

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10. LADYGROOMER Feminine Wipe Flushable Moist Personal Wipes Designed for Women

LADYGROOMER Woman Wipes Flushable Moist Personal Wipes Designed for Women

  • By: Ladygroomer Feminine Wipes

Flushable feminine wipes are the most convenient out of them all. Nobody wants to be stranded when it comes to disposing of them. With such, you will be confident regardless of the location you are at. These Ladygroomer wipes come in a pack of 6, each pack containing 50 wipes. This means you will have a total of 300 wipes to go through before budgeting for your next purchase. They have a fresh feminine scent which helps keep you feeling fresh all day.

The wipes are very effective at cleaning and can be used with toilet paper as well. This is a reliable purchase since all the wipes have been dermatologically tested. No traces of alcohol or parabens can be found on them. In fact, these wipes are hypoallergenic. The company did not test the product on animals as well. You don’t have to worry about them drying out. The package cover was made with a technologically advanced seal and re-sealable lid. Thanks to this the wipes maintain their moisture and freshness even after multiple uses.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The wipes are septic and sewer safe.
  • They have a calming effect on the skin.

9. GoodWipes Women’s Deodorizing Body Biodegradable Wipes – Best Feminine Wipes

GoodWipes Women's Deodorizing Body Biodegradable Wipes

  • By: GoodWipes Feminine Wipes

GoodWipes are made with several beneficial components. The wipes contain Aloe, Tea tree, Peppermint, and Ginseng. The company spared no expense in offering you the best. This is why the feminine wipes have a naturally soothing and cooling effect to them. Unlike some wipes in the market, this one’s do not make your skin dry out. They do not have any stickiness to them as well. They were made to be pH balanced and are hypoallergenic too.

Once you use them, you will also acknowledge that they are a premium brand. They are environmentally friendly because of their biodegradability. If you also want wipes which are extra-large in size, you are in luck. They measure approximately 9.5 x 11.5 and have a super soft feel to them.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The pack contains 10 wipes which are individually packed.
  • They have a light lavender scent.

8. Always Radiant Feminine Wipes-To-Go, 46 Count

Always Radiant Feminine Wipes-To-Go

  • By: Always Feminine Wipes
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At number 8 we have wipes that are great for sensitive females. They are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation. The customer feedback is great and the fact that the wipes do not cause any sort of infections has resulted in more return customers. Always is a globally renowned brand that has been in the industry for a long time. The company’s feminine based products are of high quality and safe for the users.

These feminine wipes have a pleasant scent to them and come in anonymous pouches. These pouches are great for privacy. In case they are exposed to other people, no one will be able to detect that they are feminine wipes. They are decent in size and work great when it comes to odor neutralization.

Why you should get one:
  • The pack has 46 feminine wipes in total.
  • They are also flushable.

7. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths – Best Feminine Wipe

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

  • By: Summer’s Eve Feminine Wipes

Both Gynecologists and Dermatologists have done thorough testing on these feminine wipes. The wipes are for use around your external private area. They will get rid of all the odor-causing bacteria and help maintain your cleanliness. These wipes have a multipurpose nature as well. Aside from the bacteria elimination, they help balance pH and serve as a refresher for in-between scenarios.

Summer’s Eve offers feminine wipes in 5 different fragrances. You can get them in Sheel Floral, Simply Sensitive, Night-time Lavender, Island Splash, and Aloe Love. The packet contains 32 wipes which you can discreetly use when on the go.

Why you should get one:
  • The wipes do not contain any soap.
  • They can also be used by individuals with delicate skin.

6. Goodwipes Hygiene Wipes for When You Can’t Shower – Feminine Wipe

Goodwipes Hygiene Wipes for When You Can't Showe

  • By: GoodWipes Feminine Wipes

GoodWipes has so much confidence in these feminine body wipes and their customers seem to feel the same. The company even describes the wipes as cool, clean and confident. That is exactly what you will be once you start using them too. Most GoodWipes wipes are highly ranked since they constantly deliver and meet the user’s expectations. Most users who can attest to this are those with busy lifestyles and others in situations where they can’t shower as much as they would like to.

This is what you need for head to toe freshening, whenever you need to urgently meet your hygiene needs. They come in a large size which makes them cover more areas and are completely biodegradable.

reasons I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • The wipes can also be used to remove oils.
  • This is a pack of 10 purchase.

5. Equate Flushable Feminine Wipes 5-pack of 48 Ea. (240ct)

Equate Flushable Wipes 5-pack of 48 Ea

  • By: Equate Feminine Wipes

Equate is another company that offers a 5 pack option for long-term solutions. If you like planning in advance, then this purchase will do you good. In total, you will get about 240 wipes. This is because each of the 5 packs contains 48 wipes each. The company offers you NSF certified products which are hypoallergenic.

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These wipes are made from sources which are 95% renewable. They are also gentle on the environment thanks to their unique material. When it comes to their biodegradability, they are rated at 95%. Each wipe has some vitamin E and soothing aloe. All the packs can be resealed for continuous usage to avoid them drying out. You will also find their easy pop-up dispensing convenient.

reasons I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • They offer good value for money.
  • The wipes are alcohol-free.

4. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths – Best Feminine Wipes

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

  • By: Summer’s Eve Feminine Wipes

Summer’s Eve makes another comeback on our review list. There are no doubts concerning the popularity of their feminine wipes. This particular one comes in sheer floral, containing a pack of 4. The company’s efforts in ensuring the safety of their products have contributed a lot in earning the consumer’s trust. Much like the previous wipes, these ones were also tested by qualified Dermatologists and Gynecologists.

Even the scents used when making the wipes are clinically tested. The company did not use any dyes and they are also paraben-free. You will find them quite handy for use in your day to day activities. A good example would be switching from vigorous activities to heading to more interactive situations.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • The wipes can be purchased in 5 different fragrances.
  • This is a 32 count purchase.

3. Intimore To Go Feminine Wipes, Intimate Hygiene, 20 Count Boxes (Pack of 3)

Intimore To Go Feminine Wipes

  • By: Intimore Feminine Wipes

When you buy these Intimore feminine wipes, you will get 3 packs. Each of the packs contains 20 feminine wipes, so in total, you will have 60 wipes. They each contain Lactic Acid and Allantoin which play large roles in the feminine wipes effectiveness. Their effectiveness comes from the fact that Lactic acid enhances the vagina’s natural protection. Having a pH 3.5 enables the wipes to maintain acidic pH balance. The Allantoin used help in soothing the skin.

As such you are assured that no unpleasant odors will affect your hygiene. This is one of the best options for your intimate needs. They are very convenient to carry around and can even be used during one’s menstruation period.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • They are a great fit for women with sensitive skin.
  • The wipes contain just enough moisture.

2. Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths Pouch Feminine Wipe 42 Count (Pack of 8)

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths Pouch

  • By: Cottonelle Feminine Wipes

Cottonelle has claimed that their feminine wipes are much more effective than some of the leading national value brands? These wipes have a CleanRipple texture which works wonders per sheet. When their usage is combined with Cottonelle* Toilet Paper, the level of freshness you will achieve is simply amazing. Cottonelle is highly ranked because the company has budget-friendly offers.

If you were to subscribe to their plan, the company will help you save up to 15% of your spending. You will have a consistent supply of Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths. The money you save can be directed towards other important needs. The wipes are able to completely break down, thanks to the use of SafeFlush Technology. As a result, they are septic and sewer safe.

reasons I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • The wipes features raised and extra-absorbent ripples.
  • The purchase consists of 8 packs of feminine wipes.
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1. NorthShore Supreme Heavy-Duty Quilted Wipes – Best Feminine Wipes

NorthShore Supreme Heavy-Duty Quilted Wipes

  • By: NorthShore Feminine Wipes

Featured as an Amazon’s Choice product, NorthShore’s feminine wipes take the number one spot. This should give you an idea about the standards that these wipes are held at. Amazon’s choice products are consumer friendly, high quality and effective. These wipes are heavy-duty and practically tear resistant. This is thanks to their high tensile strength and extra-thickness. They are very unique and come in a quilted washcloth design. All these features make it such that you will end up using fewer wipes than usual.

The feminine wipes will not only have a soothing effect but will also promote the health of your skin. This is brought about by the incorporation of calendula and alone in the wipes. They are an irritation-free option which adds more value than some of its counterparts.

reasons I picked Best Feminine Wipes:
  • The pack’s releasable lid is easy to dispense.
  • It has 300 wipes in total.

What to consider when buying feminine wipes:

  • Whether they are scented or not: this is important because we all have different preferences. Some wipes have a strong scent, others are mild, while some are not even scented. Make sure you check the description to buy the exact one you want.
  • The type of sealing: this is important because once open the wipes can easily dry up. This is why proper sealing is important so that you don’t go at a loss.
  • The size of the wipes: some wipes are larger than others. The larger the wipes the less quantity you will have to go through.
  • Components of the wipes: since the wipes are meant for use in sensitive areas, you should be very keen on this. Ensure that all its components are safe and will not have adverse effects.

Why you need feminine wipes:

  • Feminine Wipe helps keep one fresh: With feminine wipes, you will be able to get rid of the odor, sweat and so much more.
  • They are convenient: this is because they play a useful role when you are in a situation where showering is not an option.
  • They are portable: they can be used in different locations and on the go.

To wrap it up

This sums up the top 10 best feminine wipes in 2023 review. As you have seen, feminine wipes come with a lot of advantages. If you are new to them, this review offers you the perfect opportunity to experience a whole new world of convenience. The best feminine wipes will help you remain confident at all times and erode any feelings of self-consciousness.

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