Top 10 Best Glass Chess Sets in 2022 Reviews

Chess is quite the formidable game. You are probably seeking the best glass chess set, for yourself or for someone. One of the reasons for buying them is for playing purposes. You either want to start using a different type of chess set, or you are buying it for someone who really loves the game. Other than that, the best glass chess sets are mainly bought for aesthetic reasons. It is very common to use chess sets for decorative purposes.

You can even find them being used in libraries and studies as centerpieces. When they are not being played with, they are also used to beautify the living room or den area. Despite the fact that there are other types of chess sets in the market, the best glass chess sets stand out the most.

List of Best Glass Chess Set in 2022 Reviews:

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Factors to consider when buying glass chess set:

Purpose of the glass chess set: As stated earlier, chess sets can be bought for personal use or for professional playing. Despite the common misconception, they can also be a functional game set. If you plan to use them in a competition, you have to ensure that it meets certain required parameters. For personal use, you are free to buy whichever dimensions please you.

Price: Like every other product, we have to always consider the budget we are working with. Collector’s items are more likely to be priced higher. If you want a novelty design, you also have to pay up some good money. As with every other market, you can’t fail to get a good quality chess set that is within your price range.

Type of glass used: The type of glass used will also help determine the durability of your glass chess set as well. Some will be made from hollow blown glass, making them quite fragile. For a lasting set, you should get one made from durable solid glass. More colorful chess sets are made from frosted glass. Clear glass chess sets are the best for decorations.

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10. Deluxe Glass Chess Set

Deluxe Glass Chess Set

By: Trademark Games Glass Chess Sets

This is a great buy for people who also want a classic decoration, which can also be used as a functional game. You can use it as a great companion, to help take your gaming level up a notch. The chess board will surely grab your attention as well. To differentiate the players, the chess pieces consist of frosted and transparent ones. The board is also made from alternating frosted and clear squares.

The board and surface where the pieces are displayed, will not take on any damages. Four rubberized “feet” on the chess pieces, adhere to it to prevent that from happening. Felt bottoms also play a big role when it comes to scratch prevention. When you aren’t playing, this glass chess set will bring out a touch of elegance to your home.


  • The glass board is 13.625 inches in size.
  • The king measures 3 inches tall.

9. Excalibur Glass Chess Set Eight 11 X 11″

Excalibur Glass Chess Set Eight 11 X 11"

By: glass chess set

Just from its name, you can tell that this chess glass set is interesting. Even the packaging itself will reel you in! Before you know it you will be walking out the store with a bag in hand! Its visual appeal can’t be debated. When I first saw it, I immediately started picturing how my study would look with it. The chess pieces are made from frosted and clear glass. Together with the board, they provide you with a stunning display as well.


  • The dimensions of the glass chess set are 11 X 11″.
  • The chess set fits any Deckard.

8. Canal Street Glass Chess Set

Canal Street Glass Chess Set

By: Bello Games New York, Inc.

As a glass chessman, you should have a chess set that you will feel confident competing with. The Canal Street Glass Chess Set is a perfect choice. Whether you’re taking part in a casual or formal game, having the right tool is important.

The chess board is 15” in size and has squares which can be detected with ease. With such a mirror board, it is impossible for it not to be the room’s center of attraction. Whether at home or even your place of work, the room will get a much-needed lift.


  • The king stands at 3”.
  • It has a weight of approximately 4.7 pounds.

7. Deluxe Solid Glass Chess Set – Includes Bonus Deck of Cards!

Deluxe Solid Glass Chess Set - Inlcudes Bonus Deck of Cards!

By: TMG Glass Chess Sets

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TMG provides you with a very deluxe option when it comes to glass chess sets. The glass board has measurements of about 13.625″ x 13.625″. Your surface will be safe thanks to the board’s rubberized feet. The chess pieces come in frosted and transparent forms. They also have protective felt-lined bottoms.

It is the best glass chess set to pull out at a gathering. Anyone can use it, it does not come with any restrictions.  Whether adults or children, all that matters is that they know the rules of the game. The best part about this purchase is that it comes with a deck of cards as a bonus. You can switch up from chess to cards, whenever you need to break the monotony.


  • Your purchase will come with a set of instructions.
  • The king is 3” tall.

6. Maxam SPCHESS2 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set

Maxam SPCHESS2 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set

By: Maxam Glass Chess Sets

Maxam provides you with a great addition to game night. The Maxam SPCHESS2 comes with 3 games in one. It doesn’t matter the company you have because one of the options will be sure to suit them. Drinking chess is just as motivating as it sounds. This is chess that has a fun twist to it. You will get 32 shot glass game pieces to play with. The game can be changed to checkers and you also get a deck of poker cards to liven things up.


  • The game board has measurements of about 13-3/4″ x 13-3/4″.
  • Your purchase will weigh about 5lbs.

5. Maxam 33 Piece Glass Chess Set

Maxam 33 Piece Glass Chess Set

By: Maxam Glass Chess Sets

Maxam is popular because it appeals to different types of players. Such a glass chess set comes in handy in a household filled with players. No one will feel left out with Maxam. The beginners will get a chance to polish their skills, while the Pros can get to play as many challenging matches as they wish. This glass chess set even appeals to collectors as well.


  • The dimensions of the gameboard are 13-3/4″ x 13-3/4″.
  • Your purchase comes with 32 glass chess pieces.

4. Avant-Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set with Mirror Board

Avant-Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set with Mirror Board

By: Avant Garde Glass Chess Sets

Avant Garde has provided you with a modernized touch of the game. I was impressed by how stunningly detailed the glass chess set was. When placed on the glass board, the black and frosted pieces are admirable to say the least. Whether you are a Class C or a Grandmaster you will definitely appreciate this purchase. The board has an overall dimension of about 15″ x 15″. The square size is 1 5/8″ and the board thickness is 1/8″.

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  • The set can be used by all level of players.
  • The king weight is 1.5oz.

3. GamieTM Glass Chess Set

GamieTM Glass Chess Set

By: GamieTM Glass Chess Sets

GamieTM is known for their variety of options. You get to choose the exact kind of set you want, without compromising. The glass chess sets are available in 7.5”, 10” or 14”. These sizes are all very functional and come complete with 32 chessmen. The type of craftsmanship used is high quality and the finishing is exemplary. As a result, the glass chess set is one of the most durable ones that you will come across.


  • The chess pieces move easily on the board.
  • The glass chess set would be a great fit.

2. Black and Clear Glass Chess Set

Black and Clear Glass Chess Set

By: WE Games Glass Chess Sets

WE games give you a 13.75” chess board option. The board consists of clear glass but has black prints as well. With that, the glass chess pieces are made to be black and clear. This way the players can easily tell their pieces apart. Each of the squares on the glass chess board measures about 1.375-inch squares. This is one of the most stylish yet affordable glass chess sets available.


  • The king has a height of 3”.
  • The glass chess set also has a modern appeal to it.

1. Ideal Checkmate Glass Chess Set

Ideal Checkmate Glass Chess Set

By: Ideal Glass Chess Sets

No other glass chess set can help you assert your board dominance, like the Ideal Checkmate Glass Chess Set. Even collectors want a piece of this set. Your complete purchase will include a glass chess board, a set of instructions, not forgetting 16 clear and 16 frosted glass playing pieces. You can choose either of the pieces to play with and refer to the instructions in case you are new to the game. This glass chess set is recommended for anyone above 8 years old.


  • The pawns of the game are 1.5 inches in height.
  • The king is 3 inches in height.

Buyers’ Guide:

We recommend the Ideal Checkmate Glass Chess Set as the best glass chess set. As a display, it will not fall short of your expectations. It is also the best tool to practice your strategies and learn more tactical plays. As the best glass chess set, it will help you reach your chess master potential.

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