Top 10 Best Height Increasing Insoles In 2023 Reviews

Wearing comfortable footwear is the desire of all of us. Sometimes, the footwear you buy does not guarantee enough comfort and flexibility. It is not a good idea to replace it just because the comfort is not to the supreme level. The height increasing insoles are available to provide the necessary comfort and also increase your height. Especially for those individuals who are struggling to increase their weight, these insoles are the most effective products.

Instead of wearing heels and the height increment shoes that can cause pain in the feet, these insoles are so much comfortable. This is the prominent reason why these insoles are so much trendy in recent times. They do not just increase height but also boost up your confidence. For various occasions where you want to appear stunning and confident, these insoles are quite beneficial. Check out what are the best height increasing insoles available:


Bestseller Height Increasing Insoles On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 1
Height Increase Insoles 4-Layer 3.54 inch Air Cushion Taller Shoes Insoles Heel Insert for Men and Women by ERGOfoot
Color: Mainly black. Material: Durable and soft rubber.; Featured air cushion function, makes them comfortable to wear.
Bestseller No. 4
ZHIYE Height Increasing Shoe Insole, 3 cm 5cm 7 cm Adjustable 3-Layer Orthotic Air Cushion Heel Insert Increase Insole for Men Women
★ COMFORTABLE BREATHABLE-- memory foam and air cushion make your feet more comfortable.; ★ ADJUSTABLE Heel-- 3cm 5cm and 7cm depending on shoe type.
Bestseller No. 5
Height Increase Insoles Air Taller Cushion Shoes Insoles 4-Layer Heel Insert for Men
★ Increase your height immediately, discretely and comfortably.; ★Height increasing insole is adjustable from 1.2" to 3.5" Inches depending on shoe type.

Feature to key consider for best height increasing insoles:

These are some of the main features to consider for choosing the height increasing insoles:

Dimensions of shoes:

These insoles are intended to be worn inside shoes. This is why it is vital to check the size of your shoes. Make sure the insole stays comfortable inside. Some height increasing insoles come with a universal fit to work with shoes of any size. Firstly, measure your shoe size and then move on for the purchase. The fit should be perfect and also there must be some room inside for flexible movement of feet.

Check that they are not too small or too huge because it can impede your normal walking routine. For benefit of the customers, some manufacturers design them with customization of length. Hence, you can trim it to the desired length.


The materials utilized in the construction of these insoles make a huge difference in terms of comfort. If the quality of the materials is better, the durability will be higher. It is great to choose the one that does not accumulate heat. This makes sure your feet stay comfortable in all seasons. You need to carefully look at the construction of the upper and bottom. For supreme comfort, some of these insoles come with a breathable mesh upper to keep away sweat.

The one with dense EVA foam offers sufficient softness, durability, and breathability. This foam feels lightweight and flexible. The polyurethane synthetic material is also great in terms of comfort and elasticity.

Height of the insole:

This parameter depends on the number of layers present inside. The total height depends on the differences between your height and the height you want to attain. If the difference is huge, pick the one with a large number of layers. Some height increasing insoles are designed with 2 or 3 customizable layers. These layers lock in place to make sure the insole does not slide off while walking. The cushioned layers are perfect to support your heel, arch, insole, and step.

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List of 10 Best Height Increasing Insoles Review In 2023:

10. CALTO Premium Height Increase Insole:

10. CALTO Premium Height Increase Insole

Wearing thick socks or thick insoles inside your shoes may create discomfort. This insole is specially made in a lightweight design. Besides, it takes up less room in shoes, unlike the full-length height increase insoles. As a result, they are compatible with a broad range of shoe variants. The lightweight design ascertains that they stay unnoticeable within the shoes.

One prominent feature to note is it comes in one size fits all shoes. Hence, there will mostly be no concern if some other person in the family wants to try it. It is found that this insole fits men’s shoe size 6-12 and women’s shoe size 7-13. Throughout the use, you will not complain about instability. Also, the pressure is not too excessive on your feet. What’s more, the upper is made anti-sweat and breathable.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • One size fits all
  • Takes less space in shoes

Why We Liked It?

It feels super comfortable in feet while standing, walking, and running.

9. Ailaka Elastic Height Increasing Sports Shoe Insoles:

9. Ailaka Elastic Height Increasing Sports Shoe Insoles

When you intend to enhance the efficiency of your physical activity easily, you can try out these insoles. They are essentially impact-absorbing and shock-absorbing insoles. They are highly suitable for casual walking, vigorous running, or any intense physical activities. The exceptional honeycomb is designed to completely absorb shock. Also, it alleviates stress on your feet while you walk or run. For any kinds of intense exercises, these insoles are greatly suitable.

The mesh surface and honeycomb design offer adequate breathability. Also, there will be no accumulation of odor. The design quickly wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry throughout the day. The use of quality natural fabric guarantees great durability. There are various heights available for this particular model. Hence, even if your shoe size is too small or too large, there will be no issues regarding fit. It is possible to trim the length to obtain a perfect fit.

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  • Absorbs shock
  • Various sizes and heights available
  • Reduces stress on feet

Why We Liked It?

They feel soft and lightweight for any physical activity. They do not create any pain or fatigue in the feet.

8. CALTO Height Increase Half Elevator Insole:

8. CALTO Height Increase Half Elevator Insole

Not all insoles come with a cushioning effect. This one from CALTO provides a comfortable cushioning effect. For any kinds of physical activities, there is no scope of pain in the feet. The inserts inside provide 0.5 inch boost in height. Especially for short people who wish to appear slightly taller, this insole works great. Furthermore, the universal design suggests that this insole works well for most shoe sizes.

The skid-resistant design conforms that the insole does not shift away from its position. One wonderful aspect is it functions well for low-profile shoes like loafers. At the arch, there is enough midsole support. Those individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis can try this insole. Also, patients with scoliosis or leg length inconsistency can use this insole. The use of dense EVA foam makes it lightweight yet sturdy.


  • Dense foam offers durability
  • Stays in place
  • Fits most shoe size

Why We Liked It?

We like how it adds enough height that boosts confidence and comfort.

7. Kardon Concealed Footbed Enhancers for Women Men:

7. Kardon Concealed Footbed Enhancers for Women Men

Made up of soft silicone, these footbed enhancers feel lightweight and durable. They are invisible and significantly increase height up to 5 cm. Capable to perfectly adhere to your skin, they do not create issues regarding fit. There are no concerns regarding slipping and gapping. S, you will always stay confident for any occasion.

Before wearing the shoes, you can wear them inside to appear taller. There will be no pain and discomfort to your feet. Being breathable and comfortable, they always feel flexible around. Moreover, the heel cushion cups perfectly fit on your heel edge. So, the heels stay protected always. You can wear them to get relief against plantar fasciitis, and heel bone spur. No additional pressure on your feet and the balance is excellent. Another great feature is they work great with sneakers, shoes, heels, and boots. Also, you can wear barefoot.


  • Avoids extra pressure on feet
  • Significantly increases height
  • Doe not slip over

Why We Liked It?

They are great to wear at home, work, and any physical activities.

6. SOL3 – Men’s Premium Height Increase Insole Shoe Lifts:

6. SOL3 - Men’s Premium Height Increase Insole Shoe Lifts

With these SOL3 insoles, you will attain a quick, concealed lift for sneakers and shoes. You will notice a great boost in height from 1-2.36 inches. Whenever you wish to appear taller, you can wear them. There is the exclusive implementation of a 3-level tier mechanism. It conveys a personalized elevated fit according to your preference. The cushion present inside makes the insoles lightweight and responsive. Weighing just 4.7 oz, anyone feels extremely comfortable and flexible.

Whenever you wish to make the most of your sneakers and shoes, go for these insoles. The Gel Pod features high-pressure airbag units for extra support. Once you get familiar with them, you will not feel bulky.


  • Maximizes heat
  • No extra pressure to feet
  • Provides customized fit

Why We Liked It?

Without any hassles, they elevate your height significantly.

5. Height Increase Insoles 4-Layer:

5. Height Increase Insoles 4-Layer

Many people struggle a lot to increase their height but they fail, unfortunately. These multi-layer insoles noticeably boost your height and let you feel confident. No need to wear high heels or sneakers or boots to appear taller. There is the inclusion of a thick air cushion to feel extra comfortable. The cushion works as padding to alleviate extra pressure on feet. Moreover, the rubber used in the construction is plush and durable.

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After you get familiar with the use, there will be no slipping off issues. The length can be cropped to perfectly accommodate the size of feet. The maximum height elevation it can attain s 3.54 inches. Once you wear them, they appear invisible in shoes.


  • Soft and durable
  • Air cushion offers comfort
  • Universal fit

Why We Liked It?

We like the freedom to select the desired height and number of layers.

4. 6FT CLUB’s 3-Layer Adjustable Height Increase Insole:

4. 6FT CLUB's 3-Layer Adjustable Height Increase Insole

In the making of this insole, premium quality polyurethane is used. It is lightweight and feels super comfortable. The unique patented design shows 3 tailored layers. These layers lock perfectly in place. It is easy to remove these layers and store them safely. Consequently, it stays in place even when you run. Being invisible, nobody will know you are wearing it.

The arch support and detachable air bubble let you customize the height. This feature makes this insole versatile and reliable. You can wear it for events, workplaces, weddings, etc.


  • Beautiful design
  • Offers enough arch support
  • Perfect for various occasions

Why We Liked It?

For an active lifestyle, this insole is a great choice. The height increment is significant.

3. Burlingham’s Shoe Lifts for Men and Women:

3. Burlingham's Shoe Lifts for Men and Women

Burlingham’s design these shoe lifts with soft heel inserts and arch support. You get a height lift in the range of 1.25-2 inches through the cushioned layers. These layers impeccably support your arch, heel, insole, and step. The length can be trimmed to fit your shoe size.

The design showcases 2 layers. Both of them absorb shock and offer enough cushioning effect. There is the use of antimicrobial fabric to offer enough breathability. This fabric efficiently circulates air and stops the accumulation of moisture. You will get rid of the odor in your feet. The added height lets you reach inaccessible places.


  • Breathable and odor resistant
  • Ergonomic design offers comfort
  • Maintains balance

Why We Liked It?

They are perfect for comfort and confidence throughout the day.

2. Klursy Height Increase Insoles, 4-Layer:

2. Klursy Height Increase Insoles, 4-Layer

Without any hassles, you can adjust the size of these insoles from 1.2-3.5 inches. You can choose the desired measurement in this range to suit your shoe type. The ability to absorb shock makes them perfect for physical activities. The unique design enables air circulation between shoes and insoles. Also, it keeps away moisture. Throughout the day, your feet stay dry and comfy.


  • Size is adjustable
  • Absorbs shock
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable

Why We Liked It?

It is easy to cut them to the desired length. They feel soft and the fit is perfect.

1. Mendez™ Premium Height Increase Insole:

1. Mendez™ Premium Height Increase Insole

Crafted from dense foam, this Mendez insole conveys a soft cushioning effect to feet. It perfectly fit shoe size from 7-12. Due to the low-profile design, it does not take up excess space in shoes. To gain maximum benefit, it is recommended to start with the base insole of height 1 inch. Next, add the stacker as you get familiar with the new height. Your feet always stay flexible and light.


  • Dense foam offers a soft feeling
  • Occupies less space
  • Lightweight yet sturdily built

Why We Liked It?

We like the dense foam structure for lasting comfort.

Concluding Note:

To stay comfortable and appear taller, these are the best height increasing insoles. They can relieve fatigue and pain in the feet.

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