Top 10 Best Hoverboard Carts in 2023 Reviews

With the popularity of video games and a sedentary lifestyle, kids are now prone to a very cliche childhood. One can imagine the kids of past playing outdoors and learning the rules and making relationships. The time is long gone now, but the outdoors still await the trampling of the kids and their laughter as nature and man unites and lives in harmony. There is a modern solution for this current problem, one that brings them outside.

Hoverboards are flat boards with two leading wheels on which people ride by the work of electric motor inside the hoverboards themselves. Although it is an excellent exercise, the essence of the overall workout is missing. One can change this by using the hoverboard go kart conversion kit, which converts a simple hoverboard into a go-kart by attaching a seat in the middle and positioning some control rods as well to control the speed and direction.

It is not precisely a go-kart, but a modified hovercraft in which one can sit and move the hoverboard cum go-kart and also move arms around while playing around with the control rods and learning some motor rules and skills. It is a mini car which fundamentally gives the driving lessons. Given below are some of the brands of hoverboard cart converters according to their brands. One can choose and gift them to a young kid and get them outdoors and perhaps hope they learn some motor rules as well.


Kraulwell Hover cart

  •  The customer support is amazing
  • Sporty designs and colors
  • Safe to use

Pilan Cool Hoverboard accessories

  • Great welds and design
  • Compatible with almost all hoverboards
  • Easy control mechanism

Hiboy HC-01 kart seat accessories

  • Light weighted model
  • Robust built
  • Withstands 270lbs of payload


List Of Best Hoverboard Carts in 2023 Review:

10. Pilan Cool Mini-Kart – Hoverboard Carts

Pilan Cool Mini-Kart - Hoverboard Carts

  • By: Pilan Hoverboard Carts

One might be familiar with the electric Segway and cycles, but they do fail to give the necessary motor skills. So, what more could be better than a hoverboard cart which can impart some motor skills as well? For all we know, Pilan has converted a hoverboard style self-balancing two-wheeled scooters into a go-kart with a seat. The central control is done by the two steering handles which can control the speed and also give the user some motor techniques. The frame design includes a seat as well, which allows the user to ride fast and safe.

It is not precisely a go-kart, but a few seconds on the mini kart can turn the balance kart into a go-kart. Also, it easy to install the hoverboard and start with the different types of play and style. The welds, the design, and the technology make this hoverboard fit for most of the models such as Razor Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro, and so on. All one has to do is to push the steering handle ahead to go fast and to pull it behind if one wants to go slow.

9. Hover-1 Go Hoverboard Cart

Hover-1 Go Hoverboard Cart

  • By: Hover-1 Hoverboard Carts

One might want to convert the hoverboard into something more like a Go-kart and get to the outdoors to play motor games. The apparatus is compatible with the likes of the Ultra, Chrome, Horizon, Superstar, Hi, and Nomad. The Hover-1 Hoverboard Cart buggy attachment enables the steering of the go-kart to be easy to handle. Sharp turns, wheelies, drifting 360 degrees, reverse driving anything is possible with the help of the rear wheels and the other wheels.

The frame is highly adjustable and can be used for everyone, regardless of their heights or age. The full control of the go-kart relies on the two steering handles, which follows the simple push forward and pull backward mechanism. Another notable feature of this buggy attachment are the straps which keep the go-kart in place.

Compelling reasons to buy Best Hoverboard Carts:

  • Reverse driving is easy
  • Compatible with Ultra, Chrome, Horizon, Superstar, Hi and Nomad models
  • Drifting is easy

Our verdict:

Why should adults have all the fun? Grab this buggy attachment using the link and challenge the adults to a drifting competition outside in the street, in the Go-kart itself.

8. KKA Hoverboard accessories – Best Hoverboard Carts

KKA Hoverboard accessories - Best Hoverboard Carts

  • By: KKA Hoverboard Carts

The Hoverboard accessories from KKA are of professional quality, and they have targeted towards the majority of their users, i.e., kids. There is an adjustable metal lock which along with a polyester strap which keeps the seat and accessories in place. The controls of the hoverboard kit are two rods, ones who follow the push-pull mechanism wherein one has to push the rod forward to move forward and to pull back if one wants to reverse their course.

The Hoverboard Cart applies for models with 6.5”8”10” dimensions. Even though the balance board is not available, the length is adjustable. The frame is of high-quality carbon steel, which provides strength and durability. The kart seat has lateral support and limiting angle to reduce fall-back along with the high-quality aluminum clamps to keep them together.

Compelling reasons to buy Best Hoverboard Carts:

  • The kit has high-quality aluminum clamps
  • Seat height and the length can be adjusted
  • The additional polyester strap keeps the seat and other accessories in place

Our verdict:

The hoverboard accessories are entirely adjustable, which makes them suitable for any person of any age who wants to try out the hoverboards.

7. WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard Carts

WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard Carts

  • By: WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard Carts

Go-karting experience does involve a lot of hits and jerks which come on with a significant force. If one doesn’t have a suitable go-kart, one might find oneself toppling down just like that. The robust frame includes a seat which enables one to go for a fast ride with excellent control. The gadgets are adjustable to the limit that they are suitable for models of 6.5”, 8” and 10”.

The easier installation of these gadgets also makes them a popular choice. The overall main frame of titanium renders strength, and there is a big shock absorber spring, which helps in absorbing all the impacts. The seat itself is made in such a way that adults can occupy them as well as the kids.

Compelling reasons to buy Hoverboard Carts:

  • The main frame made of titanium
  • Easy installation of the gadgets
  • The kit includes a big shock absorber spring which takes up all the impact.

Our verdict:

Safety comes first, and with two major features, namely the shock absorber and the robustness of the frame, this becomes quite a safe choice to buy.

6. Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart seat accessories

Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart seat accessories

  • By: Hiboy Hoverboard Cart

Being the Amazon’s choice, the Hiboy branded Go kart accessories from the HC-01 series have been the on the trends of the market. The accessories of this series are compatible with the 6.5, 8, and 10 inches models of self-balancing scooters. Even though the frame lightly built, it carries a high degree of robustness.

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The lightness makes them agile and fast, whereas the robustness makes it resistant to scratches and physical destruction. The leg pedal lengths are highly adjustable, and the full control of the go-kart is done by the riders using two control rods. However, the accessories are not compatible with the models such as Swagtron-T6, Mega wheel TW01S-1, and Hover-1 Beast 10 inch wheel as there is a handle in the middle in all of these models. The go-kart can withstand a maximum payload of 270 lbs.

Compelling reasons to buy Hoverboard Carts:

  • Lightly built and yet robust
  • Leg pedals are adjustable
  • One of the best of Amazon’s choice

Our verdict:

Hi boy, have fun, a lot of them with the Hiboy accessories. Lightly built but yet being very robust, that is a very fast go-kart.

5. Pilan Cool Hoverboard accessories – Hoverboard Cart

Pilan Cool Hoverboard accessories - Hoverboard Cart

  • By: Pilan Hoverboard Carts

If you are looking for a suitable way to make your self balancing scooter into a go-kart, look no further than this highly acclaimed go kart converter set from Pilan. The whole steering is done using two control rods, which follows the push and pull mechanism, wherein one pushes the control rod forward to rush and to pull backward in case one wants to go backward.

That’s one way to exercise one’s muscles and also practice some motor skills. The frame design which has a seat as well is suitable for models with the dimensions 6.5″, 8″ and 10, such as Swagway X1, Razor Hovertrax, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, and Glyro being some of the examples. The length of the pedal and the frame can be adjusted as well. Which makes it a very suitable gift for anyone, be it an adult or a child.

Compelling reasons to buy Hoverboard Carts:

  • The accessories are compatible with almost all types of models
  • Simple control mechanism
  • The welds are perfect.

Our verdict:

The go-kart conversion kit is an excellent buy if one considers the fact that it is easy to install and use.

4. Hover seat sitting attachment – Best Hoverboard Carts

Hover seat sitting attachment - best Hoverboard Carts

  • By: HoverSeat Hoverboard Carts

One might like the idea of being riding a go-kart around during the vacays. Perhaps an umbrella in hand while doing so looks like budget transportation. Even if the plans do not go so far, one can try out the go-kart experience using a hoverboard.

There won’t be any dangers of falling off or any jerks lest anyone tries standing on the seat. One needs to sit and relax and let the legs do the controlling, even while reversing. For added comfort, one can use a beach chair or a cooler box additionally. The clamps which come along with the kit are compatible with hoverboards which are round in the center. One can even attach a small kayak to be used as a trunk space, and make the whole experience even more wholesome.

Compelling reasons to buy Hoverboard Carts:

  • The accessories can fit in a beach chair or a cooler box
  • The controls can be controlled even with the help of legs.
  • A safe way of navigation

Our verdict:

The hoverseat sitting attachment accessories are undoubtedly one of the best companions to carry around when considering to go on a vacation mode, along with the hoverboard.

3. Kraulwell Hoverboard Cart

Kraulwell Hoverboard Cart

  • By: Kraulwell Hoverboard Carts

Made of heavy duty material and quite robust, the Kraulwell Hover cart is quite sturdy. But the go-kart converter accessories included are easy to install as well as to use. The accessories are entirely adjustable, and they can fit any models with dimensions 6.5″, 8″ and 10 “. The one size fits all concept is quite relevant here as they make the resulting go-karts in such a way that anyone, be it an adult or a kid can use them. The customer service is quite excellent as they respond to any queries or replacement issues quickly.

The accessories might be a bit heavy, but it makes up for it by its high quality. The heavy duty cart accessories are black and they look quite sporty with red here and there.

2. Hiboy Hoverboard Cart

Hiboy Hoverboard Cart

  • By: Hiboy Hoverboard Carts

One can turn their hoverboards into fun Go kart using the Hiboy HC-02 attachments. The models with which these accessories are compatible include 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ models of self-balancing scooters. The kart is quite reliable, and with its rear suspension and trendy design, the go-kart gets a more ergonomic frame. The kart is highly durable and dependable when it’s fully assembled. The cart can withstand a maximum weight of 270 lbs.

The full assembly of the accessories takes just 15 minutes in total. The performance is quite powerful and has enhanced steering, with smooth control and safe ride. The ergonomic seats are comfortable for alike, and the leg pedals adjusted for any rider, be it a four-year-old or a 60-year-old. The support team behind Hiboy Hoverboard Cart is quite responsive when it comes to answering any customer’s queries and giving fast solutions.

Compelling reasons to buy Hoverboard Carts:

  • Reliable and comfortable frame
  • Powerful and enhanced steering
  • Easy to control even for kids as small as 4.

Our verdict:

Mostly when it comes to kids of the age 3 and above safety is of primal concern. With Hiboy accessories, one doesn’t need to worry about that any longer.

1. Hoovykart Go kart conversion kits

Hoovykart Go kart conversion kits

  • By: HoovyKart Hoverboard Carts

Hoovykart is all about fun and safety, apart from its high performance. All it needs is to attach the seat using the four screws which come with the product, using the tools included. The equipment almost fully assembled, and there is a lesser hassle on the installation. It is far from the easiest one to install and which has extra straps also included as well, so that it doesn’t have to be bought from the market separately.

The main USP of this product is its control mechanism which has been patented for and is in pending status for its approval. As for its seating, the lumbar rest for comfort and foot pedals are suitable for anyone of any age range. The seat is comfortable to sit on and it contours accordingly to the leg. There is also a one-year Hoovykart Hoverboard Cart warranty which comes along with the package.

Compelling reasons to buy Best Hoverboard Carts:

  • The installation of the cart seat is the most comfortable one
  • The control mechanism is quite simple for which the makers have a patent is pending
  • Contouring of the position according to the rider

Our verdict:

Finally, there comes a hovercraft board cart converter which can easily install and which has a suitable control mechanism.

Buyer’s guide:

The right accessories are needed here. Otherwise, it might result in accidents. Model compatibility, the quality, and the other adjustments are the real deal to look out for a while buying a hovercraft board converter.

Each hoverboard has a set of characteristics; for example, some of the hoverboards have a rounded middle while most of them do not have. In that case, one must buy only those kits which are suitable for the ones with the rounded middles. Otherwise, ill fittings can cause the arrangement to come off and hurt someone while riding. Model compatibility is the first and foremost quality to look out for here.

Secondly, the quality of the apparatus matters. Suppose it is not of robust materials, then the impacts will not be taken up by the carts quickly, and they can break easily. Therefore it is always wise to look for the one with a tensile and robust frame.

Another vital point to keep in mind is about are the adjustments. The leg pedals and other lengths should be perfect; otherwise, a person may lose footing. Each person has a different frame. Therefore it is essential to buy an accessory set which can be adjusted quickly.

An unpopular opinion would be to watch your budget, after all, one gotta buy and has to judge whether the purchase is the right choice so that it becomes a wise economical choice as well.

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