Top 10 Best Laptop Tray for Bed in 2022 Reviews

If you are tired of bearing the weight of your laptop on your lap while using it on bed or couch, consider buying a Laptop Tray for Bed. These laptop trays give you added comfort while eating, reading, writing or using a tablet or laptop. The trays come with a compact design featuring a wide surface desk to hold your laptop or notebook.

These trays are further foldable for use at the office, home or on the go. You can further adjust the surface height for use as a mini table for kids or as a stand for a laptop desk. The trays come with a sponge on the legs to added stability without your laptop from slipping off upon tilting. The 2022 guide below will help you identify the best laptop tray for the bed to solve your problem.

List of 10 Best Laptop Tray for Bed Review in 2022:

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Key features to consider Laptop Tray for Bed:


Multifunctional laptop trays are a versatile, thus great accessory. These trays allow you to use your laptop, hold books or magazines and your favorite drink, all within reach, whether at home on bed or sofa or working at the office.


Compact and lightweight Laptop trays with a light material construction are perfect for carrying around for use on the go or anywhere at home.


A laptop tray is a great accessory if it increases your comfort. Trays with adjustable heights and surfaces can sit as laptop desks, mini tables for kids or as sofa or bed desks with just a press of a button. These trays also keep your items within reach, including pens, mouse pad, books or phones to ease reading, writing, eating or laptop use.


Laptop trays come in different designs. Consider, therefore, trays with a compact design and folding size to increase versatility and portability. You can simply fold the tray to store in a corner or use it in any location: whether bed, couch, office or on the go.


Buyers also consider several other features apart from the ones mentioned above. They may look into quality, durability, price, versatility, functionality as well as size.

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#10. Bed Tray Table and Laptop desk

#10. Bed Tray Table and Laptop desk

Olivia & Aiden bed tray laptop allows for multipurpose use; you can thus enjoy your meals, read, write and use a tablet or laptop with ease. This laptop try comes with five-adjust slots and a moveable steel bar for added comfort. You can thus adjust the surface height to a perfect fit to meet your needs.

The desk comes crafted with natural bamboo with a smooth woodgrain surface for a modern look and durability. It further has a compact design with foldable legs for easy storage and portability. You can thus fold your tray and use it on the couch, bed, at dinner or while on the go conveniently.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multipurpose
  • Adjustable surface height
  • Compact and portable design
  • Folding legs for storage
  • Natural Bamboo

#9. Laptop Bed Tray

#9. Laptop Bed Tray

Jiikooai laptop bed tray measures 23.62x 15.7-inches, thus large enough to accommodate your books, tablet and a 17-inch laptop. It comes with a desktop card slot to hold phones, tablets, books and magazines conveniently.

The legs of the tray are stable and flexible without slipping and are foldable for convenient storage. You can thus use the tray while working, reading, eating, writing and games comfortably on your bed or couch. The smooth and non-toxic constriction of this tray makes it safe and environmentally friendly.

Reasons to buy Laptop Tray for Bed:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Multipurpose
  • Safe and environmental- friendly
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Foldable legs

#8. Laptop Desk for Bed

#8. Laptop Desk for Bed

TaoTronics laptop desk features a broad surface to hold laptops of up to 17-inches wide, mouse and books. The surface tilts up to 35-degrees allowing you to use your laptop in any position. Your laptop, therefore, does not fall as the retractable blockers hold it in place.

Lifting your arm on the soft wrist further prevents strain for easy use. This tray also comes with 5-elevation heights with a press of a button. With the adjustable stand, the tray can sit a laptop desk, fold as a table for kids or as a bed or sofa desk for reading.

Reasons to buy:

  • Angle-adjustable table surface
  • Multipurpose use
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Spacious stand-up desk
  • Foldable table stand

#7. Laptop Tray for Bed

#7. Laptop Bed Tray Table

Neapow laptop bed tray features high-quality Aluminum and Silicone materials, thus durable. The tray comes with a large surface, thus holds a laptop of up to 17-inches or smaller. With its folding size, the tray folds flat to save on storage and for travel convenience. You can thus use the tray at your workstation, on the bed, couch and table for office work, reading, writing or laptop use.

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The tray is further easy to use; it comes with two auto-lock buttons to adjust the height to suit your needs. You can further adjust the clamps between 0-30-degrees to prevent the mouse waistband from slipping off. The bottom ledge increases comfort and stability and prevents your laptop from falling on tilting.

Reasons to buy Laptop Tray for Bed:

  • Multifunctional
  • Folding size
  • Easy to use
  • Light and portable
  • Adjustable surface angle

#6. Laptop Table for Bed

#6. Laptop Table for Bed

Moclever laptop table for bed comes with an adjustable table to fit laptops of up to 15.6-inches. You can also adjust the height of the tray to use as a laptop stand for bed, sofa or couch. The tray is foldable for storage and travel convenience.

This bed tray comes with a built-in cooling fan to prevent your laptop from overheating for prolonged use. It is further equipped with 3-lamp LED lights on the desk to reduce eye strain when working in areas with poor lighting conditions. The built-in storage compartment is ideal for holding pens.

Reasons to buy:

  • Angle-adjustable table
  • Cooling fan
  • Height-adjustable and foldable
  • LED desk light
  • Built-in storage

#5. Laptop Tray for Bed

#5. Laptop Bed Tray Table

SAIJI laptop bed tray is light and sturdy, featuring a foldable desk and adjustable tray surface. The auto-lock buttons on each side make it easy to adjust the surface height to a perfect fit. Simply press the button to set the height. You can further adjust the surface angle between 0-36-degrees using the clamps to a comfortable position.

The tray comes with a detachable mouse and notebook slip to prevent your laptop and notebook from falling off the table. The tray is thus a great accessory for your office or home for laptop use, eating and reading.

Reasons to buy Laptop Tray for Beds:

  • Adjustable bed tray
  • Fashion bed table
  • Multifunctional
  • Foldable desk
  • Portable

#4. Astory Portable Laptop Tray for Bed

#4. Astory Portable Laptop Bed

Astory laptop tray bed features an MDF solid wood particleboard, thus safe and non-toxic to the environment. The legs of this tray have an Aluminum allow construction for added stability and durability. These legs come with a sponge on the bottom to prevent your laptop from falling when tilted and for added support and comfort.

The tray is easy to fold for use at work, home or on the go with convenience and ease storage. This try has a large enough size to accommodate your laptop and mouse. It further comes with a built-in iPad stand groove for holding an iPad or kindle. With the table cup holder, you can also hold your favorite drink within reach while working.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multipurpose desk
  • Extra-large size
  • Easy to fold
  • Non-slip bottom design
  • Safe and environmental-friendly
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#3. Hoosejoy Foldable Laptop Tray for Bed

#3. Hoosejoy Foldable Laptop Table

Hossejoy foldable laptop table gives you comfort to use your laptop while on bed or sofa while having breakfast or sitting on the couch. The tray comes pre-assembled, thus ready for use without hassle. You can also easily fold this tray and put it in a corner for storage or take with you on the go.

This tray is thus perfect for use as a laptop desk, sofa desk, breakfast table, gaming desk, beach table or office desk. The legs come in a sturdy aluminum construction covered with a sponge to prevent the tray from slipping off. This ensures your laptop remains stable even after tilting.

Reasons to buy Laptop Tray for Beds:

  • Multifunctional desk
  • Easy to use and store
  • Stable and anti-slip
  • Pre-assembled and worry-free
  • Fold-out design

#2. WorkEZ Adjustable Laptop Tray for Bed

#2. WorkEZ Adjustable Laptop Lap Desk

By: Uncaged Ergonomics

WorkEZ laptop lap desk is ideal for use on bed or couch. This desk comes with an ergonomic stand with an adjustable height to suit your needs. You can also tilt the stand at 360 degrees to improve posture for added comfort.

This lap desk allows you to use your laptop freely on the couch or bed. It slips over your legs, allowing you to stretch and move and raise your laptop off your lap to keep them cool. The aluminum panel dispatches heat to cool your laptop for prolonged use.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cools laptop
  • Mouse pad
  • Adjustable desk height
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic stand

#1. LapGear Home Laptop Tray for Bed

#1. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

LapGear office lap desk offers you the privilege of having an office desk at the comfort of your home. This desk comes with a large surface measuring 1x 12-inches, thus a perfect fit for laptops 15.6-inches or smaller. You can thus use the desk to hold your laptop in place.

The innovative dual-bolster cushion gives you added comfort while working and further reduce heat on your lap. The desk includes a mouse pad and phone slot to hold your phone and mouse within reach. The smooth and flat surface improves airflow through laptop ventilation.

Reasons to buy Laptop Tray for Beds:

  • 15.6-inch laptop compatibility
  • Phone slot
  • Mouse pad
  • Improved airflow
  • Comfortable


To remedy the situation of placing a laptop on your lap for use. Consider looking into each product in the 2022 review guide to identify the best laptop tray for bed. Each product comes with unique features to fully meet your needs.

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