The 10 Best Light Up Shoes 2023 Reviews

Nothing beats it when a child or an adult steals the show and becomes the center of attention at a gathering. You or your child can attain this goal by wearing light-up shoes.The light-up sneakers can make your child more delighted and happy. Give your child a surprise or your partner a cause to feel like a kid again by purchasing a high-quality light-up sneaker for them.

Do you get what I’m saying? For your consideration, these are the top ten light up shoes in 2023. Choose and be happy with your child or better-half in the future.


List Of 10 Best Light Up Shoes 2023 Reviews:

10. Alkuass USB Chargeable LED Light Up Roller Shoes

10. Alkuass USB Chargeable LED Light Up Roller Shoes

These are fantastic light-up sneakers designed just for children. In the company’s inventory, there are 19 of these styles of shoes. There are a total of 19 colors from which to choose.

Seven various colors, LED lights, and three different settings are included in the shoes. You can choose the light and patterns you desire using the switch button.

If the battery runs out, connect it to a computer via USB cable to charge it. The charging port is hidden beneath the Velcro, near the switch.

The best part is that there are two varieties of light-up shoes to choose from. It’s available in two styles: roller shoes and flat sneaker shoes. To put it another way, you can close off the roller and turn the shoe into a regular street shoe. However, if you want to perform some rolling, return to roller mode and have fun.

The shoes are durable, resist wear and tear, and prevent bacteria from infecting your child’s legs.

What could be better than that? Take a chance.

9. Disney Princess Girls’ Toddler Princess

9. Disney Princess Girls' Toddler Princess

They say that not everything that glitters is gold, but this shoe proves them wrong. Your princess legs will fit in perfectly thanks to the stretchy laces. You may be confident that everyone who goes by your youngster will not compliment the shoe.

The light show is spectacular. Every stride you take illuminates the shoe. I adore how your princess legs are held in place by an adhesive strap clasp.
The princess images can also be seen on the shoe body, confirming your child’s rank.

Hey! “What if my youngster trips and falls?” If that’s what you’re thinking, she won’t fall at all. Even when running on slick areas, your youngster will remain stable thanks to the non-skid construction.

8. Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

8. Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

These light-up sneakers have a brilliant and stunning beauty. The innovative design allows for seven vibrant hues to delight the wearer. These are four flashy models that work well as sneakers and draw everyone’s attention to you.

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The material used in the creation of these LED sneakers is gentle. That implies they’ll be comfortable if you plan on using them for time-consuming activities.

These sneakers include an EVA outsole that makes them both comfortable and durable. The high abrasion design will also appeal to you. Inside the strap is a switch button that has been carefully hidden. You can use it to turn on the light, and your USB and adapter will enough to replenish the battery.

Do you want to wear some gorgeous shoes to a party, festival, or night playground? These are the grownup light-up shoes you’ve been looking for.

7. Frozen Girls Light Up Runner Shoes

7. Frozen Girls Light Up Runner Shoes

Yes, draw everyone’s attention to your child as you arrive at the party or classroom in style. These light-up shoes are only for girls and are intended for toddlers and little children. The body is made of synthetic rubber, which is both robust and comfortable for small children.

These sneakers have a very attractive design. They’ll grab a lot of attention right away, and your kid will get a lot of compliments. These shoes have superb padding on the insole, collar, and tongue for added comfort and style.

The sole’s design prevents it from leaving marks on the floor. It also has outstanding ground traction and will not readily skid on smooth or slippery surfaces. It’s a fantastic light-up sneaker with unique features that’s ideal for the holidays.

6. Skechers Kids S-Lights Lumos Light Up Sneakers

6. Skechers Kids S-Lights Lumos Light Up Sneakers

These are high-end children’s sneakers that exude a blaze of adoration. From the moment you see the sneaker, you know it is of the highest quality.

For example, the material construction combines 100% leather and a long-lasting cloth. The shoe’s utility is increased as a result of this combination. It’s also adaptable to a variety of situations.

The shoe’s sole is made of a durable rubber that can handle your child’s weight and use. It emits a bright light that draws people’s attention to your child’s direction as you walk. The flexible rubber and non-marking outsole combine with the lightweight design of this shoe to provide your child with all-day comfort.

Before you buy, double-check the size.

5. Skechers Girls’ Galaxy Lights Sneakers

5. Skechers Girls' Galaxy Lights Sneakers

Skechers is back with another pair of high-quality light-up sneakers for youngsters. The girl-child is the objective on this occasion. So, if you live with a charming queen, this is the shoe you should get her for her next birthday.

The design is made of the same high-quality material that Skechers is known for. This shoe is made entirely of synthetic and textile components, making it both durable and comfy.

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The shoe’s sole, as is customary, is made of rubber, which is both trustworthy and durable. It can withstand heavy use and precisely manage tough terrain.

People’s attention is frequently drawn to the ultra-bright light. Prepare to console other children who will be crying when they see your daughter’s beautiful shoes on her legs. These light-up sneakers will get you a lot of compliments no matter where you travel.

4. Crocs Kids Star Wars X-Wing Light-up Clog

4. Crocs Kids Star Wars X-Wing Light-up Clog

With these gator/crocodile-like light-up shoes, you’ll be the ruler of the Everglades. Any child who comes into contact with these shoes will find them incredibly appealing. The body of the shoes is made entirely of synthetic material. As a result, it is extremely comfy and long-lasting.

The shoe’s sole is made of the same synthetic rubber as the upper. You can rest confident that your youngster will not damage the carpet on your floor as a result of this.

The shaft is around 2-inches long as measured from the arch. It’s no coincidence that they’re dubbed Star Wars sneakers. When you look at the body, you’ll see that it has a toughness to it. Nothing will be able to stop your child from being confident once you have this on his legs. The best part is that they come with batteries that last indefinitely.

3. SLEVEL Kids LED Light Up Shoes

3. SLEVEL Kids LED Light Up Shoes

Have you ever seen an LED light shoe that allows you to choose between up to seven different light colors? You’ve just discovered it. SLEVEL’s shoes offer a lot of flexibility and usefulness. You may dress it up or down for any occasion.

A secret switch behind the charging port can be used to turn on the lights. The lights will turn on when you press the switch. Each press of the button produces a different light pattern, ranging from one to seven colors.

This shoe is stunning in every way. You may charge the battery with your phone charger, as well as a USB wire connected to your computer.

There is no better product to give as a nice present than these light sneakers.

2. Skechers Twinkle Toes Chit-Chat Prolific Light Up Sneakers

2. Skechers Twinkle Toes Chit-Chat Prolific Light Up Sneakers

When it comes to light-up sneakers, Skechers is a dependable name. So when we spotted this model, we decided to give it a try, and what a terrific product it is.

The Twinkle Toes, as the name suggests, has a number of great features. For example, you have a 100% cloth body construction, which is common in Skechers light shoes. The sole, however, is made of a fabric material this time. This new collection promises to provide increased comfort and breathability.

Skechers included a rhinestone toe in this low-top sneaker, which lights up in glory while your child is moving. The hook and loop straps keep your child’s legs from slipping out while they’re dancing at the party. You can turn on and off your light at any time by pressing the little back button.

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Nothing is impossible for your child to enjoy in terms of elegance and admiration with Skechers.

1. PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light Up Sneaker

1. PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light Up Sneaker

The PUMA is yours if you want to acquire your kid the best light-up shoe on the market.

To begin with, the shoes’ top is low, making them ideal for any baby or child to wear. It has a dependable double hook-and-loop closure that keeps your child’s leg tight. The outsole is made of high-quality lugged rubber for a long-lasting comfort.

The all-synthetic body has a unique tongue and collar with just the right amount of cushioning. All of these factors contribute to the overall comfort of these shoes.

They light up as you walk, as is customary. As the entire side lights up, stand there in astonishment. It only gets better. For optimal maintenance and increased comfort, the midsole and Kinder-fit sock liner can be removed.

Toddler, Big Kid, and Little Kid sizes are all available from PUMA.

Buyer’s Guide for Light-Up Shoes:

Do you wish to purchase a pair of high-quality light-up shoes? Here’s how to get started.

Construction and design
Whether the shoes are illuminated or not, they are still shoes. As a result, there are a few things to think about before purchasing one. Examine the shoe’s construction to see how long it will last. You must examine the material to determine its strength.


Consider the types of lights the shoe can display, as it is a lighting shoe. While some can show up to seven or nine different angles, others can only show three. Take into account how quickly the battery will charge. Some shoes take up to three hours to charge, while others take up to nine hours to charge both.


If you’re buying these shoes for your child, make sure they’re safe. Examine the shoe’s features to check if the soles will cause any discomfort to your child. Examine the bottom to see if it has a good non-skid design. The last thing you want is for your child to trip and fall while at a party or on her way to school and receive injuries.

Last Thoughts

Light up shoes are a great way to draw attention to yourself at any gathering or event. They’re mostly designed for children who wish to be a step ahead of their peers in terms of style and satisfaction. You’ll be delighted you choose one of the top ten best light up sneakers from our list.

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