Top 10 Best Motorcycle Batteries in 2023 Reviews

If you’ve ever run out of juice while riding your motorcycle then you understand how crucial a nice battery can be. Getting the right motorcycle battery ensures that you never get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the market has a lot of options. So, finding the right options can be quite a tedious task. In our article, we have compiled the top 10 best motorcycle batteries in 2023. We will also offer some tips on how to avoid the duds and only pick the crème de la crèmes.


List Of Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews in 2023:

#10. Yuasa Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

By: Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries

Yuasa YUAM320BS cranks a whopping 270 amp with 18-amp-hour and an output power of 12V. Of course, with this kind of power and energy, this battery guarantees years of excellent services. And yes, the battery is maintenance-free. So, you won’t need to constantly check and monitor its progress. That’s a good thing since no one wants to keep checking the battery after every 100 meters. One more thing, the battery is totally sealed so issues of spilling are nothing you’ll need to worry about. And yes, the acid is absorbed in well-designed plates.

These plates are equipped with top-grade glass mat separators which ensure that you get the best service with no risks. Of course, for those who have used motorcycle batteries for long, you have come across some brands which require the addition of water to work perfectly. With this battery, there won’t be a need for you to add water at any given time. The advanced ultra-grade lead-calcium technology balances the center of gravity thus offering better stability than the usual batteries.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The package has an acid bottle added to spice up your purchase.
  • The dimensions of 6.87″ x 3.43″ x 6.12″ make it ideal for use.

#8. ExpertPower Standard 12V 7Ah Rechargeable SLA Motorcycle Batteries

ExpertPower Standard 12V 7Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

By: ExpertPower Motorcycle Batteries

This is a genuine motorcycle battery from ExpertPower. Being one of the best-reviewed lead-acid batteries on the market, the impressive rating tells it all. The battery is totally sealed so issues of leaking won’t bother you. Also, the size is ideal and the battery can fit into most packages. Also, this battery is maintenance-free. So, you won’t be required to keep an eye on it after every short distance. Another thing, the battery is valve regulated.

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What does that mean? Well, the valve regulation means that you won’t have to control it manually. This is a great convenient feature since it eliminates too many interactions. Finally, the battery isn’t just ideal for motorcycles, it can also be used for automobiles, electronics, medical devices, solar power, wheelchairs or emergency systems.

Why you should get one:
  • The battery is fairly priced.
  • The durable and rugged construction makes it long-lasting.

#7. ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp Best Motorcycle Batteries

ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

By: ExpertPower Motorcycle Batteries

Just like its brother in the 8th position, this is yet another incredible motorcycle battery. Of course, it’s also among the most reviewed batteries on Amazon. And, the sealed design guarantees mess-free operation and offers adequate safety for the user. Also, the battery cranks up to 12 volts and can last up to 20 hours under a continuous use.

The F1 terminals make its operation even more convenient and effective. And yes, this product is ideal for use under the temperatures of between 40 degrees and 60 degrees on discharge. For a recharge, the temperatures ought to be between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius. Perhaps the most appealing feature is its rugged and sturdy construction.

The high-impact reinforced case made from a tough non-conductive ABS plastic guarantees years of reliable service. Of course, this material resists vibrations, chemicals, and shock thus offering safety for the rider.

Why you should get one:
  • It boasts a trouble-free and safe design
  • The user-friendly design makes use easy
  • Charges for just 4 hours.



By: ThrottleX Batteries Motorcycle Batteries

Just like most of the options, this is a great motorcycle battery which guarantees maintenance-free operations for the user. First, it comes fully charged so it’s ready to install. This isn’t one of those batteries you’ll first need to go charge then take hours trying to install. In fact, you can just buy then install upon delivery without wasting time. Again, the battery is fully certified. It meets all specifications and safety is guaranteed.

Another thing, you get a one-year free replacement or a 30-day money-back guarantee. I mean, with such a warranty, you can buy with total peace of mind. Furthermore, this battery boasts a tough and durable construction which eliminates chances of spills or leaks. Of course, the tough material also guarantees years of use without the need to get replacements.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • Boasts a heated seal cover for added protection.
  • The size makes it perfect for any motorcycle.

#5. PowerStar – Best Motorcycle Battery Yamaha

PowerStar-YTX20L BS YTX20LBS Battery Yamaha Grizzly 600 660 700 AGM GEL SEALED 3 YR WARRAN

By: PowerStar Motorcycle Batteries

Who hasn’t used PowerStar? I mean, their array of top-level electronics and electrical devices have graced the market for years now! This motorcycle battery is among the top-performers this year. This is because of its unique design and advanced construction. First, the H-D motorcycle battery has more lead and, therefore, cranks more power. The thick sealed plates guarantee zero-leaks.

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Of course, spills and leaks are among the most stressful instances that affect most batteries. Again, the battery features a tough reinforced construction for added durability. Using this battery, you won’t be looking for replacements. This way, you’ll save some bucks since replacements mean added cost on your part.

Additionally, this motorcycle battery comes in an ideal size which makes it appropriated for all motorcycles and other uses. The weight is 20% more than most of its competitors. This way, the center of gravity is enhanced which thus increases stability.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • The dimensions of 6.94 x 3.13 x 6.00-inches make it appropriate
  • You enjoy a 3-year warranty upon purchase.

#4. ACDelco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 20L-BS Motorcycle Battery

ACDelco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 20L-BS Battery

By: ACDelco Motorcycle Batteries

I personally use ACDelco for my big guy and I have never regretted. The battery is shipped dry and comes with a separate acids pack just in case you will need it. Perhaps the only drawback for me is the fact that one is required to charge before installation. Although this might look like more of a drawback, the long-term effects are good. That’s because it gives the battery a longer life! Another thing you’ll love about this package is the presence of a convenient acid bottle which ensures that you only deliver the right amounts of acid at any given time. So, there are no spills since there isn’t any leftover to be disposed of.

Additionally, this battery boasts a sturdy construction which delivers a longer life. So, you won’t need to purchase extra batteries any time soon. And, the AGM design further enhances the safety by offering complete sealing and preventing spills. And, there’s no need for one to add extra water like most of its competitors.

reasons I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • The battery is maintenance-free
  • No liquids are required.

#3. UPG UB1250 Sealed Lead Acid Motorcycle Batteries

UPG UB1250 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

By: Universal Power Group Motorcycle Batteries

Universal Power Group opens the top three positions. Just like most of the batteries listed above, Universal Power Group features a tough construction which makes it highly durable. The unique reinforced material ensures that you get years of use without the need for replacements. And yes, the battery is also maintenance-free. What does this mean? Of course, being maintenance-free mean that you won’t be required to closely monitor the battery after every few minutes. That’s such a significant aspect since we all want to focus on our business without having to worry about small issues like the motorcycle battery.

This battery comes in an ideal weight of 4.09 pounds. This weight is ideal since it balances the center of gravity thus offering added stability. And yes, the dimensions also make this battery ideal for all motorcycles. With an overall output voltage of 12V, you can be sure to have your motorcycle juiced up faster and efficiently at all times. Lastly, the battery is versatile and can be used with other devices like ups, flashlights, spotlights, exit lights, and other devices.

reasons I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • The price is reasonably fair
  • Being maintenance-free makes this a great product.

#2. MX30L – Best Motorcycle Battery – 600+ CCA


By: ThrottleX Batteries

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This is yet another option from ThrottleX Batteries. Like its sibling, the battery is maintenance-free and comes fully-charged. So, you just receive and install without the need to charge first. Being a plug-and-play device makes it ideal since you won’t require technical assistance to fix it. The tough and reinforced construction gives this battery a longer life and guarantees years of use.

The battery can be used for years without the need for replacements. And, to secure your purchase, each delivery is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty. Also, in case you aren’t satisfied, you get a 30-day window to have your money back. That’s such a relief for the buyers since you are assured to ultimate service and a replacement in case you don’t get the expected experience. This being a fully certified battery, your safety and that of your motorcycle are guaranteed.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • The AGM design guarantees zero spills and leaks
  • The size makes it perfect for all users.

#1. ETX9 Motorcycle Battery (Replacement)

ETX9 Motorcycle Battery (Replacement)

By: SigmasTek Motorcycle Batteries

SigmasTek tales the top position and wraps up the list. This is the best motorcycle battery on the market this year. There’re various r4easons why this battery is worth a purchase. First, the AGM technology guarantees zero spills and leaks. This way, your safety is guaranteed. Again, the battery features a maintenance-free design.

So, you won’t be required to keep checking its progress after every minute. This way, you will focus on riding your motorcycle rather than worrying about the battery’s performance. Again, this battery cranks up an impressive power which offers enough energy for your motorcycle to cover longer distances without running out of juice. Being a fully-certified product, this battery is guaranteed to offer impressive results.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorcycle Batteries:
  • Each purchase is backed by a 6-month warranty
  • This isn’t a replacement or used produced; it’s brand new and fresh from the factory.

Factors to consider before buying motorcycle batteries:

The price: Only go for those batteries whose price is reasonable; not the overpriced options or the underpriced flops!

The material: The material needs to be tough and durable. If you go for those half-baked materials then be ready to be get disappointed.

Power output: The power output also matters a lot. Go for those batteries which give out enough power for your motorcycle.

Why you need a motorcycle battery?

To save time: The best batteries save time since they are maintenance-free so you won’t spend much of your time monitoring their performance.

For convenience: It’s more convenient when one uses a good motorcycle battery. Most flops will leave you disappointed.

Final Thoughts!

Motorcycle riders are more prone to risks when stranded in the middle of nowhere than those using vehicles. For instance, if it’s raining and you’re stranded, you will definitely get rained on. So, having the right battery for your motorcycle is crucial. This list seeks to make your selection easier by offering the top 10 brands. Be sure to pick one of these motorcycle batteries!

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