Top 10 Best Motorized Skateboards In 2023 Reviews

The new technology has brought about electric motorized skateboards which are efficient to use in riding and considered to be environmentally friendly. These skateboards have become popular over a short period of time because of the invention of a wide range of designs by different companies.

However, with the invention of new designs markets have been flooded by this electric skateboards henc4e making it hard for one to choose the appropriate model for use. This article review features some of the best-motorized skateboards that you should opt for in any case you want to invest in them.

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List of Best Motorized Skateboard Reviews In 2023:

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10. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard – Best Motorized Skateboards

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

  • By: Razor Motorized Skateboards

This product is made from a high leading quality manufacturer of youth lifestyle. The product features a deck length of 754mm which is built of high-quality design. The 5-ply maple deck on this skateboard ensures that there is a delivery of lightweight and you can enjoy a responsive ride. This product is built with a geared rear wheel that makes it perfect for cruising.

Of course, this is a versatile skateboard that features as kick-start power of the 125-watt motor. The skateboard has lithium-ion batteries that enable it to be powered electrically and can move to a speed of up to 16km/h. actually, when you buy this product you will find a digital remote control that is wireless to assist with the control of the skateboard.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • This product has a good stability that is generated by the high-grip urethane wheels.
  • It supports a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds and ideal for age 9 and above.

9. Swagtron Swagboard Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser skateboard-12 miles per Charge

Swagtron Swagboard Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser Skateboard

  • By: Swagtron Motorized Skateboards

This is an advanced type of skateboard that is equipped with Bluetooth function. The skateboard is of a lightweight design and features durable unibody that is made of carbon fiber. With this skateboard, you will experience a smooth riding experience that is quiet and hands-free.  On a single charge, this skateboard can travel 12.4 miles, climb 15 degrees inclines and move at a high speed of 15.5 mph. additionally, this kind of product is the safest model to use almost anywhere because of the built-in system that enables turning and braking of the skateboard.

If you need to optimize your ride with this product then you can download a cruises companion app on your android to help you with that. Unlike many other skateboards, this model features a 3D posture that mainly helps in speed and turns of the skateboard. To conclude, with this product you can easily go for riding at night because it has built-in advanced LED lights which double as a battery indicator.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It features dual regenerative motors that enable it to function smoothly and efficiently.
  • The skateboard comes with a Magcharger that enables fast charging in the duration of 90 to 120 minutes.

8. Evolve Motorized Skateboard Bamboo GT Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GT Series Electric Skateboard

  • By: Evolve Skateboards

When it comes to durability this is the outstanding skateboard as it is made from 7 ply Canadian maple hardwood and 2 ply bamboo that gives a medium flex to ensure that you have a smooth ride. The trucks of this product are wide enough to ensure that the skateboard is more stable for cruising and curving.

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Again, this skateboard is made with a portable and powerful design hence you can easily carry it to any place of your choice to have fun in riding. The wireless LCD screen remote of this product is to help in regulating the amount of speed, checking the battery display, and setting the gears plus wheels. Furthermore, this skateboard is strong enough to climb a 25% grade hill for up to 21 miles with a single charge.

Why you should get one:
  • It can reach a speed of up to 26 mph.
  • It requires 1 lithium-ion battery.

7. SWAGTRON Motorized Skateboard Swaskate Classic NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard UL

SWAGTRON Swagskate Classic NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

  • By: Swagtron Motorized Skateboards

This is the ideal product for you to consider purchasing as it will give you the utmost comfort, safety, and durability. This skateboard features updated battery management that ensures that your Swagboard is more efficient than ever. The product also has a 7 ply maple deck that ensures you get a smooth foundation while riding.

In conjunction, this is the skateboard that you will ever need because of the unique design that enables it to fully charge in 3 hours. The complete charge of the skateboard will allow you to travel up to 10 miles with a maximum speed of 11mph. also; the battery of this product uses patented multilayered SentryShield technology to ensure that the battery is fully protected from all safety requirements. Finally, this product has two ergonomic grips that allow you to easily carry it around to any place of your choice for a ride.

Why you should get one:
  • It has rechargeable remote control.
  • It can support riders up to 174 lbs.

6. Evolve Best Motorized Skateboard – Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard

  • By: Evolve Motorized Skateboards

If you are looking for a skateboard to carry with you any place that you go then this is the ideal product for you. This skateboard is made with a portable and powerful design that makes is strong enough to climb up to 25% grade hill. Of course, with this product, you will be able to cover a long range of distance for up to 31 miles in a single charge.

The maximum reach speed of this skateboard is 26 mph and it comes with a digital LCD screen remote that that helps in operation. In conclusion, the wireless remote control of this product feature 4-speed settings, battery display, wheels, and gear settings.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorized Skateboards:
  • It has wheels that are considered to be all-terrain.
  • It takes a short duration to fully charge.

5. Boosted Motorized Skateboard – Dual 1500W Electric Skateboards

Boosted Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

  • By: Boosted Boards Motorized Skateboards

This review is cannot be complete without checking out at this Boosted Dual skateboards that are made of simple and elegant design.  This product uses the twin motor technology for superior handling and traction.  This is the ideal longboard for you to use while having fun around the streets or on your way to work.

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The skateboard features two powerful independent motors that will enable you to easily curve hard and power through turns. In addition, this board can cover a distance of up to 7 miles at a 1.500 watts within a single charge and with a maximum speed of 20mph. with this product, I guarantee you that you will have fun riding all day as it has a 20% climbing grade to enable you to to get up steep hills faster.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorized Skateboards:
  • The dual board weighs 15lbs and comes with a Bluetooth remote.
  • It takes 60 min to fully charge.

4. MEEPO Motorized Skateboard – Board Electric Skateboard Campus

MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0

  • By: MEEPO Motorized Skateboards

Coming in at number 4 is this electric skateboard that is equipped with the most expensive high-quality battery. The product can allow you to travel up to 13 miles in just 2 hours of riding.

Furthermore, the skateboard is made is a simple design such that is has a grip that is known to be skin friendly and soft hence you can easily carry it around to your favorite riding spot. If you purchase this product you will be guaranteed after sales services so as to enable you as a customer to inquire more from the manufacturer. However, this is a perfect skateboard for lightweight riders to use for recreation and commute.

reasons I picked Best Motorized Skateboards:
  • It requires the use of 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • It comes with a charger when purchased.

3. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard Motorized Skateboard

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

  • By: Swagtron Motorized Skateboards

This skateboard is designed for comfort, precision control, and lightweight design so as to give you a smooth ride. This product is made in a way that is always ready to roll when you are riding or cruising the town. Actually, the skateboard takes only 3 hours to fully charge and thereafter you can ride up to 10 miles with a maximum speed of 11 mph.

this product uses certified 24V LPF battery that has a patented SentryShield technology. Unlike other skateboards, this electric longboard will ensure extra security and multilayered battery protection that exceeds many battery safety requirements. Lastly, this longboard comes with a wireless LED remote that controls speed, braking, and cruise control.

reasons I picked Best Motorized Skateboards:
  • The longboard is designed with durable and shock absorbing wheels.
  • It features premium grip and maple wood deck.

2. BLITZART Motorized Skateboard – Huracane Electric Skateboard

BLITZART Huracane 38" Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard 17mph 350W Hub-Motor 3.5" 90mm

  • By: BLITZART Motorized Skateboards

This product comes in different colors and it has replacement accessories. The skateboard can cover a maximum speed of over 17 mph and range up to 10 miles on a single charge. Huracane has a lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged within a period of 2.5 hours. The skateboard features 6 layers of maple wood and 2 layers of the bamboo deck to improve its flexibility and make it stable.

Moreover, the deck of this product has a concave grip tape that is meant to keep the rider’s feet firmly so as you can stay on the board. This is easy to use the product right away from the box since it does not require any form of assembly. Again, it features a wireless remote that is easy to hold enabling full control of the acceleration and deceleration of the skateboard.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorized Skateboards:
  • The remote control of this product is rechargeable and it comes in a wrist strap.
  • It supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 lb.
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1. Koowheel Electric Skateboard – Best Motorized Skateboards

Koowheel Electric Skateboard

  • By: Koowheel Motorized Skateboards

Coming in at position 1 in the list is the Koowheel electric skateboard that is made with 7 layers of Canadian maple panels. They ensure elasticity and toughness of the board while riding in motorizes skateboard. Of course, this product comes with replaceable PU wheels which will enable maximum cooling of the motors.

The maximum speed of this skateboard is 24.8mph which is variable depending on the weight of the rider, slope steepness, and temperature. The skateboard ensures a perfect stability for the safety and wonderful riding experience even when is high speed. To conclude, this product gives you an opportunity of purchasing with confidence since you will be guaranteed 100% of your money if you feel that the skateboard does not meet your needs.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Motorized Skateboard:
  • It requires clicking of the remote buttons quickly 5 times to unlock the speed limit.
  • It is convenient as it takes only 15s to replace another battery.

Things to consider when buying motorized skateboards:

Deck style and materials: always ensure that you check the type of material that has been used to make the skateboard before purchasing any. Some decks are made of two materials that are bamboo and carbon fiberglass. Bamboo material is considered to be more flexible while the fiberglass is considered to be stiff. Make a choice depending with which material that you think best fits you.

Board weight: this is an important consideration that you should check on since electric skateboards range in weights due to the different designs. If you intend to move around with your electric skateboard by simply carrying it after having a ride then a portable or lightweight skateboard will be the ideal choice for you. Actually lighter electric skateboards are considered to be the best for riding and for carrying.

Weight capacity: Before purchasing any electric skateboard always examine its weight capacity. By doing so you will know the weight range that the board can handle. And making the right choice depends on your weight.

Warranty and spare parts: you should always check the warranty of the electric skateboard. You intend to buy and also if there any spare parts of the product. Go for an electric skateboard that has available spare parts together with a product warranty.

Why you need motorized skateboards?

Skate farther: Electric skateboard enables you to bypass gas guzzling forms of transportation enabling you to reach the intended place fast.

Fun:  Electric skateboards will surely give you a lot of fun more. So, it comes to being able to carve uphill.

In conclusion

As far as this year is concerned, these are the best-motorized skateboards that will guarantee you a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. We are hopeful that you now know what you are looking for and with this article, you will make the best choice.

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