Top 10 Best Neewer Ring Lights Review in 2023

If you have a passion for photography, or maybe want to capture awesome videos and photos, investing in a good Neewer ring light would pay. Ring lights are specially designed to illuminate the object removing any skin imperfections and shadows to get you that perfect snap in every attempt.

And because of this, this technology has become the trend in the photo studios, salons, and beauty parlors. But just before we get further, why did we have to single out Neewer ring lights yet we have so many manufacturers out there? Well, it is because Neewer is a multi-national company with a good image of providing well-priced high-quality equipment for photography, video, and music.

And just in case you are in need of one, it could turn out a bit daunting to identify the perfect option for you. This is because these lights come in different sizes and with different configurations which may leave the customer frustrated. Luckily, in this article, we will be guiding you on how to make the best choice. Therefore, get your favorite drink, relax, and read on!


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List Of Best Neewer Ring Light For you in 2023:

Factors to consider when choosing a ring light:

Tripod: If you need to enjoy hands-free operation, ensure that you select the ring lights that come with a stand. The stand should be sturdy and should allow for height adjustments. It should also be lightweight and easily collapsible for easy transportation and storage.

Dimmable: Most ring lights are dimmable. However, ensure that you choose the one that gives you the full dim range of between 1-100% since suits different light sources.

Other accessories: Some lights are so simple while others come with some accessories such as the tripod and the Bluetooth remote.

Why you need a ring light:

  • They are relatively cheap: Comparing the role they play, these lights come with a reasonable price.
  • Professional quality: As aforementioned, these lights improve the image quality to give eye-catching output.

#10. Neewer Ring Light 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit

Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit with 78.7 inches Light Stand

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

If you need to capture eye-catching videos or photos, you can rely on this premium-quality ring light from the leading global producer. This Neewer light is tailored to add color to the background or the intended parts giving an artistic effect.

Moreover, the dimmable feature provides a wide range of 1-100% which suits different light sources and occasions. The 240 LED bulbs meet various lighting needs to capture breathtaking photos. Besides, the lights are made to use less power ensuring that you don’t incur extra costs in energy.

Additionally, the lights also come with an aluminum alloy tripod for maximum durability and dependable support. Could you intend to use it with your phone camera? No problem! This fantastic unit features a phone holder which combines with the all-around rotation design allowing you to vertically or horizontally rotate your phone without having to remove it from the adapter.

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The stand features adjustable height which ranges from 92 centimeters to 200 centimeters to suit people of different statures. The three-leg design offers maximum stability to the lights while the solid locking abilities guarantee you with the safety of your equipment. The design of the stand is also easily collapsible whenever you need to move or store the unit.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The hot shoe adapter easily locks into position
  • The lightweight design of the lights and the stand allows for easy portability.

#9. Neewer Ring Light18″Outer 14″Inner Un-dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light

Neewer 18"Outer 14"Inner Un-dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light -75W 5500K for Portrait Photography

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

If you are a photography enthusiast or find yourself more often with the camera, these ring lights will take your photography a notch higher without digging deep into your wallet. The premium-quality ring lights come with a sturdy arm which unlike those of most ring lights out there will not droop. Moreover, the reinforced arm is highly flexible for maximum convenience, allowing you to move it freely so that you capture portrait photos just as you intended.

Also, the unit comes equipped with thump screws which are highly sturdy for maximum durability. The heavy-duty thump screws mean that once you attach your camera, you can proceed to capture clear photos, without the worry of detaching.  And since these lights guarantee you with perfect pictures and videos, they are highly recommended for YouTube video shooting, photography studios, live show, weddings, and many other areas where image clarity is premium. These lights can also be used with a stand-in case you need to enjoy hands-free operation. However, you will need to buy one separately since they do not come with a stand.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • These lights come with a sturdy carrying case which allows for easy storage and transportation.
  • It comes with an extra long cord for added convenience.

#8. Neewer Ring Light 18 inches 75W 5500K Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light

Neewer 18 inches 75W 5500K Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light for Camera Photo Studio Portrait Photography

  • By: Neewer Ring Light

Still on our list, this is yet another great selection you can rely on to give you the best results. Just like its earlier sibling, this 18-inch ring light also features a sturdy arm that will not bend, and which moves with ease giving you an easy time when shooting videos or photos. Moreover, it boasts an extra-long cord which allows you to place the light anywhere you think is best.

The light features a lightweight design which makes it easy to transport to your intended place of shooting. The heavy-duty case provides a perfect place for the ring light to nest in for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Another fantastic perk about this premium-grade ring light is that it comes with heavy-duty thump screws. These screws are made of sturdy materials that stand the test of time ensuring support that you can rely on for years.

Additionally, the price of this ring light is reasonable making it an ideal choice for any photography enthusiast in need of professional quality videos and photos without stretching beyond the budget. This ring light too neither comes with a stand and therefore you will have to buy one in case you find it essential for your situation.

Why you should get one:
  • The dimmable light comes with a guide which provides a step by step procedure on how to use. Therefore, this light would be an ideal choice for anyone who is not conversant with the ring lights.
  • These lights come with a reasonable price which can be easily afforded by most photographers.

#7. Neewer Ring Light RL-12 LED Ring Light 14″ outer/12 on Center with Light Stand

Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14" outer

  • By: Neewer Ring Light

Whether you need it for portrait, YouTube video, selfies, or make-up video, this ring light guarantees you with premium quality snaps and footage. The fantastic ring lights made with compatibility in mind and therefore they are compatible with all cameras and phones such as iPhone 8 plus/8/ Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, among other smartphones. The hot shoe adapter offers perfect support to your smartphone or camera at the ideal angle for a professional outcome.

The ring light features white and orange color filters that are made of plastic material with high light transmission capabilities. The low heat output means that they will not generate heat that sometimes causes discomfort when taking videos or photos. The dimmable light also boasts a wide dimming range between 1-100% that meets different needs.

Additionally, since they are made with durability in mind, the LEDs feature a long service life of up to fifty-thousand hours which guarantees you of years of service. This feature renders this ring light a perfect option for anyone who spends much time shooting photos and video recording. The ring light comes accompanied by a heavy-duty stand which is packed separate box although inside the main package. The sturdy stand is made of aluminum alloy, which is noncorrosive and rust-resistant to give you confidence in respect to service life. The three-legged stand installs in minutes to provide you with more time to focus on what you are passionate about; photography!

Why you should get one:
  • The stand offers maximum stability to the ring light and ensures maximum safety to your phone and DSLR camera.
  • The collapsible stand is easy to transport and store.
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#6. Neewer Ring Lights Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K

Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

This Neewer ring light comes with amazing features that will not only take your photography to a higher level but also make it more interesting. The 240 LEDs are of high-quality hence they are less unlikely to break when transporting the light.

Additionally, these top-grade-LEDs are tailored to burn less energy in giving unbeatable brilliance. Moreover, it comes with the white and orange color filters. The white color creates unmatched radiance while the optional orange color gives the natural sunlight look.

Plus, unlike a good number of ring lights out there, this light doesn’t get hot. The easy set-up allows you to spend less time in mounting so that you spend enough time in photo shooting and video recording. Moreover, this ring light comes with a sturdy stand that offers perfect support to your camera or phone.

This light stand is of commercial-grade aluminum alloy which grants it exceptional durability when also not slowing you down. Furthermore, this unit provides robust locking capabilities which keep the light safe when in use. The adjustable height of the stand suits people of different statures. The slim carrying case makes it easy to transport the lighting equipment and provides perfect storage for the light when not in use.

reasons I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • This light comes with a built-in camera mount which eliminates the need for a separate stand.
  • It allows for some adjustments such as height and angle which makes it more flexible than some models out there.

#5. Neewer Ring Lights 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Kit

Neewer 18" Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Kit: 75W 5500K Ring Light

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

If you are a YouTube content creator, a video blogger, a professional make-up artist, a hairstylist or just a selfies addict, this great product by Neewer has been made for you! The lighting equipment is designed to enhance your facial features and grant you charming eyes that will draw other people’s attention instantly. The high-quality ring light comes with the clean white and orange color filter sets which allow you to change the color temperature depending on whether you want the cold or the warm light. These filter sets are made of commercial-quality plastic materials which boast high light transmission rate with low loss.

The tripod is made of the durable aluminum material which provides exceptional strength. This makes this stand an excellent option for heavy-duty work. Although sturdy, this top-class stand features a lightweight to make transportation a piece of cake. The tripod-design provides maximum stability offering reliable support to your camera or phone when in use.

Additionally, it features a flexible arm which allows for free movement without the fear of drooping. The lighting equipment also comes equipped with a longer cord which adds convenience making it a perfect purchase for all photography enthusiasts. For versatility, the package comes with a hot shoe adapter which is compatible with many DSLR cameras and smartphones.

reasons I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • The light boasts a large external diameter of eighteen inches and an internal diameter of fourteen inches.
  • The stand collapses easily after use to make transportation easy with the lightweight design.

#4. Neewer Ring Lights Camera Photo Dimmable 14 inches/36 centimeters Outer ten inches/25Neewer Camera Photo Dimmable 14 inches

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

Sitting on the fourth position on the list, this is yet another Neewer ring light you can consider investing in if you need videos and photos of unsurpassed quality. Besides the tremendous lighting equipment, the box comes with some other accessories.

The arm is made of high-quality material for heavy-duty tasks without the fear of drooping. Moreover, Neewer dimmable 14-inch comes equipped with an extra-long cord for added convenience. The large dimming range meets different user needs. Additionally, this lighting also comes with high-quality thump screws which provide solid support giving you peace of mind when recording.

Could you be looking for the ring light with the best price in the market? Well, this 14-inch Neewer ring light should turn out a great choice. The carrying bag is of sturdy material which will last for years to come. The lightweight nature of the equipment means that it can be easily carried anywhere you go. Additionally, the unit works best for YouTube content creation, portrait, video hooting and many other applications. However, the package doesn’t include a tripod stand. This means that you will have to order it separately just in case you need one.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • The light gives the photos a professional look that everyone will love.
  • Transportation and storage are easy since the light comes in a durable carrying case.

#3. Neewer Ring Lights Fluorescent Ring Light Kit

Neewer Fluorescent Ring Light Kit: 18-inch Outer 14-inch Inner 600W 5500K Dimmable Ring Light with 75-inch Light Stand for Portrait Photography

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

If you need a ring light that comes complete with a tripod at a fantastic price, this should turn out the real deal for you. The light is an upgraded 18-inch version that suits different events such as wedding art, outdoor photo light, video shooting, portrait photography, and many more.

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The light stand is constructed from the best-in-class aluminum alloy that does not rust and corrode to ensure extended durability. And although the metallic frame of the stand is sturdy, it features the lightweight design for easy transportation. The collapsible design of the stand further facilitates portability after you are through with taking selfies, video shooting, and creating YouTube content.

Moreover, the stand solidly locks the light keeping it safe from falling off which may lead to breakage. The stand also has an adjustable height with the folded height of 65 centimeters which can be extended up to 190 centimeters to suit different user heights.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • The package weighs thirteen pounds for easy transportation.
  • The box comes complete with a fluorescent ring flashlight, a light stand, and a carrying bag giving you an easy time when using, transporting, and storing the light.

#2. Neewer Ring Lights 18″ LED Ring Light Dimmable for Camera Photo Video

Neewer 18" LED Ring Light Dimmable for Camera Photo Video

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

If you are interested in flexibility and convenience, this will be the best Neewer ring light for you. The fantastic product is adjustable in different ways to meet customized user needs to the letter. Moreover, it features a rotatable mount for convenience. The camera (of course or smartphone) remains perfectly centered in the ring for professional quality videos and photos even as you rotate the arm. The high-quality pieces of LED are super bright and dimmable to suit the needs of any user. Besides, the LEDs give low heat output hence they are cool to touch unlike other ring lights out there. Therefore, we won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the safest options you can opt for in the market.

The quick connect cord helps to save the setup time allowing you to focus on video shooting and photo taking. Additionally, unlike most rings that come with two filters, this fabulous option comes with three filters to suit different tones. The lightweight stand provides perfect stability to the unit and doesn’t scrap or scratch the floor. Additionally, this Neewer light boasts the tallest stand which is 9 feet high which can be easily folded into a small size for easy transportation and storage after use.

reasons I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • This ring light is environmentally friendly and doesn’t give out ultraviolet radiations.
  • The broad dimming range of 1-100% enhances convenience to meet the needs of different users.

#1. Neewer Ring Lights Upgraded 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light with 79-inch Stand

Neewer Upgraded 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light with 79-inch Stand

  • By: Neewer Ring Lights

After spending hours in in-depth research, we found this to be the best Neewer ring light the market currently offers. The fantastic lighting equipment comes decorated with plenty of user-friendly features that bring new fun to photography. Besides the light, the kit also contains a sturdy stand, smartphone holder, two filters (orange and white), a hot shoe adapter, and many other accessories. The two filters, orange and white allow you to change the shooting effect and enhance the skin tone for flawless images.

The 18-inch light also boasts a broad dimming range that meets different lighting needs of the user. The 240 pieces of LEDs are ultra-bright and are highly efficient to help save energy costs. Moreover, they do not emit heat like most lights out there hence granting complete safety. The upgraded stand is made of aluminum alloy for superior strength. The advanced 3-leg design is pretty stable to keep the light safe. The stand also allows for height adjustability with the folded height being 0.9 meters which can be extended to two meters. The locking system holds the light at the perfect angle to get the best outcome.

The convenient smartphone holder allows you to rotate your phone horizontally and vertically without having to take out of the adapter. The hot shoe allows for easy installation of the camera or your smartphone at the center of the light with ease.

reasons I picked Best Neewer Ring Lights:
  • The light panel of this unit is designed with highly reflective material to ensure maximum enhancement of the light effect.
  • The durable aluminum alloy stand has a maximum weight capacity of three kilograms hence can securely hold the light plus any smartphone or camera.

Final thoughts:

Since ring lights found their way to the market things have gotten better for the photographers, hair stylists, YouTube content creators, and video shooters. However, not all ring lights are perfect for you since they come with different features. For this reason, it is essential first to understand what you are looking out for in the ring lights before taking the buying step.

This is why we have provided a guide that will help you get the best ring light. We have also suggested the best Neewer ring lights that have been found to meet the needs of different users to the letter. Therefore, if you are in need of a ring light that will not disappoint, picking one from the list would be a wise decision.

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