Top 10 Best Pocket Square Holders Reviews in 2023

Carrying tiny essentials occasionally proves to be a hassle. However, hard you try to remember, you may forget carrying some of your belongings. A pocket square is a tiny rectangle of cloth that snugly fits in the breast pocket of a shirt or jacket. To perfectly hold the fold of any handkerchief or pocket square, a pocket square holder is so much useful. It fits well within the breast pocket of a jacket, coat, suit, vest, etc. Especially every man needs to have the Pocket Square Holders in his closet.

A quality pocket square holder accomplishes two functions. Firstly, it perfectly holds your belongings. Secondly, it presents a stylish look to your personality. One of the best ways to exude your style is to carry a pocket square holder. Your appearance will be exceptional among the crowd. The modern pocket square holders are prepared in fancy designs. They aptly complement the apparels you are attaching them on. Remove your frustrations on how to choose a pocket square holder with the following selection:


Bestseller Pocket Square Holders On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 3
Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder Keeper Organizer Pocket Squares for Men Prefolded (Holder 3 Pcs)
Including: 3 Pocket Square Holders & Detailed Instruction for Use.; Holder size: 3.4″width ×4.6″length.
Bestseller No. 4
Best Pocket Square Holder, Black, Size One Size
It Holds The Fold of a man's pocket square; A Must Have for a man of Style; Best Men's Accessory of the 21st Century
Bestseller No. 5
SquareGuard Pocket Square Holder (Variety 2-Pack) For Men, Best Pocket Square Organizer
Patented and Made in USA; Includes: 1 Regular and 1 Slim Holder's. Dimensions: Regular 3.5" X 4.84" Slim: 3.25" X 4"
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Pocket Square Holder For Men (3)
√ Including: Pocket Square Holder & Detailed Instruction for Use.; √ Holder size: 3.4″width ×4.7″length.
Bestseller No. 9
Pocket Square Holder Pocket Square Organizer for Men (1)
The package includes 1 Pocket Square Holder and Instruction for Use.; Measurement: 3.4″width ×4.7″length.
Bestseller No. 10
BCP 4 pcs Pocket Square Card Holder for Man’s Suits (Black and Dark Gray Color)
Material: 2mm felt with metallic snap closure; Size ( L x W): 4.3 x 3.5 Inch; Package Included:4pcs

Key feature to consider for pocket square holders:

Take time and go through the below aspects to get the best pocket square holder:

Closure type:

In the market, huge variants of pocket square holders are available based on the closure type. In some of them, you will find Velcro closure whereas others have a magnetic closure. The ones with magnetic closures are famous for a secure fit. This is because the strong magnetic force perfectly locks in place.

The ones with Velcro fit also guarantee a proper fit. It is better to choose a pocket square holder whose closure keeps your fold in place. It must not demand excessive adjustments. Choose the closure type that retains your fold from falling or slipping.


Analogous to other products focus on the materials used in a pocket square holder. The longevity is determined by the material used. To benefit from lasting usage and a beautiful appearance on your cloth, emphasize durability. It is a good idea to choose the one made in leather. This material is smooth to touch and will not scratch your suit. Look for a flexible and durable material. Such types of materials provide ease of adjustments and a smooth fit.

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To benefit from versatility and ease of use, you need to carefully focus on the design. If you want to use it for various suits, consider the one that can fit all types of breast pockets. The lightweight and thin design fulfills this purpose. To enhance the entire appearance of your suit, you can choose a pocket square holder in fancy design and vibrant colors. Some of them are uniquely designed to present an artistic fold.

List of 10 Best Pocket Square Holders Reviews in 2023: 

10. Best Pocket Square Holder, Black:

10. Best Pocket Square Holder, Black

The style and functionality make this pocket square holder a must-have for men. It represents a fashionable design that makes the best men’s accessories for the 21st century. The main functionality is it can hold the fold of pocket square. The robust yet lightweight design permanently holds any handkerchief or pocket square within a breast pocket. It can work well for the breast pocket of a suit, vest, sport coat, etc.

Overall design is such that it can maintain the classic, professional and chic style. There are simple steps involved. Firstly, choose the handkerchief or pocket square you like. Now style the pocket square using a custom fold. Next, secure the pocket square by pressing the square holder open at the upper part. Now insert the folded and styled pocket square. Lastly, insert the square holder in your pocket.


  • Presents a smooth and stylish look
  • Appropriate for any occasions
  • Comes with durable stitching

Why We Liked It?

The classic black color matches elegantly with various types of clothes.

9. Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder:

9. Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder

Those who wear pocket squares may know the hassle they create. They may fall inside the pocket of your suit or jacket. At a reasonable price, you can get rid of this concern. This holder stays stable and maintains the shape for presenting a clean look. Alternatively, it can work as an organizer pocket or keeper pocket. The pack contains 3 pocket square holders along with detailed instructions. The width and length are respectively 3.4 inches and 4.6 inches.

Overall design is lightweight and slim. It stays concealed and therefore, fits all types of breast pockets. Especially when you ought to meet plenty of clients or people a day, go for this product. It removes concerns about frequently checking your pocket square.


  • Slim design keeps it unnoticeable
  • Fits well for all types of pockets
  • Can achieve various looks

Why We Liked It?

It retains the shape throughout the day.

8. Perfect Pocket Square Holder, High-Quality Leather:

8. Perfect Pocket Square Holder, High-Quality Leather

Attain an exceptional and chic look for any occasion with this pocket square holder. It is impeccable for sports coats, vests, suits, and more. The leather material is popular for offering durability and a smooth touch feel. This product is designed from high-quality leather to provide these 2 benefits. Moreover, this material does not scratch or damage your suit.

Each breast pocket can be in a different shape and size. However, this one perfectly fits in the majority of the pockets. This is made possible with its universal fit. In the extra pocket, you can keep a credit card and cash. Hence, you will not face hassles in most situations while you are outdoors. There are zero metal clasps so there will be no tensioning effect. The depth is enough to hold the pocket square in place. You will be pleased to note how neatly it holds the fold of pocket squares and handkerchiefs.

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  • Fits on various types of clothes
  • Holds the pocket square in place
  • Does not harm or scratch the clothes

Why We Liked It?

It employs a neat and fashionable design on most clothes.

7. Pocket Square Holder For Men (10):

7. Pocket Square Holder For Men (10)

If you are in search of a multipurpose pocket square holder then go for this one. It is available in 12 fancy color choices. Choose the one that suits most your cloth and your personality. They are designed to fulfill your needs for any occasion. You can use them as pocket squares in suit pockets. Additionally, you can use them as everyday handkerchiefs. Their flexibility and durability make them apt for everyday use. This pack is a great gift for teenagers, adults, and old men.

With the use of environmental-friendly material, there is no harm to your body. The surface feels quite soft and helps you to fold easily. There are various folding methods available for pocket towels. As a result, they keep the pocket towels styled within your pocket.


  • Made up of environmental-friendly material
  • Durable and multipurpose
  • Great quality for the money

Why We Liked It?

We like how easily they enhance the style quotient of different clothes.

6. Pocket Square Holder for Men:

6. Pocket Square Holder for Men

The aforementioned product is also known as a pocket square organizer. It is primarily designed to firmly fix the pocket square. You can easily mold it to attain varied pocket square shapes. The length is 4.7 inches and the width is 3.4 inches. The wide compatibility suggests it can fit all types of breast pockets. Being hard to notice, it stays concealed. So, if you are fearful about the deterioration of your looks then worry not.

One of the greatest benefits is it holds the pocket square in place. Though it weighs just 0.81 ounces, it can hold the entire weight of the pocket fold. Through the HOW TOO Help Poster, is quite easy to fold. This poster can hold your pocket squares including those made up of silk.


  • Lightweight and stays concealed
  • Fits all types of breast pockets
  • Can be molded to different shapes

Why We Liked It?

It is up to you to let it hide or expose on your clothes.

5. SquareGuard Pocket Square Holder (2 Pack):

5. SquareGuard Pocket Square Holder (2 Pack)

Obtain a variety of looks through these pocket square holders from SquareGuard. They come in a smart design that employs an attractive look. The design is such that fabrics are pulled up the pocket squares and across the rungs. Accordingly, they present a crispy and artistic fold. Another key benefit is any of these square holders keep your fold firmly in place. Also, they flatten it to avoid bulging. Simply weave it and that’s it.

The pack contains a regular and slim holder. Due to their discreet, sleek design, they fit smartly into a pocket of a jacket.


  • Can give different types of looks
  • Does not fall down in the pocket
  • Sleek and lightweight design

Why We Liked It?

Once placed properly, they eliminate sliding, falling, and slipping issues in the pocket.

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4. Squared Away: Pocket Square Holder:

4. Squared Away Pocket Square Holder

With fine texture throughout the surface, this pocket square holder appears exceptional. It is primarily designed to hold a handkerchief. The inventive design ascertains that the pocket square stays in its fold. No worries regarding hassles due to the bulky pocket square. To enhance the style of your attires, a man can consider buying this product.

It contains clasps and smooth edges. Therefore, it will not snag. Its design showcases the full opening at the top. Hence, it is easy to slide your fold within. You just need to slip it into your jacket pocket. In the bottom part of the sleeve, a slim plastic piece is included. It offers enough support to the entire structure of the pocket square.


  • Easy to fold down
  • Does not snag or fall over
  • Stays sleek and thin

Why We Liked It?

The magnets perfectly lock the pocket square holder in place.

3. Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder (3 Pcs):

3. Jeatonge Pocket Square Holder (3 Pcs)

The other name for these 3 pocket square holders from Jeatonge is keeper organizer pocket squares. They come pre-folded for simplicity of placement. Detailed instruction is also included. The length and width are respectively 4.6 inches and 3.4 inches. Each of them is designed such that it holds the pocket square in place.

Being lightweight, slim, and unnoticeable, they do not damage your looks. Instead, they enhance the overall appearance of your clothes. They can fit all types of breast pockets. Furthermore, they keep the fold in place and also flatten it to avoid lumping.


  • Can attain various looks
  • Extremely lightweight and sleek design
  • Durable and flexible plastic construction

Why We Liked It?

Even with limited skill, it is easy to attain a unique look with any of these folded pocket squares.

2. Piku Pool Billiard Cue Chalk Holder:

2. Piku Pool Billiard Cue Chalk Holder

The aforementioned product comes with belt clips and replacement metal pads. It is also known as Billiard cue chalk box snooker. The manufacturing is done from aluminum. So, the entire construction is lightweight and flexible. The perfect fit suggests that chalk does not fall off the holder. With the powerful magnetic force, the holder stays in place. It is easy to detach from the clip.


  • Fit is not so tight, not so loose
  • Available in 3 unique shapes
  • Works based on strong magnetic force

Why We Liked It?

It can accommodate various kinds of billiard cue chalk.

1. Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder:

1. Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder

Boasting a unique design, this Kingsquare product securely holds any pocket square or handkerchief. Not just for jackets, but you can also use them for suits, coats, and blazers. The sleek design improves the overall look of your clothes. The velvety fabric offers a soft to touch feel. His fabric is well-made and adjustable. Two colors available are black and grey.


  • Stays in place for long
  • Soft to touch and excellent flexibility
  • No scratches or damage to pockets

Why We Liked It?

Its design shows round edges that prevent damage to the fabric of pockets.

Concluding Note:

When it comes to retaining your fold in place, any of these pocket square holders meet the need. Once placed properly, they don’t need frequent adjustments. Most of them come in sleek and lightweight designs.

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