Top 12 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls in 2023 Reviews

Did you know you can wash and treat your hair comfortably at home? The many hair washing accessories in the market offer different services. Most people especially the wheel-bound ones, prefer to use a shampoo basin. This item comes with an adjustable height to fit most seating positions comfortably. Also, it is inexpensive while freeing the neck from strains. In this review, we focus on the best portable shampoo bowls in 2023.


List Of Best Portable Shampoo Bowl Reviews in 2023:

#12. ZENY Portable Shampoo Bowl With Drain

ZENY Portable Shampoo Sink With Drain

  • By: ZENY Portable Shampoo Bowls

This shampoo bowl is suitable for use at home or in spas. ZENY Portable Shampoo Bowl has a simple design that allows simple assembly. In the case of stuck-ups, the included instructions provide better directions. With a compact and portable structure, it uses minimal space for setup while providing safe transport. You can use the secure inbuilt plug that helps to prevent water from going out and for emptying, a drain hose sorts you out. This shampoo sink comes with an adjustable height to give you a personalized service and meet the client’s needs.

Why go for this item:
  • Simple water entry and drainage
  • Lightweight
  • Fast assembly.

# 11. Fully Adjustable Shampoo Bow With Wall-Mounted Tilting

Fully Adjustable Shampoo Bow With Wall-Mounted Tilting

  • By: eMark Beauty Portable Shampoo Bowls

The above unit is excellent for use by stylists. With a robust wall-mountable tilt it allows simple bowl adjustment to enhance comfortable backwash action, and use of a shampoo chair. It is made with premium ABS plastic that provides a glossy finish and a high-resilient service resulting in extended use. Also, this material is stain-free and scratch-free for more appealing effects. As a bonus, you can rest your neck and the back of the head with the highest comfort because of the inbuilt cushioned gel rest pad to keep clients happy. The simplistic fixture saves time on cleaning by use of warm soapy water.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Scratch-free
  • High performing material
  • Simple bowl adjustment.

#10. Portable Shampoo Bowl

Portable Shampoo Sink For Hair Wash

  • By: Portable Shampoo Bowls

This portable bowl is ideal for both home and professional use. Portable Shampoo Bowl is equipped with an adjustable angle and large capacity for added convenience. For easy space optimization, its portable size uses minimal storage. Also, it allows easy cleaning and maintenance with great comfort. This item boasts of a versatile style best for traveling stylists, clients who use wheelchairs, home users and more.

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You can adjust your client’s comfortable height with the adjustable height feature. This is great for adding more relaxation as compared to the fixed-height shampoo basins. A broad, sturdy base offers safe and secure use no matter the surface in use.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Simple water emptying
  • Versatile construction
  • Large capacity.

#9. Saloniture Best Portable Shampoo Bowl With Drain

Saloniture Best Portable Shampoo Bowl With Drain

  • By: Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowls

Saloniture has been in the salon accessory industry for quite some time. With this shampoo basin, it offers simple cleaning and maintenance. Just use warm soapy water and soft cloth or brush to remove any debris buildup. The black finish blends well in most environments to add new aesthetics to space.

Measuring 20 x 19 x 9-1/2 inches, Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowl is wide enough to hold enough liquid during hair wash and treatment. Also, this product features a heavy-duty pedestal base with five legs to guarantee a stable service. Thanks to a tiltable design, it allows a comfortable neck and headrest to dip 33-inch dip from the floor for ideal support.

Why you should get one:
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Modern construction.

#8. DMI Deluxe Portable Shampoo Bowl

DMI Deluxe Inflatable White Shampoo Basin

  • By: Duro-Med Portable Shampoo Bowls

DMI shampoo basin provides an ergonomic service. Duro-Med Portable Shampoo Bowl has a lovely white finish that instantly brightens up a place including home salon, spas plus more. The inbuilt pillow is both thick and soft enough to add more convenience and comfort. You clean your bowl with much ease due to the premium vinyl construction.

This unit has a deep inflatable style to prevent complaints from clients about neck and head strains. This style ensures you have simple inflation and deflation for a compact storage and portability. You can gift this product to your friends who love washing their hair or a person who is bedridden with limited mobility.

Why you should get one:
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable
  • Steady and durable.

#7. EZ-Shampoo Portable Shampoo Bowl Large Hair Washing Tray

EZ-Shampoo Large Hair Washing Tray

  • By: Home Care Portable Shampoo Bowls

Some shampoo bowls after a short period of use make the head and neck pretty uncomfortable. The above one boasts of a unique design made of raised edge to safeguard against water spills. This ensures you have a messy-free washing area and simple cleaning.

You can perform a simple shampooing while in a seated position because this bowl has an easy-to-use height adjustable feature. Just set it to your preferred place for maximum comfort. Home Care Portable Shampoo Bowl is made with a durable plastic material that can withstand extreme use to enhance longer lifespan. There is no need to have a large storage room when you buy this shampoo bowl because of its compact size.

reasons I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to maintain
  • Prevents water spills.

#6. Saloniture Heavy-Duty Salon Portable Shampoo Bowl

Saloniture Heavy-Duty Salon Shampoo Sink With Adjustable Height

  • By: Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowls

Saloniture hair treatment basin is best for using minimal storage space. Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowl has a small-sized design that guarantees a simple use, portability and cleaning. For best washing results, use warm soapy water and scrub off the grime and dirt buildup.

The included pedestal base is strong enough to hold the whole unit’s weight steadily. Also, it ensures you have a steady position to perform all your hair washing, shampooing, and treatment with maximum comfort. This item is constructed using high-quality ABS composite to prevent any stains problem while giving a premium service. Freely tilt the bowl to your suitable seating position with ease.

reasons I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Simple height adjusting
  • Conforms to any seating position
  • String and sturdy base.
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#5. Best Portable Shampoo Bowl For Salon or Home

Best Portable Shampoo Bowl For Salon or Home

  • By: HAIR WASHING TRAY Portable Shampoo Bowls

We love this shampoo bowl because it can be used by people conformed to a wheelchair. There is no need for your client to stand up from a chair when washing hair to add more convenience. With an ample capacity and modern design, it easily contours to neck structure for better comfort in a seated position.

HAIR WASHING TRAY Portable Shampoo Bowl comes with a 35-inch nylon strap that wraps around your forearm for more stability. Even in slipups, you are securely positioned to perform safe and quick hair treatment. Using this shampoo basin, it drains water quickly into the sink because of the raised edges for a messy-free surface. This also gives you straightforward cleaning using home disinfectants.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Safe for wheelchair use
  • Stable and longlasting
  • Easily contours to neck structure.

#4. Shampoo Hair Sink With CUPC Vacuum Breaker

Shampoo Hair Sink With CUPC Vacuum Breaker

  • By: AW Portable Shampoo Bowls

This hair sink is perfect for a beauty salon, barbershop, or home salon. You can have a clean and safe hair shampooing and washing at the comfort of your home saving you numerous trips to spas. The wall-mountable design features a durable T-bar to enhance secure and straightforward wall installation. AW Portable Shampoo Bowl is made of PP material that provides a corrosion-free action.

The CUPC Certified vacuum breaker and large work area protect against contact, jewelry, and other accessory loss that might be accidentally washed down a drain. With an injection molded plastic, you get a stronger performance by eliminating fading and stains. Another thing is a beautiful black finish for providing a glossy and eye-appealing element while blending in with the most decor.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Multipurpose
  • Comfortable neck rest
  • Easy installation.

#3. Hair Washing Tray With Premium Portable Shampoo Bowl

Hair Washing Tray With Premium Plastic Construction

  • By: Jobar Portable Shampoo Bowls

You can have extended and continuous without the worry of damage. This bowl is made of premium plastic that easily withstands even the most robust actions. Jobar Portable Shampoo Bowl has an ideal surface measuring 18.2″ L x 13.6″ W x 2.4″ H to offer maximum comfort to the back of the head and neck. Some shampoo sinks hurt the neck after a short period of use.

People with limited mobility or using a wheelchair do not have to stand. The adjustable height feature ensures comfortable and safe height that meets a client’s needs. Additionally, you can use the standard household disinfectants or preferably warm soapy water for cleaning. This saves you money for the purchase of expensive cleaning solutions.

reasons I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Ideal for use by motion-limited people
  • Simple cleaning and storage
  • Longlasting plastic.

#2. Mobile Salon Best Portable Shampoo Bowl With Adjustable Flap Channels

Mobile Salon Best Portable Shampoo Bowl With Adjustable Flap Channels

  • By: Chrome Cherry Portable Shampoo Bowls

The unit above allows hair washing anywhere to add user convenience for professional stylists, home users and also caregivers. Chrome Cherry Portable Shampoo Bowl has adjustable channeling flaps with a grooved construction to keep water and hair flowing neatly down into the wash basin. This is great for the disabled and wheel-chair bound people.

The included high-density cushion positions itself with your neck which is great for comfortable seating or lying position. Featuring an advanced design, it wipes clean within seconds and easily inflates with two breaths for each use. Storing is simple because of its compact size in your travel kit or beauty bag for easy portability. The black finish looks good in most environment adding enough beauty and functionality.

reasons I picked Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:
  • Highly portable
  • Maximum neck rest and support
  • Messy-free work surface.
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#1. EZ-ACCESS Portable Shampoo Bowl

EZ-ACCESS Hair Washing Tray With 35-Inch Strap Wraps

  • By: EZ-Access Portable Shampoo Bowls

EZ-Access shampoo bowl is among the top units to offer longlasting service. Portable Shampoo Bowl boasts of lightweight design to take up minimal storage space and allow safe installation. Thanks to a strong plastic construction, it guarantees a trouble-free and reliable use. Featuring a 35-inch strap, it comfortably wraps around the foreman to provide the highest stability.

This shampoo tray contours to a neck for better seating position easy hair washing. This relieves you from the unwanted neck and head pressures. The simple to use design lets you position the back of the shampoo chair against a sink for quick draining. A soft rubber facing surrounds the neck opening and tray to provide superior comfort while preventing slipping. With raised edges, they prevent water from spilling over to promote a simple cleaning and utility use.

Why you should get one:
  • Comfortable hair washing
  • Prevents slips and spills
  • Lightweight and durable.

Buying Guide For The Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:

We understand shampoo basins are quite many in the market. A person looking for a suitable one can get frustrated. That’s why we have done all the legwork for you and come up with the best buying guide as follows:

Height Adjustability:

For a professional or a non-professional stylist, the height flexibility matters. This allows you to set your preferred position to offer maximum comfort of the client’s head and neck. Also, for the people who use wheelchairs, they don’t need to change their sitting position.

Materials used:

Construction plays a huge role in your unit’s performance. If it is made with low-quality elements the more likely to offer a standard or poor service. Check the material used for the different shampoo bowls to know which one can withstand extreme use. Also, construction determines how cleaning and maintenance will be. Some elements are not stain-free, dull- proof and even pressure resistant leading to breakage or faulty operation.


What will you do when you are done washing hair? Is it storage or cleaning? That’s why the size of a hair basin is essential to note. For a person living in a limited-spaced area, the storage room is quite small. Look for an item that has a low profile to ensure it uses minimal storage room. Also, this will give you easy portability from one area to the other.

Stable Performance:

Some washing accessories have straps that wrap around the foreman to provide the highest stability. This does not mean that the ones without are unstable. It all depends on the base construction and the proximity of use. If you know straps are uncomfortable, you can purchase one that doesn’t have one.


No need to run to the beauty spas for a hair wash or treatment. The products in the list above feature the best portable shampoo bowls in the market. For instance, you can adjust your ideal height while in a sitting position. If you are spoilt for choice, read through this review to get more information to be able to make a firm buying decision.

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