Top 20 Best Rated Retractable Awnings in 2023 Reviews

If you want to make your outdoor environment a perfect place for relaxing, choosing the best rated retractable awning should be the starting point. This amazing outdoor addition helps to offer protection from the outdoor harsh elements such as the Ultraviolet rays and heavy downfall.

And yes, just like any other purchase, you need to be very keen when choosing the retractable awning for your home. However, since we know that the so many models on the market can turn the affair a real turmoil, we have put together the top 20 best rated retractable awnings that are worth giving a shot. Join us as we take a walk through our top-notch options. Check out Best Manual Retractable Awning


List of Best Rated Retractable Awning Reviews in 2023:

#20. e.share 20′ X 20′ X 20′ Sun Shade Sail Uv Top Outdoor Canopy Patio Lawn

4. e.share 20' X 20' X 20' Sun Shade Sail Uv Top Outdoor Canopy Patio Lawn

By: e.share Rated Retractable Awnings

Are you looking for the best product to protect you against UV rays? Do not worry since e.share has the answer for you. Save your valuable money and enjoy the best experience by purchasing this gift. First, the sunshade can be used over a driveway, patio, or any other outdoor area to protect you against UV rays.

This unique device blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays because it’s made of high-quality sun screen fabric, making it a must-have for you. It also has a strong sewing process on each of its side, and in addition, the free giving ropes are durable to offer you great service. The stainless steel D ring on each edge strongly guarantees fastness of installation. Add this product to your cart.

Extra features;

  • There’s no pooling water because it allows rain to pass through.
  • Unlike other products, it has 1005 money-back guarantee.

#19. XtremepowerUS Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning Cover UV

5. XtremepowerUS Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning Cover UV

By: XtremepowerUS Rated Retractable Awnings

XtremepowerUS product is ideal for use at restaurants and cafes for side patios and also for back patios. Comfortable coverage for diners is assured for you. Secondly, the awning is ideal for shading of the balcony door and windows and will make your house look elegant.

Compared to the other products in the global market, its beautiful outdoor patio awning is crafted of water and UV-resistant polyester cover for your comfort when using it. The aluminum frame of this exceptional product is powder-coated. Another thing, this gift boasts a retractable steel crank handle which is very easy to retract and project when in use.

Extra features:

  • Assembly is needed, and no mounting hardware included.
  • Its sleeve anchor or wood screw is all available at the local hardware near you.
  • 100% money-back guarantee is another feature of this gift.
  • It has a warranty, so it does not work according to your expectations you return it.

#18. Goplus Manual Patio 8.2′ ×6.5′ Rated Retractable Awning

6. Goplus Manual Patio 8.2' ×6.5' Retractable Deck Awning Sunshade Shelter Canopy Outdoor

By: Goplus Rated Retractable Awning

Goplus is a leading manufacturer of top grade products for you. First, this device is of good quality and brand new in the global market. It’s ideal for shading your balcony door and windows. Another feature which has made it prevalent in many homesteads is that it’s made up of 100% water-resistant polyester fabric.

It’s, therefore durable. And yes, the retractable steel crank handle makes it unique from the other similar products. Note that its size is 8.2 by 6.5 inches. The awning can only be installed on a concrete or solid brick wall. It cannot be installed on a wooden wall.

Extra features:

  • It boasts a sturdy aluminum frame with white color powder coated.
  • It also has a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturers.
  • A warranty is there for you if it does not perform according to your preferred expectations.

#17. Goplus Manual Patio 6.4 ‘×5’ Rated Retractable Awning

7. Goplus Manual Patio 6.4 '×5' Retractable

By: Goplus Rated Retractable Awnings

This is a top grade and a brand new product in the market for you. Once more, it is ideal for your balcony door and also for your windows. This product is made up of 100% water-resistant polyester fabric. Compared to other similar products, it is distinguished because of its steel crank handle, which is retractable.

The material used to make this product is a polyester fabric and aluminum frame. This makes it durable and assures you of many years of excellent service. Additionally, it is 6.4 inches long and 5 inches wide. It will best fit in your magnificent homestead.

Extra features:

  • It features a sturdy aluminum frame which is coated with white color powder.

#16. Goplus Manual Patio 8.2′ ×6.5′ Retractable Deck Awning Sunshade Shelter Canopy Outdoor

8. Goplus Manual Patio 8.2' ×6.5' Retractable Deck Awning Sunshade Shelter Canopy Outdoor

By: Goplus Rated Retractable Awnings

This yet another top-grade product which will offer you unprecedented performance. It is a top grade and new brand product whose demand is upwardly trending. Have it for your homestead. First, it is ideal for your balcony door and windows in your home. Also, it has 1005 water-resistant polyester fabric hence durable. It boasts a retractable steel crank handle to make it exceptional. The length of this top-grade product measures 8.2 inches, and its width is 6.5 inches.

Extra features:

  • Can be installed in your solid brick or concrete wall and take note that it is not suitable for wooden walls.
  • It boasts a sturdy aluminum frame coated with white color powder.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for you.

#15. VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning Canopy Brown

9. VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning Canopy

By: VIVOHOME Rated Retractable Awnings

Another durable product engineered to meet all your demands is here for you. It is made with durable polycarbonate material and aluminum. This design makes it resist corrosion and rusting. It, therefore, offers you service for long periods. His product creates an inviting entrance for your business or home as it protects you and your visitors from snow, rain, sun, and also harmful UV rays.

Compared to other similar products, it has a modern look as it is neutral in color. I predict that these awnings match nearly in any outdoor décor or most homes. Note that the product color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources and also your monitor settings.

It is easy to construct as you can do it on your own as the kit includes all installation hardware and wall-mounting hardware accessories. This ensures your awning stays secure and safe.

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Extra features:

  • This product is recommended to be installed by two people, and additionally, you ought to regularly check all connections and fittings and tighten them if they are loose.
  • It has 100% money buyback guarantee just for you.

#14. ALEKO Rated Retractable Awning 8 x 2 Feet Multi-Stripe Green

10. ALEKO WAW8X2MSTRGR58 Window Canopy Awning 8 x 2 Feet Multi-Stripe Green

By: Alekoa Rated Retractable Awnings

ALEKO’s canopy awnings protect your windows and doors from rain and sun hence keeping your home safe from harmful UV rays and above all keep it more relaxed. It fits most doors and windows and even all sliding doors. Purchase this gift for your home. Above all, it is easy to install as it usually takes less than an hour with all the sophisticated tools required. These tools are just found in a standard toolbox. Its dimensions are 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Extra features:

  • It includes a fabric cover, frame, and all installation hardware.
  • Also, it has a 100% money-back guarantee and a warranty from the manufacturers for you.

#13. Shatex 90% Sun Shade Sail Black Rectangle Outdoor Patio Cover

11. Shatex 90% Sun Shade Sail Black Rectangle Outdoor Patio Cover

  • By: Shatex

This is a lightweight, and yet durable top quality product with a high-density breathable UV stabilized the fabric. The breathable mesh blocks resist harmful UV rays up to 90% hence lowering the temperature and notably creating comfortable outdoor space. It is also reinforced with stitched corners with steel D rings which are easy and quick to remove and also install. This product is yet ideal for swimming pools, backyard, patio, and other outdoor areas.

Extra features:

  • In every pack, it includes one black shade panel whose dimensions are eight by 12 ft.
  • It boasts a 100% money-back guarantee.

#12. Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade 8′ X 17′ 3″

12. Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade

By: Tentproinc Rated Retractable Awnings

This product is used for blocking harmful UV rays about 86% against your skin and also as front RV awning. Otherwise, it offers a broad view. It can lower temperatures as it provides a cozy and roomy shade place for you. You can, therefore, enjoy your time comfortably all through even during scorching days. Additionally, it breaks the force of cross-wind. Hence, you can get a cozier field time when you are using it as your side shade. Installing and removing it is easy as this product has a comfortable and lightweight hand feeling. Four sets of bungee balls and plastic stakes are all included in the storage bag.

Extra features:

  • It’s fit for 18 FT RV awning.
  • It also fits most of the awning brands such as carefree and domestic.

#11. Awntech 3-Feet Rated Retractable Awning

13. Awntech 3-Feet New Yorker Window - Entry Awning

By: Awntech Rated Retractable Awning

This is also a top-grade product which has a five-year limited guarantee. It has an elegant slope awning with a solid frame for its balance. It can be used for all residential and commercial applications. Assembling and installing is easy because of its aluminum frame.

Extra features:

  • It has 100% solution-dyed and rust.
  • Also, it has a mildew-resistant acrylic fabric which makes it durable.

#10. MCombo 40″×120″/40″x 80″/40″x 40″ Rated Retractable Awning

MCombo 40"×120"

By: MCombo Rated Retractable Awnings

Mcombo takes the fifteenth spot as one of the best rated retractable awnings on the market. The brackets of this awning are of premium-grade ABS material. This material offers resistance to heat and cold and neither does it deform over time. The brackets also come with a high holding capacity of 330 lbs while the top board can hold up to 44 lbs of weight.

Furthermore, the fixing bar features aluminum alloy construction. This sturdy material also offers resistance to rust to prolong the durability of the awning. Also, the lightweight design makes it easy and less tiresome to install the unit.

#9. Sunsetter Rated Retractable Awning

Sunsetter 20FT Sand 1000XT Retractable Awning

By: Sunsetter Rated Retractable Awnings

This awning features a multilayer vinyl material construction. This material is completely waterproof with the ability to block up to 99.99% of the UV rays- you will never have to go indoors when you don’t feel like even when the summer sun is at its best! Also, this fabric is easy to clean making maintenance of the awning a breeze.

The installation versatility means that you can install it on wood, aluminum, stucco, brick, or on vinyl siding. Also, it features even width of up to 10 ft and 2 inches to provide plenty of shade for you and your loved ones. The 3-month money-back guarantee lets you buy without taking any risk.

#8. ALEKO Rated Retractable Awning

ALEKO AWM20X10MSTRGR58 Retractable Motorized Patio Awning 20 x 10 Feet Multi-Stripe Green

By: ALEKO Rated Retractable Awnings

Just in case you need to add a shade to your patio for the approaching summer or maybe have an outdoor event that is approaching, ALEKO retractable awning is guaranteed to offer superior protection. The small-but-mighty electric motor unfurls the unit in seconds to give you more time to relax in the shade or interact with your guests.

But just in case you don’t want to use the motor, you can still spread out the awning manually since it features a hand crank that permits manual operation. The unit measures 19.7 x 10 feet to give you plenty of space. Also, the multi-stripe green color easily blends into any outdoor space.

#7. Best Choice Products BCP Patio Manual Patio 8.2’x6.5′ Rated Retractable Awning

Best Choice Products BCP Patio Manual Patio 8.2'x6.5' Retractable Deck Awning Sunshade Shelter Canopy

By: Best Choice Products Rated Retractable Awnings

If you are looking for a retractable awning for your patio or deck that will offer superior protection without compromising on aesthetics, this would be a good option for you. The extra-large awning comes with a blue and white-striped color that is guaranteed to step up the beauty of any outdoor space. Also, the strong aluminum frame comes with a powder coating to guarantee you with beauty and protection that will last for years to come.

The material of the cover is premium-quality polyester that perfectly blocks UV to keep you and your loved ones safe. The water-resistant nature of the material means that the awning is designed to offer all-year-round protection. Whether you want it for the patio, balcony, windows, or courtyard, Best Choice Products retractable awning gives the best no matter the space.

#6. ALEKO AW10X8BROWN36 Rated Retractable Awning

ALEKO AW10X8BROWN36 Retractable Patio Awning 10 x 8 Feet Brown

By: ALEKO Rated Retractable Awnings

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Also coming from ALEKO, this is yet another great option that is designed to last for years. The sturdy construction of the frame pairs with the durable fabric to ensure years of durability. Furthermore, to ensure cost-free service, it doesn’t require electricity; the hand crank mechanism opens up the 9.5 x 8-ft fabric to grant you a cool shade to relax in when you need it most.

The installation brackets come as part of the package to make installation quick. The brown color of the fabric resists stains and cleans with ease making the awning an ideal for anyone in the lookout for the easy-to-maintain type.

#5. ADVANING 14’x10′ Rated Retractable Awning

ADVANING 14'x10' Motorized Patio Retractable Awning

By: ADVANING Rated Retractable Awnings

This awning comes in a cute brick red color although it is also available in khaki, black, ocean blue, garden green, and sunny yellow colors. Just like its earlier brother on the list, it comes with three easy pitch systems, two easy pitch loops for blocking the sun and a crank loop for manual operation. The awning comes with a solution-dyed acrylic material that will retain its color for years. This material also offers exceptional UV resistance while the breathability property ensures proper air circulation for a cooler shade.

The premium-grade steel construction together with the sturdy aluminum-alloy tube offers exceptional strength for years. To ensure that you purchase will full confidence, the manufacturer stands behind every purchase with a whopping 5-year warranty.

#4. Outsunny 6′ Drop Arm Manual Rated Retractable Awning

Outsunny 6' Drop Arm Manual Retractable Sun Shade Patio Window Awning - Cream

By: Outsunny Rated Retractable Awnings

Also among the best rated retractable awnings, this high-quality awning will not only add shade to your window, patio, or deck, but also add a unique touch of style to the space. The awning comes with a beautiful cream color that creates a welcoming impression to your patio. Furthermore, the UV-resistant fabric helps to create an outdoor oasis to keep you safe from the scorching sun.

Also, this fabric offers exceptional water-resistance capabilities to ensure four-season protection. The package comes with heavy-duty brackets that have a powder coating to guarantee prolonged service life. Also, the stainless steel fasteners can withstand the harsh outdoor elements.

#3. Best Choice Products 98x80in Rated Retractable Awning

Best Choice Products 98x80in Retractable Aluminum Patio Deck Awning Cover

By: Best Choice Products Rated Retractable Awnings

Best Choice Products is a reputable manufacturer who is dedicated to providing quality products to customers. And yes, when it comes to a retractable awning for your patio, they neither disappoint. The outdoor awning comes with a Sturdy-yet-lightweight aluminum frame that offers strength for years to come. The metal construction is covered with a powder coating to ensure longevity.

The polyester material of the cover is waterproof and anti-UV to ensure maximum protection. Also, the versatile design means that the product is designed to suit any outdoor space, whether patio, window, courtyard, or balcony. The built-in reel allows you to extend cover to provide more shade just in case you get more guests. When it comes to installation, it is quick and easy since it comes with all the setup tools you need.

#2. Tangkula 40″x 40″ Window Rated Retractable Awning

Tangkula 40"x 40" Window Awning Modern Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Outdoor Patio Canopy Sun shetter 3 Colors (Clear with Grey Edge)

By: Tangkula Rated Retractable Awnings

Just in case you need a high-quality canopy that is easy to set up, Tangkula could be the ideal selection for you. The unit features aluminum poles and ABS frame that are easy to put together as well as tear down after use. The comprehensible setup instructions provide a step by step setup guide to avoiding guesswork in order to ensure that you get the best value out of the awning just as the manufacturer expected.

The all-body coverage by a sturdy material means that you will be safer no matter what the Mother Nature throws at you. The versatile design makes it an ideal addition to any outdoor space.

#1. Shade&Beyond 8′ x 10′ Sun Shade Sail Canopy Rated Retractable Awning

Shade&Beyond 8' x 10' Sun Shade Sail Canopy Rectangle Sand Color UV Block for Outdoor Facility and Activities

By: Shade&Beyond Rated Retractable Awnings

Taking the first position as the best rated retractable awning, this top-class awning offers more than just a shade, just as the name suggests. The premium-grade materials are combined with the beauty and excellent workmanship to deliver value that cannot be paralleled. The canopy stretches to create an 80-square feet shade to accommodate a multitude of people.

Additionally, the advanced breathability of the material delivers enhanced ventilation. The canopy is easy to set up and cleans with ease using mild detergent and water. The canopy is available in two color varieties, sand, and light grey to meet the color needs of different outdoor spaces.

Who Makes the Best Retractable Awnings?

The best retractable awnings are made by Goplus, Advaning, Arrow, Out Sunny, Best Choice Products. The purpose of using these retractable awnings is to get shade and to remain protected from the sun rays. Most of them are made of polyester and aluminum. O average basis, 280-300gsm polyester fabric is used in a single retractable awning.

If planning to buy such shade, then make sure it keeps you 100% protected from rain and also ultraviolet rays. That canopy should be waterproof and UV resistant. Most importantly, these retractable awnings are ideal for the shading of windows.

It is normally on the front doors and balcony sides that they are installed and placed. It is recommended to buy them in bright color shades so that your outdoor living space can look more alive. Hence, people use them to keep their houses cooler during the hot weather. And also to protect their outdoor premises to avoid getting wet during the rainy days.

How Much is a SunSetter Retractable Awning?

If you have decided to buy a SunSetter retractable awning which is 16-foot-wide-by-10-foot-deep, then its average price will be $x,xxx if it is a manual version. Or it may cost you $x,xxx if it is a motorized version. It is good and wise to buy SunSetter retractable awnings as they make your patio or deck 20 degrees cooler.

Most of them are available in even width range, that is from 10 ft. up to 20 ft. So, to guard and protect your family and guests from the dangerous and harmful UV rays, you can use this company retractable awning.

Moreover, they offer a 90-Day Home Trial which is the best thing about them. Most probably, you get a 5 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty time on their products. Their retractable awnings are 100% waterproof and manage to block 99.9% of UV rays. Feel free to install their awnings on wood, brick or even on stucco, aluminum and also on vinyl siding.

How Expensive are Retractable Awnings?

There are lots of variations if you are interested in buying retractable awnings. Their price range is decided on the basis of the features they possess. Most probably, manual and motorized retractable awning installation, they typically and generally cost $x, 000 to $x,000.

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On the other hand, if you have got a motorized version which comes with remote control, then it is going to normally cost you more. The best and expensive of all retractable awnings, they are made of Premium-Grade and 100% Acrylic Fabric.

It is the induction of this fabric which gives and offer UV80+ Sun Protection. Such a fabric makes retractable awnings fade-resistant and also mildew resistant. Top-quality versions trap the hot air and moisture and remain to be possessed with safer and stronger structures. If purchasing an expensive retractable awning, then make sure it should offer easy operation and make of 100% Acrylic Breathable Fabric.

How Long do Retractable Awnings Last?

The frame part of any kind of retractable awning, it normally and generally last for over twenty years. However, you need to take extreme care of this frame part so that you can enjoy this much durability.

On the other hand, the fabric of retractable awnings lasts for ten years. After that, it is a must for you to replace their fabric. As an example, SunSetter awnings guarantee and assure not to fade, damage or crack for about five years.

Top-quality and the best retractable awning options remain mildew resistant and offer hassle-free operation as well. So, on a general note, retractable awnings last for around and about 5-15 years.

However, they are warranted for about 5 years right from the side of a manufacturer. Upon doing a proper cleaning and extreme maintenance, you can increase the life span of them.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the right retractable awning remains a challenge considering the myriad options the market holds. However, our roundup has simplified the work by narrowing the options to only 15. All the 15 picks are of high-quality and will last for years.

Currently unavailable.

#14. ADVANING 13’X10′ Rated Retractable Awning

ADVANING 13'X10' Manual Patio Retractable Awning

Currently unavailable.

By: ADVANING Rated Retractable Awnings

This awning measures 13’ x 10’ and comes fully assembled ready for installation. The awning comes with three loop systems, the crank loop that allows for easy opening and closing and other two pitch loops that allows for easy adjustment of the shade so that you don’t have to relocate to the shade as the sun moves.

The awning comes with top-grade acrylic material that offers resistance to sun without giving in to rust and fading even with extended exposure to the unforgiving UV. Also, the materials offers great breathability to ensure that you enjoy fresh air since it doesn’t tap hot air and moisture. The stainless steel frame and aluminum roller tube guarantee longevity. Also, unlike other steel construction that catches rust, the steel frame of this awning offers excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

#9. Diensweek 12’x10′ Rated Retractable Awning

Diensweek 12'x10' Patio Awning Retractable Manual

Currently unavailable.

By; Diensweek Rated Retractable Awnings

If you are interested in buying an extra-large awning, this unit stretches to give a space of 11.32’ x 9.84’. The classic design pairs with quality workmanship do deliver value to your patio that is hard to beat. And since it is designed to let you save energy in the summer, it comes with an easy-to-operate hand crank mechanism.

The treated polyester fabric delivers long fade-resistant life while offering complete protection to you and your belongings from rain and sun. The polyester material also allows for breathability to prevent trapping air and heat. Besides, the stainless steel cables, the PVC-coated arms, and the sturdy tension system stand the tough test of time.

#7. XtremepowerUS 12′ x 10′ ft Patio Manual Rated Retractable Awning

XtremepowerUS 12' x 10' ft Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning Weather Water Resistant UV Adjustable Shade

Currently unavailable.

By: XtremepowrUS Rated Retractable Awnings

Whether you want it for your home or for commercial places, this awning is versatile for both home and business use. The unit stretches to provide 120-square feet of shade, to ensure that it covers a large number of people coming to your business. And just in case you get additional guests, you can easily enlarge the shade by extending the cover of the awning.

The long hand crank allows for a smooth and quiet spreading up of the unit while the adjustability feature lets you customize to meet your shade needs. The awning is of high-quality polyester material that perfectly blocks UV and offers water resistance to ensure maximum protection. The strong aluminum frame won’t rust over time to ensure extended use.

#6. ADVANING 12’X10′ Manual Patio Rated Retractable Awning

ADVANING 12'X10' Manual Patio Retractable Awning

Currently unavailable.

By: ADVANING Rated Retractable Awnings

This awning measures 12’ x 10’ to provide plenty of shade for you and your friends in the upcoming summer. The awning comes with durable acrylic material that offers greater breathability than polyester and Vinyl fabric, granting you a cooler and comfortable shade. The material also offers superior protection to the tough UV rays providing a perfect habitation when the sun turns unbearable.

The steel and aluminum-alloy constructions are durable while the five-year warranty provides quality assurance. The hand-crank system is easy to use and unfurls the awning in less than a minute.

#3. CO-Z Manual Patio Shade Rated Retractable Awning

CO-Z Manual Patio Shade Retractable Deck Awning Sun Shade Shelter Canopy (13' x 8')

Currently unavailable.

By: CO-Z Rated Retractable Awnings

If you are in the lookout for durability, you won’t get it wrong on this option. The durably-crafted awning features an aluminum frame and a durable 280g/m2 polyester fabric. The top-grade fabric offers superior UV protection during the sunny days and water-resistance over the rainy season.

The smooth hand crack opens and closes the awning smoothly in seconds to give you more time for enjoying the shade. Besides, the 56-square feet coverage means that it is large enough to accommodate you and your outdoor furniture. The 5-year warranty ensures that you have a worry-free purchase. The shade can also be easily detached for convenient storage.

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