Top 10 Best Security Bars in 2023 Reviews – Buying Guide

Security bars go a long way into ensuring your home is safe. They are not exactly burglarproof, they get the basics right. Rather than putting extra and expensive locks, you can go with the tried and tested bars. A burglar will be deterred and soon enough loose hopes of breaking in when they do encounter a door with a security bar. Not all bars provide you value for money. Therefore we have carefully looked at what the bar manufacturer is offering, and see to it you get the best for your money.


List Of Best Security Bar in 2023 Reviews:

10. Door Bar Pro Model 36 Steel Door Security Bar For 36 Inch Wide Inswing Doors

Door Bar Pro Model 36 Steel Door Security Bar

  • By: Door Bar Pro Security Bars

We kick off our list with the Door Bar Pro security bar. What sets it apart from the rest is how they go overboard with their features, with your security at heart. When most competitors offer quarter inch diameter screws for the mounting hardware, they provide twice the size. With a half-inch screw, studies show that it is 4.5 times stronger than a quarter inch screw. On top of this, when most of their competition use steel for their bar frame, they have an aluminum frame and bar.

Not only is this stronger, but it is also lighter. This means, kids and the old folks (manly suffering from mobility issues), will not have an issue with its weight while setting it up. This security bar can fit doors from 24 to 48 inches in width. It is one of the best, which will give you a peace of mind for many years. If you are doubtful of its quality, Door Bar Pro provides a lifetime warranty on this bar, on top of having a 30-day money back guarantee.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • All parts of this bar can be painted or repainted to the users liking.
  • It is easy to mount and set up.

9. Door Security Bar – Improvements

Door Security Bar - Improvement

  • By: Improvements Security Bars

Your security is of paramount importance. This bar is made of simple materials of steel, rubber, and plastic. Nevertheless, with this simplicity, it can provide an extra layer of security. It does not hurt to have it around, particularly so if you do like to travel. It can adjust its length from 37 inches to 43 inches. This makes it ideal for many types of set up which is easy.

With it, just place the plastic end to the doorknob and the adjacent rubberized end will act as the foot. The rubberized end has a design that lets you push it even closer to the door edge. This will make it hold even tighter, amidst any type of vibration. It will not hurt your pockets but will add an extra layer of protection to your persona.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Improvements Security Bar is lightweight, making it easy to travel with.
  • It is applicable to a wide range of doors.
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8. Mace Brand Jammer Home Security Door Brace – Best Security Bars

Mace Brand Jammer Home Security Door Brace

  • By: Mace Security Bars

Versatile is the best word to describe the Mace security bar. You have the option of choosing the jammer version, which can adjust from a length of 24 to 46 inches. Alternatively, you can choose the big jammer version that can adjust from 30 to 46 inches. This high adjustability options makes it ideal for most types of doors.

Furthermore, it is collapsible and lightweight. This makes it ideal to carry it in your suitcase as you are travelling. People that travel to many places will particularly like this feature. We were not done with its versatility just yet; homeowners are considered when they buy this security bar. With some adjustments, it is functional on sliding glass doors.

Why you should get one:
  • Free safety tips pamphlet included in the package.
  • It includes security-bracing pins for added strength.

7. Window Security Bar – 16.5″ – 30″

Window Security Bar

  • By: QCI Direct Security Bars

Burglars usually try to find creative ways to get into your homes, thus people have tried to counter their ways with lots of security systems in place. However, when it gets to the basics, people have forgotten how far a metal bar goes a long way in disheartening a burglar. Particularly in modern types of windows. They have removed this wonderful safety feature in most homes, gone for aesthetics, and risked their homes being broken into.

This modern homeowner will not be happy to get home and find their valuables, such as a laptop missing. This is where the QCI Direct window security bar can save you. With an adjustable height of between 17 and 29 inches, it is suitable for most windows. It is also very easy to set up.

Another plus is that what is it will stay in. for example, if you have a toddler around, especially in the high-rise apartments, you can provide a safety net, so that your child does not go out in these kinds of settings. It happens a lot sadly. This is a cheap alternative to this problem and at the same time a temporary solution to a temporary issue.

Why you should get one:
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • This window security bar has a simple twist to adjust or fastening mechanism.

6. Door Security Bar

Door Security Bar

  • By: Miles Kimball Security Bar

If there has been an upsurge of break-ins in your area of late, then this Miles Kimball security bar may rescue you. It makes it to this number for how easy it is to set up, how efficient it is and its price. With this bar, burglars will find it very difficult to get through. Most burglars just want an easy way in, but soon enough, they will realize how difficult it is to get to your house and give up.

If by the smallest of chances they do manage to get through, this bar will fall and create a loud bang. In the process, the thief may get startled and run away. With the bang, its metal frame will make when it falls down, surely it will notify you of an intruder. It adjusts in length between 33 to 38 inches.

reasons I picked Best Security Bars:
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It adjusts in length between 33 to 38 inches.
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5. Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

  • By: BRINKS Security Bar

Brinks is a world-renowned security company with a wide array of security devices. With their huge reputation, you can be certain their security bars line is one of the best in the market. First, this bar can adjust to a height of between 25 to 43 inches. This is one of the highest adjustability ratios we could find. This feature also makes it easy to carry and move around with you taking up minimal space.

We do admit it is in one of the higher end spectrum of such devices; as such, its price is a wee bit higher than others are. Nevertheless, with that price, quality is guaranteed. We do like how they have tried to shield the end user with sets of different packs. With the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 pack, the cost is reduced significantly, rather than buying say individual bars at the same price.

reasons I picked Best Security Bars:
  • BRINKS provides a lifetime warranty
  • This security bar can be used on hinged or sliding doors.

4. Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

  • By: Buddybar Security Bars

If you are looking for the best security bar in the market, then Buddybar takes the lot. It is full of proprietary technologies that are way ahead of the competition. Buddybar Security Bar can withstand the highest of forces excreted according to tests done when compared to other bars. It does not contain any plastic in it. Its base can be applied to many types of surfaces, even a carpet. However, it missed the top spot for having a price we deem too steep for a security bar. However, if you are not worried about the money you are going to spend, then the Buddybar is your best bet.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Security Bars:
  • This bar can adjust between 36 and 51 inches.
  • It is applicable on many types of surfaces.

3. Cocoweb Best Security Bar PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar

Cocoweb PortBlock Dual-Function Door Security Bar

  • By: Cocoweb Security Bars

What we love most about the Cocoweb security bar is its high number of adjustability. Whereas most security bars have 10 adjustment options, with this one you get an amazing total of 40 adjustment points. What this means is that you are deemed to find the perfect height you want this bar to support.

Moreover, this can be done at speed thanks to its pivoting ball joints, easy to place on the blocks. Furthermore, this bar is doubly reinforced to withstand a force of more than 350 pounds. You just have to pay a little bit more to get all these outstanding features, some of which you will not get on some, expensive variants.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Security Bars:
  • The base foot is removable, and then re-attaches to find the tightest fit
  • The plastic top that attaches to the knob is scratch resistant.

2. Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar Child-Proof Lock

Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar with Child-Proof Lock

  • By: Ideal Security Inc Security Bars

Just like the Door Bar Pro bar at number 10, this bar fit vertically to your door at arm height. It is easy to install and made of durable materials. It has all the features necessary to deter thieves, who would have otherwise gotten an easy access into your home. The main reason as to why it is so high up in this list is its price.

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We have used it in our home, and for years, it has served us without problems. If you are concerned if it would fit in your home, worry no more. It has an adjustability of between 25 and 47 inches. This makes it ideal for almost all types of doors out there. We also like the childproof feature, where your toddler will not be able to remove it and probably let unwanted guests into your home.

reasons I picked Best Security Bars:
  • The bar swings upwards, thus easy for the user to open.
  • It has an easy click function to open or close.

1. Master Lock Best Security Bar – Adjustable Door Security Bar

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

  • By: Master Lock Security Bars

It is no surprise that Master Lock takes up the number 1 slot. They have, over the years made great headway in their innovations when it comes to security bars. For example, they are the first ones to come up with a padded foot in the market. This mechanism is used here too, and frankly, it offers harder protection, ensuring the bar will not slide.

It is doubly reinforced to withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure comfortably. Master Lock was founded in 1921 and continues to be a pioneer when it comes to security bars. To top it off, they leave happy clients, at prices, competitors match up to.

reasons I picked Best Security Bars:
  • Rubberized heel works for most surfaces.
  • This security bar is applicable to hinged or sliding doors.

What to consider when buying a security bar?

  • Design: there are mainly two types of bars in the market. One of them attaches to the knob of your door and the base of your floor. The other type attaches to the frame of your door in a vertical position. The advantage of having the first type is its portability. The latter generally offers better protection, although it does not look good on the door aesthetically.
  • Adjustability: doors come in different shapes and sizes, so too do security bars. The bars in this review have been handpicked to fit most of the doors in the market. Ensure you get one that fits your door adequately.
  • Price- security bars come at varying prices. The difference mainly comes about with the different features included. In this list, we have ensured the price matches up to what you get.

Why you need a security bar?

  • Affordable security: security bars are not exactly burglarproof. However, they do make huge steps in ensuring you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Rather than putting extra and expensive locks, you can go with the tried and tested bars. It stops the thieves, from accessing your home from the first point of contact, albeit cheaply.
  • Privacy: if you like to travel, you are bound to rent a place to stay. However, there is a chill down the spine when you are about to sleep and realize the proprietor may have a key to your place giving them easy access to you. Fear not when you have a security bar.

To wrap it up

Security bars are an excellent choke to have around you. The options one have are many, and some, honestly wretched. Thus, we have checked out the best you can get for yourself with varying prices. You will not have to go through trial and error like us.

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