Top 10 Best Spring Compressors in 2023 Reviews

Spring compression can be an arduous task but much easier when you have the necessary tool. When you need to repair the struts on your vehicle it’s very important to have the best struts. They struts will easily compress the springs leaving you an easier task of repairing and replacing the faulty parts.

Most importantly during the exercise, your safety is totally guaranteed. If you are really looking for one there are plenty of things you need to consider before arriving at one. In this review we have will let you know the factors you have to consider as well as a list for you the best 10 currently in the market.


List Of Best Spring Compressor in 2023 Reviews:

10. 8″ Valve Spring Compressor Hand Tool Automotive Engine Compress / Release New

8" Valve Spring Compressor Hand Tool Automotive Engine Compres

  • By: vector tools Spring Compressors

To start off we have this valve springs compressor that is capable of compressing 8 inches long. Besides this, the spring can be adjusted in two easy ways. After compressing it you have to release it. Either way, it has a comfortable grip handle to have it easy when compressing. Additionally, this tool requires more professionality when dealing with it.

it can be great when used on light trucks and cars. The 8 inches compressed distance is enough for you to do the repairs or repair the faulty parts. For better spring compression you have to consider adding this great tool.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The red handle gives a comfortable grip.
  • It can adjust the springs in two different ways.

9. Proform 66784 Valve Spring Compressors

Proform 66784 Valve Spring Compressor

  • By: ProForm Spring Compressors

Next, on the list, we have this valve spring compressor that is excellent when it comes to compressing the valves. At the center shaft, it has two ends with different types of threads to fit the two threaded studs. On the other hand, it can disassemble quickly when doing the valves that are positioned near the wall.

It can also be great when you are using the lock nut above to lock the foot to the tool. There is no doubt this valve spring will enable you to stop fumbling with the screws if you have been before. You might even wonder why hadn’t purchased it years earlier considering the quality of service you get. With this, your fingers will never be a danger of getting hurt.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It’s very effective when removing screws.
  • The safety of your fingers is assured.

8. 8MILELAKE 14″ Coil Spring Compressor Strut Remover Installer Tool Kit

8MILELAKE 14" Coil Spring Compressor Strut Remover Installer Tool Kit


Spring compressing can be a dangerous task especially when the compressor slips. This compressor guarantees your safety throughout. Moreover, it’s specifically designed to compress the MacPherson strut nuts. On the other way round it also ensures quick and safe removal of the springs. For screws, it can handle those with the size of 350 mm by 14 inches.

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The compressor is further heat treated to ensure it has a great performance. What’s more is the zinc compression that ensures it fits easily on the most MacPherson struts. This spring performs a great service when used in cars. With the spring heat treated this has made it strong enough to withstand the heavy use.

Why you should get one:
  • It’s very quick and safe to use.
  • The compressor fits most of the MacPherson struts.

7. 8MILELAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor 300mm

8MILELAKE Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor

  • By: 8MILELAKE Spring Compressors

If you are finding it difficult compressing the MacPherson strut spring sizes then this is what you need. It fits many of the strut spring sizes. Other than that spring has inbuilt detent pins that make the pins to be extra safe. Additionally, its hooks are well forged and the other center screw is very hard in order to last a lengthy duration.

The big size makes them ideal for use in large trucks and buses. You will have less issue apart from the bottom hook that can be a bit shallow when you need to get the safety bar over the spring. Spring Compressor also comes with a storage case for safekeeping after use. Finally, you will only have to conduct repairs by replacing the strut cartridge or just repairing the strut assembly.

Why you should get one:
  • The inbuilt detent pins make the springs to be much safer.
  • The center screw is very strong in order to last for long.

6. AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor

AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor

  • By: AmPro Spring Compressors

This is another great spring in the category. Its jaws are well drop forced with an alloy center bolt to withstand the heavy use. Additionally, this compressor is used in strut services. It’s suitable for the passenger cars and the light trucks as it cannot sustain very heavy weight. For ease of use please use the ½ inch drive ratchet and the 15/16 wrench arm together with it.

Much more is the working length of around 185 mm and the spring length is just 250mm. In the end, this compressor will give you the spring compression that you require for the necessary repairs while also ensuring you are safe throughout. The hooks are well designed such that they won’t sleep off easily. For better compression experience all is now for you to get this compressor.

Extra reasons why I picked it:
  • The jaws are drop forced for a firm grip on the spring.
  • The center bolts are made of hardened steel to withstand the impact.

5. Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressors

Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

  • By: Branick Spring Compressors

If you are worried how best to compress your cars spring before repairing it then probably you haven’t come across this compression springs. All the parts are made of steel so it’s likely to last for long. Likewise, the thread is composed of heavy duty acne so that it can compress the springs without sliding.

On the other hand, the compressor has a diverse mounting option that you can use. It can be great when used in heavy trucks and buses. Additionally, the corkscrew design will ensure you have an easier exercise when it comes to compressing. With this, there is no risking of your life as regardless of the position you will be safe throughout. Finally, with the fair price, it represents the best and safest compression spring tool.

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Extra reasons why I picked Best Spring Compressors:
  • It has diverse mounting positions.
  • The all-steel construction ensures it withstands heavy trucks.

4. Hiltex 50604 10″ Coil Spring Compressors | Hardened

Hiltex 50604 10" Coil Spring Compressors

  • By: Hiltex Spring Compressors

The hiltex spring compressors are one of the strongest spring compressors. Of course, with 105 000PSI expect nothing less than a reliable heavy duty compressor. This strength ensures it facilitates quick and safe removal of the springs when repairing the struts. Moreover, the bolts brag of hardened steel that has a black oxide finish to keep rust away from it. On the other hand, it has its jaws drop forged and made of steel to give it superior strength and durability.

While compressing this springs will maintain the spring curvature thereby guaranteeing you of safety. This compressor size fits most of the struts in the domestic vehicles and can also be used on other springs. All the times you will use this springs you will have a nice time as the double ears will prevent any type of slipping.

reasons I picked Best Spring Compressors:
  • The drop forged jaws ensure there is no slipping that can be witnessed.
  • The compressor is versatile to fit most of the strut sizes and works on other types of springs too.

3. Performance Tool W89311 Coil Best Spring Compressor

Performance Tool W89311 Coil Spring Compressor

  • By: Performance Tool Spring Compressors

When listing the best spring’s compressors you cannot omit this performance tool. As the name suggests this will meet your spring compressor needs. It performs great in light truck applications. The steel jaws are sturdy enough to hold the spring in position without slipping.

Other than the jaws have the chrome finish that serves to prevent them from rusting. Another great feature is that it comes with the necessary replacement parts so you won’t have to worry each time it gets faulty. What’s more is the safety pin lock after the jaws that ensure you are safe throughout. With its fair pricing on the market, the safety plus the ease of use represents incredible value for money.

reasons I picked Best Spring Compressors:
  • The safety lock pin ensures you are safe throughout.
  • It comes with the necessary replacement parts.

2. OEM TOOLS 27036 Best Strut Spring Compressors

OEMTOOLS 27036 Strut Spring Compressor

  • By: OEM TOOLS Spring Compressors

This one of the quickest compressors when it comes to compressing the coil spring for you to replace the faulty part. The whole exercise will be safe throughout courtesy of the detent pins that keeps everything locked in position. On the other hand, it has forged hooks with a hardened center screw to withstand the heavy use and last for the lengthy duration. In the event you want to prolong its life then you have to make sure the parts are lubricated constantly.

Additionally, this compressor is designed to be used in strut springs only. This compressor is great on vehicles and above all simple to use. You only need to follow the necessary precautions. Finally, it comes with a plastic case that keeps them in good condition when not in use.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Spring Compressors:
  • They can be used on strut springs.
  • It comes with a plastic case for safe storage.

1. OEM TOOLS 25550 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 25550 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor

  • By: OEM TOOLS Spring Compressors
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We sum up our review with yet another OEM TOOL product. I am sure by now you have made up your mind to go for one of the tools from this product. Its versatility ensures its capable of compressing most of the MacPherson tools. It takes only a short time for the compressor to press the springs for you to replace the cartridge or repair the strut assembly.

Additionally, the broad spring contact compresses the springs well. For more safety, it has inbuilt detent pins that will lock the contacts in position. For durability concerns, the hooks are forged and the screw center is well hardened. Other features include the safety latches and the heat treated screw. Its versatility ensures it can be used on both cars and large trucks. Finally, it backed by a lifetime warranty.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Spring Compressors:
  • It can be used in most of the MacPherson struts.
  • It has inbuilt detent pins for extra safety.

What to consider when buying the compression springs?

  • Replacement parts: The spring’s replacement parts should be easy to find. The best springs have a warranty on the parts so that you don’t need to incur extra cost replacing a single part that may be bought when it’s already faulty.
  • Compatibility: The strut springs come in many different sizes some big and other small. You have to look for one that can accommodate as many sizes as possible. This will ensure you have an easy time tightening the nuts.
  • Sturdiness: Due to the nature of the job that the spring compressors undertake it’s very important that the springs are strong enough. The risk that accompanies changing vehicles requires the compression spring that is of pure quality. Most of the tasks of the springs are heavy duty hence the need to be strong.
  • Price: The very expensive strut springs will guarantee you of safety and swift work. But then there is no need of spending a hefty sum to just acquire a compression springs. You will always find one that is fairly priced in the market and able to do a great job in the end.

Why you need the spring’s compressors?

  • Safety: The main reason for purchasing the springs is to ensure you are safe when removing the springs. If the springs were loose and get out they would cause serious injuries to the person close to the springs. However, with the strong hooks for easy tightening nothing dangerous can happen.
  • Ease of use: The spring compressors undoubtedly make your task much easier. For use, you have to make sure the struts are well tightened and then they will hold the door for you to replace the parts. Using it is easy as you only require the struts to fit the springs.
  • Fast Spring compression: To be able to replace the faulty shock absorber you have to compress the springs fast. Nothing does the task fast and efficiently than the spring compressors.

To wrap it up:

Getting the best compressor will give you the easiest and safest way of replacing your vehicle struts. As indicated in the review you have to focus on the strength, sturdy, compatibility and replacement parts when looking for one. All the ones listed here are of great quality and will be a great addition to your home tools. You can choose any that fits your needs but remember they all will perform to the expectation.

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