Top 9 Best Sump Pump Covers in 2023 Reviews

In many applications, the smoothness of water flow is inevitable. It determines the efficiency of the machines used. With the help of a decent quality sump pump, you are guaranteed with efficient water flow. Along with the sump pump, it is essential to buy the related accessories that help you make the most of the water flow. One such useful accessory is the sump pump cover. It not only provides protection but also enhances the efficiency of the water flow of your sump pump.

A reliable sump pump basin cover is useful to control smells and stop the accumulation of debris inside the pit. Furthermore, it stops the clogging of the discharge lines resulting in the smooth water flow. Generally, these covers sit perfectly on the top of your pit and assure complete protection against odors. In addition to preventing dirt and debris, the cover also prevents the accumulation of large rocks. They are capable of protecting your sump pump in all weather conditions. Go through the article below to get more understanding on the best sump pump covers:


List of 9 Best Sump Pump Covers Review in 2023:

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Key Feature To Consider for the best sump pump covers:

The essential features to take into account for selecting the best sump pump covers are highlighted below:

The following section focuses on the essential aspects to consider for choosing the best sump pump covers, take a look below:


Chiefly, the sump pump covers are extensively used to encompass a sump or dirt basin. When you use a cover with inappropriate size, the issues regarding fit arises. The imperfect fit cannot provide comprehensive protection to your sump pump. Hence, it is advisable to smartly choose the sump pump cover after looking at the overall dimensions. Firstly, measure the dimensions of your sump pump, usually in inches, and accordingly look for a suitable cover. Also, check the compatibility because some sump pump covers are not compatible with sump pumps from some brands.


The key motive behind buying a sump pump cover is to fully protect your sump pump. In addition to durability, it is essential to look at the type of protection it can off. In many sump pump covers, you will find a seal that defends against toxic elements or toxic gas. Moreover, some manufacturers design these covers to prevent odor emissions from your sump or sewage basin. The capability to accumulate mess is important when choosing a sump pump cover based on the protection offered.


When you choose a sump pump cover considering the size, there will be no issues regarding fit. Hence, the process of installation becomes easy and quick. Make sure you properly install the cover without leaving any clearance at the sides. Many manufacturers present these covers with a DIY installation that helps you to install easily.

9. Jackel Sump Basin Cover (Model: SF2000E):

9. Jackel Sump Basin Cover (Model SF2000E)

This Jackel sump pump cover is suitable for use with the 18 inches diameter basins. The ability to provide comprehensive protection makes this basin cover famous in the market. It can resist the accumulation of odor and tight. Moreover, there are no worries about the accumulation of dirt, debris, and rocks. There is the use of foam plastic in its body for durability. The cover comes with 2 inches flanges, 4 bolts, and washers. A reusable seal is available for a tight fit.

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This basin cover is a must-have accessory when replacing the ejector pump. If you are looking for replacing an old basin cover, this accessory is the best choice. It guarantees a proper seal that ensures full protection. The overall dimensions are suitable for the perfect fit. Besides, there are no installation hassles found.


  • Ease of installation
  • Protects against odor
  • Reusable seal for full protection

Why We Liked Sump Pump Covers?

At an affordable price, you can provide comprehensive protection to your sump pump. With this cover, there are no problems with fit.

8. Jackel Sump Basin Cover (Model: SF60913):

8. Jackel Sump Basin Cover

For all the 18 inches wide basins, the SF60913 cover is very useful. In the market, it is renowned for its perfect fit and excellent protection. It is quite easy to install it on a submersible pump or a pedestal sump pump. Generally, in these pumps, there are zero issues found with the sump basin seal. This is because the seal has the gas-tight. Looking at the construction, this cover’s body is prepared from rust-resistant polyethylene material. This heavy-duty material makes this cover durable.

In most cases, this basin cover works well with the sump pumps with the slotted design. As a result, it provides excellent versatility and reliability. Moreover, the thickness and diameter are 0.25-inch and 18-inch respectively. There are no installation hassles because the cover comes with the long opening.


  • Large opening for easy installation
  • Wide compatibility
  • Corrosion-proof construction

Why We Liked It?

We admire the versatility that allows you to use it for different types of sump pumps and sewage basins. Also, it can work with various pipe locations.

7. AK Industries AKP60140 Corrugated Basin Cover:

7. AK Industries AKP60140 Corrugated Basin Cover

Before choosing any sump pump cover, it is important to check the smoothness of the water flow. This AKP60140 guarantees excellent airflow and water flow in your sump pump. It comes in a corrugated design for ease of installation. Moreover, it can perfectly fit on the sump pump with 18 inches of diameter. The polyethylene material makes this cover durable. This material can solve the issues related to water handling in washing machines, dehumidifiers, laundry tubs, wet, etc.

The unique feature found in this cover is an easy and fast installation process. It comes assembled to save you time and effort. Furthermore, there are 3 steel lids with a powder finish. They further simplify the installation process. The presence of powder coating resists corrosion.

The AKP60140 basin cover is compatible with most sump pumps of diameter 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches. The slot opening is 3 inches wide.


  • Solves water handling problem
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonably priced

Why We Liked Sump Pump Covers?

We admire its capability to enhance the water flow capacity. Within a few minutes, it is easy to install it on your sump pump.

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6. Sump Basin Cover, Sump Pump Cover Height 1 In:

6. Sump Basin Cover, Height 1 In

The material used determines the overall durability and reliability of the sump basin cover. This accessory comes in polyethylene construction for long-lasting use. Both the length and width are 20 inches each. The slotted height is 1 inch. These dimensions usually fit well on typical sump pumps. The design is such that you can cover it around the pipes that are coming out from a sump pump.

The width of the slot is sufficient for the perfect fit. Moreover, to make sure the cover always stays in place, you need to twist the tabs on the cut end in upward alignment.


  • Wide slot for easy installation
  • Can protect the pipe from sump pump
  • Stays in place

Why We Liked Sump Pump Covers?

This basin cover can also protect the pipes of the sump pump. Due to the wide slot design, the installation is very easy.

5. The Original Radon/Sump Dome (Model: SMR16101-CV):

5. The Original RadonSump Dome

The famous aspect of this sump dome cover is it is versatile. In addition to protecting sump pumps, it can be used for the property transfers as well as rentals. The design is exceptional to fully cover your existing sump basin. The overall dimensions are such that the fit is perfect in most cases. Furthermore, the heavy-duty construction provides a perfect seal. No worries about the entry of odors and toxic gases in your sump pump. Hence, the protection is comprehensive and excellent.

The great feature is that you don’t need to dig up in the basement or floor of your garage. Simply remove the old cover and setup this dome cover over the opening. Along with this cover, you get fittings, gaskets, and adapters. Henceforth, it is quite easy to properly align and close the dome.


  • Provides complete seal
  • Fits over all installed basins
  • Lid gasket is customizable

Why We Liked It?

No need to make any changes in the existing sump pump or the basement. It creates a fully sealed system for complete protection.

4. Jackel 24 in. Black Drainage Cover Sump Pump Covers:

4. Jackel 24 in. Black Drainage Cover

The combination of lightweight design and durability is found in this drainage cover. Being portable, it is easy to carry around and install perfectly. In most cases, this cover can fit well on the sump pumps with 24 inches diameter. Moreover, it can cover a single as well as double-wall polyethylene pipes.

The black color blends well with the topsoil. Also, it gives an attractive appearance. The included water-tight seal is replaceable. It perfectly seals your sump pump for complete protection. With the help of included stainless steel screws, the installation process is easy and quick. The seal is so tight that it is completely safe to walk or run across using a lawnmower.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to install
  • The seal is water-tight

Why We Liked It?

The polyethylene construction offers durability. No worries about the accumulation of dirt and other mess on your sump pump.

3. AK Industries AKP80009 18″ Structural Foam Sump Pump Cover:

3. AK Industries AKP80009 18 Structural Foam

For all those sump basins with a diameter of 18 inches, this pump accessory is a great choice. It comes with a perfect fit and ease of installation. A hole is available for the discharge pipe. Moreover, there are 8 bolt holes available for fastening the lid to the basin. The use of polyethylene makes this cover durable and reliable for various applications.

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Due to the smoothness of the top surface of the lid, the installation is easy. It allows the smooth installation of pipe gaskets. The fit is perfect surrounding the opening. Hence, there are no chances of accumulation of dirt, debris, and other mess. Furthermore, the front and back are durable enough which makes the entire cover long-lasting.


  • Lids fit basin well
  • Easy to install pipe gasket
  • Sturdy and reliable

Why We Liked It?

All necessary tools for easy installation are included along with this cover. The lid fits well on the basin. The structured back makes this cover durable.

2. Jackel Sump Basin Cover (Model: SF40):

2. Jackel Sump Basin Co

For protecting the submersible sump pumps, this Jackel cover is a great choice. It fully covers the pump and ensures complete protection. Moreover, the hole location offers superb versatility. Due to heavy-duty construction, this cover is intended for years of use. The gas-tight fit makes sure the seal is perfect. No worries about odor and accumulation of water. Also, there will be no accumulation of dirt, debris, rocks, etc.

The body is corrosion proof for flawless use outdoors. The polyethylene foam material offers great durability and reliability. Weighing just 3.89 pounds, it is easy to carry around. On the back, ribs are available for extra strength.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight and portable design

Why We Liked Sump Pump Covers?

The lid is well-made and provides a perfect seal. The installation process completes in a few minutes.

1. Jackel 18 in. Sewage Basin Split Cover (Model: SF115):

1. Jackel 18 in. Sewage Basin Split Cover

This sewage basin cover is popular for its wide compatibility. It can fit many different sump pumps from Jackel. It is basically a split cover for easy access. Moreover, there is the use of injection-molded type polyethylene structural foam. It makes this cover durable enough for long-term use. Thus, the heavy-duty construction offers years of reliability and durability.

The PVC seal is reusable and it offers a tight fit. Moreover, this seal makes sure odor and toxic gases do not accumulate. Available at a reasonable price, this cover offers tons of useful features. Besides, the use of premium quality material makes it long-lasting. No worries about use in any weather conditions.


  • Affordably priced
  • Stays in place
  • Quick installation

Why We Liked Sump Pump Covers?

We admire the easy access it provides to your sump pump after installation. No need to take off the vent pipe and the entire cover.

Concluding Note:

The sump pump covers perfectly seal your sump pump or basement for complete protection. They usually stay in place and can work in most outdoor conditions.

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