Top 10 Best Tissue Holders in 2023 Reviews

When using the best tissue holder, the room or spacing is more welcoming. You can access the napkin or tissue roll quickly when needed. Also, most of these items are sturdy and versatile, perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, lounging area, hotels, hospitals, and much more. Also, we have concentrated on the best of the best tissue holders in 2023 as follows.


List of 10 Best Tissue Holders Review in 2023:

#10 KOUBOO 1030055 Square La Jolla Rattan Tissue Box

#10 KOUBOO 1030055 Square La Jolla Rattan Tissue Box

By: Kouboo Tissue Holders

Kouboo is the top product we have in this list for the best tissue holders. Not only is it loved for its affordability but also its simplicity of operation. It measures 5 inches long x 5 inches wide x 5 1/8 inches tall for the inner dimension for ample interior room. Just mount it and fix your standard size tissue box for safe, reliable, and durable use.

What’s more, the honey-brown finish of this dispenser brings out vintage and natural appeal. You can match the decor with wall paintings, floor designs, appliances, and other accessories in your bathroom, kitchen, etc. In addition, a hand-woven structure designed from rattan keeps it stable and reliable for a long time. And when you notice some dirt, stain, or debris, just use a damp cloth to wipe them off.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It is more affordable and reliable than most brands
  • The interior space is enough and secure
  • Easy to wipe dirt off the premium rattan material

#9 Bosharon Wall Mount Dispenser – Tissue Holders

#9 Bosharon Wall Mount Dispenser

By: Bosharon Tissue Holder

Bosharon is an elegant tissue holder that allows sturdy and straightforward wall mounting. You can use it at home, office, and other commercial places. Even for the kitchen, office, bathroom, hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and much more. What’s more, it is styled from a thick ABS plastic to improve its lifespan for extended use. And it will not rust to keep the consumers safe and healthy at all times.

With a superior locking design, you can secure a tissue roll to prevent any safety. Plus, it accommodates a maximum of 20 tissues or paper towels all at once. Just wall-mount it quickly due to its super lightweight measuring 10.83 inches long x 3.95 inches wide x 8.1 inches high. It weighs under 1.3 pounds as the double-sided tape increases stability.

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Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy to use, mount, and maintain
  • The thick ABS plastic improves strength
  • Has superior double-sided tape for increased stability

#8 mDesign Plastic Square Holder

#8 mDesign Plastic Square Holder

By: mDesign Tissue Holders

mDesign is a top brand in the market with the best tissue holders. This has stylish storage that conceals tissue boxes easily as the clean finish is suited for commercial or home use. You can complement any decor such as the office, family room, kitchen, craft room, bedroom, and much more. Also, using the dorms, RVs, campers, apartment, house, countertops, nightstands, end tables, etc.

Furthermore, opening the base allows easy replacement of used tissue boxes in seconds. Simply lift the casing and fix the new one underneath. What’s more, the large opening holds standard-sized square toilet boxes or stacks of facial napkins. Measuring 6 inches long x 6 inches wide x 6 inches high, the installation space is minimal. Plus, a thick BPA plastic is shatter-resistant and chlorine-free for natural care.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The stylish storage conceals tissue boxes
  • For the craft room, bedroom, campers, etc
  • Structured from shatter-resistant and chlorine-free BPA plastic

#7 mDesign Modern Over-The-Tank Hanging Holder

#7 mDesign Modern Over-The-Tank Hanging Holder

By: mDesign Tissue Holders

Do you want a convenient storage place for your tissue? The mDesign has a space-saving structure for compact placement perfect for most rooms like the bathroom. Also, it can hold a jumbo-sized tissue paper ideal for entertaining guests, for the family, and much more. Installation is quick, with no use of hardware or complicated assembly. Simply hang this unit over a toilet tank and right underneath the lid for easy access. Note that the hook is lined with a premium foam to keep surfaces scratch-free.

Maximizing your unused bathroom space with this gadget is useful and easy. It blends well in campers, RVs, cabins, or boats for bathrooms without need for wall mount fixtures. Also, the quality construction is structured for steel wire with a rust-resistant finish. Measuring 5.6 inches in diameter x 17.5 inches high, it can fit over sidewalls with a maximum thickness of 0.97 inches. Furthermore, the spacing can accommodate three extra rolls for convenience.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It offers convenient space for storing tissue rolls
  • For family, guests, and other places
  • Can hold up to three extra rolls at once

#6 Gatco Tissue Holder Latitude II European Brushed Brass Toilet Tissue Holder

#6 Gatco 4233 Latitude II European Brushed Brass Toilet Tissue Holder

By: Gatco Tissue Holders

What makes the Gatco one of the best tissue holders is the brushed brass finish. It has excellent rust resistance and scratch resistance for improved performance. What’s more, you can choose some of the available four finishes such as satin nickel, matte black, and much more. This mount has a chic escutcheon plate and chamfered edge for a designer appeal in different locations. Plus, the high caliber metalwork provides improved dependability, unlike the other inferior materials.

Moreover, the single-frame structure comes in handy to ensure easy roll changing. Not only that, but also the aesthetic is cleaner, appealing, and inviting than most brands. And for holding a single tissue roll, you can mount your mega or jumbo size paper easily. In addition, the versatile construction can be fixed on drywall or tile for extra stability.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Its brushed brass finish will not rust or stain
  • Can hold only one tissue paper roll securely
  • The installation structure is compatible on drywall or tile
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#5 iDesign Cade Facial Tissue Box Cover – Tissue Holders

#5 iDesign Cade Facial Tissue Box Cover

By: iDesign Tissue Holders

The iDesign prides a functional size measuring 6.1 inches long x 5.15 inches wide x 5.4 inches long to fit square tissue bins safely. Also, the plastic design is more reliable than the rest and also last for long. It will not rust or fade to make sure there is a healthy atmosphere every time in use. Whether in a vanity room, countertops, office, college, kitchen, dorm, or desk for a versatile operation. What’s more, the matte blush looks excellent as this boutique box suitable in any decor.

Using this holder is simple by sliding over any facial tissue for easy use. Also, the classic blush matches most bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and another room decor. This unit has an integrated tray that lets you keep jewelry, cosmetics, hair accessories, and more stuff within reach. Plus, the weight supports an efficient installation that consumes minimum time.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The functional size fits square tissue bins perfectly
  • For the office, college, kitchen, dorm
  • Holds jewelry, cosmetics, hair accessories

#4 Tosnail Elegant Wooden Book Tissue Holder

#4 Tosnail Elegant Wooden Book Tissue Holder

By: Tosnail Tissue Holders

Tosnail is another best tissue holder with a unique antique style. Priding a wooden construction, you can match the other appliances in the room quickly. Not only that, but also, this material will not corrode, dent, warp, melt, or stain like the others for extended use. You can even improve the beauty thanks to the gold edges of this book’s design. Measuring 4 inches tall x 10.75 inches long x 6.5 inches wide, place it in any small space.

Additionally, this novelty napkin holder is perfect for most places like the car, office, and other sites. With a compact profile, it only holds one box of toilet rolls or tissues for safe use. This unit is hand-painted and handmade to mimic a stack of vintage books. Note that the top opens quickly for easy removal or addition of papers to the cover.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has a unique vintage style and appeal
  • The solid wood is rust-free and stain-proof
  • Perfect for the car, office, kitchen, bathroom

#3 Modern Square Base Tissue Holder Stand

#3 Modern Square Base Tissue Holder Stand

By: Gatco Tissue Holders

Accent your bathroom or office with this tissue holder stand. Boasting a chrome plating, the shade is rust-proof, dustproof, and requires low maintenance. Plus, a 21.25-inch size only consumes petite space, which is perfect for any room. With a freestanding standing, it brings the convenience of use as the pedestal style brings out a modern feel to a luxury home. Note that handcrafted construction has a polished contemporary appearance thanks to the smooth polishing.

Featuring a high caliber and excellent metalwork, it offers maximum durability. Also, it has better dependability and resistance to scratching and rusting. This item requires no installation or drilling like the rest for quick installation. Plus, the padded and weighted base has a rectangular bottom for stability, and the curved dowel adds sturdiness. The single post is stable and compatible with the regular, large, mega, or jumbo size toilet roll. And you can pick different finishes like the satin nickel, brushed brass, or matte black.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Helps accent your bathroom or office
  • The chrome plating is rustproof and dustproof
  • Comes in different finishes such as brushed brass
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#2 Tissue Holder HBlife Facial Tissue Dispenser Box

#2 HBlife Facial Tissue Dispenser Box

By: HBlife Tissue Holders

HBlife is one of the best tissue holders that prevent any installation fatigues. It measures 9.45 inches long x 5.12 inches wide x 3.54 inches high for a secure application. Besides, it’s lightweight for easy swapping of tissue boxes when needed to add convenience. This mount is heavy-duty and stylish because of the acrylic material. It can resist most weather such as wind, humidity, and heat better than glass. Also, it offers durable service to keep you from breakages

In addition, this multipurpose tissue dispenser is applicable in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. It has transparent storage for quick spotting of the remaining tissue roll for convenient replacement. What’s more, it can be fitted with napkins or tissues in any household to keep the spacing neat and welcoming. Even as a gift, this unit is suitable for friends, family, aunt, uncle, and colleagues.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The lightweight structure encourages easy tissue boxes changeup
  • The acrylic material offers a stylish and durable performance
  • Suitable gift for a friend, family, or loved ones

#1 Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover – Tissue Holders

#1 Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

By: Umbra Tissue Holders

For a clean and clever design, this tissue holder will not disappoint you. Its cuteness removes that ordinary and dull look from any space for extra appeal. Not only that, but also it mimics a puff of clean smoke as it dispenses through a unique chimney. The house-shaped cover plus lovely color can accent most spacings styles. In addition, this box measures 5 inches long x 6.75 inches wide x 5 inches high for simple use.

With multiple colors, you are guaranteed an imaginative and superior look. Whether you place it to the bathroom, office, or bedroom, the spacing will stand out. What’s more, retrieving the content is accessible by cutting out the plastic opening and feeding the chimney before covering the casing. At the same time, cleanup is quick by wiping down any dirt with a damp towel. Besides, it weighs under 0.5 pounds with a bright white finish.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has a clean and clever white design
  • The simple structure allows comfortable tissue dispensing
  • Cleans quickly with a wet towel or damp cloth.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Tissue Holder:

A tissue dispenser comes in handy to make access of the roll easy and quick. Some styles are strong because of solid and premium material.


The size of the best tissue holder determines the dimension of the paper roll or napkin. Some accommodate the regular, large, mega, or jumbo size toilet roll.


The most common materials for tissue dispensers are satin nickel, brushed brass, ABS plastic, or matte black. They will not rust or stain even when used in damp locations. What’s more, these compositions are easy to maintain and wipe off the dirt.


Accessing a paper roll at home or commercial place is easy with the best tissue holder. It makes sure the napkin comes out smoothly to suit the current application, such as wiping. Not only that, but also you can mount the best tissue holder in the kitchen, hotel, bathroom, living room, or bedroom for additional versatility.

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