Top 10 Best Ultra-Thin Condoms in 2023 Reviews

Since the invention of the first condom, there have been a series of innovations to enhance the product. Initially, a condom used to be thicker reducing the sensation which made intercourse less fun. However, things have taken a new direction through the invention of the ultra-thin condoms. Ultra-thin condoms are specially designed to offer dependable protection without compromising on pleasure. And as the name suggests, they are the thinnest on the market, and therefore the user hardly feels them during intercourse.

However, with the market currently offering you plenty of options to choose from, choosing the best ultra-thin condom. They will increase stimulation while simultaneously offering safety to you and your partner remains an uphill task. However, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best ultra-thin condoms. You should never hesitate to give a shot. Be sure to read the entire content before you add one to the shopping cart.

But just before we get to today’s core business, let us examine a few tips. You should help when buying an ultra-thin condom.

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List Of Best Ultra Thin Condom Reviews in 2023:

#1. Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms

  • By: Trojan Ultra-Thin Condoms

The STIs and unplanned pregnancies can cause serious harm to your career and other life plans. Some of these infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV are life-threatening. This is the reason why we highly recommend you to never spend fortunes on selecting the best ultra-thin condoms for you. And just in case you are wondering which would suit you best, this is one of the best options you can opt for on the market.

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are thinner as compared to the standard Trojan standard condoms. This design increases the sensitivity giving the partners a more natural feeling. Besides, the entire package comes with thirty-six condoms to ensure that you don’t feel shy of getting to the market more often- Just grab one to last you for months. Moreover, each condom is of premium-quality latex material which has been electronically tested and found to offer safety- you can now enjoy that great moment knowing that your safety and that of your love is guaranteed.

Besides, the silky latex material ensures maximum comfort and sensitivity to give you and your partner more fan. Moreover, the improved reservoir at the end has been designed to provide maximum safety. When it comes to price, Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are relatively cheap to ensure that you and your partner enjoy superior protection without the need of spending much.

Extra features:

  • The price of these condoms is excellent as compared to their quality.
  • The condoms feature premium-quality lubricant which offers maximum protection and adds pleasure.

#2. Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms, 40 Count

Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

  • By: Trojan Ultra-Thin Condoms

Trojan has existed for more than 90 years. Throughout this period, Trojan has been working night and day to ensure that it delivers products that guarantee the customers with safety. And yes, this is one of the best ultra0thin condoms. And, you can depend on if at all you do not need to spend fortunes on your safety and that of your better half. The condoms are ultra-thin, and therefore the user may not even feel them during that great moment. Besides, the product will not just provide the natural feeling to the user, but also the ultimate stimulation to her.

The premium-quality condoms are perfectly lubricated to ensure heightened intimacy level for the two lovers. The lubrication also delivers comfort. The convenient box holds five different condom designs with each of the condom providing perfection in pleasure in its own style- with these condoms, you will never get bored.

Premium Condom Ultra-Thin Condom

And since the safety of the user remains the manufacturer’s major priority, these ultra-thin condoms have been made of high-quality latex. This is extensively tested electronically to ensure that it can offer reliability to the user. This grants you confidence as you enjoy time with your loved one knowing. Every time you are on one, STIs and unplanned pregnancies is all kept at bay.

Moreover, in case this isn’t enough to give you confidence in the safety, each reservoir end has been uniquely designed to prevent the condom from breaking. A single pack comes with forty condoms hence will last for longer eliminating the need for frequent visits to the market for the same product. The larger count also means that each you buy each condom at a lower price than you would pay if the number were a bit smaller.

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Extra features:

  • The shape of this condom, the ultra-thin nature together with the excellent lubrication means. It offers ecstasy.
  • The latex material is of high-quality to ensure maximum safety of the user.

#3. Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condom

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condom

  • By: Trojan Ultra-Thin Condoms

Just like its predecessors, this is yet another ultra-thin condom. You can use with the confidence. So, you are safe from the STIs such as Syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV, and other many infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condom – 12 ea is thinner than the standard latex condoms. The thinness helps to preserve the natural feeling of sex without compromising on the strength of the condom. Although they are the thinnest in the market, offer the same strength to that of the standard latex condoms hence they can be relied on to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to keep you safe from the deadly infections.

To guarantee the strength of the latex material, each condom is tested thoroughly to ensure that it can be relied on to offer safety. Plus, the latex material doesn’t smell, and therefore it will not spoil the great moment you are planning to have with your beloved one. Each condom comes with silky-smooth lubricant for heightened pleasure and to prevent the unit from breaking when in use.

The specially-designed reservoir end of the condoms will not let anything pass through- not even the tiniest virus or bacteria. And whether it is your first time to have the pack or not, each box comes with explicitly stated instructions at the inner side of the package.

Extra features:

  • These condoms are triple-tested before there release into the market and therefore you can rely on them for superior protection.
  • When used correctly, they offer dependable protection from unwanted pregnancies and the STIs.

#4. Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

  • By: Okamoto Ultra-Thin Condoms

Although contraceptives can never provide 100% satisfaction, they help reduce the risk of getting unwanted pregnancies and contracting infections transmitted through sexual conduct. And while most standard latex condoms offer maximum strength for reliability, they do not provide maximum pleasure. For this reason, ultra-thin condoms are becoming popular since they provide superior protection when providing maximum enjoyment to the two partners. However, some ultra-thin condoms are not as reliable as crowned.

Luckily, this is one of the best ultra-thin condoms. They will provide heightened pleasure when still offering maximum strength like the regular models. The premium-thinness means that it will not break when in use to give you and your lover a worry-free moment. And since it is one of the thinnest in the market, with a thickness of almost nothing, expect more natural feeling. You would find in other ultra-thin models.

Much lubrication can make the condom to slip out exposing you to risks easily. Similarly, lack of lubrication reduces the ecstasy and puts the condom at a higher risk of breaking. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best out of each pack, every condom is lightly lubricated to ensure that the condom remains in place and that you enjoy maximum pleasure.

A single pack comes equipped with 24 pieces of condom for durability. However, just in case you are allergic to latex, this may not be the option for you since the condoms are of rubber latex material.

Extra features:

  • These condoms are from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, and therefore they are dependable.
  • The light lubrication ensures optimum safety and pleasure.

#5. LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condom – Best Ultra-Thin Condom


  • By: Lifestyles Ultra-Thin Condoms

Ansell Limited is one of the manufacturers of premium-quality condoms. And having participated in the industry for over a century, it boasts of great technical know-how, and innovative product design all made to meet the needs of the end user to the letter. And when it comes to the ultra-thin condoms, they neither miss the mark. These ultra-thin condoms come with spectacular qualities which makes them better than other condoms of a different brand.

Most condoms, if not all, come lubricated. However, a majority of them tend to lose the lubrication with time. This makes sex less pleasurable and puts the two partners at a higher risk of contracting infections and increasing the probability of unwanted pregnancy. However, the case is different with Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive condom since it is designed to remain lubricated throughout the course.

The shape and the reservoir are contoured to maximize please and to provide maximum safety to the users. Additionally, since the condoms have stood the highest global test standards, you and your lover can have a good time knowing that you are well protected.

Moreover, coming in a count of 100, you all need a single pack to keep you protected for months (of course this may differ depending on the rate of use). And just in case you are eagerly waiting for the price, it comes with one of the budget-friendly price tags on the market.

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Extra features:

  • The price of this pack is affordable taking into consideration the number of the pieces and the quality of the latex material.
  • The premium-quality lubrication remains throughout the course to give you pleasure all through.

#6. Lifestyles Ultra-Thin Condoms 12 Pack

Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms 12 Pack

  • By: Lifestyles Ultra-Thin Condoms

Also coming from Ansell Limited, this yet another ultra-thin condom that you should consider going for if you need to experience the ultimate pleasure with your loved one. As the name hints, these condoms are ultra-thin, and therefore they will provide maximum sensitivity that provides the mutual feeling so that you and your partner feel closer to one another than ever before.

Moreover, the unique shape means that the condom is specially designed with the form of a man in mind. Besides, each piece comes with a width of 2 inches, and therefore they are more extensive than conventional condoms. The condom is also wider at the head with a measurement of 2.5 inches hence they are tailored to deliver more comfort than the others. Plus, the perfect lubrication together with the ultra-thin design combines to provide a more natural feeling than other types.

Do you find the latex smell awful? You are not alone. The smell is enough to spoil the entire affair. But to ensure that nothing causes a distraction when having a good time, the latex of this premium-quality condom doesn’t smell. Moreover, the lightweight design means that you can easily carry the pack anywhere so that you remain protected every time you engage in sexual intercourse.

Extra features:

  • Each pack comes with 12 pieces of condoms.
  • Each condom has a thickness of 0.0197 inches and therefore is super-thin to ensure maximum pleasure.

#7. Kimono Microthin Premium Lubricated Ultra-Thin Condom

Kimono Microthin Premium Lubricated Ultra Thin

  • By: Kimono Ultra-Thin Condoms

If you are looking for the thinnest condom in the market, this should be the perfect option for you. Being 20% thinner than the other ultra-thin condoms, we are right to say that it will provide more unmistakable smooth feel than the other condoms. This is because the ultra-thin design offers a more natural feel and a stronger sensitivity than other thicker condoms would give.

To ensure that you and your partner are well protected, the latex is of premium quality, and therefore it will not easily break when in use. Enjoy heightened intimacy with the love of your heart with the surety that you are safe from STIs and unwanted pregnancy which may ruin the life plans for you and her.

Additionally, unlike most condoms that give out the strong smell of latex, these condoms do not give out the awful smell. This gives you and your partner a peaceful environment for enjoying maximum fun. The price of the condoms is incredible making it an ideal option for anyone in need of superior protection without having to incur extra costs.

Extra features:

  • These Japan-made premium-quality condoms are thoroughly tested and have stood the test of safety.
  • They are made with the state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they are incredibly thin when maintaining the strength of the standard condoms.

#8. Trojan Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Large Size Condoms

Trojan Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Large Size Condom

  • By: Trojan Ultra-Thin Condoms

This is an ultra-thin condom which is one of the best in the market. The thinner design gives maximum pleasure to grant you and your loved one a natural feel. The condom is of premium-quality material. This quality prevents the condom from breakage ensuring maximum protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Moreover, the condom comes in a contoured shape which ensures added comfort. The silky smooth lubricant prevents the condom from breaking. Also, the reservoir end of every condom is tailored to maximize safety.

To further boost the user’s confidence in the safety, the condoms are electronically tested, and therefore they won’t allow even the tiniest disease-causing microorganisms to penetrate through. And since the condom is made to offer maximum protection to almost every responsible individual, the price is excellent for greater affordability.

Besides, this condom is wider than the majority to ensure that it doesn’t remain too tight. This provides comfort to the user. The lightweight design means that the condom will not slow you down while the compact pack means that the condom will nicely nest in the pockets of your trousers.

Extra features:

  • The condom is well lubricated to give you, and your lover maximized pleasure and feel.
  • The premium-quality latex material of the condom is made to offer reliable superior protection.

#9. Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms, Premium Lubricant, 36-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)

Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms, Primium Lubricant

  • By: Trojan Ultra-Thin Condoms
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Also coming from Trojan, this ultra-thin condom will offer maximum protection to you and your loved one. The premium-quality material is made of high-quality latex material. This material will not easily break when in use unlike most would. For this reason, these condoms can be relied upon to prevent unplanned pregnancies and offer protection from the sexually transmitted infections. And although contraceptives do not provide complete protection from the risk of disease, when used correctly, these high-quality condoms from Trojan can be relied on to reduce the chances of contracting STIs and getting unwanted pregnancy by a substantial percentage.

And just in case you are operating under a short budget, this amazing product comes at a pocket-friendly price that suits the pocket of almost every responsible individual. Besides, with just the weight of nine ounces, these condoms will not slow you down. For greater portability, the small pack will nicely fit in small pockets.

A single box comes with a count of 36 premium-quality latex condoms that will last for a while before the need to order for a new box emerges.

Extra features:

  • The commercial-grade lubrication material offers maximum protection and pleasure.
  • The reservoir has been perfectly tailored to offer maximum protection to the users.

#10. Atlas Premium Condom Ultra-Thin Condoms

Atlas Premium Condom Ultra Thin Condoms Bulk

  • By: Atlas Ultra-Thin Condoms

Although there may be a thousand models of ultra-thin condoms on the market, there will always be one model that leads the line regarding quality. And yes, after dedicating some hours in extensive research, we found this as the best ultra-thin condom that the market currently offers. The commercial-grade quality of the materials ensures maximum protection from all potential threats.

Besides, when it comes to quality, these condoms are made with the best-in-class materials that will not easily break. The outstanding materials bring reliability in terms of safety keeping the two lovers safe from the unexpected guest and all forms of infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Being ultra-thin condoms, they preserve the natural feeling of sex which builds the mutual affection between the parties for a closer relationship. Besides, the rubber material doesn’t smell unlike most condoms out there. With a full pack coming with 72 premium-quality condoms, you and your partner can now enjoy endless fun knowing that your safety is well catered for. For memorable pleasure, the condoms are well lubricated.

Extra features:

  • This ultra-thin condom is of reliable materials to offer maximum protection.
  • They are ultra-thin for maximum pleasure.

Factors to consider before you buy a condom:

The material: Some people are allergic to latex. It will not make sense to choose a condom that will protect you from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) when on the other triggering some allergic reactions to your body.

The lubrication: Lubrication plays a very vital role in not only enhancing the pleasure but also increasing the safety of the two partners. Ensure that the condom is well lubricated so that it doesn’t break when in the act exposing you to risks.

The size: The condom should neither be too large nor too tight. Make sure that you choose the size that best fits you.

Why you need an ultra-thin condom:

Safety: This is the primary reason that anyone using a condom would give. An ultra-thin condom will protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and other sexually transmitted infections.

More pleasure: Unlike the other condoms, ultra-thin condoms trigger greater stimulations and pleasure. This feature helps to add more fun to the parties when having the confidence that you are safe.

They are of better quality: The regular condoms may come with the latex smell which may spoil the entire thing. However, the case is different with the ultra-thin condoms since they do not smell.

Having reviewed some essential tips, it is time we delve into our today’s central business.

Final thoughts:

The fact is that ultra-thin condoms provide more natural feeling than the thicker condoms. Besides, they are made of premium-quality material that offers maximum strength for guaranteed safety. Unfortunately, not all the ultra-thin condoms are perfect for you hence the need to be smart when choosing the best one for you.

And since the choice you make is critical to your safety, we saw it necessary to provide a few suggestions of premium-quality ultra-thin condoms to make the selection work easier for you. Our standouts have been thoroughly examined and found to stand the test of safety. Therefore, the next time you find yourself in the market looking for one, be sure to prioritize one of these high-quality condoms.

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