Top 11 Best Wooden Back Scratchers in 2023 Reviews

The itchiness in any part of the body is always annoying and keeps the individual in an uncomfortable situation. It is easy to relive the irritation arising on hands, legs, and other accessible body parts. However, it is too difficult to relive irritation on back. Especially for elderly people and physically challenged individuals, this is a serious concern. Fortunately, there is a wonderful solution to this concern i.e. back scratchers. The discussion of the present article is centered on the wooden back scratchers.

Unlike back scratchers from other materials, the use of wood provides portability. You can easily carry and use these tools anywhere. Moreover, the reliable wooden back scratchers are highly durable and instantly relieve irritation. One of the best things about a back scratcher is they can extend to a great length. Furthermore, you can easily hang on a wall or store in a safe place when not in use. The market is filled with wooden back scratchers of diverse shapes and sizes. Go through the article below to know more on the best wooden back scratchers:


List of 11 Best Wooden Back Scratchers Review in 2023:

Key Feature To Consider for the best wooden back scratchers:

When deciding to buy the best wooden back scratchers, the below factors help you a lot:


All wooden back scratchers are famous for their long length. It is still essential to look at this specification before making a purchase. Many of these back scratchers facilitate adjustability of length. It is easy to extend the length according to the needs. This suggests that when are facing itchiness in your lower back, make sure to choose the one that can easily reach the lower back. Especially for tall persons, the extendable length feature is very important to consider.

The extendable length makes sure there will be no straining on your hands when reaching the lower back. Hence, to benefit from comfortable use, this feature is significant. The length of many wooden back scratchers is adjustable from 12-24 inches.


The shape determines how easily the tool helps to relieve the itchiness on the back. The typical shape of these back scratchers is like a paw or hand. Multiple claws are useful for scratching. You can look at the detailed specification to make sure the claws are not blunt. Generally, the number of claws varies from 3 to 6 and even more.

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Some wooden back scratchers come in a curved hook shape allowing you to focus more on the itchy spot. Moreover, some tools are designed in a shape resembling brushes that consist of multiple spikes. For quick relief from irritation, this shape is very effective.

Head of the scratcher:

The majority of the wooden back scratchers come in a palm-shaped head along with finger-like edges. This gives you a lifelike feel as if you are using your finger and palms. You may find scratchers with soft and rough heads that provide comfort during the use. Moreover, you can also find scratchers’ head designed like horse hooves and claws.

Extra features:

In addition to the above fundamental features, the additional features help you benefit the most. You can look for portability for outdoor use. Some back scratchers come with a roller attached. The regular end is useful for scratching whereas the other end can be used for massaging.

11. WLMALL Back Scratcher Wood Massager:

11. Waty Corgi Butt Dog Plush Pillow, Cute Animal Appearance

If you are in search of a lightweight yet well-made back scratcher, go for this tool. It is designed for indoors and outdoors. It provides excellent relief against itching on your back. The length is 17.5 inches and the width is 1.5 inches. The scratching arm is useful for the self-massaging session. Hence, this suggests that this back scratcher is a versatile tool. A hole is available to easily hang this tool.

The overall length seems long enough to reach hard-to-reach places of the back. There will be no damage to the skin unlike the metal back scratchers. The compact size helps you to store it in a car or a safe place.


  • Can reach the lower back
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Easy to hang on a wall

Why We Liked Wooden Back Scratchers?

The wood quality is excellent for the effective curing of itch. You can buy this tool to gift someone special.

10. 18in. Back Scratcher Bamboo w/ Massager Rollers:

10. 18in. Back Scratcher Bamboo Massager Rollers

When it comes to durability, this 18 inches back scratcher is very useful. It can easily reach difficult to reach spots on the back. Hence, you will get instant relief from itchiness feelings. You can use it at home, office, and travel. In addition to the back, you can use it on shoulders, neck, and legs. It feels very comfortable and the relief is long-lasting.

The design shows the curved fingers dedicated to providing effective relief. Hence, there is no need to apply excess pressure when rubbing on the back. Moreover, there is the inclusion of two twin rollers. These rollers are useful for the comfortable massaging experience.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Can reach hard to reach places
  • No need to apply more pressure

Why We Liked It?

It offers great flexibility to relive scratch without any side effect. The well-made construction ensures years of flawless use.

9. Portable Extendable Back Scratcher, 2 Pack:

9. Cute Funny Corgi Dog Butt Plush Pillows Soft Toys

This tool is a stainless steel back scratcher equipped with a telescopic handle. You can extend it up to 26.77 inches and retract down to 7.87 inches. Hence, it seems comfortable to reach your lower back for relieving the itchy feeling. The use of stainless steel makes sure this tool never rusts, breaks, or bends. Therefore, it suggests long-lasting use. The built-in handle is anti-slip and comes with soft rubber. It fits well in your hand.

Due to the compact size, you can easily carry it anywhere. Also, it is safe to store in a limited space. With this tool, no need to hold up your nails on your shirt.

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  • Extendable and retractable
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • No bending or breaking issues

Why We Liked Wooden Back Scratchers?

We admire its superb portability for comfortable use anywhere. It is convenient to carry it anywhere.

8. BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher:

8. RUTICH Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow

When it comes to instant itching relief in your back, this BambooWorx tool is very useful. It is made up of natural bamboo for durability. In addition to scratching, you can use it to massage your back. Hence, you will get a relaxing experience that reduces the impact of stress. With the help of balanced pressure, this tool massages all prickly spots.

There is the inclusion of a double-wheel massage roller. It helps for relieving back irritation and also works as a massaging tool. Moreover, this tool can also work as a shoe horn.


  • Travel-friendly design
  • Claws are sharp and sturdy
  • Relives each from lower back

Why We Liked It?

You get relief at the precise spots on your back. It is portable yet durable.

7. 100% Natural Mabiwasa Wood Back Massager:

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When you want to get a therapeutic massaging effect on the back, go for this tool. It is prepared from bamboo that provides durability and utmost relaxation. The length is 16.1 inches that are enough to relieve irritation on the whole back. Moreover, the use of premium wood makes this tool durable yet lightweight. The mabiwasa wood is finished with safe oil. The wooden pole does not break.

The wood texture makes gives a beautiful appearance. The curved shape perfectly fits well in hand. There are no sharp edges that make sure there is no injury to fingers.


  • No sharp edges
  • Beautiful design
  • Provides instant relief

Why We Liked It?

The polished wooden surface ensures protection against sharp edges. It feels comfortable to grab in hands.

6. RENOOK Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers:

6. RENOOK Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers

This RENOOK back scratcher is handcrafted from wood of bamboo trees. It feels comfortable to grab this tool in hands throughout the use. Moreover, the length is extendable to make sure this tool can reach difficult to reach spots on the back.

You can buy it to present as a beautiful gift to friends or family. Due to its long length, it can offer quick relief from irritation. In addition to back, you can use it on your head.


  • Quick relief to itchiness
  • Pure natural bamboo provides durability
  • Provides extendable reach

Why We Liked It?

This wooden back scratcher is suitable for pregnant ladies and elderly people. The relief is instant and precise.

5. RENOOK 17″ Wooden Back Scratcher, 2 Piece:

5. RENOOK 17 Back Scratcher, 2 Piece

When it feels difficult to reach the spots on your body where you feel irritation, this tool will help you. It comes with 17 inches of length allowing you to use this tool on the lower back. Moreover, the length is adjustable without any hassles. Due to the portable design, you can use it at home, office, travel, etc.

The use of natural bamboo and the wooden body offers effective itching relief. Furthermore, you can use this tool for massaging your back. The hand-crafted design boasts a beautiful appearance.


  • Adjustable length
  • Portable design
  • Suitable for hard-to-reach spots

Why We Liked It?

It instantly provides relief to itchy spots on the back and other body parts. Overall length is enough for cutting itch at hard to reach spots.

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4. Telescoping Back Scratchers for Adults Men Women:

4. Telescoping Back Scratchers for Adults Men Women

The long wooden handle in this back scratcher is very useful. It helps you to relieve itchiness from hard-to-reach spots on the back. Moreover, a strap is available to hang this tool anywhere. The construction is made from stainless steel and premium wood. Both of these materials make this too durable and sturdy. The use of 304 stainless steel makes this scratcher unit resistant to corrosion.

The shape of its wooden handle is square and it comes with an anti-slip design. It is comfortable to grasp in hands. The maximum length is 24 inches; hence, this tool is also suitable for tall people. Moreover, the claw comes with 15 teeth. These teeth are mild sharp and can cover a large space.


  • Comes with a long handle
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Includes comfortable grip

Why We Liked Wooden Back Scratchers?

It is easy to retract into a compact size and carry along. The overall length is long enough to get to the farthest portion of the body.

3. RENOOK 17in Wooden Back Scratcher, Pack of 6:

3. RENOOK 17in Back Scratcher, Pack of 6

Irrespective of the season, this 17-inch back scratcher provides quick relief to itchy spots. The sling of this tool is convenient to dangle on a wall, cabinet, or other places. The smooth edges make sure there is no injury to hands. Those individuals who need long reach for relieving itchiness this tool is a great choice.

When you require obtaining quick relief from itchiness, go for this tool. For elderly people and pregnant women, this tool is very beneficial.


  • Beautiful hand-crafted design
  • Provides instant relief
  • Easy to hang on a wall

Why We Liked It?

The finger-like design offers a comfortable rubbing experience. You can use it as a massager tool.

2. AKUNSZ 16.9″ Back Scratcher with Wood Handle:

2. AKUNSZ 16. Back Scratcher with Wood Handle

Both for men and women, this 16.9-inch long back scratcher is a useful tool. The use of bamboo makes it durable. No need to apply excess pressure when rubbing with this tool. Hence, it is easy to reach your back without feeling uncomfortable. The use of a solid wooden pole makes sure this tool does not break off. The polished wooden surface makes sure there is no injury to the hand.


  • Wooden texture for a beautiful look
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • Does no break off

Why We Liked Wooden Back Scratchers?

There are no worries about sharp edges. For elderly people and pregnant women, this tool is useful.

1. Playscene Wooden Back Scratchers 16″ (10 Pack):

1. Playscene Wooden Back Scratchers

All the 10 wooden back scratchers in this pack are comfortable to use. The length is 16 inches and solid wood makes it durable. Moreover, the natural wood finish gives elegant look. It becomes easy to scratch hard to reach spots. A string is tied at the bottom for easy hanging on the wall or cabinet. It does not feel uncomfortable in hands. Also, the fingers will not get injured.


  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy to hang and store
  • No sharp edges

Why We Liked It?

It comes without corners, so no worries about an injury. It is lightweight enough to use anywhere.

Concluding Note:

These wooden back scratchers provide a comfortable rubbing experience to relieve itchiness. You can use these tools for smooth massaging on the back.

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