Top 7 Best Wooden Bread Boxes Of 2023 Reviews

Growing up, one of my favorite moments was waking up to freshly baked goodies. It is a tradition that I passed on to my household as well. That is why today’s review will be about the best wooden bread boxes.

If you love to bake bread or are learning to, having the best wooden bread box will be essential. Some people view them to be old-fashioned, but they are still much preferred compared to plastic or metal ones.

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List Of Best Wooden Bread Box Reviews 2023:

7. Betwoo Natural Wooden Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage (Bamboo)

Betwoo Natural Wooden Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage (Bamboo)

By: Betwoo Wooden Bread Boxes

This wooden bread box from Betwoo is made from Phyllostachys pubescens. Phyllostachys pubescens is the other name for bamboo. This wooden bread box has a very user-friendly design. You will use a wooden knob to open the sliding door easily. Removing or putting in your baked goodies will be fast and smooth. Who would want to be frustrated whenever they reached out for a tasty treat?! Betwoo is definitely an excellent option.

The bread box even has a handle to make it convenient. I would recommend this purchase to anyone who is looking for a contemporary design. It also has a vintage twist to it, making it a great buy. Maintaining and cleaning the wooden bread box will also be effortless. The bread box is very popular because it is ergonomic in general.


  • The wooden bread box measures 6.29 H X 15.74 W X 10.26 D.
  • The bread box can fit quite a number of goodies.

6. Internet’s Best Bamboo Bread Box | Kitchen Food Storage Container | Wooden Bread Holder | Roll Top (Brown)

Internet’s Best Bamboo Bread Box | Kitchen Food Storage Container

By: Internet’s Best Wooden Bread Boxes

This is a very innovative space saving solution for your kitchen. Natural bamboo was used to make it, resulting in the durability of the bread box.This bread box will be useful for quite a long period of time.Your kitchen will remain as sleek as ever, for as long as you have it.The more you can

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I found the roll lid to be very eye-catching. Another advantage the lid has is that no extra space is needed when it’s opened. It has been constructed from plastic which is high quality. The entire bread box is sturdy and has been accented with a natural bamboo handle as well. The bread box weighs 3.75lbs, making it easy to move around.


  • The bread box’s interior dimensions are 14.25″ W x 8.5″ D x 6.5″H.
  • The interior dimensions are 15.3″ W x 11″ D x 7.5″H.

5. Lipper International 8846 Bamboo Rolltop Bread Box

Wooden Essential Oil Box w/ 6 10ml Cobalt Blue Rollon Bottles and 25 Pipettes

By: Lipper International Wooden Bread Boxes

When you buy this wooden bread box from Lipper International, you will get a nostalgic feeling from time to time. It is the kind of purchase that will give your kitchen a warm feel. The construction of the bread box results in a very classic look.

I would recommend this wooden bread box for large households. If you have a large family, you always want to make sure that you have enough. No one should miss out on baked treats, just because of insufficient space. Whether you will be making tons of bread, rolls or pastries, you will always have enough storage.

When it comes to food storage, you will always need to be keen on the storage areas that you place them. For the sake of your health, you can’t afford to have them contaminated. That is why we take that extra step to ensure great hygiene standards are met. You will only need mild soap and water to clean this wooden bread box. After you dry it thoroughly, it will be ready for use.


  • The wooden bread box consists of handcrafted natural material.
  • No paint or stain was used to make this bread box.

4. Mountain Woods Large Honey Oak Finish Wooden Bread Box & Storage Box w/ Rattan Accented Lid

Mountain Woods Large Honey Oak Finish Wooden Bread Box & Storage Box w/ Rattan Accented Lid

By: Mountain Woods

Mountain woods provides another solution, for individuals who want a vast counter top storage space.The bread box is made from hardwood and has a golden brown honey oak finish. You will always fall in love with this beauty, whenever you enter your kitchen.

The wooden bread box has a flip down lid which is magnetic. What stood out about the lid is how it is accented with rattan. Out of the bread boxes, we have gone through, it is the most unique. The hardwood used on it is popular throughout the world. Because of it’s made from plantation grown hardwood, the performance you get is outstanding.

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When it comes to being versatile and functional, it ranks very highly. This is a wooden bread box that will sustain you for the long run. One other feature which stood out to me was the shelf. The bread box has a shelf on top of the box. You may use the extra storage to place muffins and other smaller treats.


  • The bread box is well constructed.
  • The measurements of the box are 16″(long) by 10.5″(wide) by 9″(high).

3. Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

By: Cookbook People Wooden Bread Boxes

Some wooden bread boxes are considered to be antique pieces. This particular one from cookbook people can last long enough to be considered as one. Before being sold, it has undergone through vigorous testing.

The breadbox has been said to support the weight of a 130lbs person standing on it. How crazy is that!? Other tests reveal that the bread box can hold up to 30lbs of baked treats. While doing so, it was still able to function to perfection. It has been designed with a roll top, to enhance accessibility in tight places.


  • The purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • No composites or board were used in the construction of this bread box.

2. Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box

Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box

By: Mountain Woods Bread Boxes

Mountain woods always manufactures the finest gourmet kitchenware. This has been their trend for over half a century. Such expertise was used to make this wooden bread box. The quality you get is also as a result of the highly trained craftsmen and artisans who made it. The hardwood used in the bread box’s construction is from the largest acacia wood plantations in Asia. A highly functional and sustainable breadbox is what your purchase will get you.


  • The wooden bread box is extra-large in size.
  • The bread box measures 16″(L) by 10.5″(W) by 9″(H).

1. Lipper International 8847 Bamboo Bread Box with Tempered Glass Window, Wooden Bread Boxes Tan

Lipper International 8847 Bamboo Bread Box with Tempered Glass Window

By: Lipper International Wooden Bread Boxes

The Lipper international 8847 emerges as the best wooden bread box. One of the things I like about it is its clear acrylic top. This allows you to know the inventory of the baked goods placed inside. You won’t need to assume, you will be in the know all through. Besides that, the clear top will also provide visual stimulation.

The bread box is generous in size and can even hold two loaves of bread. By occasionally rubbing the wooden bread box with mineral oil, its appearance will be maintained. It will keep looking stunning throughout its usage.

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  • The bread box has dimensions of 15 1/2-inch by 9-1/2-inch by 9 3/4-inch.
  • Can be washed with mild soap and water.

What Is The best Wooden Bread Box?

The best wooden bread box is one which will keep your bread fresh. You will also be able to use to store other baked goods and retain their freshness as well.

Why Do I Need a Wooden Bread Box?

There are many advantages to having the best wooden breadbox:

Your bread will remain moist as from when you first baked it. No one wants to force dry bread on themselves.

The bread will not go stale. One of the advantages from this is that you won’t have to waste food.

Having the best wooden bread box is economical. You will be able to save for later, meaning you won’t have to spend money to get other foodstuffs immediately.

Wooden bread boxes tend to have a classic and attractive appeal to them. Getting one would definitely add more appeal to your countertop.

Tips for Choosing Wooden Bread Box

Before you decide to buy a wooden bread box, consider the following tips:

Aesthetic: you should buy a design that is appealing to you and will complement your décor.

Design: you should make sure that the design of the bread box is also functional. As much as you want one which is appealing, it should also be easy to use and efficient.

Size: get a wooden bread box that will have the capacity you require.All that will depend on how much-baked treats and bread you will be planning to store.


Out of the best wooden bread boxes above, one should definitely fit you. Once you get the right one for your kitchen, you will realize how beneficial they are. There is a difference between reading and actually getting to use the best wooden bread box. Your kitchen will end up being more organized and free from clutter. Aside from that, the best bread box will be an exceptional addition to your décor.

Getting a wooden bread box will definitely enhance your baking experience. In this review, we suggest that you get the Lipper International 8847 Bamboo Bread Box. It’s the best wooden bread box on the market since it offers enough space and is also made using a tough material. Something else, it also requires minimal maintenance since you can easily clean it using soap and water. This way, you won’t need to set much time to take care of it.

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