Top 15 Best Hanging Towel Racks Reviews in 2023

Organizing your belongings inside the bathroom to provide extra space for accessories and other bathroom items is a fantastic idea. A towel rack can help you with this because it can hold all of your towels in one spot. In this post, we’ll analyze the 15 finest hanging towel racks on the market to help you decide which one is right for you.


List of 15 Best Hanging Towel Racks Reviews in 2023:

15. Wallniture Set of 5 Rustic Home Décor Towel Rack


Iron 5-piece set with multiple uses
Get this set of 5 towel rack from Wallniture to add some more style to your bathroom. It has a total height of 27′′ when stacked, however each rack has a height of 6′′ and a width of 6.7′′. These wrought iron racks will last for years and will not stain or harm your towels because they are rust-proof.

Install it on your wall, and the purchase includes all necessary mounting hardware. Because of the design, you may also use it as a wine rack in addition to a towel rack. Having this at home can free up a lot of space in your bathroom, allowing you to add more items.

14. Kalalou CQ1024 Rustic Iron Hanging Towel Rack


Wall-mounted basket made of rustic iron
The dimensions of this 11.4 pound towel rack from Kalalou are 12.5′′ x 7.5′′ x 41′′. Hanging this on your bathroom wall, made of iron with a rustic vibe, can offer some charm.

Because it has a basket underneath those three racks, you can store three rolled towels as well as other items such as your scrub, toiletries, and more. It’s hanging, and you’ll need to mount it, which will require screws.

13. Ogrmar Stainless Steel Space-Saving Towel Rack


Multifunctional Retractable Stainless Steel
This Ogrmar stainless steel towel rack allows you to gather all of your towels in one place to save space and, of course, avoid misplacing them. When open, it measures 25.2′′ x 12.6′′ x 5.7′′, and when closed, it measures 17.9′′ x 4.72′′ x 5.7′′.

Installing this is not as difficult as you may imagine because it comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions that come with the product. This stainless steel object is rustproof, therefore your towels will be safe from rust stains. Simply wipe it down with a cloth to clean it. This can hold towels weighing up to 22 pounds.

12. OHIYO Wall Mounted Towel Holder


Aluminum bar towel rack that weighs 363 grams
Ohiyo’s swivel tower hanger is another unique form of wall-mounted hanging towel rack. You can hang your towels on three swivel oil-rubbed towel bars. It shines when you put it in your bathroom since it is oil rubbed, and the material used to build it is aluminum, so you can be assured that it is light, robust, and rust-proof.

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To separate towels and enable them to air and dry, spin the three bars up to 180 degrees. A fantastic towel organizer that takes up very little room when not in use. The towel rack comes with all of the necessary hardware for installation. You can contact their customer care if you have any problems with their merchandise.

11. mDesign Wall Mount Metal Wire Towel Storage Shelf


6 Tiers of Rust-Resistant Steel Wire
Because of its six layers, this mDesign product is one of our top hanging towel racks for this year. It can hold up to six towels. The product’s satin color will naturally fit into your bathroom design. This can be hung in your bathroom to help you organize your towels so they appear great, especially when you have visitors.

Because every purchase contains complete hardware, assembly takes only minutes. You can put it in your master bathroom, guest bathroom, or any other bathroom you desire. This item can store two different towel sizes: two of the racks can carry face towels or smaller towels, while the other four can hold the larger one. This component is made of rust-resistant steel wire that can withstand the bathroom environment.

10. mDesign Modern Decorative Metal 3-Level Wall Mount Towel Rack Holder


Rustproof 3 Tiers Made of Steel Wire
Another mDesign submission, but this time it’s their three-tier modern ornamental towel rack. Its dimensions are 5.3 inches by 6.5 inches by 17.5 inches, and it can accommodate three rolled towels. You can put it next to the mirror or on the back of the door; wherever you want to put it, go ahead.

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The package includes every tool you’ll need to install this holder, so all you have to do now is grab your screwdriver and get to work. This steel wire item is exceptionally long-lasting, so you can rest assured that purchasing it is a wise decision. This component is rustproof to prevent stains in your towels because it will hold towels. Cleaning this is simple; you do not need to remove it; simply wipe it with a damp towel.

9. mDesign Modern Metal Wire Wall Mount Towel Rack


Satin Color Rustproof Tools Included
The 6.3 inches x 6.6 inches x 17.8 inches can handle various towel sizes, according to mDesign. You can see a flat area where you can stack smaller types of towels for easy access after washing your face, or you can use this top storage for additional products and other items. You won’t just let it hang over there or elsewhere because the bottom greater curve style can hold two large towels.

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Rather than staring at the wall, why not make use of it by installing wall-mounted towel racks? You took use of an unused wall and saved some room by doing so. A cluttered bathroom is an eyesore, therefore this can help you with your organization issues. Steel wire is corrosion-resistant and simple to maintain.

8. mDesign Satin 3-Level Wall Mount Towel Rack Holder


Storage on three levels
3 x 6.5 x 17.5 inches
Included hardware
This mDesign 3-tier container helps you manage your bathroom towels. Isn’t it great to have a well-organized bathroom? Isn’t it fun to use? This towel rack can accommodate three towels, making it ideal for small families or couples. You can simply get the towel because of the open design.

What can you put on the walls besides wall decoration, right? However, with these racks, you can make the most of your space while also adding interest to your wall, because organization is beautiful.

7. SODUKU Towel Rack


Rust-resistant metal wire six-tier storage
Our new list comes from Sodoku, and it features a six-tier storage system that can be divided into two three-tier systems. If you don’t have enough room for a six-tier towel rack, you can split it in half and have two sets of three-tier towel racks.

This rust-resistant metal wire object will keep your towels from getting stained. Sodoku provides all of the necessary installation equipment, and you can contact their 24-hour customer care if you have any queries or issues with their product.

6. YUMORE Stainless Steel Hanging Towel Rack


Stainless steel, 100 pound capacity, 6 hooks
This stainless steel door hook by Yumore offers a novel way to hang your towels. Because the hooks are made of 304 stainless steel, you can rest assured that they will retain even a wet towel. We all know that wet towels are heavier, thus this hook can handle up to 110 pounds of towels.

This can be hung on the back of the door or on the bathroom walls. It is 16.92 inches by 8.26 inches and contains six separate hooks. You can also hang your dry clothing or other bathroom necessities here. If there is a problem with the product as a result of their error, you can contact their customer service and they will refund or replace it.

5. Premium Presents Bath Towel Rack in Bathroom


3 different racks
Nine-tiered storage
Steel construction
This 9 tier towel holder from Premium Presents is our sixth best hanging towel racks. If you think it’s too long or if you want to use it for multiple purposes, divide it into three portions.

It can carry seven large towels and one mini towel, and the top section can be used to store toiletries or other items. This one is great for large families because it has additional towel storage. This product is made of strong steel that is moisture resistant.

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4. Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack



3 tier storage in an over the door style
Franklin Brass offers a Satin Nickel Additional Over-The-Door towel rack. It comes in a Satin Nickel finish that effortlessly blends in with the bathroom’s color scheme, and it offers three-tier storage that can contain one or two more hanging towels. There are also two additional curve hooks on which you can hang your towels.
Having this in your bathroom can help your organizing concerns by storing or drying your towels. It will fit most doors that are 1.57 inches thick.

3. TQVAI Hooks Over The Door Hook Organizer Rack


9 hooks above the entrance
They say the more the merrier, and of course, the more hooks you have, the more towels you can hang. Ideal for large families who use a lot of towels. It’s difficult to just place the towel anywhere, so instead of misplacing it, you and your family can hook it in one location.

With a capacity of up to 36 pounds, the chrome-finished steel ensures that this is watertight and rustproof. With these qualities, you can rest assured that your towels will stay dry while being hung.

2. mDesign Chrome 6 Compartments, Shelves for Bathroom Towels



6 Tier Compartment in Chrome
Steel Wire Construction
Install these mDesign Chrome-finished towel racks to start decluttering your bathroom. Because it is made of steel wire, you can rest assured that it will withstand the bathroom climate and will not rust your towels.

It has six sections in which you may store four rolled body towels and two rolled mini towels. It may be placed anyplace in your bathroom because it just measures 6.5 inches by 4.75 inches by 34 inches.

1. Household Essentials H12001Behind the Door Clothing and Towel Rack


Swivel 4 parallel bars behind the door
The H12001 from Household Essentials is our top pick. The rotatable towel rack is located behind the door. Because it can be installed vertically at the back of the door, it takes up less room than other hanging towel racks on the market.

You may use this to not only organize your towels, but also to dry them. This towel holder makes advantage of the space behind your back door.


We have a lot of submissions from mDesign, but Household Essentials has the greatest hanging towel racks for 2023. However, rest assured that all of the hanging towel racks we’ve researched are of the highest quality available.

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