10 Things You Should Have While Camping

Camping is a great activity which helps one relax and bond with nature. Although camping can be awesome as a family get-away event, you have to be equipped with some essential items which make life comfortable during the entire camping period. Given the anxiety that precedes any camping escapade, forgetting some basic items is quite a common thing. And yes, lack of some of these requirements can make the camping period unbearable.

So, what are the 10 things you should have while camping? In this article, we shall explain some of these basic requirements and also give you reasons why they should never be forgotten.

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List Of 10 Things You Should Have While Camping:

#1 Solar-powered batteries

Solar-powered batteries

First on our list is a Solar-powered battery. Of course, someone would wonder why they need it and not an electrical-powered one. We don’t, in any way, suggest that you shouldn’t carry battery-powered batteries. In fact, a solar-powered battery would only be ideal where there’s sun since it’s the source of power. The major reason why we suggest you have a solar-powered battery is that their source of energy is easily accessible even in the wild. It might be difficult for you to access the other sources of energy but as long as there’s sun, your solar batteries will be juiced up easily.

You can carry them alongside other sources of power. But they shouldn’t be absent since they can be the last resort just in case all the other options fail. And, of course, you can use them for various activities like powering up your gadgets or even lighting. So, the next time you plan to go to a camp, be sure to include a solar-powered battery in the things you need to take with you.

#2 Flashlight with extra batteries:

Flashlight with extra batteries

Flashlights are also a necessity for any camper. Of course, no one goes camping within the city, is there? So, lighting might be a luxury when you’re a camp. That’s why having a flashlight gives you an advantage over those without. Flashlights have a plethora of uses for campers. For instance, even a simple task like tracing basic items from your backpack at night requires a flashlight. Again, darkness may appear before you get to the required destination, so you will need to use a flashlight to traverse those uneven terrains and rocky surface.

The reason why we have included the statement “extra batteries” is that you might need to replace the ones already being used. Of course, batteries are bound to run out of juice which can be quite an inconvenience. So, if you have an extra supply of batteries, you won’t have to worry. And, most of these batteries are not rechargeable, so once they run out of energy, you have to discard them. So, always ensure you have extra batteries to use with your flashlight whenever the need arises.

#3 Insect repellent:

Insect repellent

From my own experience, insects can be quite a nuisance when while camping. Of course, mosquitoes are not the only insects you’ll be worrying about. Other insects also attack in full force, and it’s always a battlefield. So, to win the war, you’ll be required to have an insect repellent. And, we have those versatile brands which can be used to handle all insects. At the same time, we have selective brands which work on a specific type of insects. So, when you’re buying insect repellents, I suggest you either pick the general ones or make sure you have enough supply for each type of insects.

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It’s always good to do some research on the type of insects you will be encountering at any given camping site. Mosquitoes are common, but some regions are known for other insects like tsetse flies and termites. So, do some research before the due day so that you don’t end up being disappointed. Of course, these repellents come in different forms. Some will need to be lit while others are in a spray form. Either way, just ensure you have them to avoid inconveniences.

#4 Trash bags:

Trash bags

You will be having waste and trash while camping. Of course, we have to take care of our environment. And, what’s the essence of camping? For most people, camping is a way of bonding with nature and getting the therapeutic effects that nature has to offer. So, harming the environment wouldn’t be in the best interest of any camper. That’s why you need to have a trash bag or trash bags. This way, you will have somewhere to throw waste after use.

Where does waste come from while camping? Perhaps this is a question you might be having. Well, most of the items we have listed here, including these trash can, are wrapped. So, the wrappings need to be disposed of. Again, foodstuff and other wastes also need to be disposed of safely so that the environment isn’t harmed. With all these wastes, a trash can is a must-have. So, the next time you plan on going for camp, ensure you have somewhere to dump the waste and trash.

#5 Water and extra food:

Water and extra food

Unless you’re going on a fasting mission, you need to have an adequate supply of water and food. Of course, after a day of walking around and interacting with nature, a good meal and enough supply of water is a necessity. Commonly, most camping sites won’t have easy access to food and water. Not everyone can survive on wild foods and water. So, it’s a good idea to carry packed food. Sometimes, people might also want to cook food while camping. That’s not a bad idea, but at least you need to carry that raw food.

So, when planning to go for a camping mission, ensure you get enough food and water for you and your family. This way, you won’t be having issues of food shortages. When camping with family, you need to be very careful when selecting the food to carry along. This is because some of the family members might have sensitivities and allergy so be sure to get the food they require. With enough water and food, everything is bound to get smoothly as planned.

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#6 Warm outerwear and gloves:

Warm outerwear and gloves

Most of the time, we go to cold places where temperatures won’t be in our favor. So, it’s good to be equipped with warm outerwear and nice gloves. Mostly, temperatures at night are bound to drop. In fact, you won’t just need gloves and warm outerwear during the winter season. Night temperatures might not be pleasant so you will be required to dress warmly to avoid getting sick. Not all gloves are ideal for camping. You need to consider the general nature of the place you’re going to visit. For instance, if you’re visiting a place with high humidity or on a rainy season, waterproof gloves would be ideal.

What are these warm outwears? Well, the options are limitless. From warm coats to scarfs and warm socks, the options are endless. Ensure you have them all including headgear to ensure that you stay warm and toasty even when temperatures drop. With the right outfit, the entire camping season will be enjoyable.

#7 Take the camera:

Take the camera

There’re various camping moments you never want to forget. Of course, some details are bound to leave your mind with time. That’s why you need to take a camera with you. A camera is crucial since you will record those unforgettable moments for future references. Mostly, people don’t visit similar places for camping. Imagine having left your country to visit a foreign country for a camping session. Chances of going there would be narrow. So, recording the moments gives them a longer life.

So, for the memories, you will need to have a camera. The recording will also be good for you to show your family and friends what you experienced and perhaps motivate them also to want to visit the same places. So, ensure you take a camera along with you when going for camp. Recently, phones can also play a similar role. So, you can choose to use your phone’s camera in case you don’t have an actual camera.

If you have a professional photographer to handle the camera, that would be an added advantage for you. However, in the absence of a photographer, you could use tripod stands so that there won’t be one person who always misses the camera since they’re the ones taking the photos.

#8 Matchboxes or lighters:

Matchboxes or lighter

Lighting is a necessary task when one is camping. There are so many things which require burning or lighting. You may want to roast some bush meat after hunting. Or perhaps you might want to light up candles to spice up the occasion just in case you went with your partner for a romantic experience. Either way, you will need to have a lighter or a matchbox. And, for those who carry raw foods and need to cook them. You will also require lighters or matchboxes.

So, a lighter is as basic as any other item on this list. I mean, the instances where one might require fire or light are diverse. Sometimes, you never know when the need shall arise. So, it’s only safe that you have a source of fire whenever the need arises. Of course, it’s always good to have an item and not need to use it than fail to have it then its need arises.

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#9 First-aid kit:

First-aid kits

One can never tell when they will scratch their arm while plucking some twigs or when they will knock over a rock and get a bruise. So, a first aid kit is a basic requirement for anyone going for camping. Again, injuries happen all the time since one is in the wild so the need for a first aid kit can never be underestimated. So, when going camping, have a first aid kit.

Also, let’s not forget there’re termites in the wild, so you have to be prepared for some bites. There’s also the issue of perhaps being bitten by some wild creatures and the need for urgent medication arises. No matter how unlikely some of these events are, we should always be prepared just in case they happen. You could even hurt your arm while trying to pitch a tent. Or, one could even hurt their finger while slicing some food with a knife. So, just be prepared at all times than finding yourself between a rock and a hard place. The first aid kit also has to be fully equipped with all the necessary medication and tools.

#10 Sturdy footwear:

Sturdy footwear

Just like you can’t put on your gumboots to work, you cannot use heeled shoes for camping or hiking, can you? So, camping requires camping shoes. Of course, you won’t be waling over tarmacked surfaces, so the shoes need to be adequately threaded. Also, they need to be designed for tough uses since the environment you’ll be walking over isn’t that pleasant.

We all know how camping shoes look like. And, the options available on the market are quite many. So, when planning to go camping, get the right footwear. They need to be tough and sturdy. If you put on some of those cheap knockoffs, then you can be sure you won’t enjoy the experience. You will need shoes which can stand tough usage like walking over rocks, stepping on sharp objects and being constantly scratched.


Camping is a great experience. If you’re one of those people who loves camping but are not thrilled by the idea of sleeping on the hard floor and taking small food portions just to survive, then you need to have this list of the 10 best items required for camping. Our list doesn’t give all the items but only highlights the basic ones. If you’re planning to go for camp, ensure you have all of these items and you will definitely have a great experience. And, there’re more items which you will need such as tents and sleeping bags.

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