Top 12 Best 5-Person Tents in 2023 Reviews

Did you know you can make your camping experience more exciting? The commonly used accessory is a 5-Person Tent tent which comes in various shapes and sizes. For a family or a group of friends with around five people, we have the best 5 person tent that has excellent features as follows:


List of Best 5-Person Tent Reviews in 2023:

#12. SEMOO Lightweight 5-Person Tent D-Style Door Tent

SEMOO Lightweight 5 Person D-Style Door Tent

  • By: SEMOO 5-Person Tents

The Semoo tent is excellent for offering a spacious interior to fit numerous people. SEMOO 5-Person Tent is made using a lightweight material that allows simple storage and setup. The d-style door tent provides a safe entry and exit while adding beauty to the overall look.

With a high-quality vestibule height measuring 6 feet, you can walk around the inside without worry of too much bending resulting in comfortable use. Featuring a gear loft with large pockets and a lantern hook, help to keep your items organized and free from knockdowns. This product boasts of a hooped fly frame to cover the interior from rain and wet conditions to keep you dry.

Why go for this item:
  • Easy to install
  • Longlasting material
  • Protects against rain and wind.

#11. NTK INDY Best 5-Person Tent With Micro Mosquito Mesh.

NTK INDY Best 5 Person Tent With Micro Mosquito Mesh.

  • By: NTK 5-Person Tents

The NTK 5-Person Tent is suitable for allowing ideal personalizing with the sturdy zipped stuff bag consisting of an ID label for a better camping experience. With a unique floor bathtub-style construction and use of fire retardant fabric, it ensures you are free from wet and fire problems to enhance safety.

You can have the soundest of, especially at night because this product has a polyester micro-mesh material to keep you safe from bugs and mosquitoes. Additionally, this mesh allows adequate fresh air to seep in while letting the stuffy air outside. Taking down and setting up only takes a few minutes due to its freestanding structure to protect from wind, rain, and heat.

Why go for this item:
  • Provide anti-fungal protection
  • Prevents leaks
  • Strong and durable construction.

#10. NTK Colorado 5-6 Person Waterproof Tent Coverage

NTK Colorado 5-6 Person Waterproof Tent Coverage

  • By: NTK 5-Person Tents

Some units in the market have intricate designs that make it hard to have a quick setup. The one above comes with a modern construction using the pin-and-ring technology to ensure takedown and installation is a breeze. 5-Person Tent features a large double door with 2-way zipper and a full floor area to provide optimal comfort for multiple persons.

Thanks to a UV protected rainfly it offers complete coverage to enhance dry operation. Also, this accessory has a heat-seamed thermoplastic seal to offer enough water-tightness and premium service even in continuous use. Unlike other tents with low-quality poles, this one has fiberglass stakes that provide more flexibility and strength no matter the extreme weather conditions.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Keeps you dry
  • Maximum breathability
  • Provides strong service.

#9. Wenzel Pine Ridge 5-Person Tent 2 Room Family Tent

Wenzel Pine Ridge 2 Room Family Tent

  • By: Wenzel 5-Person Tents

Wenzel is renown for its durable products including this tent that offers premium service. Wenzel 5-Person Tent is made with a heavy-duty polyester that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Also, this fabric is simple to clean without the use of expensive cleaning solutions. The bold green finish, you can look even stylish in all your outdoor activities.

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This color looks good in most outdoor scenes making you stand out from the rest. Featuring two mesh doors, one mesh roof and a large mesh window, no more worries of stuffiness because they work together to provide adequate airflow inside the tent. This item comes with a hanging divider curtain to allow you to make it a two-room tent for added privacy.

Why you should get one:
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Personalized camping
  • Strong divider curtain.

#8. SEMOO Lightweight Family Tent For Outdoor Activities

SEMOO Lightweight Family Tent For Outdoor Activities

  • By: SEMOO 5-Person Tents

Packing all your camping gear in one place is a possibility with this Semoo tent. 5-Person Tent comes with a carry bag that is strong enough to hold the tent promoting simple transport from one place to the other. This item has a versatile construction to allow use for hiking, camping, and outdoor leisure activities.

SEMOO 5-Person Tents has a hooped fly frame which is removable to protect against rain and extreme sunlight. The purpose of shock-corded fiberglass poles guarantees a safe and smooth setup without the need of hiring an installation expert. This saves you time and money making it a pocket-friendly camping accessory. With a unique 2-door structure, multiple people can go in and out without blocking each other way, unlike a single-door style.

Why you should get one:
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile construction
  • Protects against rain and wind.

#7. Wenzel Pine Ridge Best 5-Person Tent

Wenzel Pine Ridge Best 5 Person Tent

  • By: Wenzel 5-Person Tents

Wenzel tent is best for use in most terrains. It has a large surface that is strong enough to reduce the strains caused by hard grounds. The spacious, roomy interior is perfect for fitting up to five people and still leaving enough space to accommodate other things such as camping gear and air mattress.

With a premium polyester construction no more doubts about your unit’s longevity. Another thing is the included mesh window, doors and roof to provide ideal cross breeze while keeping you comfortable throughout your stay. It is more than easy to customize your tent’s interior design with the large hanging curtain divider measuring 10 x 5 x 8 feet (W x H x D).

Extra reasons why I picked Best 5-Person Tents:
  • Ideal cross breeze
  • Easy to use
  • Wind and rain protection.

#6. Le Papillon 5-Person Tent

Le Papillon Tent For Backpacking And Camping

  • By: Le Papillon 5-Person Tents

This Le Papillon tent lets you roll up the doors to allow a comfortable and cool camping experience. The included carry bag is large enough to accommodate your tent comfortably. This gives you have a safe transport and storage form one place to the other using minimal storage space. With a price of around $30, it comes with excellent features that promote a comfortable stay.

Thanks to a double-layer polyester construction, it provides the highest water-resistant to keep you dry in those rainy days. Additionally, the vast interior with a size of 94.5 x 94.5 x 47.24 inches allows enough space to fit a maximum of 5 people comfortably.  5-Person Tent ha well-stitched rain fly with a dual-zipper vestibule that can act as an awning during setup to increase ventilation.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 5-Person Tents:
  • Inexpensive
  • Increased airflow
  • Strong stitching.
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#5. World Famous 5-Person Tent For Sports And Camping

World Famous 5-Person Tent For Sports And Camping

By: World Famous Sports 5-Person Tents

Unlike other tents that have low height design, this one boasts of a considerable standing height with a size of 6.5 feet to ensure a comfortable move around inside the tent. 5-Person Tent comes with premium tent stakes made of shock-corded fiberglass to easily withstand the unit’s weight and harsh weather conditions. Setting up and take down is a smooth process due to speed-clip construction.

Just clip the conjoining parts and finish your installation within minutes. Another feature is a large entryway that ensures the tent’s interior room is free from stuffiness and sweat while providing maximum airflow. 5-Person Tent comes with a secure storage bag that can be used to store camping utilities to make the area more organized and eye appealing

reasons I picked Best 5-Person Tents:
  • Large entryway for simple entry/exit
  • Modern speed-clip assembly
  • Maximum airflow.

#4. Coleman Dome Durable 5-Person Tent

Coleman Dome Durable Tent With Integrated Rainfly

  • By: Coleman 5-Person Tents

Coleman lets you carry large camping accessories to add more experience to your camping stay. 5-Person Tent boasts of an extensive interior that can fit two queen airbeds and still leave room for multiple people to use. With a unique design featuring pre-assembled poles, you get a fast and smooth setup within a minute. No need to seek for another pair of hands for installation assistance.

This product uses a weatherTec system and patented welded floor surface to safeguard you from water seeping in. The inverted seams also offer enough durability and weather -resistant service. Another feature is a reflective guy line to add better night visibility to locate your tent’s location. You can get maximum weather protection with the strong inbuilt rainfly also offering a safe shelter against extreme sunlight.

reasons I picked Best 5-Person Tents:
  • Quick airflow entry
  • Roomy storage pockets
  • Ideal night visibility.

#3. Wenzel Dome Large Interior 5-Person Tent

Wenzel Dome Large Interior 5 Person Tent

  • By: Wenzel 5-Person Tents

Some tents don’t safeguard the occupants from extreme weather conditions. This one is suitable for providing great ventilation inside and outside the unit because of its rear and side mesh. The mesh also adds elegance to the overall design. This accessory is perfect for up to five people to fit in together with their camping utilities. 5-Person Tent is made with strong fabric that can withstand even the harshest climatic conditions.

This material ensures you have a simple cleanup and maintenance. Additionally, the rainfly is detachable featuring a 600-mm water-resistant seam tape to keep you dry in all seasons. You can move around inside the tent comfortably without any discomforts because it has a large floor surface measuring 80 square feet. The storage bag allows easy storage and transport of the shelter.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Straightforward maintenance.

#2. Suisse Sport Dome-Style Yosemite 5-Person Tent

Suisse Sport Dome-Style Yosemite Tent

  • By: Suisse Sport 5-Person Tents

Yosemite tent has a sleek structure that keeps you in style even in the outdoors. 5-Person Tent is strong enough to allow continuous use and extreme conditions. The included divider splits are removable to allow you to have a two-room design. This ensures enough privacy among the people inside the tent. Also, it features a sizeable double D door to guarantee safe entry and exit.

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This door is wide enough to allow large entry of camping gear. Moreover, the sturdy mesh ceiling and three zippered windows are perfect components to provide ideal airflow. This will give you a restful stay no matter the temperatures outside. There’s no need to buy the expensive detergent to clean this product. You only require warm soapy water to remove dirt buildup. A weight of around 14 pounds is perfect for enhancing simple use and transport.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Simple entry/exit
  • Personalized tent design
  • Lightweight.

#1. Coleman Dome Best 5-Person Tent For Camping

Coleman Dome Best 5 Person Tent For Camping

  • By: Coleman 5-Person Tents

Coleman is among the top manufacturers of camping gear including the above unit. 5-Person Tent is best for accommodating more than five people at once while still leaving enough interior room. The unused space can accommodate camping utilities such as a lantern, air mattress, clothing, and many accessories. With a sizeable D-style front door, you can go in and out comfortably.

Thanks to a durable construction made of coated polyester wall fabric shield and rainfly safeguard against heavy rains. The durable 1000D polyethylene bathtub floor provides additional durability and safe performance. This tent has welded leak-proof seams in the corners prevent water from seeping in. Featuring a factory-sealed rainfly, you get complete coverage from extreme heat plus longlasting service. Coleman 5-Person Tent has a nice-looking finish that adds extra aesthetics in most outdoor scenes.

reasons I picked Best 5-Person Tents:
  • Allows simple setup and takedown
  • Protects against wind and rain
  • Large interior room.

Buying Guide For The Best 5-Person Tent:

When you want a tent that can accommodate multiple persons at the same time, there are things to consider. We have focused on the most critical factors to help you pick your ideal unit.


The rainfly is commonly used to protect against rain and even extreme sunlight. Some tents lack this feature which results typically to wet shoes and camping gears left near the doorway. If relaxing outside after a long trip, this feature is perfect for allowing you to have a lovely mother nature viewing.


Another thing is the amount you pay to purchase the tent. Check to see if some products come with additional camping accessories. Also, ensure you compare the prices with different vendors to get the best rating. Note that the higher the rate does not mean the best performance. There are cheaper tents which provide excellent service.


Lastly, the configuration will determine if it will require multiple people to complete it. If it comes in a modern design, one person can install it with ease. Plus the additional time you can use it for other camping activities.


Make your camping experience more exciting and relaxing with the use of a tent. You together with your friends can use a single canopy that has a spacious interior. If you want the best 5 person tent with additional space and ample storage places, look no further. Read through the above list and make a correct decision when purchasing without second-guessing.

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