Top 13 Best 8-Person Tents in 2023 Reviews

Outdoor activities are quite exciting for most people especially if they have reliable camping gear. A tent is the main accessory that provides numerous benefits. For example, it protects against heavy rains and winds while providing a safe resting place. In this review, we have the top 13 best 8 person tent in 2023.


List Of Best 8-Person Tent Reviews:

#13. Ozark Trail Durable 8-Person Tents

Ozark Trail Durable 8-Person Dome Tent

  • By: Ozark Trail 8-Person Tents

Ozark canopy is perfect for accommodating multiple people at the same time. Ozark Trail 8-Person Tent boasts of a large-sized interior measuring 16′ x 8′ x 6’2″ and a 115 square feet height for comfortable standing position. The ample space can fit two queens sized air mattress to promote exciting and relaxing outdoor experience. You can have adequate ventilation without the worry of discomforts due to the five reliable windows. This unit has a dome-shape to add more attractiveness to its environment.

Why go for this item:

  • Easy access to the tent
  • Ideal ventilation
  • Simple to set up.[/su_spoiler]

#12. Columbia Red/Grey Best 8-Person Tent

Columbia Red/Grey Best 8 Person Tent

  • By: Columbia 8-Person Tents

Columbia is best for use for all three seasons. Columbia 8-Person Tent is made with premium Omni-shield material to give you a lightweight performance even when soaking wet. Don’t worry about bulkiness which some canopies have after a wash or rainy season. Thanks to an advanced repellency mechanism, it creates a stain and water barrier to offer maximum protection from harmful elements. This technology makes the fabric more resistant to liquids as compared to the untreated materials to keep you dry all through.

Why go for this item:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight even when soaked.[/su_spoiler]

#11. Coleman Evanston Valiflo And WeatherTec System 8-person tent

Coleman Evanston Valiflo And WeatherTec System 8-person tent

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

We love this tent because it keeps you dry even in wet conditions. Coleman 8-Person Tent boasts of a WeatherTec system that safeguards from water issues like rain and extreme humidity. The electrical access port comes in handy for connecting your devices in case you need a charge or boost. This unit consists of a dome-style deign and large wings to add more convenience in your outdoor experience. For added privacy and safety. The sizeable hinged door ensures you lock it when inside or outside.

Why go for this item:

  • Provides additional privacy
  • Easy to use electrical access port
  • Offers a dry experience.[/su_spoiler]

#10. Coleman Flatwoods II 8-Person Tent

Coleman Flatwoods Leak-Free 8-Person Dome Tent


  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

Coleman tent is suitable for holding multiple people with maximum comfort. Coleman 8-Person Tent features a tent size that has a 6ft height for better standing position. No need to squat or regularly bend every time you are inside the unit. The protected zipper has a secure storm flap to provide the highest durability. Also, the zipper is well stitched and adds a dash of beauty to the overall design. Thanks to the fully taped seams and an inverted configuration, it offers a leak-free operation to keep you dry. The included frame can withstand up to 35+ Mph winds to allow a steady performance.

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Why go for this item:

  • Durable storm flap
  • Leak-free seams
  • Safeguards against extreme winds.[/su_spoiler]

#9. CORE 8-Person Tent With Electrical Cord Port

CORE 9P Instant Tent With Electrical Cord Port

  • By: CORE 8-Person Tents

The above tent has a simple structure which is excellent for instant one-minute setup. With a robust adjustable ground vent, you get ideal ventilation even in hot days. The included electrical cord port offers easy electrical access, and also it’s closable when not in operation. Now you can stay connected with your friends while in the wild. CORE 8-Person Tent comes with a large carry bag to hold and transport your camping essentials. Another feature is the blend of light and dark grey color that provides simple maintenance and cleanup. The rainfly is green in color and guarantees a rain-proof service.

Why go for this item:

  • Beautiful design for added aesthetics
  • Simple electrical access
  • Durable.[/su_spoiler]

#8. Coleman 8-Person Tent With Integrated Closet

Coleman 8-Person Tent With Integrated Closet

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

Most tents have different and similar features. The one above has a unique functionality that makes it perfect for extra service. Coleman 8-Person Tent has a firmly integrated closet with shelves plus a hanger bar to enhance a clean and organized appearance. You can safely keep all your gears and have straightforward access. Additionally, the fast-pitch style guarantees an under 10-minute installation without the use of expert skills. With a large interior that comes with a room divider, you can achieve better privacy to do all your camping tasks like reading and lounging. Measuring 13 x 9 feet and a 6’8” center height, it adds more comfort and ease of use.

Why go for this item:

  • Simple doorway access
  • Roomy design
  • Organized camping gear.[/su_spoiler]

#7. Coleman Best 8-Person Tent For Large Family

Coleman Best 8 Person Tent For Large Family

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

The above accessory is quite spacious to accommodate a large family comfortably. Coleman 8-Person Tent has a dimension of 14 ft. x 10 ft. to accommodate four queen-size airbeds plus more utilities for added convenience. The poly guard double-thick material withstands the extremity of outdoor activities, resulting in safe, secure and extended use.

With pre-attached tent poles, you get a simple under one-minute setup, thus saves time. Also, it uses an advanced WeatherTec mechanism including a tub floor with durable covered zippers and protected seams, to keep water out. The well-made rainfly provides additional weather protection. Keep all your camping utilities safely in the large storage pockets.

Why go for this item:

  • Provides ideal movement
  • Withstands harshest weather conditions
  • Water-resistant.[/su_spoiler]

#6. Coleman Dome Tent With Screened-In Porch

Coleman Dome Tent With Screened-In Porch

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

Coleman tent provides not only an aesthetic but also a functional service. Coleman 8-Person Tent is made using high-quality Polyester that stretches enough to allow easy installation. This fabric is simple to clean and maintain. Just use warm soapy water and wash it for best results. With a separate screened room, it protects you against small insects and bugs to promote a relaxing stay. No need to purchase the expensive bug sprays every time you are out camping.

This item comes with patented welded floors that encourage natural ventilation inside the tent. For extra breathability, the included inverted seams and entryway do not disappoint. Extreme heat and rainy conditions should not deter you from viewing the outdoor scene because of the rainfly.

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Why go for this item:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fantastic design
  • Protects from wet conditions.[/su_spoiler]

#5. Wenzel 8-Person Tent Weather-Repellent Klondike Tent

 Wenzel 8 Person Weather-Repellent Klondike Tent

  • By: Wenzel 8-Person Tents

Wenzel is suitable for use in both mild and extreme weather conditions. Wenzel 8-Person Tent features a strong rainfly to protect against rain and keep shoes dry. No need to lock all your camping gear inside because of rainy conditions. With a screen room attachment, it can act as an extra sleeping room or a sunroom. The occupants can have some sense of privacy to enhance their camping experience.

The double-staked corners quickly add stability for smooth operation. 8-Person Tent is constructed using polyethylene coating and weather-repellent polyester to keep you dry in all seasons. For ideal ventilation and sweat-free operation, the full mesh room allows smooth airflow inside and outside the tent. Additionally, it has a lightweight design for simple setup and takedown.

Why go for this item:

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile construction
  • Weather-resistant.[/su_spoiler]

#4. Coleman Wide 8-Person Tent With Inverted Seams

Coleman Wide 8 Person Tent With Inverted Seams

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

The above product prevents you from continually bending or squatting to perform your tent activities. Coleman 8-Person Tent measures 14 x 10 feet and has a 6-foot 7-inch center height ideal for most people to walk around inside the tent comfortably. The floor surface is large enough to accommodate two queen size airbeds and up to eight people for added convenience. Also, there is still enough space left for robust other comping utilities including a lantern, clothes plus more.

Thanks to a superior construction made of rugged extra thick material, it promotes durability and harsh weather resistance. The setup is quite natural for a single person to complete. Simply follow the included 3-step instructions for best installation results.

Why go for this item:

  • Ideal center height
  • Longlasting material
  • Spacious.[/su_spoiler]

#3. Coleman Elite Montana With Hinged Door 8-Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana With Hinged Door 8-Person Tent

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

The above accessory is best for enhancing ideal night viewability. Coleman 8-Person Tent has a beautiful bold blue finish that quickly adds more beauty to its environment and is more eye-appealing. What makes this unit stand out from the rest, is its LED tent light. This light comes in three settings including high, low and nightlight to give you better viewability at night.

The Polyester 75D flysheet offers better durability than other fabrics to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can use your tent in an extended period and in an environment not minding about fast wear and tear. Another feature to look at is the big hinged door that is sturdily built to guarantee a smooth entry and exit. Including color-coded poles and sleeves, promote simple installation.

Why go for this item:

  • Color-coded sleeves for simple setup
  • Fantastic design
  • Bright LED tent light.[/su_spoiler]

#2. Coleman Montana Black 8-Person Tents

Coleman Montana Black 8 Person Tent

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

This Coleman tent has a lovely black shade that looks goods and is easy to maintain. Just wipe off the surface using a damp cloth to achieve a clean and polished look. The large interior room can fit up to a maximum of eight people and other camping essentials. No need to leave the basic utilities such as queen-size airbeds, lanterns and more because of space.

Coleman 8-Person Tent comes with an extended awning at the door to ensure all your gear and shoes stay dry. This canopy boasts of a hinged door that protects you from intruders and unwanted animals such as squirrels. You can stand upright inside the tent because it has an ideal height of more than 6 feet. This is excellent to allow easy moving around inside the canopy.

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Why go for this item:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple transportation
  • Keeps camping gear dry.[/su_spoiler]

#1. Coleman Best 8-Person Tent With Room Dividers

Coleman Best 8 Person Tent With Room Dividers

  • By: Coleman 8-Person Tents

We love this Coleman tent because it offers a strong performance by using advanced features. With a large interior room, multiple people can sleep and walk around comfortably. The center height with a large floor surface adds more convenience to promote a relaxing stay. It comes with separate bags to allow smooth storage of tent, stakes and other camping gear.

The included tent dividers offer a sense of privacy for the tent occupants. Coleman 8-Person Tent can create three large separate rooms for better organization. Moreover, the use of a WeatherTec system featuring patented welded floors plus inverted seams offer a dry service no matter the weather condition. The modern dome-shape design not only looks goods but ensures you have a simple setup. Just follow the instructions and connect each part easily.

Why go for this item:

  • Simple storage
  • Longlasting and steady
  • Protects against strong winds.[/su_spoiler]

Tips on how to set up your tent with ease:

The many designs of tents can make it quite hard for someone without the skills to set up. That’s why we have the simplest method to ensure a fast installation.

Find a suitable area:

Finding your ideal space, you need to choose one that is free of rocks, branches, debris and is flat. Unpack the tent and place the other utilities close by. Always double-check to see if you have all the necessary parts.

Placing the body tent:

Place the tent body directly on the ground surface or on a tent sheet/tarp if you have one. The next step is to line up or angle the door in the direction that fits your needs. Then fix poles by attaching each corresponding segment for each pole stake. Take the first pole and insert it into the long sleeves all the way through. Afterward, connect to the tent body each pole end.

Using pin or peg attachment:

The type of tent will vary. For one that has a metal pin, use it to attach to the pole. Now repeat the pole attachment process like before to the other sleeve. Carefully raise your tent by pulling it towards your unit. Once the pole bottom reaches the tent bottom, attach your pole to the tent body and fasten all the clips.

Securing to the ground:

After fastening, secure to the ground using fastening clips. This step lets you make any adjustments if any for regular service. Push it to a 45-degree angle for best stability and secure using a peg.

Fly Attachment:

Lastly, connect the fly to your tent by firstly tossing it over the canvas. The front should line up with the entryway of the tent. Peg the ends of the fly firmly to the ground. And that’s it. Installation is complete.


Enhance your camping adventure by using a tent that is reliable and easy to set up. This unit provides enough space to allow multiple people to fit in extra camping accessories. For the best 8 person tent in the market, check out the above products to give you more information and more comfortable purchase.

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