Altered Carbon Season 3: The Reason Behind Cancelation

Do you think so? The cancellation of the cyberpunk series after two seasons still feels like a nightmare. Let’s talk about Altered Carbon now.

More than 300 years from now, contemporary technology has changed civilization, making it possible for individuals to swap bodies and for death to no longer be eternal.

An elite squad of intergalactic fighters that were wiped out during a rebellion against the new global order only had Takeshi Kovacs as a survivor.



Since his ancestors’ time, his awareness has been imprisoned until Laurens Bancroft, a phenomenally wealthy businessman, gives him the chance to start over.


On the other side, if Kovacs wishes to be revived, he will need to take action for Bancroft. Bancroft has asked Kovacs to investigate his own murder.




After two seasons, Netflix has canceled “Altered Carbon”

Even yet, we still find it hard to accept. Although the show’s viewers gave it favorable reviews, Netflix first cancelled it. And the main reason is that the show’s audience was too low to make the investment worthwhile.


A source claims that the pandemic’s “unexpected budget increases,” “uncertainty” over air dates, and the challenge of managing enormous casts in the current environment were the final straws.

Unexpectedly, the show’s cancellation was set for April, the same month as The Society was canceled.


Supporters of Altered Carbon may have waited a while for good news, but Netflix is known for taking its time renewing or canceling series.



More Money Was Spent on Altered Carbon Than on Game of Thrones

Yes, that may surprise you, but it is the case.


The show was reportedly the most expensive Netflix production to date. Kinnaman said that it had a “higher budget than Game of Thrones’ first three seasons,” yet the production costs were not disclosed.

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Later, another development became apparent.

After two seasons, the show was canceled by Netflix on August 26, 2020. The choice was made in April and has nothing to do with COVID-19.

But rather a result of Netflix’s standard methodology for determining viewership versus renewal costs.

The actor who played Kovacs in a previous iteration, Will Yun Lee, posted his recollections of the program on Twitter.


The series alludes to a number of classic cyberpunk works, including Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, as well as literary works like Edgar Allan Poe.

Altered Carbon is among the most popular shows.

There’s no denying that people enjoy watching this show. And it appears that folks are still tuning in even after the show was cancelled.


Re-watching the show is the best option once it has been canceled.


I’m really sorry that the show was canceled.


We share in the dissatisfaction.


We didn’t either.


A show that you must see.


Check out the post’s comment area when I’ve finished by clicking the link below. The clamor for Season 3 literally overflowed the comment section.



We recognize that many people were unaware of this information, and if you had been anticipating the renewal, you now know that it has been cancelled.


What do you think of the decision that was made? We can appreciate how disappointing the cancellation is. Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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