Top 5 Best 100-inch TV Stands in 2020 Reviews

Finding a good stand for a 100-inch TV comes with many challenges. You need to look at the weight capacity to ensure that it will handle the nester unit well. You don’t want something that will sag or even break because it’s too weak and You also don’t want something that is too bulky and take-up too much space. People also want a unit that will blend well with the surrounding.

The color and style will help to not only complement the TV itself but the fixtures, fitting and the overall décor. Consumers would also wish to own an item that guarantees them of long-lasting service. It won’t break down, crack or lose its elegant appearance. In the top 5 best 100-inch TV stands in 2020 Reviews, we will show you the most suitable choices you’ll find in the market.

List Of Best 100-inch TV Stand Reviews in 2020:

#5. Standout Designs Haven 82-inch EX TV Stand Solid Wood

5. Standout Designs Haven 82-inch EX TV Stand Solid Wood

By: Standout Designs 82-inch TV Stands


  • Media Console for 100-inch TVs
  • Designed for Flat Screen TVs
  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Available in Espresso on Cherry color
  • Made using solid American Ash, Cherry, or Walnut hardwoods
  • Hidden wheels for easy movement
  • Ample wire chases
  • Air vents in the bottom panel
  • Adjustable back panels and shelves
  • Tempered door glass

If you are looking for a good stand for your 100-inch TV, then you need to go for the best. This piece by Standout Design is among the crowd favorite. It has a nice dimension to handle flat TVs measuring up to 100 inches. We love the solid nature that provides decent support. And this is owing to the hardwood construction. The engineering is also pretty good and it stays firm on location. It doesn’t shake or move during use. Moreover, it comes with a nice espresso on cherry color.

This suits it for most decors or surroundings. It’s perfect for traditional or modern looks and also maintains its elegance for a long time. Besides, the surface/ finish is pretty smooth for extra beauty as well as easy cleanup.

We love the wheels which improve the moveability. You can move the unit with the television easily and without damaging the flooring. It features 4 push drawers to store accessories such as DVDs, remote controls and more. They slide in and out effortlessly and also don’t make too much noise. Besides they are well ventilated to improve air movement. Also visible is the tempered glass doors which look and feel tough.

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It’s also resistant to cracking, chipping, stains, or shatter. This is a beautiful piece that should look good in many situations. It also looks very stylish thanks to the tinted nature. Check out Best 85-inch TV Review

#4. 100-inch TV Stand Mount-It! Fireplace Heavy Duty 100-inch TV Mount

4. 100-inch TV Stand Mount-It! Fireplace Heavy Duty TV Mount

By: Mount-It! 100-inch TV Stands


  • Heavy-duty TV mount
  • Gas spring height adjustment
  • Suitable for 50-100 Inch TVs
  • Available in black color
  • Pull down mounting bracket
  • 31.5-inch height adjusts
  • 154 lbs carrying capacity
  • 15-degree swivel, both left and right
  • 15-degree tilt and rotation

With this TV stand, you should have little trouble holding your television. It’s ideal for flat TVs that measure from 50 to 100 inches. It works okay with LED, LCD as well as Plasma unit. We like the easy assembly that takes little time. You also don’t need very expensive tools. It’s a well-made piece and also feels very robust. It should handle a weight/ load of up to 154 lbs. This is pretty decent for its relatively lightweight and simple nature. Moreover, it has a nice adjustable height.

This allows you to select the best position with minimal ease. The maximum height, according to the manufacturer, is 31.5 inches. The simple adjustment is courtesy of the gas springs which work efficiently and effortlessly. You also get a nice and effective counterbalance mechanism.

You don’t need any tools to adjust the height changes. And for extra support, you get a center steel plate which is 11 inches high and 4 inches wide. The rotation and tilt can be varied by up to 15 degrees in either direction. This together with the anti-glare screen should give you a good viewing angle.

Thanks to the universal fit, it will work with a majority of the Vesa. These include 300×300/ 400×200/400×400/ 600×400/600×600/700×400, and 800×600. The included instructions are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. It should take you a very short time to have the TV mounted and running. Check Out Best 80-inch TV Reviews

#3. Monoprice Above Fireplace Full-Motion Pull-Down Articulating 100-inch TV Stand

3. Monoprice Above Fireplace Full-Motion Pull-Down Articulating 100-inch TV Stand

By: Monoprice 100-inch TV Stands


  • For 55 to 100-inch flat TVs
  • Max weight of 154lbs
  • VESA Patterns Up to 800×400
  • Height adjustable
  • Spring-assisted mount
  • Safe design and ETL certified
  • Tilt Range of -3° ~ +15 degrees
  • Elegant and sleek finish
  • above the fireplace mounting

Many people love placing the television just above the fireplace. It is trendy and also looks cool. Besides, it helps to conserve the space and enhance the overall beauty. The Monoprice unit is one of the top 5 best 100-inch stands in the market. It’s a cool looking unit that blends nicely with most setups.

The color and style complement most fireplaces whereas space-effective nature minimizes space wastage. It’s solidly built from robust materials and should handle the weight and operation pretty well. The design offers good support to televisions measuring from 55 up to 100 inches.

Moving the stand is relatively easy and doesn’t need lots of skill or effort. Moreover, it has a nice smooth finish to boost the overall appearance. The item can handle up to 154lbs of weight. It is also height adjustable and depends on effective springs. The TV down characteristic allows you to quickly and conveniently change the height.

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This will prevent any strain on the neck, shoulder or back due to straining while watching the TV. We like the nice tilt and rotation angle that improve viewing. In addition, it is ETL certified to offer the user more peace of mind in regards to quality nd safety. Check Out Best 80-inch TVs

#2. VIVO Ultra Heavy Duty Stand for 60 to 100-inch TV Stand

2. VIVO Ultra Heavy Duty Stand for 60 to 100-inch TV Stand

By: VIVO 100-inch TV Stands


  • Fits screens from 60” to 100 inches
  • Weight capacity of up to 220 lbs
  • VESA mounting holes from 200x200mm to 1000x600mm
  • Height Adjustable from 48 to 68 inches from the floor
  • (-10° to +5° tilting angle for mounting brackets
  • Heavy-duty 3-inch wheels
  • Sturdy aluminum and steel

If you are looking for a good stand for your 60 to 100-inch TV, then this stand by VIVO should be okay. The nice dimension handles flat TVs measuring up to 100 inches. It will handle a maximum load of 220 lbs and looks very stylish. It is also height adjustable (48- 68 inches from the floor) and this allows you to enjoy good viewing. Besides, it saves you from any neck, back or shoulder strain which may be experienced during or after watching the TV.

It works okay with LED, LCD, and Plasma too. We like the easy set up that takes little time and also effort. Moreover, it’s not expensive but is a durable piece. It feels robust and will deal with the weight quite well. This is quite respectable for its design and moderately lightweight. The straightforward height adjustment is courtesy of the nice technology which works successfully and also consistently.

For easy movements, you get 3-inch wheels. They are well placed and also heavy duty. Also, they are nonmarking hence won’t damage the flooring. And thanks to its aluminum and steel construction, it will endure the weight, use, and much more. This offers you more guarantee concerning its durability. With this TV stand, you should have little trouble mounting or placing your television. Its ideal foremost units out there.

#1. ONKRON TV Stand Rolling Cart for 60 – 100-inch TV Stand

1. ONKRON TV Stand Rolling Cart for 60 - 100-inch TV Stand

By: ONKRON 100-inch TV Stands


  • Fits TVs with a diagonal measurement from 60” to 100 inches
  • Universal VESA mounting patterns (from 200 x 200 to 1000 x 600 mm)
  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction
  • Handles a weight up to (136.4 kilograms) 300 pounds)
  • Height adjustable from 51.2 up to 67 inches
  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Adjustable width from 21.6 to 29.5 inches
  • Two middle AV-shelves

If you are searching for an excellent stand to handle a 100-inch TV, the ONKRON stand is worthy. It’s amongst the favorite choices in the market and has a good dimension. It will manage flat Televisions measuring from 60 up to 100 inches. We love the solid nature that offers a good support balance. This is owing to the heavy-duty steel base and aluminum column. The design is also respectable and keeps the unit firm with no shaking.

It comes with an adjustable height from 51.2 to 67 inches. This gives you a decent viewing angle. No need to strain your eyes, neck or back. The style and color match it for a lot of environments. It’s perfect for conventional or modern decors. The smooth finish enhances its elegance and makes wiping or cleaning it easy. With proper care and handling, this stand will deliver long-lasting service and require minimal maintenance.

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Key consider before you buy 100 inch TV stand:

Finding a stand for a 100-inch TV is easy. You can get it from a brick-and-mortar store or online. The harder challenge is usually being sure that it will deliver the right service. You don’t want something that won’t last for a long time or doesn’t offer good support. The following are some of the things that you should look at:

Weight Capacity:

It’s essential that you pick something that will handle the weight of the TV well. Failure to which might lead to the stand starting to sag in the middle due to weight. It may also warp or break if the materials and design cant put-up with the weight. The stand will state what weight or load they are designed for, and it’s paramount that you don’t overlook this. Always important is leaving a margin. For instance, if the TV weighs 100 lbs, go for a stand that’s at least 120 lbs.


The right stand will come with the right size. It won’t be too large or too small. Too large, and it may look odd or out of place. Also, it may stand out more than other things. Too small, and it may look strange or offer poor support and balance. The size entails focusing on the length, depth as well as weight. A good piece will look balanced.


The stands are made from all types of materials. You’ll discover solid wood, composite wood, engineered materials and much more. Each material will have its benefits as well as demerits. For instance, wood looks very elegant, is strong, and also durable. However, it tends to be more expensive. Composite or engineered wood is cheaper and also lighter in weights. It, however, is not as durable as genuine hardwood. Whichever the material, it’s important that to balance between the sturdiness and the price.

Assembly Ease:

Youll require assembling or mounting the stands. The time it takes you as well as the effort you’ll need will vary with the style and engineering. A good choice will be easy to put together and will stay firm through use. Most will come with easy design and won’t need complex knowledge, skills or tools.


The cost of the stand is also a key factor during the choice. Yes, you may desire to own the high class and luxurious looking stand that is probably made from hardwood. However, if you are short of funds, you have no option but to settle for a cheaper option that may be made from composite wood. You should also note that the most durable piece isn’t the most expensive. It’s very possible to discover a much cheaper yet long-lasting piece.


In Addition to the above aspects, prospective buyers also look at elegance, style, maintenance ease, brand, height, adjustability, and portability.


Finding the right stand for your 100-inch TV doesn’t need to be hard. You also don’t need to spend lots of money or effort while at it. What you require is the right information and guidance. This will simplify the search and also offer you more guarantee.

The top 5 best 100-inch TV stands in 2020 review have summarized the most suitable choices in the market. They all are of high quality, are well made, reliable, and look elegant and also easy to take care of. In addition, we have also shown you tips on how topic a good unit.

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