Top 12 Best Beer Pong Tables In 2023 Reviews

Tables, yes they might be the most important and basic commodity when it comes to gatherings, parties, and celebrations. Without them, you might have to hold your food, carry things around and all the stuff gets messed up in no time. And parties and celebrations without games? doesn’t seem fun right?

What if you could buy a table along with markings on it to play games? Presenting you beer pong tables, flowing in the river of versatility, they can use in numerous ways! these were previously officially used by tournament holders but keeping them in your house is not a big deal.

The actual size of a beer pong table is eight feet in length and two feet broad. Don’t even worry about the storage, this table has an ability to bend into a small two by two small case which makes it small enough to be stored anywhere, may it be your room, a storeroom, or your attic.

Other than this, these tables are all made up of lightweight material which helps one carry them around. After being unfolded they become pretty spacious and can be easily used in multiple events.

Most tables are wooden and get ruined by spilling of excess water and drinks, they aren’t even termite repellent.

These tables are your solution to this problem too, they are made up of fibres and aluminium, they are covered with different layers of melamine and waxes on their surfaces. Making them waterproof and easy for laundry.


List of Best Beer Pong Table Reviews In 2023:

12. Indoor-Outdoor Beirut Beer Pong Tables

1- Indoor-Outdoor Beirut Table

This two by two briefcase unfolds into an eight-foot-long table which turns out to be best for games, parties, dinners, reunions and much more. It weighs as less as twenty-five lbs. It can be turned into three different heights.

Its is polished with a layer of melamine which makes the table water-proof and so, you don’t need to worry about any stains, you can use a simple cloth to remove them, or you can use a bit of soap. This table can be used for multiple games including beer pong.

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  • waterproof
  • adjustable heights
  • easy to clean

10. GoPong 6-Foot Table

2- GoPong 6-Foot Table

made up of Aluminium and melamine layered this table is something very durable. This table can stretch out to six feet when unfolded. It can be used in parties and gatherings but it is made for beer pong.

Aluminium tables are always attractive and this one comes with its markings and six pong balls. Because of its melamine layer, it becomes spill-proof and easy to clean. It folds into a three by two feet briefcase making it portable and lightweight.

But, it should not be left messy as elements in condiments or liquids may react with aluminium and ruin the surface.


  • hard-wearing
  • light
  • portable

9. Red Cup Pong – Best Beer Pong Table Sistine Design

3- Red Cup Pong - Sistine Design

This beer pong table is versatile and can be used on other occasions as per the requirements. It has a unique design, made up of Black Aluminium with a design which is eight-foot-long and bends into a two by two-foot briefcase with carrying handles.

This table comes with six beer pong balls and its ball rack made up of foam. Because of the black aluminium and its design with high definition, this table becomes appealing to a great extent.

The depiction on its surface look like a painting made by ancient artists which attract more people towards it.


  • durable
  • alluring
  • versatile

8. Red Cup Pong 8′ Beer Pong Table

4- Red Cup Pong 8' Beer Pong Table

When unfolded this table is 96x24x30 inches and when folded: 24x24x6 inches and the table only Weighs twenty-four lbs. The surface of the table is liquid repellent and scratch-resistant.

Its edgy design provides a very charismatic look. It has a glossy throw which gives the perfect shine. The table has smooth folding and it bends and unbends just in a minute. It consists of a stainless steel bottle opener too. As it is very lightweight and it folds with carrying handgrips it is very easily portable to places such as parties, celebrations, get-togethers etc.


  • customizable bottle opener
  • sturdy
  • smooth dimensional look

7. GoPong PRO 8′ Premium

6- GoPong PRO 8' Premium

This table is made up of strong but lightweight aluminium which makes it easy to carry and durable simultaneously. This table unfolds into an eight-foot long beer pong table and comes with six beer pong balls.

All parts of the table are laminated with black powder which gives it an astounding appearance. It has an exceptional thirty-six inches of height.

The surface of the table is overlayed with a toughened beer proof MDF which protects the aluminium from wearing off. But this product gets devastated if left out without cleaning. It has a compact design for easy storage.


  • black look
  • extra height
  • closely packed

6. PartyPong Tables – Best Beer Pong Tables

7- PartyPong Tables

This beer pong table has a wax layer which makes it impermeable for the liquids to react from the material elements. It has an eight-foot long length which gives an easy play.

Best Beer Pong Table comes in multiple designs and colors. It has easy-folding which turns it into a small briefcase along with latches to help you carry it around for picnics and stuff. Along with the table, you get six beer pong balls and a ball rack to hold them.

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  • numerous designs
  • waterproof
  • easy folding

5. Red Cup Pong Beer Pong Table – Beirut Game Table

8- Red Cup Pong - Beirut Game Table

The table covers a very wide area of eight into two feet. It is very lightweight weighing only twenty-two lbs. It has very smooth folds and folds into a two by two-foot small case along with handles.

Red Cup Pong Beer Pong Table has regulation dimensions along with high-quality graphics. It avoids twists of any kind and has a liquid resistant surface. It also includes a custom stainless steel bottle opener, custom beer pong balls and a ball holder.

Made up of high-quality aluminium this product promises permanence against rough use.


  • resilient
  • multiple colours
  • bottle opener and pong balls

4. GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table – Tailgate Table

9- GoPong 8 Foot - Tailgate Table

This table is very suitable for tournaments with a length of eight feet and a width of two feet. It is made up of strong aluminium and covered with melamine layer which protects it from beer spills and other liquids.

GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table just weighs twenty-five pounds and its slick design attracts people at family gatherings, BBQs, encampment, vacations and more! It makes storage very easy with it folds into a 2 feet x 5.5 inches x 2 feet case.

This can be bought in different designs such as Black, Football, American Flag, and Custom.


  • light-weight
  • compressed
  • multiple designs

3. PartyPong Tables – Beer Pong Table Party Edition

10- PartyPong Tables - Party Edition

Partypong Tables are the highest grading beer pong tables available on the online market. They have been making beer pong tables since 2006 and have been satisfying all their customers with better products.

This table comes in different colours and designs. It has a detachable; le pong ball holder and comes along with six beer pong balls. Wax covered surface protects from liquids and helps in the removal of stains.

Its design is very compact and in a matter of minutes, it folds into a small briefcase along with holding latchets.


  • colours
  • ball rack and balls
  • spill-proof

2. Beer Pong Table with Custom Bottle Opener

11- Beer Pong Table with Custom Bottle Opener

This table has a spill-proof and scratch repellent surface, covering an area of eight feet by two feet. Made up of high-quality aluminium it stands against warping and rusting. It has smooth folding and it folds into a small two by two-foot case to fit in easily anywhere.

It has multiple designs on a base of silver aluminium which gives a very tempting look. This product also brings in its beer pong balls and rack to hold them which is made up of foam and possesses a stainless steel bottle opener.


  • attractive design
  • long life
  • customizable bottle opener

1. GoPong Beer Pong Table – Custom Dry Erase

12- GoPong - Custom Dry Erase

Custom Dry Erase table which lets you draw anything on the table, all the artistic talent ha to come out on this one. It is very much advised to be used in tournament rackets.

It has holes which are cut to protect your art from getting ruined with spills all over the table, so these holes work as cup holders. this overlaps into a small two by two feet and five inches wide case. This one only weighs twenty-five pounds.

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  • cup holders
  • easy cleaning
  • official beer pong size
  • Buyer’s Guide.

Key Features to Consider Beer Pong Table:

When it comes to buying tables of any kind, a buyer must always and foremost check the durability of the material, a buyer should see what material is the table made up of, if its wood then what kind of wood it is, and if the tables are covered with polishes or waxes making them waterproof and corrosion-free.

Then one might examine the whole product and decide if the prices are enough and if the products are worth buying or not.

Raw Material

One should always know that any kind of wood can be eaten up by termites, hence its is advised to buy more furniture made up aluminium instead of wood as it is lightweight and can be folded to cover less space. Aluminium can be painted easily whereas wood requires proper polishing.


The better the material of furniture is the more durable it becomes. In the case of durability, aluminium has always beaten wood to dust. Aluminium can carry great weight and weighs less by itself. A buyer is advised to go for aluminium when buying the materials.


The products should be laminated with waxes, polishes, oil paints, or melamine. These layers protect objects from getting devastated of liquids, they condemn the reactions between elements and make it very very easier to clean the furniture.


The better the product the pricy it is. Whenever you go out to buy anything you always see the pricy things are much better in quality than the ones costing less, this happens when a maker spends more on the product and customer satisfaction. Try to spend your money on long-lasting products.

Can I use these tables for any other purpose?

Yes, these tables can be used for any purpose and anywhere and they are portable too as they fold and are very lightweight so it makes it much easier.

Will the tables cause storage issues?

No, as they can fold into small briefcases or smaller tables they won’t be causing any storage or portability issues.

How long will the table remain waterproof?

As long as the polish or lamination does not wear off the tables will remain waterproof and spill-proof.


This article has been written to help a buyer buy better products available in the market, we hope this one has helped you finding cheaper and better products from several companies which ensure proper satisfaction of the customers.

This article includes reviews of the twelve best beer pong tables available on the online market. Which may help you get a product which is better than the others, which is durable, strong, and long-lasting.

All the products enlisted have multiple designs and colours which may make it much simpler for the buyer to select a product of his or her own personal choice.

These tables can help you enjoy your events and family gathering, foodies get their food placed, and the adrenaline junkies get their games won, these tables can be given as gifts, they cause no harm as they are so lightweight that even smaller children can carry them.

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