Top 10 Best Full-Size Daybeds in 2023 Reviews

A full sized daybed is a wonderful addition to any home. It can serve many functions that you may need while utilizing your space in the best way possible. They can function as ordinary beds and they are just as plush to be a sitting place, for you to relax. Not all full sized day beds are equal.

Many people have complained of low-quality standards offered by other manufacturers of day beds. In this review, we have looked at some of the best in this business. The manufacturers in this review are here due to their experience and long-standing trust we have on their products. It is not true that they are expensive when compared to other manufacturers.


List of Best Full-Size Daybed Reviews in 2023:

10. DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed with Twin-Size Trundle, Gold

DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed with Twin-Size Trundle

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

We begin our review with the DHP full-size daybed. It is your typical looking daybed. However, with the simplistic looking frame, straight lines, it makes whichever room you place it in look elegant. The best part about this bed is that it works quite okay, for a normal bed. Therefore, if you have some guests coming over for the night, you can use it for their rooms. Furthermore, it will be so easy to move it around since you can disassemble and reassemble it in a short time.

It also has a trundle bellow, giving you more space. It quickly pulls out to add more space for your guests to have a relaxing nap on the go. Four casters that lock this bottom bunker in place secure it. It rolls out and rolls in just as easy for a quick setup. Furthermore, metal salts are included for additional support.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It includes a trundle bed.
  • It is made of a strong and durable metal frame.

9. DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed with Twin-Size Trundle – Best Full-Size Daybeds

DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed with Twin-Size Trundle

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

This daybed converts your room to one of the best relaxation spots in your home. Additionally, it will serve you for many years with its brushed metal frame, adorned in crisscrossing lines. On top of this, it is finished with circular medallions on the edges. This has the functional purpose where you do not risk tearing any fabric when you jump on it for that afternoon nap, and it adds an overall classy look.

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Not only is this a full-size daybed, but it also contains a trundle below it. Easily remove the lock and accommodate more guests. This may save you an extra dollar if you have to accommodate more guest around and you do not have extra beds for them. Do not mind about it looking bad when the trundle is tucked in. the design itself blends in seamlessly under the daybed.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It has a classy design
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

8. VTA Best Full-Size Daybed Multiple Colors

VTA Full Size Metal Daybed

  • By: VTA Full-Size Daybeds

When looking for core strength in a day bed, then we highly recommend this one from VTA. It is sturdily constructed and featured metal slats that give it that added strength and stability. This means you will get a day bed that will serve you for many years. Alternatively, it will serve you as a normal bed for your guests.

All these features come as a boost to the contemporary design, which makes it blend in seamlessly to any type of room. Furthermore, the final detail adds a touch of elegance to the whole setup. Additionally, you can choose different colors on the frame. This allows it to blend to many aesthetic preferences for varied users.

Why you should get one:
  • VTA provides a 1-year full warranty
  • It is has a large headboard design.

7. DHP Bombay Full-Size Metal Daybed Frame with Twin-Size Trundle Bed Frame

DHP Bombay Full-Size Metal Daybed Frame with Twin-Size Trundle Bed Frame

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

Rather than having a day bed with a trundle below, the design makes it completely detachable. This gives the user the ability to have a fully functional daybed without the bottom bunker tucked in. you can then use that space below to store whatever you like. If you plan to have guests over, you unleash the trundle for additional space.

What we love most about this full sized daybed is that it is easy to assemble. Furthermore, it can store in a single package making it easy to move around. Therefore, if you would like to go, or you do go to distant places, you can carry your comfort with you in one set. This space-saving functionality also makes it ideal for people in limited spaces.

Why you should get one:
  • It is Simple to assemble
  • It is Available in different colors.

6. DHP Victoria Daybed Metal Frame, Multifunctional Full-Size Daybed

DHP Victoria Daybed Metal Frame

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

Clearly, we are fans of the DHP brand line. It is hard not to be. Their products are some of the most respected in the industry for many years. With this daybed, they definitely do not deviate from their high-quality standards.

If you want extra seating space, a bed, an extra bed or all, then we highly recommend this. You can switch it up in an instant to fit your requirements. Besides, it is sturdily constructed ensuring it will be able to bear heavy weights and serve you for many years to come. It also features metal slats and supporting legs, for added structural integrity.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Full-Size Daybeds:
  • It is designed for different needs.
  • It has a classy design.

5. Homelegance Meyer Faux Leather Upholstered Trundle Daybed – Best Full-Size Daybeds

Homelegance Meyer Faux Leather Upholstered Trundle Daybed

  • By: Homelegance Full-Size Daybeds

Not every day we come across a great design that is authentic in every way. The Homelegance daybed is one of our favorite. It is classy and offers a complete place to relax during the day. At night, you can convert it into a comfortable bed. We love this feature most about it. With this design, this makes it ideal for people in limited spaces, for example, a dorm room. It also complements areas such as a guest room or a gaming room. The hidden trundle makes it hard to see. The seat hides this delightful bed.  The stuffed backrest is plush and comfortable.

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Extra reasons why I picked Best Full-Size Daybeds:
  • It is made of durable and strong fabric.
  • It is easy to convert it to a bed and back to a seat.

4. Homelegance Modern Design Full-Size Daybed with Trundle Fully Upholstered Polyester

Homelegance Modern Design Daybed with Trundle Fully Upholstered Polyester

  • By: Homelegance Full-Size Daybeds

Looking to utilize your limited space, and not break the bank. Then Homelegance has the right solution for the said issue. This daybed comes with a trundle below that a mattress of up to 8 inches thick sits comfortably. It is in different parts for easy transportation to the locations you would like. Furthermore setting it up is easy.

Take the different parts, align the pre-drilled holes, and screw them together. The trundle can reattach completely to allow you to store other items. Do not be skeptical about buying this daybed because it is cheap. Homelegance has made it with some of the best fabrics that are resistant to everyday wear and tear.

reasons I picked Best Full-Size Daybed:
  • It has side arms for extra comfort.
  • The trundle has a caster for quick access.

3. Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed – Best Full-Size Daybed

Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed

  • By: Dorel Living Full-Size Daybeds

This full sized daybed comes with all the standard features we like, and at a price that is truly unbeatable. It is versatile enough to blend into any type of situation. For example, you can use it in your guest room to accommodate your guests at night, or in your living room. Simply add a couple of pillows to the top and it looks worthy. Furthermore, the clean lines and rich espresso finish complement whichever room you place it in. we also love how it has a high clearance below. This additional space can be used to store items you want access to later. You can access this space by removing the slats on top.

reasons I picked Best Full-Size Daybeds:
  • Dorel living can provide you with any of its missing parts over time.
  • Minimal assembly is required.

2. DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle, Full-Size Daybed and Twin Size Trundle

DHP Manila Metal Daybed and Trundle

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

This full sized day bed comes in different packages. In this way, you can be able to move it around much easier to any room you would like. For example, if you want it to be on the terrace during the day, and at night you want to accommodate some guests on it, you only have to take it apart. Then you can reattach it easily by simply following the instructions.

It will be intuitive setting it up the second time. You can choose from four different colors of white, millennial pink, gold, or bronze. In our case study, we went with the bronze color. It has a nice matte finish with a rough texture to it. This makes it resistant to those grisly fingerprint stains. We would like to believe the other options are just as good in texture.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Full-Size Daybeds:
  • It comes with a pull out trundle.
  • It comes with extra screws and connectors.
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1. DHP Victoria Daybed Metal Frame – Best Full-Size Daybeds

DHP Victoria Daybed Metal Frame

  • By: DHP Full-Size Daybeds

It is clear we are huge fans of Dorel Home Products. We assume it is because they provide quality, without having you spend a ton of money. Perhaps they are able to achieve this due to their huge line of products. In this way, they are able to mass-produce their items while keeping the cost low. Furthermore, this gives them the expertise to handle any customer issues and they have unsurmountable research to give the customer what they want.

With this full sized day bed, they do not digress from the high-quality standards they have put upon themselves. It is sturdily constructed and features supporting legs to offer added support. It is strong enough and wide to accommodate two adults comfortably. With the way it looks and all the features it has, it is an excellent addition to any room. Moreover, the price is in all conscience a steal.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Full-Size Daybeds:
  • It has a trendy design.
  • It is easy to assemble.

What to consider when buying a full-size daybed?

Size: full-sized daybeds come in different shapes and sizes. In this review, we have looked at a wide range to fit different requirements you would be looking out for. See to it you get one that has enough width and length to your requirements. A feature often overlooked is the spaces below the said day beds. This space is useful in cases where you would like to store your items.

Trundle or none: a trundle is somewhat like a mattress below the full sized daybed that a manufacturer also provides. Some people would want it while others would love to use their own improvisations. Some even want to have a clear bottom. Whichever you want, in this list, the manufacturers give these options in most of them.

Price: price varies mainly due to the size of your full-size daybed or if it has a trundle on it. Of course, go for what is within your price range. We would like to point out that the demand is high for full sized day beds. Consequently, there has been a surge of the said items. However, cheap in most cases is expensive. Furthermore, some have paid even more when they would have gotten better prices and quality. In this review, we ensure you do get value for money.

Why you need a full-size daybed?

Versatility: this is the main reasons as to why most people buy full-sized daybeds. During the day, you can use it as a couch and during the night, you can have a comfortable night’s sleep. This essentially kills two birds, using one stone.

Comfort and style: on top of being versatile, day beds look good to whichever room you place them in. they add a twist to your décor, offering something totally different that is useful at the same time.

To wrap it up

A full sized day bed is counter-intuitively a space saver for your home. Buying them on the whim has been a risky business of late. We have based this list on research and firsthand experience. Therefore, you do not have to be a negative experience when buying either one of them. As a side note, remember that the daybeds do not come with mattresses. Consequently, if you have one you would like to use on the bed, ensure it fits comfortably by simply measuring what you have.

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