Top 10 Best Hitch Extenders in 2023 Reviews

Just in case you need to tow, but your vehicle has a back-mounted spare tire, things could be somehow difficult for you. However, getting a hitch extender would make things work smoother. This is because hitch extenders allow you to add some space to the receiver which makes it now easy to haul whatever you needed from behind of your vehicle. For this reason, a hitch extender is a must-have for any vehicle owner since it allows you to increase the capacity you can carry in a single journey eliminating the need of having to make several trips.

However, choosing the best hitch extender may be daunting that one may anticipate. This is because they fall into different classes and come in different designs. However, in our today’s guide, we will be reviewing the 10 best hitch extenders that you can rely on if you do not want to face the hassle of hitch failures when on a journey. But wait, let us take a quick look at some of the essential points you need to have before placing an order for a hitch extender.


Bestseller Hitch Extenders On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 2
HITOWMFG Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube Extenders for 2" Receiver, 7" Length, 3500 lbs. (Include pin&Clip)
2" Trailer hitch extender receiver tube extender and For use with 2 inch receivers only
Bestseller No. 3
Towever 84335 Trailer Hitch Extender Tube Extension for 2" Receiver, 14" Length, 3500 lbs. GTW
2in trailer hitch extension for class 3 or 4 hitch receiver; Use 5/8 inches Hitch Pin Kit or Lock
Bestseller No. 4
TOPTOW Hitch Extender, Fits for 2 inch Receiver, 7 inch Extension Length, with 5/8 inch Hitch Pin
HIGH STRENGTH: This 2 inch receiver tube is rated to tow up to 3500 lbs GTW and 350 lbs TW

List Of Best Hitch Extender Reviews in 2023:

#10. ECOTRIC Pick-Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack

ECOTRIC Pick-Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack Canoe Boat Kayak Lumber w

By: ECOTRICK Hitch Extenders

If most of the times you find yourself transporting long and heavy loads, this would turn out to be the extender that is just suitable for you. The extender offers a large load capacity of 750 pounds which means that it can be used to transport kayaks, snowmobile, bikes, and many others in situations where there is not enough room for accommodation. The extender is constructed of the heavy-duty steel which offers maximum strength without the fear of developing bends over time. The stainless steel material is also rust-resistant ensuring maximum durability.

For increased convenience, the height is adjustable between 4 inches to 10 inches. Moreover, the width also allows for customization giving you a range between 28.25 inches to 48.75 inches. This extender comes accompanied by a sturdy safety flag that you attach to the end of the load. This flag is made of high-quality material for maximum strength.

The extender nicely fits into a 2-inch square truck hitch receiver. When it comes to installation, this truck bed hitch extender is super easy making it an ideal option for anyone buying the unit for the first time. But just in case you find it quite challenging, the extender comes with clear instructions that make things easier. When we talk about the price, we are safe to say that this is one of the best deals the market currently offers since the price is lower as compared to the quality and the costs of other extenders of the same caliber.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The adjustable height fits different user needs.
  • The easy assembly helps to save time so that you get more time to focus on transportation.

#9. Reese Towpower 11004 18″ Hitch Box Extension

Reese Towpower 11004 18" Hitch Box Extension

By: Towpower Hitch Extenders

Sometimes our vehicles may not provide us with room for carrying all that we need. For this reason, we might at some point need o add the capacity of the vehicle using separate trailers to reduce the number of trips we may have to take. And just in case this is what you have been thinking about, this hitch extender will link up the two units perfectly allowing you to tow for longer distances without giving you headaches when on your way.

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According to experts, the tongue weight usually is 9-15% of the gross trailer weight. And yes, this fantastic extender has a tongue weight capacity of 400 pounds and can comfortably tow a trailer with a load of up to 4000 pounds provided that the unit is installed correctly. The piece is made of premium-quality materials that will not break regardless of any condition.

Best Towpower Hitch Extenders Review:

This dismisses the worries of facing a hitch failure when you are on your way. The extender perfectly works with 2-inch trailer receivers. And since 2-inches is the standard size of a truck receiver, we are safe to say that this extender is designed to allow compatibility with most truck receivers out there. And just in case you thought that this would cost you your entire paycheck, it doesn’t come with hefty price tags like most of the extenders of its class out there. Therefore, this would be an ideal option for anyone in need of a combination of reliability and great cost.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Although it is a heavy-duty tool, it comes with a lightweight design that makes it easy to move and less tedious to install.
  • When used with the weight distribution weight, it offers a tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds and a gross trailer capacity of 6500 pounds.

#8. Cal Hawk Tools Hitch Extenders

Cal Hawk Tools CZHBME08 8" Receiver Extension

By: Cal Hawk Hitch Extenders

If you are looking for a hitch extender that you can rely on for years, this is one of the best options you may consider buying. The heavy-duty piece is made of the hardened steel material. This material offers maximum strength so that you enjoy worry-free service for years. Additionally, the unit comes with a black enamel finish doesn’t quickly wear out and prevents the unit from rusting or corroding for added durability.

Furthermore, the unit works perfectly for bike rack extension. Unfortunately, this may not be the option for you just in case you intended to get an extender for towing. The amazing unit is used with a two-inch receiver. It has a load capacity of 500 lbs when the unit is used in the right manner.

Why you should get one:
  • The unit only weighs 7.31 pounds which makes it easy to transport as well as less tiresome to install.
  • The price of the unit suits almost any pocket.

#7. 10″ Hitch Extension Hitch Receiver Adapter

10" Hitch Extension Hitch Receiver Adapter Hitch Receiver Hitch Converter (1 1/4" to 2" Hitch Adapter)

By: EZ Travel Collection Hitch Extenders

Before we even start exploring the features of this fantastic product by EZ Travel Collection, we need to start by appreciating the beauty of the piece. The piece comes with a black finish which prevents it from rusting and corroding to ensure maximum durability of the unit. Furthermore, it is made of premium quality steel material which offers superior strength which lets you tow for years with the confidence that you will arrive at the destination without making several stops to address hitching issues.

The 0.5-inch receiver is made for the 1.25-inch side while the 5/8-inch hitch pin is for the side of the 2-inch hitch receiver. For this reason, this hitch is designed to work with most hitch receivers since most of them come with the standard size of 2 inches.

Additionally coming with ten inches of length helps to let you dismiss the worry of hitting the propane tanks (or of course what you are towing) when taking sharper corners-your back mounted extra tire has never remained this safe! And what does this drive us to? Well, the idea here is that it is an excellent option for anyone traveling in a route with so many sharp corners.

Why you should get one:
  • The ten-inch length provides the perfect extension length that ensures maximum safety of the tow vehicle even when driving on the road with sharp corners.
  • The price of the unit is pocket-friendly bringing the confidence of towing without having to sink your hands deep into your wallet.

#6. Heininger Hitch Extender – Advantage Adjustable 11-Inch Hitch Extension

Heininger 6000 Advantage Adjustable 11-Inch Hitch Extension

By: Heininger Hitch Extenders

The back tire adds elegance to any vehicle. However, it can sometimes turn things difficult especially when you need to create extra capacity. But just in case this is what you are thinking of, this hitch extension will be an excellent purchase for you. The unit is made to extend the length of the hitch receiver by 11 inches leaving an allowance space for the safety of your tire- you don’t have to do away with the elegance the next time you need to create additional space.

The piece comes with a sturdy material that gives you can rely upon to extend the capacity of your car for years to come. The black finish works excellently to offer resistance to rust, corrosion, and other elements that may affect the life of the unit. Although it doesn’t work for towing, it is an excellent option for anyone in need of creating space for accommodating bike tracks that cannot fit in the car.

The unit is made to work with the standard size receivers of 2 inches hence there are few chances of you facing compatibility issues. And since no one wants to spend hours on installing a simple hitch piece, the unit fits in minutes. The package comes accompanied by an anti-wobble device and a hitch bolt that heightens the user experience to a new level.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • The anti-wobble device is sturdy to keep your bike rack or the cargo carrier stable preventing them from swaying during transportation.
  • The easy installation means that it is an ideal selection for any busy mind that cannot afford much time for installation.
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#5. MaxxHaul 70069 Hitch Extender With Step

MaxxHaul 70069 Hitch Extender With Step, 4000-lb Max Towing Weight, 400-lb Tongue Weight.

By: Maxx Haul Hitch Extenders

When thinking of expanding the hitch receiver, the first thing you must ensure is getting the piece with the right length that gives you a safe distance. This distance allows you to take corners smoothly and prevents whatever you are towing from hitting the back of your car. And yes, coming with a length of 12 inches, you now have enough space for your hitch-mounted bicycle rack when also giving you the confidence that the trailer won’t come into contact with the back-mounted tank of propane.

The unit has a tongue weight capacity of 400 pounds and can work correctly for a track with a gross trailer weight of 4000 pounds. This renders the unit a perfect option for anyone intending to tow over a long distance. Additionally, since the piece is made of heavy-duty material, it doesn’t stand any chance of breaking hence is an excellent selection for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of addressing broken hitch when on a journey. The heavy-duty metallic material is reinforced with double powder coat finish. This feature helps to offer resistance to rust and corrosion to ensure strength that can be relied upon for years.

Best MaxxHaul Hitch Extenders Review:

And just in case you are wondering whether the unit is compatible with your hitch receiver, it pairs perfectly with the 2-inch receiver. Besides, what makes this hitch extender unique is the sturdy step plate that is welded onto the unit. This step allows easy access to the truck bed just in case the back tire doesn’t let. Besides, it is excellently welded to provide stability for user safety.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • The step plate comes with a diamond pattern which offers an anti-slip surface to ensure the user’s safety.
  • The step plate measures 7 inches wide and 14 inches wide to provide plenty of stepping space so that you remain stable.

#4. Hitch Extender 12 inch Tow Hitch Extension

Hitch Extender 12 inch Tow Hitch Extension

By: Pitbull Hitch Extenders

Coming with a vertical weight capacity (widely know us the tongue weight capacity) of 330 pounds, this heavy-duty piece offers versatility since it can be used with the hitch-mounted bike rack or cargo carrier as well as allow you to tow large trailers. Therefore, this would be an ideal solution for anyone in need of a hitch extender for hauling over long distances.

The premium-quality piece is made of a top-of-the-line hardened steel material that will not break when in use. The sturdy material comes with a black powder coat finish which not only adds beauty but also offers resistance to corrosion and rusting ensuring that the unit lasts for years to come. Additionally, this hitch extension pairs with the 2-inch receiver tubes. Therefore, this means that it is made to be used with almost any vehicle.

Also, the hitch measures 12 inches wide. And even though it isn’t the longest hitch extension that the market currently offers, it remains a good option for anyone who is in need of an extended hitch. The price of the piece is pocket-friendly hence easily affordable by most vehicle operators without stretching out beyond the budget limit.

reasons I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • The unit comes with safety pins which makes installation quick and easy.
  • The 12-inch length is suitable for anyone who is in need of an answer for clearance issues when carrying hitch-mounted accessories or when towing.

#3. MaxxHaul Hitch Extender – Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender

 MaxxHaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender (For Ladder, Rack, Canoe, Kayak, Long Pipes and Lumber)

By: MaxxHaul Hitch Extenders

When choosing the best hitch extender for your vehicle, considering the manufacturer may sometimes pay. For example, this extender comes from a reputable manufacturer and sits third on the list of our top standouts. The premium-quality extender provides an easy and cost-effective method of expanding the capacity of your truck bed. The unit is made to be used with the 2-inch class III and IV hitch receivers.

Additionally, it features an adjustable length and height which increases the versatility of the tool so that you can use it to suit different applications. The height adjusts from 28.25 inches to 47.75 inches. When it comes to assembling the unit, it has never been this easy and quick! The four clevis pin features a quick-release design allowing you to establish the perfect setup in a matter of minutes. And after using the unit and need to remove it, disassembly is also another piece of cake!

Additionally, since your safety remains the manufacturer’s priority, the unit features reflective strips at the back and on the sides. This increases visibility so that you and your goods remain safe even when transporting them at night. For durability, this hitch extender features robust construction that stands zero chances of breaking when in use. The metallic piece is coated with a durable powder coat finish which prevents rust for added durability. The side arms are foldable allowing you to create a portable work area.

reasons I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • This truck bed hitch extender can be used either vertically or horizontally granting you the versatility that cannot be surpassed.
  • It features heavy-duty all-steel construction which ensures support that can last.
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#2. Dual 2″ Receiver Trailer Hitch Extenders

Dual 2" Receiver Trailer Hitch Extension Extender Rise Drop Adapter Bike Racks

By: Generic Hitch Extenders

Sometimes you may need to tow as well as mount your bicycle rack. However, most of the extenders out there come with an implied rule-one thing at a time! And yes, this is what creates the difference between this extender and the majority in the market. The piece comes with two receivers, one allowing you to tow while the other letting you mount your bicycle rack- save time that you would have used for two trips, one for towing and the other for picking up your bicycle rack.

Moreover, coming with an overall length of 17.25 inches (12 inches for the long receiver and 5.25 inches for short), this extension offers plenty of space that makes it safe to take sharp corners and safeguards the back mounted tire. The large tongue weight limit of 400 pounds allows you to tow a trailer with a gross weight of 4000 pounds provided that the unit is correctly installed.

And just in case you thought that the two receivers would give you a hard time in installation, it is quick and easy- it’s a matter of minutes and you are set to go. The pin holes measure 5/8 inches.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • It comes with a receiver size of 2 inches to suit different vehicles.
  • The powder coated finish provides the peace with a fantastic look.

#1. Towever Best Hitch Extender 7″ Length

Towever 84332 Trailer Hitch Extension Receiver Tube Extenders

  • By: Towever Hitch Extenders

Taking the top spot, this hitch extender comes with some features that make it the best on the market. The 2-inch extension works best for the class III and IV receivers. Additionally, it comes with robust construction which offers the support you can rely on for years. Also, it boasts the largest gross weight capacity of 5000 pounds and a tongue weight limit of up to 500 pounds making it the best option for anyone in need of a unit that can support heavy towing. And since it is made for heavy work, it comes with durable construction that will keep you on the go for years.

The 7-inch length provides enough clearance for maximum safety and smooth towing. And just in case you need it for use with the hitch-mounting bicycle rack, it still offers that versatility. For tight fit and noise reduction, the manufacturer recommends the use of this hitch extension with the hitch tightener (tower 84701 would be perfect).

Extra reasons why I picked Best Hitch Extenders:
  • The black finish ensures extended life of the hitch by keeping away rust and corrosion which are significant durability impairments.
  • The price of this unit is lower as compared to those of other hitch extensions on the market.

Factors that you should consider when buying a hitch extender:

Hitch Receiver:

  • Before placing an order, ensure you look at the size of your receiver. Although the standard-sized receiver is 2 inches, it is important to ascertain to ensure that the extender you order will be compatible with the receiver.

The length:

  • Ensure that you know the perfect length you need to add to the hitch recipient. Different extensions come with varying lengths. Identifying the ideal size for you will let you choose the one that will make towing easier.

The tongue weight:

  • The tongue weight limit tells you the amount of vertical weight that the extender can withstand. If you need an extender for a heavy tow, consider choosing the one with the largest tongue weight capacity.

Why you need a hitch extender:

  • Extra capacity: Towing reduces the number of trips you would have made if you were to go and come back for the extra load. This helps to save time as well as fuel costs.
  • Affordability: Although they are vital, they come with budget-friendly price tags that provide you with a quick and cost-effective way of adding capacity.

Final thoughts:

Choosing the right hitch extender can be a real challenging affair especially if you are not conversant with them. However, with the knowledge provided by this guide, things have become easy for you. To know the ideal one for you, ensure that you check the size of your receiver, the length of the extension as well as the tongue weight limit of the unit.

Versatility would also be necessary especially if you need to tow and at the same time provide extra storage for hitch mounting. Having equipped you with the best hitch extenders on the market, you can completely stay away from the hassle by choosing the best one that seems ideal for your case.

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