Top 10 Best IPhone Holders in 2021 Reviews

For many people, using iPhone is luxury and a trend. Though the price is high, it gives you great confidence and a unique look. The problem some people face with the use of the iPhone is how to mount it. When driving a car or eating meals or during other tasks, it may not be comfortable to keep it in the pocket. iPhone holders are the best devices to meet this need. They can perfectly hold your iPhones and ensure no damage. Besides, they are portable and easy to setup.

Depending on the iPhone model type, you can choose the most suitable iPhone holder. Most of them come with a secure mounting mechanism that saves you time during setup. It is good to buy the one whose arm length is adjustable. This helps you to easily mount your devices. There are no worries about vibration and damage. Even during a speedy ride in a car, these holders stay in place. You can go through the below article to easily pick the best iPhone holders:

List of 10 Best IPhone Holders Review in 2021:

Key features to consider for the best iPhone holders:

Take a look at the below article to remove the confusion on how to choose the best iPhone holders:


Your chosen iPhone holder is not useful if it cannot work well with the iPhone model you use. The size, fit, and design matter a lot when it comes to compatibility. An incompatible iPhone holder cannot perfectly fit your iPhone device. Hence, this may lead to damage to your device. The reason why compatibility is important is that the cradles differ in the size of iPhones. You will find the majority of the cradles designed to perfectly fit most modern models.

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The arms can adjust; hence, it becomes easy to find a perfect fit for your iPhone. Firstly, measure the dimensions of your iPhone and accordingly choose a suitable holder. Also, you need to look at the maximum extension or retraction the arms can do. This gives an idea of whether there is enough space for your device or not.


You may want to mount your iPhone in different positions. Also, the same iPhone holder can be used to accommodate various compatible iPhone models. Hence, adjustability is an important feature to consider. Look for the iPhone holders that can extend or retract their arms with a simple push of a button. This feature reduces the manual effort during mounting.

Types of holders:

Before making a purchase, you need to first know the available types of iPhone holders. The common ones are dashboard holder, cup holder mounts, and dashboard holder. The dashboard holders are famous for providing easy reach to the screen. These holders need to be firmly attached to the dashboard. Also, make sure the fabric is not damaged.

The second type i.e. cup holder mounts come in modern designs. They are famous for providing a stable and sturdy base. Hence, your device will not fall off or move. The air vent holders can be easily attached over your air vent. Hence, they are a perfect fit for most cars. With these holders, you get easy access to your devices.

10. OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Dock Holder:

10. OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Dock Holder

This OMOTON iPhone holder is popular for presenting a variable viewing angle. It can be rotated by 270 degrees. Hence, it can meet your various viewing needs. With the proper setup of this dock holder, you can keep your hands free when playing games or watching videos. One more key feature is it comes with good stability. There is the use of 3 mm aluminum to provide good stability. There is the presence of a hook. It comes with enough length to perfectly hold your device.

This aluminum phone holder comes with a heavy case. No need to remove the case during charging. There is the presence of big silicon pads in this holder. They protect your iPhone against scratches and slips. You can place this holder on your desk or dashboard of a car or any flat surface.


  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Resistant to slip and scratches
  • Excellent stability

Why We Liked IPhone Holders?

We liked the stability that provides a hands-free user experience. It is easy to set up and disassemble this phone holder.

9. Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand, All Phones:

9. Nulaxy A4 Cell Phone Stand, All Phones

Now you can drive safely without worrying about the stability of your phone. This Nulaxy phone stand is basically an adjustable phone holder. You can easily mount it on a desktop or any flat surface. The unique feature is its universal compatibility. This allows this stand to work with all smartphone tablets as well as e-readers with size 4-10 inches. Moreover, it comes in collapsible design. Hence, you can easily adjust it to a perfect position. In this way, your hands stay free when you use your phone.

There is the use of quality aluminum in manufacturing. It keeps the phone in place. No worries about wobbling off. The width of the hook is 19 mm. Hence, you need not remove the case for charging.


  • Enough length for a perfect fit
  • Universal compatibility
  • Made up of quality aluminum

Why We Liked IPhone Holders?

The included rubber pads protect your phone against sliding and scratching. This phone stand can work well with various phone models.

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8. Elimoons 4 Pack Multi-Angle Cell Phone Stand:

8. Elimoons 4 Pack Multi-Angle Cell Phone Stand

If you are in a lookout for a well-built cell phone stand, you can go for this product. It comes in durable construction yet it feels lightweight during movement. Moreover, it comes with universal compatibility. Hence, it can be used for a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Weighing just 2.1 ounces, you can easily carry it to different places. The foldable design helps you to easily fit in your pocket. The beautiful design makes it a wonderful desk accessory in the home and office.

One unique feature is it comes with a variable viewing angle. You can change this angle in a vertical and horizontal direction. Hence, you can place this phone stand on a desk, table, or bed. It gives you a hands-free experience when playing games, watching movies, or other tasks.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with adjustable multi-angle
  • Wide compatibility

Why We Liked It?

You can use this phone holder in various places. There are no worries about stability.

7. IPhone Holder Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder (Black):

7. Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder (Black)

In this stand, you will find an 85 cm telescopic arm. This flexible arm can rotate in any direction. Hence, you can keep your hands free and get rid of neck fatigue. It is now easy to position your phone at any distance and position. This phone holder is famous for its compatibility. It can work well with cell phones with screen sizes ranging from 4-6.3 inches.

There is the use of aluminum alloy in the arm of this holder. It is solid enough to resist damage and deformation. With the help of a phone clip, it is easy to attach your phone to a table or desk or bed frame.


  • Rotates in all directions
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Anti-slip base offers stability

Why We Liked It?

We liked the stable silicone base. It makes sure your device stays in place without any damage.

6. LISEN Cell Phone Stand For Desk, All Mobile:

6. LISEN Cell Phone Stand For Desk, All Mobile

Especially for the desk and other flat surfaces, this cell phone stand is very useful. It comes with an anti-slip silicone base. This base makes sure your phone stays stable on any flat surface. Moreover, the bottom and the back come with padding. It provides great protection to your device against sliding and scratches. There is the inclusion of a sturdy rod made up of aluminum alloy. It ensures enhanced stability. Hence, this phone holder is compatible with a wide range of smartphones.

The ergonomic design offers comfort during access. You can easily adjust the height in the range of 7.1-8.5 inches. Furthermore, the angle is adjustable from 5-85°. A charging hole is available. It helps you to easily charge your device.


  • Sturdy base offers stability
  • Protection against scratches
  • Wide viewing angle

Why We Liked IPhone Holders?

We liked the circular design of this stand. It provides neat cable management and removes cable tangling issues.

5. Height Adjustable Sturdy Aluminum Metal Phone Holder

5. Height Adjustable Sturdy Aluminum Metal Phone Holder

Are you looking for a portable and lightweight phone holder? Well, this product is for you. It comes in a sleek and foldable design for easy use anywhere. It is easy to place this holder in your pocket or backpack. Moreover, there is support for multiple viewing angles. Hence, you can comfortably watch videos, play games, make video calls, etc.

There is the use of sturdy aluminum metal for durability. Furthermore, the anti-skid rubber is present on the front and rear. It guarantees protection against scratches and sliding.

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  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Available in different color choices
  • Supports multiple viewing angles

Why We Liked IPhone Holders?

We liked the bright color choices. The padding at the base avoids slipping on the surface.

4. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock: Cradle:

4. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock Cradle

Lamicall designs this phone stand for use in home and office. It is widely compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. You can use it for phones with sizes 4-8inches. The aluminum alloy is used in the body of this product. It resists scratches. Also, it keeps your phone stable. The excellent stability makes sure you can conveniently watch videos, play games, etc.

You can adjust the viewing angle as per your need. In addition to the phone, you can use this phone dock for the nightstand.


  • Hands-free user experience
  • Stays stable during the use
  • Anti-scratch design

Why We Liked It?

The design shows a huge hole in the rear. It allows a charging cable to fit perfectly.

3. Lamicall Phone Stand Cradle Dock Holder – IPhone Holders:

3. Lamicall Phone Stand Cradle Dock Holder

One more phone stand from Lamicall in this list, this product comes in a beautiful design. It comes in black aluminum alloy. This material makes this holder lightweight yet sturdy. It comes with universal compatibility. Generally, this dock holder is compatible with phones with a size below 6 inches. With the choice of a suitable angle, you can easily watch videos, send calls, play games, etc.

At the base, rubber pads are available. They make sure your phone always stays in place in this holder. There are no worries about scratches.


  • Great stability
  • Provides perfect viewing angle
  • Sturdy aluminum construction

Why We Liked It?

This holder provides quick facial recognition. Its small size makes sure it does not take up much space.

2. Elimoons Phone Stand, IPhone Holder 4 Pack:

2. Elimoons Phone Stand, 4 Pack

What makes this pack of phone stands unique is the universal compatibility. It can work well with smatphones with size in the range of 4-8 inches. The foldable and lightweight design helps you to fit any of these stands in a pocket or carry bag. Hence, these products are suitable for use at home, office, and travel.

It is easy to adjust the viewing angle as per your need. Hence, you can conveniently watch movies, play games, etc.


  • Easy to fold
  • Supports wide viewing angle
  • Comes with an anti-skid base

Why We Liked It?

The small and foldable design makes it useful in different places. It can stay stable on most desk surfaces.

1. OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Dock Holder:

1. OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Dock Holder

OMOTON design this phone dock holder to work well with various models of iPhones. Also, it can work well with Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more. It is easy to vary the angle in different directions. You can enjoy hands-free convenience.


  • Anti-scratch and anti-slip design
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Wide viewing angle

Why We Liked IPhone Holders?

We liked the big silicone pads at the bottom. It makes sure your device stays in place and does not get damaged. You can use this dock holder at home, office, and travel.

Concluding Note:

These are the best iPhone holders in terms of stability and simplicity of use. Most of them support different viewing angles for convenient use.

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