Top 10 Best Leather Notebooks in 2023 Reviews

If there’s a product that has endless applications, it has to be the leather notebook. Many people consider their leather notebooks to be priceless. It doesn’t matter if you are a traveler, designer, creative writer, or you just like being organized. The best leather notebooks never lack a purpose. From business executives to students, leather notebooks have dominated each and every industry.

Even a chef would need one to write down a recipe or two. One advantage that leather notebooks have over the rest is the fact that they are durable. This means that whatever you noted down, will be preserved for a long time to come.


List of Best Leather Notebook in 2023 Reviews:

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Factors to consider when buying a leather notebook:

The type of leather used: This is important because there are different types of leather. Each of the available leather types also has different qualities to them. That is why you need to find out what kind of leather is used in your notebook. A few examples include; Full-grain, top grain, corrected grain, split and simulated leather.

The tanning: You will be in a better position if you can find out the tanning process of the leather used. It is recommended to avoid journals which have chromium tanned leather. The brain tanned leather is the best kind to use but may be costly.

The kind of paper used:  The kind of paper used also determines the ways in which the journal can be used. The wrong kind of paper can lead to the smearing of whatever you write on it. It goes unsaid that whatever we write should still be legible in the future.

Style and design: You should consider this based on how you plan to use the notebook. For purposes, it should be simple but endearing. Others come in covers decorated in different themes. You should choose one based on your interests. Also, get a color that will suit your style.

10. Pocket Travelers Leather Notebook – Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes, Moleskine Cahier 3.5 x 5.5, Brown

Pocket Travelers Notebook - Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes

By: newestor Leather Notebooks

First on the list is a leather notebook from newestor. It comes with a cover which is quite thick and supple. The leather used in this notebook is not only genuine; it boasts a top quality as well. This journal is 3.5 x 5.5 in size and has 64 writing pages. If you tend to use fountain pens, you are in luck. The paper used in the notebook is fountain pen friendly.

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Along with this, you will also get an elastic band closure which is quite durable. It comes in handy when you are done using your journal. You will also be able to use it as a pen holder, in case you don’t have one.


  • It is available in a brown color.
  • The cover is made from full-grain leather.

9. Large Tree of Life Leather Blank Book – Leather Notebooks

Large Tree of Life Leather Blank Book

By: AzureGreen Leather Notebooks

Are you a big fan of anything occult or magical? Or do you know anyone who is head over heels about them? This leather notebook was precisely created for such kind of an individual. So, if you fit the description, or know someone who does, this is your lucky day. Once you set eyes on this leather notebook, you will have to have it.

It’s about time that you score some points with your friend or loved one. Surprise them with this journal. It has a large tree of life right on the cover. It doesn’t get any mystical than this! The best part is that the life of a tree is a hand tooled design.


  • The leather notebook is a best-selling product.
  • It is handcrafted from India.

8. Handmade Leather Journal Notebook Refillable Diary for Men Women Writers Artist Poet Gift for Him Her

Handmade Leather Journal Notebook Refillable Diary for Men Women Writers Artist Poet Gift for Him Her

By: RusticTown

Thanks to RusticTown, you can awaken your artistic side! It is the perfect leather notebook, to gift your poetry-loving friend with. The book is unisex, so any gender can freely use it. I liked how the notebook gives off a real leather scent. It is definitely the real deal! Special oil was used to naturally than the notebook.

If you are an eco-friendly person, it will please you to know that the paper used was hand-made. It was created using Cotton Bio-Mass and no acid was included at all. Using this notebook will be effortless because it responds well to any kind of pen or pencil.


  • The leather has a vintage appeal to it.
  • The size of the notebook makes it very versatile.
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7. Leather Writing Journal Notebook – Leather Notebook

MALEDEN FBA_P-TND-HY48002-zong Leather Writing Journal Notebook

By: MALEDEN Leather Notebook

When you look at this leather notebook, the first thing that pops into your head is an adventure. It is the best gift for people who like to travel. If you love the outdoors, then this is the ultimate travel journal for you. It is one of my favorites because of the compass pattern engraved on the cover. To add on to that it also has two retro pendants hanging from it. The cover is made from quality PU leather, making it durable enough to travel with.


  • The leather notebook is closed using a strong leather string.
  • It is conveniently sized to fit into most bags.

6. Wanderings Leather Notebook Journal, Leather Notebooks

Wanderings Leather Notebook Journal | Leather Bound

By: Wanderings

Full grain leather is one of the best in the industry. It was used to make this leather notebook, thus giving it an excellent feel, smell and appearance. This is most certainly the kind of notebook that you can even pass down to your grandchildren. It will outlast other average notebooks in your possession. The main advantage of this notebook is that it can be customized by the user.


  • It comes in a Dark coffee brown color.
  • The notebook is fountain pen friendly.

5. AmazonBasics Classic Notebooks – Plain

AmazonBasics Classic Notebook - Plain

By: AmazonBasics

The best leather notebook is also one that can’t be easily damaged by exposure to light or air. That is why this AmazonBasics features on this review list. You will get papers which are archive quality and that have no acidic traces. It also has an inner pocket. Since it is expandable, loose items can be placed in it. The leather notebook also has an integrated bookmark.


  • The pocket is 5 by 8.25 inches.
  • The notebook consists of 240 pages.

4. C.R. Gibson Genuine Bonded Leather Journal

C.R. Gibson Genuine Bonded Leather Journal

By: Markings by C.R. Gibson

On the inside of this leather notebook, you will get an Accordion Style Storage Pocket. The notebook has ruled pages which are ivory colored. In total, the pages are 240 and have 32 lines per page. To mark your pages, you will get a Satin ribbon page marker. The cover is made from brown genuine bonded leather cover.

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  • The paper stock is free of any lignin or acid.
  • The leather cover measures 5″ W x 8.25″ H x .75″ D.

3. Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop

Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop - Lemome A5 Wide

By: Lemome Leather Notebook

One reason why the Lemome leather notebook is popular is that it has a firm binding. Unlike with other notebooks, your pages won’t peel away from the cover. The leather cover is also very sturdy yet comfortable. This ensures that your notes are safe from damages. The type of paper used on it is resistant to rough erasing, shading or any other activity that may normally cause it to tear.


  • It has a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The notebook has page dividers.

2. Leather Writing Journal Notebook

Leather Writing Journal Notebook

By: EvZ Leather Notebooks

Much like one of the leather notebooks we earlier came across, this one has also been engraved with compass pattern. For easier addition of re-fills, this notebook has a small binder built-in it. It comes in a perfectly portable size, which will not bring you packing issues. The inserts of the notebook are long lasting craft paper.


  • It has 80 sheets in total.
  • The notebook is Size: 7x 5 inches in size.

1. LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook – Leather Notebook Antique Handmade Leather

LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook

By: Moonster Leather Notebooks

This notebook caught my attention because it’s made from Genuine Water Buffalo Leather. The tanning done on it was natural and you can even play around with the cover. If you rub markings on it, they will just fade away. But if you want to add on to the vintage style, you could fold or even scratch it as well. The paper used in this notebook has a natural fiber variation.


  • It comes in a supple dark brown color.
  • You will get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Buyers’ Guide:

The Moonster LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook is the best leather notebook according to our review. It can be used for several applications, such as an Artist Sketchbook, a Photo Album, Traveling Notes, or even a Hunting Logbook. You are sure to keep your work secure with this hand stitched, Coptic leather-bound notebook.

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