Top 14 Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids in 2023 Reviews

Getting the best light up shoes for your little buddy will not only keep them happy but will strengthen the bond between you guys that you have been so much yearning for. Take a moment to recall your childhood experiences if you are in a position to do so. You will definitely agree with me that childhood memories come fresh.

Making a decision on the appropriate light-up shoes for your child may be a bit challenging, due to the numerous manufacturers with numerous brands and numerous features. Some of which may be a bit challenging for you to make a clear distinction. By going through this article, I assure you that from today you will be able to periodically make the wisest of decisions that will ensure your little buddy keeps the best of their childhood experience courtesy of you. This information has been obtained both from personal experience and the opinions of people who have ever used and are still using these quality products.


Bestseller Light-Up Shoes for Kids On Amazon:

List Of Best Light-Up Shoes for Kid Reviews in 2023:

#14. KALEIDO Light-Up Shoes for Kid

KALEIDO Kids 7 Colors LED Light up Shoes Sneakers for Boys Girls

By: Kaleido Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Provide uttermost comfort and a wow experience to your little buddy today by purchasing this Light up shoes a by Kaleido. Durability will be a problem of the past by having this product. This is assured by the study construction material with the body having been constructed using a superior leather material. Shock absorption has been taken care of by inclusion of the thick, flexible and high-density rubber sole that will keep the delicate feet of your young one protected all through.

Kaleido has made user friendliness their major concern by the inclusion of size instructions and switches instructions. Size instructions have been simplified by the provision of a size chart that will give you the opportunity to measure your heel-to-toe length and thereafter chose the best size with your desired fit.

Best KALEIDO Light-Up Shoes (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

reasons I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Simplified powering on provided by the highly comprehensive switch instructions. Switching on is facilitated by the hidden switch button at the back beside the charging port. The operation is easy since it only involves a single press for switching on or for changing to a preferred light mode. Turning the lights off has also been simplified by just pressing the switch 12 times or by holding the power button for as little as 3 seconds.
  • Variety of color modes: It comes with a collection of 8 color manipulations. The following colors can be seen: Red, green, blue, yellow, sky-blue, purple and white. The two extra color provisions include the auto-change mode and light off.
  • Easy to charge feature: This is provided for by the highly legible, simple and easy to understand instructions that make it absolutely simple to charge just like your regular cell phone. The instructions clearly direct you on how to use and the duration to charge your shoes for the best experience ever.
  • A strict quality control team that ensures that only legitimate products are provided in the market. The team additionally takes full responsibility for any issues if at all present regarding the quality of any product sold.

#13. XZSPR Kids Boys Girls Breathable LED Light Up Flashing Sneakers for Children Shoes

XZSPR Kids Boys Girls Breathable LED Light Up Flashing Sneakers for Children Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)


This creation by XZSPR provides an excellent inclusion to the available Light-up shoes for your little buddy. XZSPR has considered durability their primary concern by using rubber as their material of choice for construction. Despite the sturdy nature of the material, it also provides excellent shock absorption characteristics that will forever ensure your little ones from scars or bruises danger that come with other substandard products.

Elegance has also been taken care of by provision of a pair of LED lights with a modern design. The lights are able to produce a total of 11 kinds of versatile lighting patterns including pure white pattern, white flash pattern, symphony light slow pattern, magic lantern block pattern as well as symphony light fast plus slow pattern.

reasons I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Available in a variety of sizes designed for either little kids, toddlers or big kids.
  • The shoes are highly versatile in terms of usage. They have been designed to be used in a variety of places and events including clubbing, rave parties, jogging, walking, and running as well as outings. They are actually the ideal shoes for family night outings.
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#12. UNN Led Light Up Shoes for Men Women and Kids USB Charging Flashing Luminous Glowing Sneakers

UNN Led Light Up Shoes for Men Women and Kids USB Charging Flashing Luminous Glowing Sneakers


Get this quality product from UNN that will give you and your family members a wow experience all through. Coming with an elegant fly woven design this shoe will give your little one the best of memories. Additionally, the versatile nature of the shoes makes it suitable for use not only in kids but for interested grown up men and women. The battery life is highly reliable since charging for as little as 2 hours provides up to 11 hours of consistent lighting time. It also comes with 12 light modes that will allow you enjoy your preferred color all through.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Legible, easy to understand charge instructions with an easy charging technique. The shoes can be charged just like your regular cell phone since it comes with an attached USB cable that makes this extremely simple.
  • High degree of user friendliness guaranteed by the provided switch instructions. The switch button has been strategically positioned behind the charging port. A single press switches it on allowing you to change the color to your preferred type. The lights are switched off at the twelfth press.
  • Comes with a size chart that provides guidance on your preferred size. Just by measuring your heel-to-toe ratio, you will be able to find your preferred size from the chart.

#11. SLEVEL Breathable Light-Up Shoes Flashing Sneakers for Kids Boys Girls

SLEVEL Breathable LED Light up Shoes Flashing Sneakers for Kids Boys Girls

By: Slevel Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Get one of the most durable light-up shoes today by buying this quality creation of Slevel. If you have been having durability problems with your past products then this is definitely the catch. Coming with a high-quality rubber sole and a tough fabric construction this product will definitely provide you with the experience that you have been missing. Additionally, Slevel has made elegance their primary concern by incorporating the seven kinds of color displayed by the high quality resistant to bending LED lights. The versatility of charging has also been considered given the variety of chargers able to charge the device including a USB cable and mobile phone charger. Talking of safety and reliability, this product will undoubtedly provide you these qualities.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Ideal for a gift due to the flexible and versatile colors it comes with.
  • Simple to operate, easy to access switch button hidden beside the charging port.
  • A single press changes readily to other light modes.

#10. Littlepanda Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Littlepanda Kid boy Girl LED Light up Sneaker Athletic Wings Shoe High Student Dance Boot USB Charge

By: Littlepanda Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Get a durable light up shoe today by purchasing this product by Littlepanda. The product is highly durable guaranteed by the full leather and fabric construction material. The rubber sole assures of comfort and adding to durability due to its excellent shock absorption characteristics. Littlepanda has continually invested in the elegance of which is provided for in this product by the colorful LED light. Charging has been simplified greatly by the provision of a USB cable and allowing the use of any other USB cable in replenishing the charge.

Why you should get one:
  • Strategic positioning of the switch allows the light on once the shoe is worn as well as allowing the user to switch off the light at their convenience.
  • Comes with a size chart that makes it easier for you to select your preferred size based on your foot length.

#9. WONZOM FASHION Light-Up Shoes for Kid

WONZOM FASHION LED Light Up Shoes USB Flashing Sneakers for Toddler

By: WONZOM FASHION Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Has sweating feet been disturbing you or your loved ones? Your ultimate solution is finally here. This creation by Wonzom Fashion has been designed with absorbent cotton on the inner side that will make your sweating feet a problem of the past. Uttermost comfortability is assured by the high-quality soft cotton construction material with dewetting properties that keeps your feet dry all along.

Constructed using a highly durable leather and a rubber sole, this product will definitely give you an experience worth recalling. The operation has been greatly simplified by the provision of an easy to access switch hidden inside the shoes nearby the USB port. A single press fixes the shoes on one color or flashing.

Why you should get one:
  • Comes with a cable unfortunately without a charger. The cable can however be fixed on a phone charger for continuous power supply to the shoe battery.
  • Fit for all the seasons of summer, autumn and winter.

#8. UBELLA Light-Up Shoes for Kid Flat Sneakers (Toddler/Little Kid)

UBELLA Girl's Light up Sequins Slip On Loafers Flashing LED Casual Shoes Flat Sneakers (Toddler/Little Kid)

By: UBELLA Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Ubella provides you with this high quality light-up shoes that will definitely grant you a wow experience with your loved ones. This is among the few products that come with extra lights that allow you make prompt replacements once the old ones are worn out. Additionally it comes with a sturdy construction made of bling sequins material that assures you of long term durability.The shoe has been constructed of a superior, slip-on design that makes it extremely easy for kids to put on and take off.

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More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Soles are strategically placed under the heel part of the insole that facilitates flashing on of the lights once the kids jump.
  • Comes with a built in LED lights on the soles.

#7. Kids LED Light Up Shoes – Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Kids LED Light Up Shoes Breathable Kids Girls Boys Breathable Flashing Sneakers as Gift

By: AoSiFu Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Enjoy a wide range of colors by purchasing this light-up shoe for your kid today. Featuring 7 kinds of static color and four kinds of dynamic color changes, this shoe will definitely give you value for your money. User friendliness has been ensured by the provision of the hidden switch that lights the shoe up just by a single quick press. Turning off has also been greatly simplified, it is just a matter of long pressing the switch. Recharging the shoes has been simplified bythe provision of the 2 in 1 micro USB cable. Though the cable doesn’t include a charger, its versatility allows you to charge your shoes just by inserting the cable to a mobile phone, computer or any other charger. The battery is highly efficient since by charging for as short as 3 hours, up to 11 hours of lighting time is attained.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Clear easy to understand charge instructions.
  • Constructed using high-quality material including wear resistant rubber soles hence highly durable.
  • Elegant in appearance provided by the assortment of colorful LED lights that you can gift your little-loved ones on their birthdays, performances, Thanksgiving, Halloween or even Christmas.
  • Highly comfortable with a long battery life of up to 8 hours with the lights on.

#6. Skechers Kids Glow Girl Light-up Sneaker (Little Kid)

Skechers Kids Glow Girl Light-up Sneaker (Little Kid)

By: SKECHERS Light-Up Shoes for Kids

This product of Skechers provides another durable collection of light-up shoes for your loved ones. Durability has been enhanced by the sturdy canvas construction coupled with the high shock absorbing and wear-resistant rubber sole. The shoes provide an assortment of elegant colors with a glittery hook-and-loop strap. This product forms the ideal gift to your loved ones during their birthdays, Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Extra Features

  • Elegant in appearance.
  • Comes with colorful sequin detail on toe cap with colorful lights that blink with each step.[/su_spoiler]

#5. Gaorui Kid Boy Girl Light-Up Shoes

Gaorui Kid Boy Girl LED Light up Sneaker Athletic Wings Shoe High Student Dance Boot USB Charge

By: Gaorui Light-Up Shoes for Kids

This light-up shoe is one of the best that has been specially designed encompassing both fabric and synthetic components. The sole is the synthetic component and has been designed to provide uttermost comfort and excellent shock absorption characteristics. The lights are colorful of LED nature and it comes with a USB cable plus a charger that will ensure regular recharging once the battery is down.

The size has been adjusted to accommodate the growing child. In case it is bigger it is advised that you put a soft insole to fix the problem. The switch has been placed on a raised part on the shoe side that switches on the lights once the shoes are worn. These shoes should however not be worn in rain and snow weather.

reasons I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Comes in a package containing the shoes and one charger.
  • Comes with a size chart that allows you to determine the correct size based on foot length.

# 4. Denater Light-Up Shoes for Kids Girls Boys Breathable Flashing Sneakers

Denater LED Light Up Shoes Kids Girls Boys Breathable Flashing Sneakers

By: Denater Light-Up Shoes for Kids

This creation by denator has been built using sturdy fabric that will serve as the ideal gift to your loved ones on occasions such as birthday, Halloween, Christmas among others. Consisting of a high-quality cloth and breathable, wear resistant rubber, this product is simply the best. The assortment of 7 LED colors it comes with gives it absolute class and elegance. The shoe boasts of superior battery life of up to 8 hours with the lights on. I highly recommend this product for the best experience ever.

reasons I picked Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids:
  • Ease of charging and recharging as it entails connecting a USB cable from the computer. It can also be charged using a mobile phone charger and other compatible chargers.
  • It has been designed to provide a high degree of comfort on the feet, its sweat absorbing properties keeps your feet dry all through.
  • Has a size chart that enables you to select your preferred size.

# 3. GreatJoy Cool Fun Light up LED Shoes Sneaker 7 Colors USB Charging

GreatJoy Cool Fun Light up LED Shoes Sneaker 7 Colors USB Charging

By: GreatJoy Light-Up Shoes for Kids

This quality light up shoes are made of high-quality leather that grants it long term durability. It comes with beautifully 7 LED flashing lights with up to 11 flashing patterns of exemplary quality. Additionally, an elegant LED strip has been embedded in the midsole around the shoes that gives the shoes a gorgeous look. The high-quality rubber sole provides the shoe with non-slip features and great shock absorption characteristics. Purchasing this product for your loved ones will undoubtedly give them the experience of a life term.

Why you should get one:
  • It has been made ideal as a birthday party gift, for clubbing, dancing, and performances.
  • The power switch has been hidden on the charging port giving the shoe a smooth appearance.
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# 2. Skechers Kids S-Lights Lumos Light-Up Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)

Skechers Kids S-Lights Lumos Light-Up Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)

By: SKECHERS Light-Up Shoes for Kids

These light up shoes are ideal for toddlers between 1 and 4 years that will undoubtedly give them an experience worth recalling. It has been made of 100% leather that provides it with long term durability. The shoe sole has also been built with wear resistant and non-slip rubber material with excellent shock absorption characteristics. The ultra bright lights and its lightweight further enhances the quality of these shoes.

Why you should get one:
  • Has a non-marking outsole
  • Comes with a flexible sole.

# 1. Skechers Kids Energy Lights – Best Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Skechers Kids Energy Lights-Dance-N-Dazzle Sneaker

By: Skechers Light-Up Shoes for Kids

This is yet another creation by Skechers also ideal for little kids in the age bracket 4 and 8 years and big kids aged 8 and 12 years. It features an elegant Rose Gold color. A size chart has been provided that simplifies the selection process of the ideal size. It also features a rubber sole that has shock absorbing, sweat absorbing and wear resistant characteristics. It is provided with a dual charge USB cable that keeps the battery power refilled all through.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Long battery life of up to 6 hours when fully charged.
  • The battery is rechargeable.

What to consider before buying the best light-up shoes:


  • As much as it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Elegance comes first while selecting the best light up shoes for your little angel.

Comfort: Besides the elegant outside appearance, how your little buddy feels on the inside is of utmost importance. A shoe that will keep them comfortable all through absorbing efficiently any secretions and comfortable to maneuver around is highly convenient.


  • This is determined by the construction material. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the type of construction material before buying the best collections.

User friendliness:

  • This is highly important since it will save you the trouble of needing to be around your grown-up kid so as to help them put on their attire. Consider the dimensions of the orifice and flexibility of the surrounding material before making the final decision.


  • Despite the highly overrated belief that price is proportional to quality, I beg to differ on this one. While purchasing the best shoes, take your time to first consider whether the price matches the provisions of the shoe. I won’t say that going for cheap or for the expensive will make your work easier, but just by considering the primary features I have mentioned above, the decision on price rests entirely on you.

Why you need the best light-up shoes for your kid?

For a wow experience:

  • From my own experience and experience of other people, and adding to what I stated before, childhood memories come fresh, whether sweet or bitter. This will definitely be one of the sweet ones.

For cost effectiveness:

  • Despite this not being the primary concern, we need to appreciate that our financial status greatly has an impact. By buying the best product that will offer value for your money, your personal satisfaction and peace of mind will at all times be at ease.

For beauty:

  • The best light-up shoes with the right combination, density, and frequency of color will provide the perfect blend with the attire of your choice for your little angel for the best appearance ever.

For safety:

  • As much as beauty might be the primary concern for most of us purchasing these quality shoes. Safety is of utmost importance given the tender age of our little buddies. Due to their jumpy nature, a shoe with excellent shock absorption characteristics will keep them safe and warm.

Final thoughts!

I believe by now you have a clear idea on what to look for in the best light-up shoes for your little ones. Enabling you buy the best product that will give you value for your money is our main interest. I know you might be confused due to the overlapping characteristics of these shoes. We, however, recommend any of the above products for the best experience ever. Seize the moment! Do not wait, buy the best light-up shoes today for your loved ones for the best experience ever.

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