Top 12 Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids in 2023 Reviews

You can improve your child’s imagination and creative writing by using a drawing board. This is a writing pad that has a writing screen to allow simple scripts, doodling, drawing, and other creations by use of a magnetic pen. It also helps improve a sense of independence and better motor skills. In this review, we feature the top 12 best magnetic doodle drawing board for kids in 2023.


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#12. Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board for Toddlers

Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board for Toddlers

  • By: Wellchild Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

It is time to discard the toys that cause harm to your ‘kid’s health and creative skills. The use of the Wellchild drawing board not only improves their imagination but also gives hem a sense of independence. Made of heavy-duty material, it offers a kid-safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic use. Plus, the surface is frosty to make it look more stylish and cleaner. In case some black dots appear on the drawing screen usually caused by low temperature, you can eliminate them repeatedly doodling and erasing.

Thanks to a lightweight structure, it is convenient to carry to different destinations for use to write on in travels and reduce boredom. Plus, the colorful style is a thoughtful gift for holidays and parties such as birthdays, Christmas, and much more. This board is multipurpose for use in cool or rainy weather at home and outdoors for young ones to learn drawing and basics of writing.

#11. Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

  • By: Svance Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

If you are searching for a toy that can be used at home and also outdoors, look no more. The above doodling board has an eco-friendly structure and a travel size to ensure your kids have exciting travel. Plus, it can fit comfortably in a bag without utilizing too much space. Incorporating an erasing brush, it gives a kid the freedom to come up with creative ideas without worry of mistakes. Plus, the provided magnetic pen is simple to use and soft to touch and doodles with precise accuracy.

You do not have to spend your free time supervising what your child is doing. This item is an ergonomic toy that keeps a youngster busy and at the same time, improves their creativity. The drawing, writing, erasing, and other screen tasks, develop the arm muscles. Moreover, it comes with four-color zones on the writing screen, including blue and yellow, for better color perception and recognition.

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#10. NextX Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid

NextX Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid

  • By: NextX Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

NextX drawing board is among the most used units that improve a ‘child’s motor skills. The process of drawing, scribbling, and writing ensures the little fingers and hands get more strength and also enhances excellent hand-eye coordination. Not only is this beneficial in the long run but also keeps the children busy in a practical toy. For the parents, they get a peaceful space no matter the area such as car rides, airplane travels, at home and even in outdoor adventures.

The sketch board above measures 6.15 x 13 inches and has a screen size of 10 x 7 inches to offers an ample enough space for multiple artworks. The provided sheer of stickers and stamps are an excellent addition to help your baby identify different colors and patterns in a fun way. Also, this board acts as a simple drawing and writing platform to help practice coordination and develop creativity.

#9. NextX Magnetic Doodling Board

NextX Magnetic Doodling Board

  • By: NextX Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

We love the blue-yellow borders of this kids sketch board to offers beautiful aesthetics in most places. You can keep it in a ‘kid’s room, playroom, lounge area, and other kid-safe sites. In case you step on it, do not worry about damages because it has a sturdy construction made of premium plastic that also offers a dust-free and zero toxins to keep your ‘child’s health safe.

The above unit has a high versatility for writing, drawing pictures, scribbling, and doodling for days. Let your young one enjoy endless fun of creating artwork as he or she improves their imagination to let them express themselves visually through writing. It is inevitable for mistakes not to happen, and ‘that’s why there is a reset functionality. Pull it across the surface to clear the drawings to open a new world for a child to fill more creations.

#8. Magnetic Drawing Board Erasable for Kids

Magnetic Drawing Board Erasable for Kids

  • By: Daisiki Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Daisiki board for kids is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance. With a bright finish it is a perfect gift for Christmas, get together or a birthday party. The drawing screen has a dimension of 7.5 x 5 inches, to offer a decent doodling area, which is not too big or too small so that kids can control with ultimate comfort. Plus, the structure comes with an ergonomic handle for children to carry it around everywhere without adult assistance.

Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, this accessory is safe for your kid’s health even after numerous use. The attached stylus help in simple cleaning while preventing inhalation of chalk powder or dirty crayons. An advantage this product offers is the provided stamps with a flower and circle pattern to allow kids to make accurate drawings and improve their creativity.

#7. Geekper Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Geekper Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

  • By: Geekper Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

You can help improve child development by allowing the little one to write, draw, play math games, color scheme, and more as they practice eye-hand coordination as well as motor skills. Therefore, The inbuilt slide eraser effectively erases the board. Swipe back and forth to wipe out any painting or doodles to begin new creativity. his doodle has five sticks and stamps that give your kid more drawing options as they use their wild imagination to produce lovely scenarios in their mind.

Constructed of non-toxic, BPA-free, and dust-free plastic, not only is it safe to the environment but also does not break easily. A kid can comfortably carry it from the house to the car, from the vehicle to a camping site, from a bedroom to the lounge area because of its lightweight structure. Additionally, the handle is soft on the hand and firm enough to improve portability and ease of use.

#6. WISHTIME Magnetic Sketch Board

WISHTIME Magnetic Sketch Board

  • By: WISHTIME Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Most children love colorful things from toys, clothes, book covers, and even drawing accessories. Therefore, This sketch board has an elegant and bright finish to offers a playful and fun effect to ant surroundings such as a ‘kid’s bedroom, playroom, living room, and also in travel settings. Plus the blend of yellow and blue work well together to match most decor such as clothes, books, lamps, toys, and even bedding.

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This item offers the most straightforward use by touching the magnetic pen onto the screen, to freely draw, scribble, write, and make amendments. Even if you have to explain the steps of operation from writing to erasing and also redoing the same process numerous time, it takes little time for youngsters to grasp the whole procedure. For additional security, the magic pen is connected to the board to prevent losses or external damages like adult stepping.

#5. Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid 12.8 Inch Drawing Area

Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid 12.8 Inch Drawing Area

  • By: Meland Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Meland does not play around when it comes to quality. This doodle pad can be used for an extended period and still retains its original structure to give you value for your money. Even a toddler from growing up can leave it to a younger sibling or friends to continue with the writing experience. If you have a niece, nephew, or a small kid, it is a lovely gift because it offers both an educative and fun experience.

Therefore, This accessory measures 12.8 inches and has a lightweight to enhance simple carrying from one place to the other. Plus, the slim profile gives you safe and minimal storing for children to enjoy long travels and beat boredom. Featuring four coloring area such as yellow, green, red, and blue, it offers better engagement and concentrates for a youngster to keep him or her busy while learning color perception.

#4. MegaToyBrand Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid

MegaToyBrand Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid

  • By: ToyVelt Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

We love this doodle board because of its full writing surface that guarantees more artwork at the same time before the next phase. Featuring a large writing board, it gives your kid the ultimate freedom to draw long lines, curves, and patterns without constant erasing and redo. This also allows two kids to work on it at the same time without bringing confusion s on interruptions while sharing ideas and creative themes.

We know some drawing pads only work for a certain age with a two to three-year difference. The unit above goes a step further to let 2-13-year-olds use it, making a cost-effective product as your toddler grows with it as he or she transforms into a teenager. Moreover, it is constructed with quality plastic that has better resistance to bear step-on and other adult pressures.

#3. Meland Magnetic Drawing Board

Meland Magnetic Drawing Board

  • By: Meland Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Meland doodling pad gives your kid a safe and straightforward place to improve their writing skills. It has an innovative structure which is versatile enough to scribble on, draw, write, erase, and at the same time enhance their creativity with their imaginations. This is a useful past time, playtime, vacation sport as compared to watching movies playing video games or sleeping all day. Therefore, The provided picture book guided toddlers to doodle step by step or as they desire.

This board has a 4-color panel including yellow, blue, red, and green, to make the art your child draws more beautiful instead of the typical black shade. Even if there are mistakes in your ‘kid’s painting, he or she can quickly rectify by using the slide eraser by swiping back and forth to start a new design. Measuring 27.5 x 18 cm, it is quite wide to encourage children to draw with ultimate comfort.

#2. CHUCHIK Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

CHUCHIK Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

  • By: CHUCHIK Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

If you want an accessory for your kid that offers more than fun, the above drawing board is a useful alternative. Boasting of a lovely blue-orange-green finish not does it add a beautiful appeal in its surroundings but keeps the child more engaged in the art project.

Now you have extra time to do other household tasks while leaving your young one busy. Unlike other magnetic boards with stamps that are hard to get in and out or fail to stay in place, the Chuchik does the opposite. Therefore, The stickers dint get lost quickly or easily as you connect to the magnetic board in a secure position.

This accessory is made with a unique dual-layer plastic to withstand many kicks, falls, sittings, and even throw-down without losing its appeal or structure. Plus, its large size has a four-colored small board that fits easily in a bag to improve the travels in an airplane, car rides and also restaurants.

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#1. Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

  • By: Kidsthrill Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kids

We love this drawing board from Kidsthrill company because it lasts longer in use as compared to similar units with higher or lower pricing. With a design for kids to show off their creativity on a drawing surface, you get to gauge the level of imagination they possess. A child can use his or her writing skills to paint and produce decorative art in a fun and educative way. Therefore, The included sliding knob helps to erase the artwork for numerous reuses and skill improvement. Your child also enjoys three stampers shapes to produce original designs.

Made of non-toxic, BPA-free, and high-quality plastic material, it delivers better durability and stain-free service. The board edges feature a lovely frame which holds the stamps and the pen in place to enhance the better organization. This item has a beautiful color to help a young boy or girl to accomplish simple doodling like doing maths, writing words, and much more.

List Of Best Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board For Kid Reviews in 2023:

What are the magnetic drawing boards called?

Magnetic drawing boards are also called doodle boards. They are quite popular and target young users. The device was invented back in 1974 and has over the years seen an increase in popularity. Also, modern options are more superior hence easier to use and also offer more variety. It allows the youngster to improve imagination, creativity, and also develop a hobby.

The unit comprises a drawing board, a few magnetic shapes, and a magnetic stylus. The board relies on magnetism to create shapes and sketches and is good for doodling, simple scribbling, sketching rough images, drawing, and more. There are quite a number of boards out there. However, the Magna Doodle stands out as among the most popular. It’s very basic and easy to use, and also lightweight and very portable.

What is the best magnetic drawing board?

The best magnetic drawing is made of heavy-duty materials to put up with rough handling, normal use, bangs, falls, abrasion, and more. This ensures it lasts for a longer time and also provides reliable service. Another thing about top choices is that they are lightweight and the child will have an easy time using it. Also, it will be child-safe and eco-friendly. The gadget does not contain toxic substances such as BPA, Lead, or Phthalates, which may cause harsh or side effects to people, pets, and the environments. It will also have a smooth finish to prevent scratching or bruising the skin.

Top choices are easy to take care of and won’t require lots of care. Besides, they’ll look elegant and trendy to suit youngsters. Some of the top options that are readily available in the market include SGILE drawing board, Wellchild board, HahaGift board, Magna Doodle board, FLY2SKY magnetic unit, Gamenote Extra, VTech Write & Learn, Fisher-Price DoodlePro, and CHUCHIK drawing board.

What is doodling art?

Doodling art is the technique of creasing doodles or scribble simple forms of art or drawings that kids usually practice. It entails coming up with abstract or random lines or sketches without putting much thought into it. While in drawing, the creator will take time, pause to think, and also will be lifting the pencil, pen, marker, or the drawing item as you figure out the next step.

However, in doodling, or scribbling, the pen or pencil writes continuously without any lifting or taking pauses. It thus brings out abstract art, which isn’t easy to replicate. Traditionally, people use paper and pencil or pens. Nowadays, we have magnetic drawing beards.


Check out the best magnetic doodle drawing board for kids from the above products. You can get one that suits your ‘child’s needs and also offers longlasting service. Some have a bright finish, which is an instant hit to the young artists. Remember to keep them busty in a fun, instant, and educative way by using a sketch board.

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