Top 12 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts in 2023 Reviews

Nobody likes distractions when driving on the highway. Driving while holding your phone with one hand and the other on the wheel can be quite dangerous. It affects your reaction and concentration. Fortunately, innovation has managed to make use of the good old magnetism to bring you magnetic phone car mounts.

They are designed to keep your phone and the road in the same line of view making it possible to keep all your hands on the wheel and still view your phone. When you hit the market, you will notice that there are many different types of magnetic phone car mount to choose from. So we have singled out some of the best brands so that you will have an easy time when selecting the ideal magnetic phone car mount.


List Of Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount Reviews 2023:

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 12. SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

  • By: SMART & EASY Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Check out this simple piece designed to let you enjoy hand’s free experience anywhere. SMART & EASY Magnetic Phone Car Mount uses 4 powerful neodymium car mount magnets that secure your phone firmly in position. It is compatible with all smartphones and can attach to any flat surface.

It is highly flexible and can rotate to give countless viewing angles. The manufacturer included a soft rubber padding to provide smooth adhesion and avoid scratches or slippage. Installing this thing is pretty easy as well and requires no special skills. The makers also recommend cleaning the surface before mounting.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • 1-year free replacement and 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Flat and vent mounting option both available.

11. Magnetic Phone Car Mount for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy

Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Baseus Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

  • By: Baseus Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

It is hard to beat this mount in matters ease of use, flexibility, and portability. This mount relies on powerful Rb magnets or ‘Magnet King’ that securely hold your phone regardless of the terrain or when breaking. You can easily attach it to the dashboard or other plane courtesy of the 3M adhesive technology.

There is a leather plaster that not only protects your car surfaces from scratches but also prevents the mount from scratching your hands and phone. The 360 ͦ universal rotation design lets you move the phone easily to diverse visual angle to match your demands. The mount enables single-handed operation so that one hand remains on the wheel. In the package, you will find a round metal plate and a square metal plate.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It comes with an adhesive replacement and a happy card.
  • Additional color options available.

10. Car Phone Mount – Vansky 3-in-1 Universal Phone Holder Cell Phone Car Air Vent Holder Dashboard Mount

Car Phone Mount, Vansky 3-in-1 Universal Phone Holder Cell Phone Car

  • By: Vansky Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Attach your smartphone or GPS device securely to any flat surface of the car using this car mount and it will remain fixed until you decide otherwise. The mount offers powerful suction cups that hold device safely within your reach and view without wobbling or slipping so you can comfortably access the most necessary and essential functions of the smartphone like answering calls on speaker as well as viewing maps and hearing instructions.

It sports a 3-in-1 design that allows you to attach it to the dashboard, air vent, windshield or wall mounted depending on what works for you. The 360 ͦwill let you decide the perfect angle of view. You are only required to press a button to release the clamps on your phone making it a cinch to use.

Why you should get one:
  • It is compatible with any smartphone between 3.5” and 7” diagonal height.
  • Soft padding prevents scratches on your phone and car.
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9. Maxboost Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts Holder for iPhone X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 S7

ir Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts Holder

  • By: Maxboost Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

This mount has an exceptionally strong magnet with an intense force of attraction to keep your smartphone visible and completely secure without harming your smartphone. There are 4 strong magnets responsible for ensuring your phone is securely held in place. It has an impressive design that works well with virtually all phones regardless of the brand or if it has a case.

One side simply slips into your air vent while the attach holds to your phone. It is highly flexible and can rotate giving you a wide scope of viewing angles. The mount is easy to remove and can be stored on a glove box when not in use.

Why you should get one:
  • Included protection film prevents scratches and marks on the phone.
  • It is covered by a 12-month warranty.

8. iOttie Easy One Touch Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Mount Holder

  • By: iOttie Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Enjoy the most comfortable and convenient viewing angles with the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 phone mount. It includes powerful suction cups which keep your phone steadily place regardless of the kind of terrain you are driving on. It prides itself on the swivel feature that lets you rotate your phone to a suitable angle to avoid reflecting light from the phone.

This mount is exceptionally easy to use even for those new to car mounts and won’t leave any nasty marks on your windshield or scratches on your phone thanks to the rubber construction at the base. The easy one-touch lock and release make it simple to secure or release your gadget.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • The telescopic arm extends from 4.9” to 8.3”
  • It is backed by a 1-year hassle-free guarantee.

7. Magnetic Mount Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

If you want to keep yourself up to date on navigation and other updates like notifications flashing on your smartphone’s screen while still keeping your eyes on the road for safe driving then here you go. The magnets are strong and produce a gentle yet strong attraction that holds the gadget in place even when cruising rough roads.

You are required to attach it to the air vent of your car. The mount comes with a rubber base that holds your phone without causing scratches and marks on it. It is easy to use and can be used to mount phones of virtually all sorts and sizes. You can rotate the phone and swivel it as you’d wish to ensure the perfect viewing angle.

Why you should get one:
  • It is easily affordable.
  • Buyers get 2 pieces of air vent mounts.

6. Dashboard Mount TechMatte Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Dashboard Mount TechMatte MagGrip Dashboard

  • By: TechMatte Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Save yourself the danger and inconvenience of holding your phone, answering or pulling it out of your pocket or purse while on the road driving. The base bottom attaches to the dashboard or windshield of your car. There are powerful magnets to further secure the phone for a tighter bond.

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This universal car mount uses a suction-cup gel pad to firmly hold your phone in place without movement. It is made of plastic and rubber padding that protects your precious device from damages by scratches and marks. The mount is a breeze to use and can work with any smartphone.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It is conveniently priced.
  • It is covered by a 30-day Money-back Guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.

5. Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Strong Magnet Phone Holder for Car

Car Phone Holder, Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

  • By: Veckle Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

You can use this handy magnetic phone car mount to hold your phone tightly and stable to hold even the largest of smartphones. It comes with a powerful magnetic head that provides a secure grip that positions your phone in place even on rugged roads regardless of impacts or road vibrations.

It is a CD slot phone mount that requires installing and removing using screws. Like other top models in its class, it can rotate and swivel by 360 ͦ to ensure the most comfortable and convenient viewing angles. It fits most smartphones and comes with 3 side grips covered by a silicone layer to protect your CD player from scratches and marks.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • Buyers enjoy a 12-month warranty.
  • Three roof design with wider blades ensures more security and safety.

4. Mpow Cell Phone Holder for Car – Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Mpow Cell Phone Holder for Car

  • By: Mpow Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Don’t waste your time and money on purchasing something that will not deliver the desired results. Get yourself this smartphone mount and secure your phone in front of you so you can easily glance at maps and traffic alerts without looking down.

What sets it apart from ordinary mounts is the long arm that extends up to 8 inches making it more flexible and bringing the screen closer to your eyes. It is designed to fit all phones between 4.0” to 6.0” screens. The mount is fully adjustable and can rotate by 360 ͦ making it easy to change your viewing angle for more comfort and convenience.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • Comes with an extra suction cup for added stability.
  • One push button makes it easy to install and remove the phone.

3. Mpow Car Phone Mount – Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Mpow Car Phone Mount

  • By: Mpow Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Mpow seems to understand how important it is to stay connected when while driving, so they bring this powerful mount to firmly hold the phone for you. It comes with an ultra-sticky suction pad that holds your mobile device firmly in place that keeps the device safe from falling even if you are driving on a rough and bumpy road.

The base attaches to the dashboard. The telescopic arm can extend from 4.6” to 6.6” and pivot down and up to ensure you achieve the viewing angle that suits you. You can also adjust the width of the arm from 1.63” to 3.5” to snugly accommodate your smart device. The manufacturer included sponge cushions on the mount so it won’t leave scratches on your phone.

reasons I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • Additional color options available to suit your preferences.
  • You can fold the holding feet to enable easy charging.
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2. WizGear Universal Air Vent Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

If you prefer having your cell phone or navigation device visible and next to your hand then you should look no further than this phone mount. It does away with the need for holding the phone when driving and allows you to comfortably answer your phone with hands on the wheels. There are powerful reinforced magnets for holding the phone securely.

The mount attaches to the air vent of your vehicle. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount rotates and swivels allowing you to adjust the screen to a comfortable viewing angle. It is a breeze to use and compatible with most common phone brands.

reasons I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • It is highly affordable.
  • Fast swift-snap technology makes it easy to attach and remove the phone.

1. SCOSCHE MAGDMB Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone/GPS Mount for the Car

  • By: SCOSCHE Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Even when you decide to take on the toughest of trails and terrains with road vibrations and other impacts, this phone mount will still hold your phone securely and firmly and prevent it from falling. It uses rare-earth neodymium magnets to ensure a tight and secure grip. The mount is 4-axis, 360 ͦ adjustable to provide a suitable viewing angle. The head has a rubber lock-nut to secure the device and prevent scratches. There is an integrated cable clip that secures the charging cable to the mount.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts:
  • It is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The mount doesn’t interfere with Qi Wireless charging phones.

What to consider when buying a magnetic phone car mounts?

  • The safety of your device is crucial. The magnets used should be powerful enough to secure the phone firmly with no risk of wobbling or slippage even when driving in rugged terrain. Look out for models that are designed to protect your phone from scratches using either rubber or silicone.

The position of mounting:

  • While most magnetic phone car mounts are designed to be fitted on the dashboard and windscreen, others can be attached to the air vent or CD players. Look out for what works for your vehicle.


  • Ensure what you settle for can be used with most iPhones and Android phones and GPS devices. This enables you to use the mount for different gadgets. The mount should be quick and easy to set up and a breeze to use too.


  • The material used determines the durability and reliability of the mount. Ensure what you have in mind is built of durable and high-quality material to assure you of the safety and security of your device as well as long-lived service.

Why you need a magnetic phone car mounts?

  • Safety: These mounts keep your phone close at hand so you won’t be frequently pulling it out if need be. The eliminates any distractions and prevents accidents.
  •  Versatility: These mounts do not only restrict you to cars but can also be used inside your house, office or kitchen.

Final Words:

Now that you are enlightened on the best magnetic phone car mount available and just what you need to look out for, you can go ahead and click to add one to your cart. All the picks we have featured were created with you in mind and are well suited for your needs making them worthwhile investments.

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