Top 9 Best Medical Alert Systems in 2023 Reviews

When you have elderly relatives or parents, you try your best to provide them with as much care as possible. The challenge comes in where not everyone can afford the costs that come with rehabilitation centers, home health care personnel just to mention a few. When you get the best medical alert system, you will find that you’ll end up lessening the costs related to senior care. The best thing about them is that in case of emergencies immediate help can be sought out.


List Of Best Medical Alert System Reviews in 2023:

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9. Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring. Never panic

  • By: Ripple Safety Medical Alert Systems

Ripple lets you choose which response you would prefer before the emergency occur. In case of an emergency, the team will send you either an ambulance or the police as per your initially selected preferences. The company offers pro monitoring and will immediately respond once they are alerted. This medical alert system works when you click the ripple button 3 times. They do a great job at responding to such cases thanks to the help of the Ripple application.

The ripple app is important because it is where you pre-set health information about yourself. That information combined with custom personal information, allow the professional monitoring team to perform even better. Additionally, your friends and family will also get informed of the emergency. The team system ensures that they get your location free of charge. You can use the free perks of the system effectively and can get the paid professional monitoring only if you opt for it.

reasons I picked Best Medical Alert Systems:
  • When you purchase the system, you will get access to 1 free month of Ripple’s 24/7 nationwide professional monitoring.
  • The battery life only lasts up to 6 months.

8. Lively Mobile: One-Piece Waterproof Medical Alert Device

Lively Mobile: One-Piece Waterproof Medical Alert Device (Silver) by GreatCall


  • By: GreatCall Medical Alert Systems

Greatcall’s medical alert system will provide you with 24/7 access to medical help. It was designed to have nationwide coverage, so you don’t have to worry whenever you have to be mobile. The device is able to work across the country, so you will always be in great hands. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it is 30% smaller than other devices. This makes it easy to move around with, especially since its very light.

to a 5-star agent on the other end. These agents are highly trained and are IAED-certified. The best thing about them is that they have the quickest response time. The system also has patented enhanced GPS location technology. Thanks to this technology, the user’s location will quickly be confirmed when there is an emergency.

reasons I picked Best Medical Alert Systems:
  • The company also offers fall detection services.
  • The alert system is free for the first month and does not include any contracts or cancellation fees.

7. CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call System  – Medical Alert Systems

CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call System 2 SOS Call Buttons

  • By: CallToU Medical Alert Systems

CallToU medical alert system can be used by the elderly, resident, handicapped, sick, and patients as well. The applications it can be used for are endless. The alert system comprises 2 call buttons and 3 pagers. Unlike other devices, this one will not get damaged in case soup or any meal is splashed on it. It was designed such that it is completely waterproof and can even be installed in the washing room.

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You have the option of fixing it anywhere. When you buy it, you will also get a Fixed Bracket and Double sticker. The user may also decide to hang it as a pendant using the provided neck strap. If not, the option of putting it in your pocket is also available. In an open area, the medical alert system has a range of 500+feet. You will have the option of choosing among 55 ringtones. The volume ranges from 0db to 110db. It has 5 adjustment levels, which are very easy to set.

Why you should get one:
  • The purchase includes a pair 12V 23A Battery.
  • It has a very low power consumption.

6. Senior HELP Dialer Medical Alert – Medical Alert Systems

Senior HELP Dialer Medical Alert - No Monthly Fees Medical Alert System- HD700

  • By: Ats Medical Alert System

I found this to be one of the most affordable medical alert systems. If you can’t keep up with bills from monthly fees or contracts, you should get this option. You will get unbelievable value for money and some peace of mind as well. The system will include a Necklace Panic Button and a Wrist Panic Button. When pressed the 3 phone numbers listed will be instantly called. When called the system will play the personalized emergency message set by the user.

It can be used by individuals wearing pacemakers and has a 100ft operating range. Using it is simple and it is as efficient as the ones you have to pay the monitoring fee for. The HELP DIALER 700 Emergency Alert Dialer also has full 2-way communication. The built-in speakerphone comes in to play when an emergency call is received.

Why you should get one:
  • The system uses a normal phone line.
  • One can also buy Cell Phone with Bluetooth Adapter and use it.

5. Freedom TALK 2-Way Voice Alert 911 Newest DECT Model Emergency Alert System

Freedom TALK 2-Way Voice Alert 911 Newest DECT Model Emergency Alert System

  • By: Assistive Technology Services Medical Alert Systems

Assistive Technology Services offers a medical alert system, with more options when it comes to emergency contacts. You will be given the option of listing 4 numbers belonging to either your family or friends. The last contact available is an optional call to 911. In total 5 contacts will be reached out to in case of an emergency. To be able to use it, you will need to make a one-off payment and you are done. The system has a 600-foot radius. In other words, 1 million square feet of the coverage area.

The call button can be used in the shower thanks to its water-resistant properties. This system’s voice quality is superior and it can be heard through walls and floors thanks to its strong penetration ability. The medical system has an outstanding battery life, which will give you great service. You will get an automated pendant for battery notifications. You will be in a position to tell if the battery is low or even close to being empty.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The pendant can be used to answer incoming calls.
  • There are no monthly fees.
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4. MobileHelp Classic – Best Medical Alert System

MobileHelp Classic - Remotely Activated Cellular Home Medical Alert System for Seniors

  • By: MobileHelp Medical Alert System

The MobileHelp medical alert system does not require any landline. The system uses one of the most reliable networks’ cellular coverage. What gives them an edge, is the fact that they are FDA registered. You can rest assured that you are using a system which meets the highest quality standards. That is one of the reasons why it ranks highly among the best medical alert systems.

When you first set up this system, you will have the option of performing a system test. This will be possible once activation has been done. You will need to press and hold the test button. The button is located at the base. The base will then instruct you to press the neck pendant. Afterward, it will announce that the test call has been sent to the emergency center.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The mobile device can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It also has GPS tracking.

3. Guardian Alert 911 Phone – Best Medical Alert Systems

Guardian Alert 911 Phone

  • By: LogicMark Medical Alert Systems

Seniors are not the only ones that need that extra care. If you are constantly worried about your child you should get this Medical alert system too. Having to leave your infant behind with a babysitter isn’t always settling. You may be out but your mind will still be on your baby. You will feel more at ease when you own a Guardian Alert 911 Phone. Knowing that an immediate response will be availed in case of an emergency, will make you feel less troubled.

The system directly connects to an emergency operator with one touch. The service will be operational all days during all hours. You can get it without budgeting for any fee payments or contracts. When dialing, shutting down, system tests and battery tests, voice confirmations can be done. All this will help confirm that the system works properly.

Extra reasons why I picked The Best Alert System:
  • The device weighs about 1.6lbs.
  • The base comes with a 7-foot phone cord.

2. Medical Alert Systems for Seniors No Monthly Fee medical alert system

Medical Alert Systems for Seniors No Monthly Fee medical alert system

  • By: Life Link Response Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are not meant to be complicated. They are supposed to be easy to use and operate. This plays a big role in how effective they will be in times of emergencies. Life Link Response has one of the simplest systems available. Even its installation process is going to be a breeze for you. You can quickly set it up in a number of minutes without any professional knowledge or skills.

Like some of the alerts systems we have mentioned earlier, you will also get to record your own personalized message on this. It will then be sent out during emergencies. What makes this system affordable is the fact that it is self-monitored.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Medical Alert Systems:
  • The system allows you to program 3 family phone numbers.
  • It has a wireless range of 600 feet.
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1. Best Medical Alert System – No Monthly Charges

Medical Alert System - No Monthly Charges

  • By: Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert Systems

Whenever we make purchases, it’s always best to minimize the risk as much as possible. With this Touch N’ Talk option, you will get a 60-day return policy. If you purchase it and find that it’s defective in any way, you can return it within the specified days. This is another great buy for people who don’t have phone lines and want to ensure that they have emergency systems in place.

The pendant it comes with is convenient and can be used to answer calls. It can even be described as a cordless phone. If you want to enable your cell phone to dial out, you can pay an additional cost and get a cellular adapter. Once you get the adapter, you will be able to dial out when needed.

reasons I picked Best Medical Alert Systems:
  • Operating it is simple enough for kids and seniors.
  • It is very durable thanks to its sturdy construction as well.

Factors to consider in selecting an ideal medical alert system:

  • Operational range: You should make sure that the range the system covers is wide enough. That way a response can be gotten regardless of where the person is at home.
  • Connectivity: some alert systems need phone lines, while others do not. Make sure you confirm the kind of connection your system will require.
  • Accessibility: make sure that the system has easy ways to let the user make the alert. This can be in form of pendants, watches, belt clips and such.
  • Water resistance: Make sure that it will not get easily ruined when exposed to liquids, foods and such.

Why you need a medical alert system:

  • Some have automatic fall detection: Some systems are advanced and can tell when the user has fallen. This is handy in cases where the user can’t operate the alert system themselves.
  • The user can be more independent: Depending on who the system is for, they get to have more freedom to cater to themselves. Reason being, the system will enable them to ask for help whenever they need it.
  • They are a faster way to get help: You can get help much faster since your calls won’t have to be connected. Emergency assistance will be on its way instantly.

Final thoughts!

You have to ask yourself how much money you have to work with. This is very important because it will help determine the appropriate medical alert system for you. As you have seen, some of the services offered do not come cheap. However, that does not mean that you will be in a riskier situation if you spend less. Whatever your budget, the best medical alert systems we have chosen will not fail you.

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