Top 12 Best Softest Blankets in 2023 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you need it for use as part of the regular beddings or just want it to serve during the cruel winter nights in the upcoming overnight occasion, a soft blanket is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy regardless of the challenge posed by the Mother Nature. And yes, when it comes to stepping up the aesthetics of the bedroom décor, they neither disappoint.

However, with the market holding a myriad of these blankets, choosing the best can turn a daunting task. Having this in mind, we have made the work easier! We have tested some of the top-rated models in a bid to identify the top 12 best softest blankets for you in 2023. Join me as we go through our top picks!


List Of Best softest blanket Reviews in 2023:

#12. Utopia Bedding Polar Fleece Premium Bed Softest Blanket

Utopia Bedding Polar Fleece Premium Bed Blanket with Sateen Ribbon Edges - Extra Soft Brushed Microfiber - (Queen, Grey)

By: Utopia Softest Blankets

Taking the tenth position on our roundup list of the ten best softest blankets, this blanket is purely made of polyester material. This material guarantees to keep you warm and cozy even during the winter’s best nights. The double-sided design means that you can use whichever side of the blanket you prefer.

The blanket comes in three different sizes; queen, king, and twin sizes. Also, when it comes to color, you can either choose the navy color or the grey color depending on your bedroom outfit — preparing to leave for camping? No problem! This blanket suits different uses and can be used in bedroom, living room, and in any other space where you need to keep warm. Although it can resist stains, cleaning is also a breeze since it is machine washable. The price is also great for the quality.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It measures 90” x 90 inches.
  • It is easy to clean.

#11. Martex Super Softest Blanket

Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket - Twin

By: Martex Softest Blankets

If you are looking for a lightweight blanket that will add a layer of warmth to your bed, Martex Super Soft blanket should be the ideal option for you. The blanket is of premium-quality polyester material that will not only keep you feeling warm but also deliver a comfortable feel.

The generous size means that it can comfortably accommodate you and your loved one. Besides, since it is a versatile blanket, it can be used in the bedroom, college dorm, or at the couch watching your favorite late night TV show. Also, to suit the varying color needs of different users, it is available in four color varieties. Check Out Best Fire Blanket

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Available in twin size, queen size, and king size.
  • It is machine washable blanket.
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#10. Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Softest Blanket

Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Soft Reversible Ultra Luxurious Plush Blanket (50" X 60", Gray)

By: Genteele Softest Blankets

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your dear one, whether on a valentine day, mother’s day or father’s day, Genteele Sherpa is one of the best options you may consider. And yes, being one of the best softest blankets, it is of super soft premium-quality fabric that will keep you warm throughout the night; you won’t even remember its winter!

Besides, whether you prefer the velvet cashmere colored side or want to enjoy the soothing softness of the sheepskin side as you relax on the sofa, the blanket comes with a reversible design. Also, to keep you from the hassle of dealing with tough stains caught when on the couch, it is machine washable with cold water. Also, unlike some blankets, Genteele Sherpa soft blanket maintains the softness even after washing.

reasons I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • It is an elegant blanket.
  • The high-quality construction ensures extended durability.

#9. HYSEAS Velvet Throw Best Softest Blankets

HYSEAS Velvet Throw

By: HYSEAS Softest Blankets

Thought that all the best softest blankets were costly? Well, if yes, you had it wrong! And yes, this blanket is here to proof since it comes with a fraction of the cost. This 50 x 60 (inches) soft blanket is of high-density polyester microfiber. This material makes the blanket extremely soft to the touch and feel. The lightweight yet warm design makes it an all-year-round blanket. Also, since the fabric is breathable, you stay warm but not hot- forget about waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat.

The anti-pilling property of the blanket means that it will maintain its new appearance for years. Additionally, the exquisite stitches add on durability so that you enjoy the comfort for years to come. Since it is an aesthetically appealing blanket, you can use it for decorating the bedroom, living room, or any other space of your preference. The machine-washable feature means that it is easy to care for the blanket. Also, the thirty-day return and replacement policy mean that you can claim for a replacement just in case there is something you do not like about the blanket.

reasons I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • It doesn’t develop wrinkles over time.
  • It doesn’t fade hence maintains the original color even when washed frequently.

#8. Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket, Softest Blanket 50″ x 60″, Sand

Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

By: Pinzon Softest Blankets

Wondering how to keep warm during the colder months that are approaching? You don’t have to; this amazing blanket has soft velvet polyester which traps heat to make it the best weapon for you when the temperatures drop. The polyester material is also of top-class which makes it generally durable.

The ultra-soft micro plush offers a soothing feeling when waiting for your favorite show at the couch. Also, to ensure quality, these blankets are thoroughly tested by reputable third-party bodies. Therefore, if you need a soft blanket that won’t disappoint, giving this blanket a shot would be wise.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It is of environmentally friendly polyester material.
  • It is available in 8 color varieties.
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#7. Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket Softest Blanket

Utopia Bedding Woven Cotton Blanket (Full/Queen, Smoke Grey) Breathable Cotton Throw Blanket and Quilt for Bed & Couch

By: Utopia Softest Blankets

When you hear that something is of cotton material, probably you think of quality and durability, right? Well, you just guessed it right! Utopia Bedding Blanket is purely made from cotton to bring comfort and a warm feeling that will last for decades.

The professional weaving holds the feel-good fibers tightly together to ensure that it maintains the shape even after washing. Plus, since cotton is a natural material, the blanket is friendly to the environment and the skin. This makes it an ideal option for allergic people since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Also, the medium to lightweight means that the blanket suits all seasons. The beautiful waffle square patterns step up the beauty of any bedroom.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It is a breathable thermal blanket.
  • The breathable cotton softens with every wash.

#6. Tache Dark Navy Blue Warm Super Softest Blanket

Tache Dark Navy Blue Warm Super Soft Sherpa Winter Night Micro Fleece Throw Blanket 50" x 60."

By: Tache Softest Blankets

This blanket is of top-class polyester material which makes it one of the best softest blankets the market holds. Also, it comes with a reversible design. Therefore, this blanket will deliver warmth and comfort in all seasons. Also, being a multi-purpose blanket, you can choose to use it as a decoration piece in the bedroom, a baby blanket or in your car when traveling.

Since the quality of the blanket is excellent, this would be a unique gift for your loved one. The blanket is large enough; hence this would be a good selection for the couples. Furthermore, since it is not a heavyweight blanket, it washes up nicely. The trendy red, blue, and green colors are sure to add a unique sense of beauty wherever you use.

Why you should get one:
  • It measures 50 x 60 inches.
  • It is also available in two other larger sizes.

#5. Bedsure Fleece Softest Blanket Queen Size Grey Lightweight Super

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Queen Size Grey Lightweight Super Soft Cozy Luxury Bed Blanket Microfiber

By: Bedsure Softest Blankets

If you are looking for a blanket that can offer indoor and outdoor versatility, then, look no further than the Bedsure soft blanket. Whether it is on the couch during family hours, in the chilly weather outdoors, or the cold summer nights, this soft blanket creates a warm and comforting layer no matter where you use it.

The neat stitches deliver more integrated outlook and ensure prolonged life of the blanket. Also, the double-side reversible design offers different senses of softness for quality sleep. The premium-quality microfibers do not bunch and have less elasticity to maintain the shape for years. Furthermore, the microfibers are also wrinkle resistant and dry up quickly to save time.

Why you should get one:
  • A 30-day return and replacement policy cover it.
  • It is a smooth and ultra soft blanket.

#4. Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Softest Blankets

Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Soft Reversible Ultra Luxurious Plush Blanket (50" X 60", Navy)

By: Genteele Softest Blankets

Talk of trendiness, quality, and softness- and yes, this blanket comes with a combination of all these which qualifies it among the 12 best softest blankets out there. The blanket is made from the highest quality fabric which is excellently stitched to maintain shape for years to come. Additionally, this super soft blanket is also reversible for increased convenience and versatility.

The luxurious blanket is available in a broad spectrum of colors to meet the color needs of almost any bedroom. Also, since it is a machine-washable option, you can now keep the blanket on best condition without the hassle cleaning.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • It is available in different color options.
  • It is a versatile option.
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#3. GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Softest Blanket

GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Softest Warm Elegant Cozy Faux Fur Home Throw Blanket 60" x 80"

By: Graced Soft Luxuries Softest Blankets

This blanket measures 60” x 80” hence can serve as a great throw blanket for the whole family. The oversized blanket is of faux fur that keeps the entire family warm when allowing for breathability. The artfully-crafted piece is highly versatile since it can be used in almost any area of the home.

The super soft faux on both sides means that you get soothing softness on either side of the blanket. The grey color resists stains and dovetails almost any home décor.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • The 365-day warranty eliminates buyer risk.
  • It is large enough for the entire family.

#2. Tache White Ivory Softest Blanket

Tache White Ivory Super Soft Warm Polar Faux Fur with Sherpa Throw Blanket 63 x 87

By: Tache Home Fashion Softest Blankets

Taking the second place as one of the best softest blankets, this premium-quality blanket is crafted from durable polyester material. This material keeps you feeling warmer than other blankets during the chilly nights. Besides, it is a hypoallergenic option hence would be a good pick for the allergic people.

The soft material delivers comfort while the five color varieties let you select one of your favorite colors. Moreover, the generous size means that it can serve as an entire family’s throw blanket when relaxing on the couch during the cold season.

reasons I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • It can be machine-washed.
  • It is an ultra-soft blanket.

#1. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket – Best Softest Blanket

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

By: Chanasya Softest Blankets

Of all the best softest blankets we found on the market, all other blankets trail behind the Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket. The blanket comes with the best quality materials. These materials will neither fade nor loose shape with time. Also, the incredibly soft faux fur provides a luxurious, cozy feel.

The classy design turns your room into an inviting space while the unprecedented versatility makes it a perfect gift for a friend. The blanket comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a money-back guarantee just in case you or any member of your family doesn’t fall in love with the blanket for whatever reason.

reasons I picked Best Softest Blankets:
  • It is an ultra soft blanket.
  • It is easy to clean.

Factors to consider when choosing a soft blanket:

Material: Ensure that the content is durable. Besides, it should be hypoallergenic and free from chemical elements.

The size: Just like the ordinary blankets, soft blankets come in different sizes. Be sure to choose the one that suits the intended purpose.

The color: Be sure to choose the color that dovetails with your bedroom décor or whatever space you need to use the blanket.

Why you need a soft blanket:

Softness and warmth: These blankets are specially designed with fine materials that keep you feeling warm throughout the night.

Affordable: Although essential, these blankets are relatively affordable.

Final Thoughts!

If you need to stay warm and comfortable during the freezing weather, nothing holds a better solution for you than one of these 12 best softest blankets. Our standout picks are all of high-quality and are tested to ascertain durability. Be sure to gift yourself or your friend with one of these options.

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