Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Holders in 2023 Reviews

Hygiene in the washroom remains something that cannot be overlooked. And while it needs to be addressed from different angles, it all starts by equipping your bathroom with the right pieces of equipment that support your hygienic efforts. For example, you will need to choose the proper toilet paper holder for your washroom. Toilet paper holder comes in handy in keeping the toilet paper properly supported. This functionality not only enhances the level of hygiene but also makes your time in the toilet less challenging.

And while there are different types of holders out there, not all will offer the kind of support needed. Additionally, not all will dovetail your home décor. This is why you need to have prior knowledge on the type of toilet paper dispenser you need to go for in the market. And just before you hit the market, we have compiled important information that will help you choose the perfect holder for your washroom.

Therefore, in this article, we will be giving you a few tips you should have before you get to the market. And to make the work easier for you, we will provide ten suggestions of best tissue paper holders you should consider buying once you get to the market. Let’s kick-start the talk!


List Of Best Toilet Paper Holder Reviews 2023:

#10. Moen DN8408CH Preston Paper Holder, Chrome

Moen DN8408CH Preston Paper Holder

  • By: Moen Toilet Paper Holders

Holding the entire roll every time you visit the toilet can be somehow challenging and unhygienic. This is why you should consider equipping your bathroom with a sturdy toilet paper holder. And just in case you are looking for the perfect holder out there that will keep your toilet paper adequately supported, this should be one of the best options you can opt for in the market.

This premium-quality holder from Moen comes with a mirror-like design that will pair almost any washroom décor. Moreover, it features the open-arm design which makes changing paper roll a piece of cake, all you need is to slide off the used roll off and slide on the new toilet paper roll. Besides, it is of zinc alloy material hence will not corrode when it comes into contact with water ensuring maximum durability. To even provide extended strength, this unit features triple-plated castings.

And just in case you want to rid yourself of the tedious installation work, this holder comes with the necessities to make it easy and quick. Although sturdy, this unit only weighs 12 ounces which makes installation and transportation easy. The availability in two finishes, chrome, and brushed nickel means that the holder is built to meet the needs of almost every homeowner.

Why you should get one:
  • The unit is backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty which acts as a confidence booster.
  • The price of the unit is excellent making it a good option for anyone who needs to heighten the washroom style without operating beyond the budget.

#9. KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll

KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll Towel Holder RUSTPROOF Brushed Finish, A7070-2

  • By: Kes Toilet Paper Holders

This product is yet another fantastic option at your disposal just in case you are looking for a toilet paper holder that will last for years to come. This amazing holder is made of stainless steel material that will not only pair with your home décor but also ensure maximum durability of the appliance. The Chromium/Chrome reinforcement protects the holder from corrosion even when exposed to humid environments such as your washroom!

The unit is made to correctly mount on every dry, and smooth wall surfaces whether metal, marble stone, ceramic tiles, glass, and many others- all you need before installation is to ensure that the surface is dry and clean. Besides, coming with strong adhesiveness, mounting has never been this easy- forget about the hassle of drilling holes! The reverse installation means that the opening can be set to face either right or left.

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Moreover, for maximum versatility, this holder is tailored to support toilet papers of different sizes. The open-arm design makes changing paper rolls quick and easy. Additionally, the unit features a small pin at the end of the arm which keeps the paper roll in place preventing it from slipping off. The compact design means that the unit will not take much space making it a perfect addition to washrooms with limited space.

Why you should get one:
  • Although installation is easy, the manufacturer provides 24-7 mounting support just in case you find it somehow challenging.
  • The all-metal construction ensures maximum durability of the holder keeping your paper roll well-supported for years to come.

#8. InterDesign Classico Bathroom Over-Tank Toilet Paper Holder

Moen DN8408CH Preston Paper Holder

  • By: InterDesign Toilet Paper Holders

With over 40 years in the industry, InterDesign has established herself over the years as one of the reliable manufacturers in offering innovative storage products to customers at a low price. And yes, just in case you are looking for an affordable toilet paper holder for your washroom, this should be an ideal option. In fact, comparing the price of this unit to its quality and the cost of other products of the same class, we won’t go wrong if we say that this is one of the best deals you can grab from the market.

The holder comes with the sturdy stainless steel construction that will not rust. The durable construction ensures maximum durability when the unit is also perfectly blending into your washroom décor. The chrome finish provides the sturdy holder with a beautiful look making it an impressive option for the aesthetic enthusiasts.

And since no one wants to get involved with the tedious, time-consuming mounting, InterDesign doesn’t require any tools to mount-just raise the toilet tank lid and slide on the bracket- as easy as 123. And since most homeowners love buying toilet paper rolls in pairs, this holder has been made with that extra roll in mind since it comes with extra storage space that securely holds the unused toilet paper rolls.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • The compact space-saving design makes this holder an ideal addition to the small bathrooms.
  • The price is fantastic compared to the quality of the materials.

#7. mDesign Toilet Paper Holder Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder

mDesign Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder and Dispenser with Storage Shelf for Bathroom Storage

  • By: mDesign Toilet Paper Holders

Most toilet paper rolls come with limited space that can only hold the standard-size paper rolls. However, this beautiful holder comes with plenty of space to perfectly support and dispense even the jumbo-sized rolls. To offer unsurpassed versatility, the unit comes with an attached storage shelf that offers perfect storage for small accessories such as cell phones, wet wipes, books, and other small accessories.

In the side of the installation, it is super-easy and comes with all the installation accessories you will need. Additionally, since it comes with sturdy all-metal construction, it will offer dependable support for years to come. The rust-resistant coating prevents the unit from rusting even when exposed to constant humid environments. Additionally, the holder comes is available in a broad spectrum of colors; satin, chrome, bronze, matte white, matte black, and soft brass to meet the needs of different homeowners.

Moreover, the lightweight design of the unit makes it easy to carry the holder and turns the installation less tiresome. The space-saving design means that the toilet paper holder takes minimum space making it a wise option for the bathrooms with limited space. The open-ended arm makes it easy to remove the used up roll and quick to slide on the new toilet paper.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • The arm features a bent end which prevents the toilet paper roll from slipping off the unit.
  • The sturdy steel wire ensures durability and easily matches with almost every bathroom décor.

#6. MoenToilet Paper Holder Method Pivoting Paper Holder

Moen YB2408BN Method Pivoting Paper Holder

  • By: Moen Toilet Paper Holders

Also coming from one of the best manufacturers on the market, this toilet paper roll holder is made offer excellent support to your toilet paper. The nickel finish brings a modern-style look to your kitchen.

Moreover, the pro-fit installation system ensures durable mounting. The state-of-the-art design makes swapping toilet paper rolls easier than ever. The dispenser is made of commercial-grade materials to provide years of service. Moreover, the brushed nickel finish offers resistance to corrosion and adds a new touch of beauty to your toilet.

And just in case your bathroom is congested, or maybe has limited space, this holder should be an excellent selection since it comes with a compact design that will not take plenty of your bathroom space. And with the weight of one pound, mounting the unit is less wanting. The lightweight design also makes it transport the dispenser. To give you confidence in respect to quality, each package comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

reasons I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • The stylish design pairs with the amazing functionality to deliver a lifetime satisfaction to the customers.
  • The brushed nickel finish elevates the beauty of your bathroom.
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#5. KES Stainless Steel Bathroom Lavatory Toilet Paper Holder

 KES SUS304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Lavatory Toilet Paper Holder and Dispenser Wall Mount Brushed

  • By: KES Toilet Paper Holders

This commercial-grade toilet paper dispenser features an easy-to-install design. And whether you want the unit to be installed horizontally or vertically, it is tailored to offer such versatility. And since low-grade stainless steel gives in to rust when exposed continuously to places with high humid, such as toilet or bathroom, this fantastic unit boasts with T-304 top-class steel construction that offers years of dependable support. The sturdy construction is paired with the chromium/nickel construction which protects from rusting and corrosion to ensure extended durability.

Moreover, coming as a single piece, no assembly is needed. Installation is also super-quick coming with all the necessary hardware. And just in case it’s your first time, explicit installation instructions are also included in the package.

Coming with plenty of storage space, this premium-grade toilet paper dispenser can offer excellent support to a roll with a maximum length of up to 4.92 inches. And whether you want to mount in the bathroom or bedroom, it will look perfect in any setting. The price is pocket-friendly hence can be easily afforded by almost every homeowner without operating beyond the budget.

reasons I picked Best Toilet Paper Holder:
  • KES is a certified manufacturer with an excellent reputation for quality. Therefore, this is one of the few top-quality toilet paper holders you can get for your washroom.
  • The open-ended design makes it easy to slide off the empty roll and to add the new toilet paper.

#4. Moen DN8308BN Retreat Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Moen DN8308BN Retreat Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

  • By: Moen Toilet Paper Holders

Also coming from Moen, this dispenser is also a fantastic option for anyone in need of a high-quality product that will offer durability in customer satisfaction. To provide convenience in changing toilet paper rolls, this tremendous product comes with pivot design. To change the paper rolls is quick and easy, all you need is to pivot the arm, remove the empty roll, slide in the new role, and push the arm into place!

Installation can be difficult and time-consuming without the necessary hardware. Having that in mind, the manufacturer sees it necessary packing every unit accompanied by all the required installation hardware. The comprehensible installation instructions eliminate guesswork so that you get maximum value from the holder just as the manufacturer intended.

The unit is made of the commercial-quality stainless steel material to ensure durable support for decades. The holder is available in two finishes- the beautiful chrome finish that adds elegance to any setting and brushed nickel finish that is stain resistant to keep the holder looking like new for years- you will no longer need to spend time in cleaning the holder. Moreover, the two finished helps to resist rust and corrosion which are more likely in areas with constant exposure to moisture.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Each package comes backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which ensures worry-free purchasing.
  • The spot-resist finishes offer resistance to water spots and fingerprints keeping the bathroom looking clean.

#3. Spectrum Diversified Euro Toilet Tissue Reserve Best Toilet Paper HolderSpectrum Diversified Euro Toilet Tissue Reserve

  • By: Spectrum Diversified Toilet Paper Holders

If you are looking for a toilet paper roll with plenty of storage space, you should hold tight to this model. The holder is large enough to hold up to four rolls of jumbo toilet paper, freeing your cupboard space so that you can use the area to store precious things. The centralised storage of toilet paper rolls also helps you to know when there is a need for restocking so that you don’t run out of toilet paper rolls.

Moreover, although it offers plenty of storage, it is designed to use minimum room since it features the slim design. This design makes this holder a good selection for any washroom with limited space.

The toilet dispenser comes with the sturdy steel construction for prolonged durability. The clean design helps to keep your bathroom looking clean and saves time that you would have used in cleaning the unit. Moreover, the chrome finish perfectly coordinates with almost every washroom décor.

But just in case the chrome finish doesn’t give you the best kick, the holder is also available in a satin nickel finish. Additionally, the freestanding design eliminates the hassle that comes with the mounting process. The holder comes fully assembled so that it can be used straight from the box. The pricing is also perfect to ensure affordability by almost every homeowner.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • This unit measures 5.5″L x 5.5″W x 20.5″H
  • The elegant design helps to add a unique touch of beauty to your washroom.

#2. Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder SUS 304 Stainless Steel Matte Black Tissue Paper Roll Holder Wall Mount

  • By: GERZ Toilet Paper Holders

If you need a toilet paper roll holder that will make your bathroom look swanky enough, getting this great product will be a great leap. The high-quality dispenser is made of strong steel construction that stands the test of time. Besides, the premium-quality material will not rust or corrode even when exposed to places with high humid. The matte black finish brings unsurpassed beauty to your kitchen and resists spots and scratches to ensure flawless appearance for years. This feature means that you will spend less time and money on maintenance.

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The hidden screw mounts add a touch of modern design to your bathroom. Moreover, coming with a great price, this holder offers a cost-effective solution to your toilet paper holding need. And just in case you are looking for a unit that is easy to install, you don’t need to look any further since this mounts in minutes with the use of the mounting tools that come with the unit. The compact design allows the holder to take little space so that you remain with plenty of space in your bathroom.

reasons I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • The scratch resistant finish keeps the holder looking new and resists fingerprints to save you from the cost of maintaining the unit.
  • The arm-design makes it easy and quick to remove the used up toilet paper rolls and to slide on the new toilet paper.

#1. Moen YB0408BN Align Toilet Paper Holder

Moen YB0408BN Align Toilet Paper Holder

  • By: Moen Toilet Paper Holders

Sitting on the top spot, this premium-quality tissue from top manufacturer comes with spectacular features which make it a must-have for every homeowner. First, it is made with best-in-class stainless steel material that will neither rust nor corrode even when it comes into contact with moisture. This resistance ability helps to prolong the life of the unit for functionality that lasts.

Besides, the unit comes with a beautiful nickel finish which will add elegance to every washroom through the warm-looking appearance. But just in case you want to bring the mirror-looking appearance to your bathroom; you are still covered since the toilet paper dispenser is also available in the chrome finish. And since whichever the finish you choose perfectly dovetail the bathroom and bedroom décor, this unit offers maximum versatility.

And since the unit offers spot resistance, water spots and fingerprints are no longer a point of concern hence easy maintenance. Additionally, the pivoting design makes changing rolls a piece of cake-forget about dealing with the complex spring mechanisms; all you need is to pivot the arm, fix the new role and press the arm back to its place! Moreover, coming with all the mounting hardware, installation is also quick.

reasons I picked Best Toilet Paper Holders:
  • Each package here comes with manufacturer’s limited warranty which lets the customer buy with the peace of mind that the tissue paper holder will meet the anticipated needs to the letter.
  • The two finishes offer resistance to rust and corrosion.

Factors that you need to consider when choosing a toilet paper holder:

The quality of the materials: As you select a toilet paper roll holder, ensure that it is made with sturdy materials such as stainless steel to guarantee you with dependable support. The construction should also have the ability to resist rust and corrosion since bathrooms are highly humid.

The Design: Here, you can either choose the freestanding type or the mounting option. The freestanding option will be necessary if you want to rid yourself of the assembly work. The mounting option is suitable if you need to utilize the unused wall space.

The Price: Just like any other product out there, toilet paper holders come with different costs. The perfect option for you here will depend on what you can comfortably afford. You do not need to go beyond your budget since there are high-quality options available at pocket-friendly costs.

Why you need a toilet paper holder:

Support: This is the primary reason why you need to buy a toilet paper dispenser. It helps to correctly hold the toilet paper roll in place for increased convenience when in the toilet and to prevent it from falling off to the wet floor.

They are beautiful: Toilet paper rolls elevate the elegance of every toilet since they are beautiful.

They are affordable: Although they are a vital addition to any bathroom, toilet paper holders do not come with hefty price tags hence a must-have for every homeowner.

Final thoughts:

Although choosing the right toilet paper holder may seem a downhill task, it remains a daunting affair since there are hundreds of knock-offs that you need to avoid. Besides, choosing the best holder requires you to take some factors into consideration which adds complexity.

This is why we saw it necessary to rid you of the hassle by conducting extensive research to unravel the ten best tissue paper holders for you in 2023. Our standouts are of high-quality materials for dependable support. Besides, they are easy to assemble and coordinate with almost any décor. Therefore, if you need a toilet paper dispenser that will not disappoint, adding one of our top-notch picks will be a brilliant idea.

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