Top 12 Best UV Camera Filters in 2023 Reviews

Even with the best camera and skill, capturing professional-quality pictures is not a guarantee if at all you lack any of the essential extras to supplement the cool camera. One of the essentials you will need to get for your camera is a UV camera filter. As the name suggests, this vital accessory is specially designed to offer protection to the lens from UV. The UV filters also minimize haze and the bluish color that appear when taking photos or streaming videos during the day to grant you high-quality images.

When you get to the market, you will meet plenty of options which will make selection a bit daunting. And because not every UV camera filter on the market is the right supplement for your camera, you will need to be vigilant. However, in this guide, we will be exploring the best UV cameras that are worth giving a short. Our top selections have been thoroughly examined and found to meet the expectations of every photographer.


List Of Best UV Camera Filter Reviews in 2023:

#12. Tiffen 55mm UV Protection Filter

5. Tiffen 55mm UV Protection Filter

  • By: Tiffen UV Camera Filters

The Tiffen UV filter is an incredible product. It comes with advanced features. For instance, it offers reduction of UV rays for perfect shots on images. This way, you get professional-grade images and photos. At the same time, it reduces bluish cast on photos and images. This way, you have the best outcome and finish.

Extra Features:

  • The product boasts a diameter of 55mm.
  • It offers basic UV reduction.

#11. AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter – 77mm

6. AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter - 77mm

  • By: AmazonBasics UV Camera Filters

To capture the best shots, you definitely need the best UV protection filter. This one is among the best options. It offers basic reduction, therefore, giving perfect images throughout the day. Something else, the product reduces bluish effect on images, therefore making them perfect and clear. Besides reducing UV rays, this filter also protects the lens against things like scratches, dust and dirt. The product is perfect for all outdoor photography. It will offer ultimate protection for your camera lens.

Extra Features:

  • It boasts a diameter of 77mm.
  • The filter offers perfect protection and UV reduction.

#10. Tiffen 52mm UV Protection Filter – Best UV Camera Filter

Tiffen 52mm UV Protection Filter

  • By: Tiffen UV Camera Filters

Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer in the broadcast and television industry for over seventy-five years. And with a rich history of product innovation and product quality, it is one of the manufacturers you can rely on for a dependable UV camera filter.

Tiffen 52mm UV Protection Filter comes at an incredible price that suits the pockets of almost every photographer around the globe. It is probably the most commonly bought UV camera filter on the market. Could you be an occasional photographer or an everyday paparazzo? No problem! This filter is of high-quality materials that will not break even when used on a daily basis. With the diameter of 52mm, this camera filter works perfectly in most cameras.

The unit is perfectly designed to eliminate the ultraviolet light and the bluish cast which degrades the quality of your photos. Besides, it is a reliable option you can opt for if you need to keep your camera lenses safe from scratches, dust, moisture, fingerprints, and general damage.

Unlike the majority of the filters in the market, this fantastic accessory features an ultra-thin design that allows you to capture more visible pictures and videos. The attachment is also easy to clean once it gets dusty- all you need is to wipe it with a clean, smooth piece of cloth. The filter comes accompanied by a single filter brochure in every package. The ten-year warranty acts as a confidence booster to the buyer.

Extra features:

  • The unit features a low profile back ring.
  • The filter only weighs 1.6 ounces.

#9. Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter – Best UV Camera Filters

Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter

  • By: Tiffen UV Camera Filters

Also coming from Tiffen, this is yet another model you can opt for if you need to capture premium-quality pictures. The unit is specially designed to offer superior protection to the lenses from all potential threats ranging from scratches, dust, mist, fingerprints, and moisture to prolong the life of the camera.

Moreover, the unit lenses also work perfectly to eliminate the bluish cast which affects the quality of the pictures and videos. And just in case you are planning for a photo shoot in a place with a high altitude where UV is a real challenge, or maybe a place where there is haze, you no longer need to worry, equip your camera with this 58mm filter and enjoy taking real-like images. The unit perfectly absorbs the UV light without impairing with the original view.

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And since the price is fantastic, we are safe to say that this is one of the cost-effective solutions you can opt for your camera. And since the unit only weighs less than half an ounce, it doesn’t add weight to the camera. The full package constitutes the 58-mm filter and one filter brochure. Since quality is the manufacturer’s strength, each box comes accompanied with a ten-year warranty to act as a confidence booster.

Extra features;

  • This dependable filter is of high-quality glass and plastic ring that will not easily break for continued protection of your camera.
  • The US-made UV filter works perfectly in boosting the quality of your images by effectively absorbing UV and minimizing the haze.

#8. B+W 43mm Clear UV Haze Filter with Multi-Resistant Coating (010M)

B+W 43mm Clear UV Haze Filter with Multi-Resistant Coating

  • By: B + W

If you are looking for a UV camera filter that will enhance the quality of your images, this would be a perfect option to choose. And while the Ultraviolet is not visible, most cameras will react to them by producing a blue cast. Therefore, to guarantee you of complete absorption of the invisible ultraviolet and other wavelengths, this filter effectively eliminates the blue cast and blur letting you capture clearer images.

Their outstanding performance makes them ideal for areas with high altitude such as mountains where the UVs are more intense. And since the filter features a crystal clear glass, the color element of the object is not altered ensuring brilliant images.

The lightweight design means that the unit can be kept on the lens all the time since it doesn’t add to the initial weight of the camera. The UV camera filter is tailored to offer a wide range of protection to the camera ranging from UV, haze, moisture, and snow to fingerprints, dust, and flying sand. And whether you are operating the black-and-white edition or the digitalized version, it works effectively works alike for both cameras.

Half of the filter comes with a traditional coating while the remaining half has MRC coating. The MRC coating reduces reflection to combat flare and ghosting and increases the transmission efficiency to boost the image quality. The MRC coating also possesses the ability to repel dirt for longer hence eliminating the need for frequent cleaning which increases the risk of developing minor scratches caught during cleaning.

Extra features:

  • This filter features MRC coating which is easier to wipe off dirt using a blower brush.
  • The water and dirt repelling coating keeps the filter cleaner and eliminates the need for cleaning so often.

#7. AmazonBasics UV Camera Filter – 58 mm

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter

  • By: AmazonBasics UV Camera Filters

Whether you are an apt photographer or an apprentice, the photography goal is one- to capture the best quality image in every shot. However, unless your camera lens is protected from some impairments such as ultraviolet, haze, fingerprints, and dust, achieving this goal remains a mission-impossible.

However, with AmazonBasics bringing you a lifetime solution, you can now capture real-like images any time you are outdoors. The filter is uniquely designed to not only offer the much-needed protection from dust, moisture, and haze but also to absorb the ultraviolet rays to give you better-looking results- it’s time to give a bye to the bluish cast of the daylight photo taking.

For everyday protection, this fantastic accessory can remain on your camera. And since it features a lightweight design, you will hardly notice that it is attached to the camera- you only remember when you see that your camera is giving more vibrant results! The 58-mm ultraviolet camera filter comes secured in a box which also offers a perfect option to safely nest in the unit when not attached to the camera.

Just in case the filter becomes dirt, wiping off the dust is quick and super-easy. Additionally, unlike a few models on the market, the premium-quality glass material of this filter does not quickly develop scratches when cleaning. This ability lets you enjoy capturing crystal clear images for years. Besides, the price of the unit makes it an ideal option for every short-budget photographer who wishes to enhance the quality of pictures without blowing away the budget.

Extra features;

  • This filter will suit both the occasional and everyday use.
  • The strong ring material is sturdy and therefore will not easily break.

#6. AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter – Best UV Camera Filter 52 mm

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter

  • By: AmazonBasics UV Camera Filters

Just like its predecessor, this would be a perfect selection for any photographer who intends to achieve perfection in quality for every single shot. The 52-mm UV camera filter features a sturdy ring which will not easily break. This feature helps prolong the life of the filter. The premium-quality unit is specially designed to keep the camera lens safe from dust, moisture, fingerprints, and haze that affect the brilliance of the pictures.

Do you love exploring the mountains and other areas with high altitude? Here comes the solution to the long-term problem that has always spoilt the fun; this budget-friendly unit perfectly eliminates the ultraviolet light experienced when taking photos in areas with high altitude or when shooting pictures over long distances. And since the UV affects the brilliance of the image- it’s time to give the long-awaited goodbye to the bluish casts you have experienced in your photos in the past!

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Could it be your first experience with a camera? Are you a specialized documentarian? Well, whether a neophyte or an experienced photographer, getting this weapon for your camera should turn immensely rewarding. Besides, whether you want it for everyday use or occasional use, it will suit these needs perfectly.

The commercial-grade filter comes secured in a sturdy box which also offers perfect protection when the accessory isn’t attached to the camera.

Extra features:

  • The price of this UV camera filter is fantastic when compared to its quality and the cost of the other filters of the same caliber.
  • The premium-quality ring and the glass are sturdy hence they will not easily break. This feature ensures that you enjoy vibrant images for longer.

#5. AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter – 67 mm

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter

  • By: Amazon Picks UV Camera Filters

If you are planning to have a colorful outdoor event, the bluish color may become irritating especially if you want to get the best quality from every shot. However, with this great filter from Amazon Basics, capturing the best picture is easier than ever before. The specially designed to offer you unprecedented efficiency by ensuring that you get the best out of every shot. The camera filter is specially designed to eliminate the bluish color caused by the invisible ultraviolet without affecting the detail so that the picture looks more real.

Besides the ultraviolet absorption, AmazonBasics 67-mm camera offers adds an extra line of protection to your camera through protecting the lens from elements such as dust, fingerprints, moisture, and flying sand. This extra protection extends the life of the camera to prevent you from future costs. Moreover, since it has a diameter of 67 mm, it can be used to offer protection for different types of camera. For everyday protection, the filter can be left attached to the camera with the lightweight design ensuring that it doesn’t add weight to the initial weight of the camera.

Besides, just in case it gets dusty, and cleaning becomes necessary, you can easily wipe off the dirt to keep on enjoying capturing more explicit images. The unique coating of the filter prevents the natural development of scratches when cleaning. Additionally, the price of this UV camera protector is great, and therefore it suits the pocket of every photographer in need of professional results.

Extra features:

  • This camera filter offers superior protection when taking the vibrancy of the pictures a notch higher.
  • The versatility of the lens makes it a must-have for any camera owner.

#4. 58MM Vivitar UV CPL FLD UV Camera Filter Altura Photo ND Filter Set

58MM Vivitar UV CPL FLD Filters

  • By: Goja UV Camera Filters

Here comes the long-awaited festive season, a period when we expect to converge at some point with our friends who have been away for some time for a colorful get-together or at least a memorable BBQ party. And since you will need to create some memories from this period, you will need a reliable camera filter (of course if you do not have one) if at all you need to achieve perfection from every attempt. And yes, this fantastic 58-mm camera is the perfect tool you will need for your camera to get real-like pictures.

These filters enhance the quality of images by giving a sharper contrast and by absorbing the bluish cast that is caused by the ultraviolet rays. The fabulous accessory also reduces the ghosting effect by removing the reflections on non-metallic and glass surfaces to increase the color and contrast.

Adding lens hood helps to reduce flare so that you get the natural light colors. The filter comes with plenty of extras which help to add more fun to photography- just in case photography isn’t one of your hobbies, be ready to become one! The 90-day money-back guarantee acts as an assurance that the product will not fail to meet the anticipations of any 58-mm camera owner.

Extra features:

  • This is a durable camera filter designed to offer unique protection to the camera lenses.
  • The magic fiber cloth is smooth to make wiping off dirt easy and to avoid creating small scratches on the filter for extended life.

3. 58mm Altura Photo UV Camera Filter

58mm Altura Photo UV Ultraviolet Lens Filter

  • By: Altura Photo UV Camera Filters

If you love adventures, the rule of the game remains one- trying to enjoy the best of fun from every trip. And yes, unless it is a new hobby to you, you are never fully dressed for an adventure without a camera hanging on your neck! But it doesn’t end there- the camera too should be fully equipped. And unless ana ultraviolet filter covers the camera lens, the camera too is never ready to capture the breathtaking pictures that you need.

And while there are bazillion models of camera filters at your disposal, this fabulous product by Altura photo should be the perfect supplement for your camera. Altura Photo filter is specially designed to offer maximum protection to the 58mm-lens of your camera keeping dust, moisture, fingerprints, and sand particles from contacting the lens of the camera.

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The filter also protects the lens from damages that result from accidental knocks, scratches, among other threats that your camera faces when outdoor. The filter perfectly absorbs the ultraviolet light keeping the bluish cast at bay every time you focus to have a shot. The front threading makes adding an extra filter or stacking the lens cap a piece of cake.

Extra features:

  • The filter is made of commercial-grade glass filter that will not easily catch scratches, fingerprints, or get damaged.
  • The low profile metal ring ensures that the filter doesn’t look like a separate part from the camera.

#2. Sunpak 58mm UV Camera Filter (CF-7034)

Sunpak 58mm UV Camera Filter

  • By: Sunpak UV Camera Filters

If you are looking for a UV camera filter for your 58mm camera lens, this is one of the best options you can select. This premium-quality filter is made of best-in-class glass material that will not easily attract dust or any other dirt or develop scratches with ease. And just in case it gets some dirt, wiping off is quick to keep you enjoying the best quality pictures.

The filter turns a reliable option for anyone who wants to do away with the ultraviolet-effect on the photos. It is also a dependable selection for any serious photographer who wants to add an extra layer of protection to the lens from potential threats such as scratches, dust, moisture, and the accidental knock that may occur when in movement.

The unique product minimizes contrast and color by reducing the effects of UV light during the sunny days or in a place where there is high altitude such as the mountains. The unit readily pairs with the circular polarizer for more great-looking results.

Extra features:

  • The product features a lightweight design since it only weighs 0.32 ounces.
  • This accessory is designed to perfectly absorb the ultraviolet light so that you enjoy capturing more vivid photos.

#1. AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter – UV Camera Filters 72 mm

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter

  • By: AmazonBasics UV Camera Filters

Just in case you are looking for the best filter on the market and come across this filter, you do not continue to search for a better one since this is the best gift the market holds for your 72-mm lens camera. The fantastic accessory features a glass of outstanding quality that repels dust and dirt eliminating the need for frequent cleaning.

Moreover, unlike most glasses that break with ease, the glass of this filter is sturdy and does not catch scratches with ease. The filter ensures professional-quality results by absorbing the ultraviolet rays and minimizing the haze without affecting the initial color detail.

This feature means that you capture crystal clear images to help create a commercial-grade album for every memorable moment you spend outdoors. Moreover, comparing the quality to the price, we won’t go wrong by saying that this is a real bargain. The filter comes encased in a sturdy box. This box can also serve as perfect storage for the unit when it is not on the camera.

Extra features:

  • This filter can remain on the camera for everyday protection.
  • The accessory is easy to clean in case it gets dirty.

Factors to consider when choosing the best UV camera filter:

Size: Just as the size of the camera lens differs, so does the size of the filters. Filters are available in different diameters, e.g., 52mm, 43 mm, 72mm, 58mm, and 67 mm among others. Make sure you choose the filter whose size matches that of the lens of your camera.

The cost: Just as the price differs, so does the value. When choosing the best filter, remember to operate within your budget. Luckily, you can get a high-quality filter at a relatively low price.

The quality of the materials: Consider the quality of the glass as well as that of the ring. Ensure that the ring is of a sturdy material such as metal while the glass should also not be easy to break, develop scratches, or become dirty.

Why you need a UV camera filter:

More vibrant photos: Ultraviolet filters improve the image quality by reducing the UV effect that affects the quality of the image.

They are affordable: Although they play a crucial role, UV camera filters do not cost much hence every photographer can afford to have one.

They offer protection: Besides reducing the UV effect, these camera filters provide everyday protection to the lens keeping it safe from scratches, dust, moisture, and general damage.

Final thoughts:

The fact remains that the significance of UV camera filters has received much underestimation for years. These filters work excellently to improve the image quality by offering protection from quality impairments such as ultraviolet, dust, scratches, and haze letting you enjoy unique image vibrancy.

However, since choosing the right ultraviolet camera filter isn’t a walk in the park, we highly recommend that you rely on our hand-picked selections. Our standouts tested thoroughly. Therefore, you can put your trust in them if you need to capture real-like images. Be sure to add your most impressive selection to the shopping cart!

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