Top 10 Best Water Guns in 2023 Reviews

Nothing beats the fun of intense water battles on hot summer afternoons. Whether you are at the pool, beach or your backyard, water guns are an effective way of keeping your kids entertained without investing much. Some adults still participate in this exciting way to have fun and kill time. Below is a thoroughly researched and compiled list on the basis of tests and customer reviews, of the top ten water guns that are specifically made for superior performance.


List Of Best Water Gun Reviews in 2023:

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10. Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster – Water Guns

Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster

  • By: Super Soaker Water Guns

The Nerf Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster will offer extreme fun for your kids and still make it through rough handling. It can hold up to 25 Oz of water and to soak it you only need to pump the handle.

You can enjoy shooting your friends with a freezing blast thanks to the included Ice drum. This water blaster can also shoot targets that are up to 30 feet away. The premium plastic construction makes it tough and durable while lightweight with an ergonomic handle that allows children to holds it with ease. Order one for your little one today and they will never stop thanking you for it.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • You can purchase water clips for a faster refill.
  • The manufacturer recommends it for children who are 6 years and above.

9. Nickelodeon Water Gun Little Kids 838 Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack Toy

Nickelodeon Little Kids 838 Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack Toy

  • By: Nickelodeon Water Guns

Meet the Nickelodeon kids paw patrol water rescue pack. It features a 33 Oz water reservoir backpack with adjustable straps that are comfortable to wear. A long pipe extends to the nozzle which can be held on your kids’ hands. The water gun has adequate power to shoot water to a distance of 30 feet, great for outdoor adventure.

The company took time to design it and make it lightweight and ergonomic so your kid can hold it all afternoon without feeling any strain. Grab one for your kids today and take their outdoor gaming experience to a whole new level.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It is recommended for kids who are 3 years or older.
  • The manufacturer discourages shooting directly to the eyes of animals or people.

8. Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster – Water Guns

Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

  • By: Nerf Water Guns

Nerf did an amazing job with this blaster but still manage to offer it you at quite a convenient price point. It features 2 zombie strike darts that allow you to fire 2 darts in a row giving you a greater chance of defeating your opponent. You only need to load the darts, pull back the hammer and fire the darts towards your target. The blaster sports a compact design that allows for one-handed firing which makes it quick and easy to draw while also convenient to use.

Another notable functional feature is the comfortable grip, there is a soft cover on the handle which makes it a comfortable yet secure grip. The company recommends it for children who are 8 years or older. It is not the best there is but for what it costs, it would almost be unfair not to buy this thing.

Why you should get one:
  • It has a double barrel for double-tap blasting.
  • It is highly affordable.
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7. SUPER SOAKER Nerf Zombie Strike Extinguisher Blaster Water Soaking Guns

SUPERSOAKER Nerf Zombie Strike Extinguisher Blaster Water Soaking Guns

  • By: SUPERSOAKER Water Guns

We couldn’t resist adding another entry from Super Soaker. This Zombie Strike Extinguisher water blaster score high points in our tests for superb performance and a solid build. Did we mention that it is constructed from safe materials? The blaster can fire targets that are up to 20 feet away, an amazing distance for outdoor play. The company also featured a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

This not only makes it comfortable in your hands but also convenient for one-handed operation for players of all ages. It has lights on the water tank to spice up the gaming experience. This water gun demands 3 AAA batteries to function. It is recommended for kids that are older than 5 years.

Why you should get one:
  • It is conveniently priced.
  • Comes with instructions for ease of use.

6. Sky Rocket Fuze Cyclone Bike Water Blaster – Best Water Guns

Sky Rocket Fuze Cyclone Bike Water Blaster

  • By: Sky Rocket Water Guns

If your child can’t just get enough bikes, then you ought to spice up the experience with the Sky Rocket Fuze Cyclone Bike Water Blaster. The motorized blaster is mounted on the handlebar and the controls mounted next to the position of the thumbs. This means that your kid can easily trigger it while controlling the bike making it safer.

This innovative piece can shoot a target that is up to 25 feet away. The child can turn the spinning turret by 180 ͦ left and right to reach right to their targets. The water reservoir can be easily removed for a refill with a quick twist. Take one home today and notice how your child will fall in love with it. You’ll surely be glad you did.

reasons I picked Best Water Guns:
  • It is perfect for kids who are 3 years and above.
  • You are required to separately purchase 4 AA batteries for power.

5. Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster – Best Water Gun

Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

  • By: Nerf Water Guns

Try as hard as you might, it is hard to find a blaster that can reach targets that are up to 34 feet away. But this capable thing can. It includes a pump handle that Scatterblasts water to produce up to 5 streams of water at a time. You won’t need to frequently make trips to refill your blaster with the 22 Oz capacity.

Nerf Water Gun boasts a well thought out and ergonomic design that makes it easy to use. It fills up in no time while the control buttons are quite easily accessible. Water Gun sports a sturdy build with quality materials that assure long-lived service. It is still reasonably priced making it a decent summer fun toy to invest it.

reasons I picked Best Water Guns:
  • It is fit for kids 6 years or older.
  • Smooth pump action.
  • It has a single nozzle with 4 little holes and 1 bigger hole.
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4. JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Guns

JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster High Capacity Water

  • By: JOYIN Water Guns

Buyers who settle for this option get 2 high capacity water blasters making it real value for money. It is a decent choice if you have two kids. You will stay loaded and free from refills for longer courtesy of the 25 Oz water reservoir that each blaster offers. You can also shoot a target that is up to 36 feet away, so you should look elsewhere for outdoor fun.

It is made of durable yet lightweight plastic material and features an ergonomic shape that ensures a comfortable and secure grip. Access to the controls is a breeze and controlling this thing is pretty easy too. With two blasters, your kid can include their friend in the play making it more fun and exciting. Highly recommended.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Water Guns:
  • Buyers enjoy a 90-day Money-back guarantee.
  • The materials used are BPA free and safe for children.

3. Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster – Water Guns

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

  • By: Super Soaker Water Guns

The next best water gun is this well-made switch blaster from toy giants, Super Soaker. There is no need for breaks amid gaming sessions to make refills since there is a 20 Oz fluid capacity to keep you loaded. Your child can choose to play with your neighbor’s child across the lawn since the blaster can reach targets that are 25 feet away.

There are 4 modes of spray patterns to choose from. You can choose to soak your opponent by scattershot, triple shot, atomizer or jet stream modes, you only need to turn the knob to switch. The package includes a detachable stock that enhances the accuracy and precision of the shooter. Grab one today and keep your child engaged all summer afternoons.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Water Guns:
  • You can purchase extra banana clips ammo.
  • The company advises buyers to restrict it to kids not younger than 6 years old.

2. JOYIN Best Water Gun 3 Pack

JOYIN 3 Pack Water Blaster Soaker Squirt Toy Swimming Pool Beach Water Fighting Toy

  • By: JOYIN Water Guns

The runner-up in our post is the 3 pack water soaker from JOYIN. It allows your child to include their friends in their play rather than playing alone making it more fun. Each gun has a different color making it easy to differentiate them when playing as different teams. Each blaster has ample water capacity to save you the frustration of frequently running to the water source to refill it.

This is your best bet for outdoor play thanks to its 25-foot shooting range. Like other top models in its class, it has an ergonomic and easy-to-use design and easily accessible controls. Another reasonable option that offers value for money and is well worth the sacrifice.

reasons I picked Best Water Guns:
  • The manufacturer cares for defects and dissatisfactions with a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The materials used are BPA free and safe for children.

1. SUPER SOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster – Best Water Gun

SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

  • By: SUPERSOAKER Water Guns
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Super Soaker carried the day scooping the top spot for quality and performance. The water gun uses a 23 Oz water reservoir to do away with the need of frequently having to refill it. It relies on a powerful pump that can reach targets that are up to an incredible 38 feet away, you surely can’t do better in outdoor fun.

The design is also ergonomic and comfortable to hold while the control also positioned for easy access making this blaster fun to play with. It is advised for children that are 6 years or older. It may cost a few extra pennies, but the commendable power and performances justify the extra amount you are required to pay for this blaster.

reasons I picked Best Water Guns:
  • High shooting distance.
  • The company used BPA free material making it safe for children.

What to consider when buying water guns?

  • Weight: if the water gun is intended for your kid, then you should look for lightweight water guns so they can comfortably hold the gun and play with it for longer without feeling exhausted.
  • Shooting distance: Different water guns have a different shooting range. For optimal fun, ensure the gun has a high shooting range of at least 20 feet. This makes it perfect for outdoor fun and allows your kid to play with the neighbor’s kids across the lawn.
  • Water capacity: Having to reload your gun each time in the middle of the action steals the fun. That is why you should ensure that you settle for has a reasonable water holding capacity to allow you or your kid play continuously for longer adding to the fun and enjoyment.
  • Price: Water guns vary in prices. Compare the price clause of what you intend to purchase with your budget allocation for the toy to ensure you don’t blister your wallet. Ensure what you take home has the best combination of quality and value.
  • Number of Guns: If you have 2 or more kids, then finding an option that offers 2 or more water guns is an excellent idea. 2 or more guns also means your children can play along with their friends to make the game even more exciting.

Why you need water guns?

  • They are safe: Apart from getting wet, water guns pose no risky threat to your kids compared to other outdoor games. This makes it a safe way to keep your kid engaged while outdoors without getting them exposed to any dangers.
  • They are cheap: Compared to other toys, water guns are crazy inexpensive. While some toys out there may cost you up to a staggering $1000, some water guns go for less than $10 making them a decent investment if you are on a tight budget.

To wrap it up:

Searching for the best water gun can be a significant test. Be that as it may, this rundown has separated the whole procedure into a matter of simply adding what suit you to your cart. Having utilized the greater part of the brands analyzed in this audit, I suggest any of them for an extraordinary performance.

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