Pirates of The Caribbean Moves in Order

Thank God, at least I’m not alone in this search for the best way to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

Numerous factors contribute to the huge popularity of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Knowing which film to watch first and which one must come after is vital given the franchise’s entire influence throughout five films.

Things also seem to be getting better now that we can watch all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in one sitting on Disney+, don’t they?

This implies that you can use the DisNey+ streaming service to determine the order and then watch it consistently.

Not interested in watching it on Disney+?

You may watch Jack Sparrow’s adventure on Amazon Prime Video as well.

Johnny Depp does a fantastic job in the primary role of Jack Sparrow. So, if you’re watching this for the first time, the five films in the franchise will follow immediately.


The Caribbean Pirates Place an order to view

Think about how you feel about Pirates of the Caribbean. Watch them all, then let us know how you liked it when you get back.

You can now watch Jack Sparrow on your screen in the proper chronological order.

1. The Curse of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean

The franchise’s debut entry was published back in 2003 and retains all of its originality today.

The character of Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Johnny Depp, first appeared in The Curse of the Black Pearl. The narrative is compelling and holds your attention till the finale. With the first one, the standard was set very high.



2. Dead Man’s Chest from the Pirates of the Caribbean
The second one, which came after it, was published back in 2006 and includes the element of fun you would anticipate it to have.

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Be prepared to experience some moments in the movie that will send you down memory lane. As Davy Jones, Bill Nighy steals the show in the film for a variety of reasons that you’ll learn about after watching Dead Man’s Chest.

3.At World’s End from the Pirates of the Caribbean


The third movie in the series, which had a three-hour runtime, was canceled in 2007.

You remain engrossed due to the action scenes. Worth the gamble, and Jack Sparrow is still fantastic as always.


4. On Stranger Tides, a Pirates of the Caribbean film


The fourth entry, which debuted in 2011, was meant to turn the brand over.

Did it, however?

Despite the fact that many of the cast members of the show were new when they first joined, we are still observing how it functions.


5. Dead Men Tell No Tales: A Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure


To help the audience fall in love with the series all over again, the last installment, which was released in 2017, was made.

If you’re a fan, it’s definitely worth it, but even if you’re not, would you want to miss the fifth and final episode? Nah.

You now have it. Hope it was of some use.

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