Top 12 Best 32-inch TV Wall Mounts in 2023 Reviews

The television set has become part of modern living. Most households have tv screens with various sizes and design. The most common accessory is a tv wall mount to help make viewing a pleasant experience. Also, this unit gives your living space a clean and organized look even with numerous cables. This review focuses on the top 12 best 32-inch tv wall mounts in 2023.


List Of Best 32-inch TV Wall Mount Reviews in 2023:

#12. PERLESMITH Full Motion Dual Arm 32-inch TV Wall Mount

PERLESMITH Full Motion Dual Arm TV Wall Mount

  • By: PERLESMITH 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

The above wall amount is best for use in different homes for different TVs because of its universal compatibility. With a modern design made of durable metal, it can hold a weight of up to 132 pounds. This weight is enough to sustain the pressures of television without the worry of malfunctions. Another thing is a unique VESA pattern that adds new aesthetics to the unit’s overall design. The style is compatible with different sized holes. The included +/-90�swivel, and +5�/-15� tilt gives you the perfect viewing action as you can rotate it up to your suitable position.

  • Sturdily built
  • Ideal weight limit
  • Good viewing angle
  • Directions need simplicity.

#11. 22-Inch Heavy-Duty Articulating 32-inch TV Wall Mount

22-Inch Heavy-Duty Articulating TV Wall Mount

  • By: AmazonBasics 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

The Articulating TV mount steadily holds Tv weight without shakes or unnecessary movements. It can accommodate between 22-55 inch size screens that weigh a maximum of 80 pounds to provide enhanced TV-viewing experience. With an advanced articulating construction, you can extend it up to 16.3 inches from your wall and easily swivel to right or left.

The setup is quite simple, and the included mounting hardware and bubble level give you a smooth installation. For people who are not skilled in tv wall mounting, hiring an expert is recommended. Moreover, it is made with premium aluminum and steel that work together perfectly to guarantee an extended performance.

  • Simple to install
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Adequate full motion
  • Confusing instructions.

#10. Best 32-inch TV Wall Mounts For LED

Best 32 inch tv wall mounts For LED

  • By: Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

We love this tv wall bracket because it helps to free up or save space in your living area. It boasts of a low profile construction using just 1.1-inch from Tv to the wall. Thanks to stylish design with VESA patterns, it looks great in any setting. The included pulling straps lock and release your tv effortlessly. 32-inch TV Wall Mount comes with a bubble level to ensure you have ideal positioning to install your unit. Unlike other tv brackets that lack pre-labeling, this one comes will well-indicated directions on the hardware material for added convenience.

  • Steadily holds tv
  • Great design
  • Nice black finish
  • Lacks drywall anchors.

#9. Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

Mounting Dream Tilting Bracket For 26-55 Inch LCD and LED TVs

  • By: Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

The above TV bracket fits TVs with up to 70 inches holding them around 1.5 inches from your wall. It can be swiveled up and down for reduction of screen glare while giving you extra working space behind the tv during cable installation. Still, on setup, it comes with mounting hardware and cable straps to provide simple cord management and offer an organized appearance. For cleaning purposes, use a damp soft cloth or sponge and wipe the surface to achieve a fresh look. This product allows two surface compatibility for either wood studs up to 16 inches or concrete walls.

#8. Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream TV Bracket With Unique Center Design

  • By: Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

Mounting dream bracket is excellent for holding a substantial amount of weight comfortably. With a VESA pattern measuring 400mm x 400m, it is ideal for fitting most mounting hole space. 32-inch TV Wall Mounts flexible design allows you to tilt your screen up 5� or down 15� to help reduce the unwanted glares.

This also helps to swivel left or right until it meets your desired viewing angle while seated. Thanks to a simple installation with the included instructions, you can set up within minutes without assistance. The included mounting hardware comes with pre-labeled bags and also post-installation adjustment to give you the safest and best leveling.

  • Easy and safe installation
  • Simple swiveling
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • The design isn’t that great.

#7. ECHOGEAR Low Profile Tilting 32-inch TV Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR Low Profile Tilting Tv Wall Mount

  • By: ECHOGEAR 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

The many varieties of tv wall mounts come in varying shapes and sizes. This one has a low profile that makes it perfect for holding a tv screen only 2.5 inches from the wall while allowing enough space for cable access. The included instructions are easy to follow and only contain three steps.

You don’t need to ask for an extra pair of hands because the design is pretty straightforward. With sturdy steel construction, it can accommodate VESA pattern and most TVs of a maximum of 70 inches. This gives you added convenience and saves you money for the purchase of extra accessories. The hardware packet guarantees maximum compatibility for each hole and screws.

  • Highest installation compatibility
  • Low profile design
  • Premium steel construction
  • Difficult to make tilt adjustments.

#6. Tilting 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

Tilting TV Wall Mount For 23-55 Inch OLED

  • By: PERLESMITH 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

This tv mount looks and feels strong no matter the place used. PERLESMITH 32-inch TV Wall Mount has a beautiful black finish that provides simple maintenance and cleaning. A soft cloth with water will get off the dust pretty quickly. 32-inch TV Wall Mount can hold up to 115 pounds of tv weight which is perfect for 23-55 inch tv screens. As a bonus, the cable ties add extra convenience to give your tv room a clean look.

Its flexibility allows you to have a comfortable viewing to enhance your tv room experience. Furthermore, it is made with high-grade steel using UL standards to improve safety and longlasting performance.

  • Low profile design
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • The look is not appealing with smaller sized TVs.

#5. Mounting Dream Tilt 32-inch TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Fits 16" to 24" Studs and Loading Capacity 132 lbs

  • By: Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

We take note of this unit because it offers safe performance with the locking mechanism featuring a quick release that secures your flat screen to the wall safely. 32-inch TV Wall Mount has a simple design to give you the most reliable and fastest installation. The process is further enhanced with the instructions and included hardware. Everything you need to use is indicated clearly in the pre-labeled bags. With pulling straps locks, they guarantee a safe tv release without the worry of sliding off or breaking. This wall mount features a 6ft HDMI cord, cable ties and Torpedo level for added user experience and easy cable management.

#4. VideoSecu Mounts Tilt 32-inch TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bonus HDMI Cable and Bubble Level

  • By: VideoSecu 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

Unlike other tv brackets that have extensive construction, this one boasts of a slim style to offer a stylish appearance for your tv display. Another thing is the frames are made of durable steel to comfortably support a load capacity of up to 132 pounds to fit a maximum of 24-inch studs.

Tilting your tv screen is a smooth process due to the 10-degree forward angle which also helps to reduce glare. This takes your viewing experience to the next level without worrying about eye strains or other problems caused by bright screens. An added functionality is the 6-inch 3-axis bubble level which is magnetic to offer the ideal position during installation.

  • Nice motion range
  • Simple one-touch tilt
  • Anti-glare operation
  • Minimal instructions.

#3. Cheetah Dual Articulating 32-inch TV Wall Mount With 10-Inch HDMI Cable

Cheetah Dual Articulating Wall Mount With 10-Inch HDMI Cable

  • By: Cheetah 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

The Cheetah wall mount is excellent for both new and expert users for a safe installation. It features 17” wall plate that is sturdily built to fit 16-inch wall studs for better tv centering position. The included four sets of tv mounting spacers, and screws fit most tv sizes and types without the need of adjustments for a breeze setup.

Thanks to a 14-inch extension and a 2.7-inch when collapsed, you can tilt your tv 10 degrees for optimum viewing angle. Moreover, this product comes with a 10 inch HDMI cord to add more convenience during the setup. Remember that when the four sturdy screws at the plate are loosened, allow simple rotation for leveling to fit your ideal adjustment.

  • Additional accessories
  • Advanced mounting system
  • Inexpensive
  • Lacks a locking pin to prevent downward tilt.

#2. Mounting Dream TV Bracket With 32-inch TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream TV Bracket With Swivel Articulating Dual Arms

  • By: Mounting Dream 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

Your viewing does not have to be frustrating when you have this wall bracket. 32-inch TV Wall Mount features a full motion viewing that can tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down to reduce glare. The rotating design allows simple left or right swiveling according to your viewing position. With flexible construction, it provides a safe pull out and retraction between 3” to 15.2” enhancing your living room space.

Another thing is the +/-3� post-installation adjustment that provides an ideal screen leveling. Unlike the norm of installation instructions that some wall mounts come with, this one boasts of a paper template to promote simple setup. The above unit is made using robot welding for sturdy and safe operation.

#1. VideoSecu Best 32-inch TV Wall Mounts With Full Motion Swivel

VideoSecu ML531BE Best 32 Inch Tv Wall Mounts With Full Motion Swivel

  • By: VideoSecu 32-inch TV Wall Mounts

VideoSecu wall mount is among the best units to offer premium service without unnecessary movements. 32-inch TV Wall Mount is made of heavy gauge steel that supports TVs up to 88 pounds. This material ensures rust and dull-free operation even in cold atmospheres. For better mounting, it comes with installation manual and VESA mounting hole measurements.

The magnetic bubble level is not enough to achieve precise positioning. This bracket has a post-installation level adjustment to offer a more accurate leveling. Additionally, it can retract to just above 2 inches and extends 20 inches from your wall because of its low profile design. The VESA plate is easily detachable by a single person with standard mounting hardware to enhance easy setup.

  • Strong and steady
  • Easy to install
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Inaccurate VESA measurements.

Buying Guide For The Best 32-inch TV Wall Mounts:

When you look at the numerous types of tv wall mounts in the market, it can get hard to pick the best. That’s why we have done all the research for you considering the major factors. They are as follows:

Mounting Interface:

The most common tv mounting interface is VESA. This is a standard that shows the distance between the mounting holes. The holes must match with the mounting holes at the back of your Tv. If they are not a fit, the mounting wouldn’t be possible.

Type of wall:

This factor affects most homeowners when they want to perform a secure installation. If you live in a concrete made house, then most tv wall mounts work well with this type. For drywall, it a bit difficult. Most have wooden wall studs that make the installation much more comfortable and safer.


The size of the wall bracket varies and can start from as low as 12 inches. Measure your tv size whether an OLED, LED, Plasma plus more. If you do not know your tv size, use a measuring tape and measure the screen diagonally from each corner.


The weight of tv will give you a rough idea which bracket to purchase. The wall mounts have different load capacity they can comfortably hold. If you buy a unit that can’t support your tv’s weight, most likely it will cause problems like unsteadiness or even a crash. Always buy a tv wall mount that supports more than your tv weight to be on the safer side.

In Conclusion:

You can make your viewing experience much safer and looking great. The use of a tv mount gives out the expected results without spending too much money. If you want a budget-friendly unit, they are widely accessible, but the cheapest ones don’t have a swivel option for tilting up and down. For the most comfortable viewing, the swivel action works best if you want to view in different angles. Pick out the best 32-inch tv wall mounts from the above list for better decision making.

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